The Ex-House Stenographer Who Went on That Religious Rant Last October Says She’s Completely Sane

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Remember last October when one of the most shameful and reckless political standoffs in the history of this country wrapped up almost perfectly with a bizarre outburst on the floor of the House? If you need a refresher, it was the end of the 2013 shutdown, with the House having just voted to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the U.S. government after the GOP took the global economy hostage, when House stenographer Dianne Reidy stepped up to the mic and began ranting about God and the Freemasons and the Constitution and how American can’t serve two masters. She was quickly escorted out of the room and in the days after talked about how she was moved by the Holy Spirit to make the unhinged statement she did on the floor, with the entire nation watching.

Well, she’s back. Sort of. On Saturday, Dianne Reidy and her husband posted a 38-minute-long video to YouTube where she “explains” herself further. And by that I mean she claims that she didn’t have a nervous breakdown and didn’t completely lose her mind, she simply knew that God had a message that he wanted to convey to the United States and that she was the vessel for him to speak. Reidy says that by the time she grabbed the mic on the House floor, God had spoken to her four times. What’s fascinating about this is that as you watch Reidy and her husband speak you’re struck by how normal they seem. Sure, they’re Pentacostals, hence the religious ranting and the rattling off of scripture as if from memory, but you’d probably never peg them for believing lunatic horseshit like the idea that the creator of the universe has chosen to use them as mouthpieces to bring his word to the United States.

Dianne Reidy says she’s completely sane. And what’s sad is that in our culture — in America, circa 2014 — there are technically millions of people who would agree with her. She’s not, though — she’s not sane at all. Not by a long-shot.



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  • Jason E

    Paranoia is a bitch. When god speaks to these people he should advise them to seek professional mental health care. Now that would be a miracle.

  • trgahan

    I have the same question of Ms. Reidy as I do most people like her I have encountered in life…Who exactly are you trying to convince with this video? Me or yourself?

  • FDRliberal

    What’s sad is that this delusional crackpot still makes more sense than the vast majority of House Republicans.

  • David L.
  • feloniousgrammar

    The overweening hubris of fundamentalists is a sad sight to see. I always believed that talking for God was taking the Lord’s name in vein, it’s not like an all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipotent God couldn’t make a conference call.

    • bbiemeret

      Is that what drug addicts do?

      • feloniousgrammar

        Is what what drug addicts do?

        • bbiemeret

          Sorry, just teasing, before your post said “vein”, not “vain”.

    • IrishGrrrl

      It is arrogant isn’t it? What desperation in a person makes them think that the supposed Creator of the Universe actually needs to talk to them about anything? Five causes, I think–1) The person has a deep unmet need to feel special and saying that God is talking to them fills that need. 2) They are mentally ill and are hearing voices. 3) They were raised in a culture that has convinced them that such things are possible and so they confuse their own inner monologue with God (I work with someone like this). 4) They are a narcissist and actually believe they are special and that God would want and need to talk to them. 5) They don’t believe what they are saying…they are using it as an excuse for their unacceptable actions.

      • feloniousgrammar

        What really gets me is the ones who believes that God needs our nuclear arsenals in order to send Jesus back. Is their God slumming, or what? I can envision a God who can undo everything so that it was never done. Their God needs yahoos.

  • Arcnor

    Y’know, during my time in the mental health system, I encountered a few people who heard voices. They were on the really powerful meds for a reason. And curiously enough, all of them knew exactly why that was a good thing, and that the voices weren’t real, and that they needed help, and they were grateful for it. With help, they could distinguish between fantasy and reality.

    And yet, they are, and always will be, viewed as crazy.

    Meanwhile, tens of millions of people in America (and probably billions worldwide) see things that aren’t there and think they hear voices and that the Supreme Being Who Created Everything, Who Can Destroy All With A Thought needs their help to make sure everything turns out all right. Because it’s not like a deity could just, I don’t know, cause Speaker of the House John Boehner to burst into flames and use the resulting ashes to spell out clear, understandable instructions on the walls of the Capitol building if He really wanted something done — assuming He wouldn’t just snap His fingers and have reality rearrange itself to suit His latest crazed fancy. Nope, He needs to whisper instructions to people in their fever dreams, and hope they aren’t lead astray by the scary mixed-race man and his Evil Chocolate Mojo Ray of Evil.

    God, apparently, still needs a starship.

    • thepalescot

      Not bad G.

    • Christopher Foxx

      “The Devil made me do it” and “Because God told me so” are just fantasies concocted by people who don’t want to be held responsible for their choices.

      • Robert Scalzi

        Exactly !

      • IrishGrrrl

        Not always…sometimes they are hearing voices and are truly insane.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Some do, of course, but it’s a very rare occurrence. And many of those claim the voices came from their radio or dog or such.

          Most people who claim God told them to do it are lying in order to have an “excuse” for deciding to do something that they know is wrong.

          • IrishGrrrl

            Yes, but the difference between the two is that someone who is really hearing voices has a pattern of disorganization and difficulty throughout all of their interactions and roles in life. This woman doesn’t seem to have that problem (who knows what really goes on in her day to day life?). So, she probably is, like you say, one of those who is using it as “cover”.

          • feloniousgrammar

            A person who is floridly psychotic might think they are God or Satan, but even people who are chronically psychotic aren’t usually floridly psychotic, with or without medication. The religious fanaticism is non-stop.

    • feloniousgrammar

      You’re view of people who hear voices needs to be updated.

      • Arcnor

        Perhaps so. If that sort of support helps people turn that sort of experience into something positive, it probably beats relying on drugs for the rest of one’s life. But that’s a little different from believing that the Supreme Creator of the Universe has your pre-frontal cortex on speed dial.

        • feloniousgrammar

          That’s what psychiatry calls an “overvalued idea”. Sounds crazy enough to me, though. Culturally sanctioned delusions are no less irrational or harmful than people who have suffered trauma at their hands. Seems that people who seek to control others should be considered more “sick” than people who have been victimized, though I sense that a lot of these people were raised in a very authoritarian household with parents who can get as wasted on their own feelings of fire and brimstone feelings of entitlement as any drug addict and use that to oppress everyone under them in their rigid pecking order.

          • Aaron Litz

            Thus we get the likes of Fred Phelps.

    • bbiemeret

      “Evil Chocolate Mojo Ray of Evil”… this, a million times this.

    • IrishGrrrl

      The scariest crazy people are the ones that don’t know they are crazy.

    • IrishGrrrl

      A starship AND frickin laser beams targeted by the fleshy moist hands of spittle flecked preachers who spew hate. God NEVER asks nice caring people to target the deathly rays of his starship–just the ones whose souls have atrophied.


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