Taking Out Anti-Vaccination Idiots, One Big Scary Word At A Time

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The internet is full of idiots, that much is for certain.

But sometimes, when the seasons start to turn and the planets align just right, a Learned comes along to take even just one of these internet idiots to task, and we are left to rejoice that it isn’t just us, that we aren’t just taking crazy pills, and that there are other sane, normal people out there who understand the beauty of rational thought.

This is one of those times…

According to PolicyMic, when a particular breed of internet idiot that specifically harps about the dangers of vaccination posted an image of the ingredient list to an influenza vaccine to Tumblr, after having circled some of the “scarier” words, which gained momentum from others who don’t understand the finer points of causality, a professed home health care worker who actually knew what they were talking about decided to specifically point out all the ways in which this anti-vaccinationist was, in fact, an internet idiot.


Ok, lets break this down nice and simple.

Formaldehyde is from the purification of the vaccine. 99.9% of which is removed. The reason it doesn’t give a dosage is the ammount is so minuscule that it can’t be measured without going into picograms. That’s one trillionth of a gram. You breathe in more formaldehyde by driving down a busy road than in a vaccine.

Thimerosal is NOT elemental mercury, It is a molecular compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, mercury, sodium, oxygen, and sulfur. This is used as a preservative for the vaccine. Thimerosal is used in a variety of other things, like tattoo ink, facial creams, nasal sprays. It’s toxic to humans only in fairly large quantities but highly toxic to aquatic born organisms like infectious bacteria. In short, it makes sure you don’t get salmonella from a stray bacteria from the chicken embryos.

As for the dosage of the Thimerosal. That is the most laughable point in this post. It says 25 mcg, that’s micrograms, or one millionth of a gram. To put this in perspective, a dollar bill weighs roughly 1 gram, the average human eyelash is around 80-90 micrograms. The box also says that it contains a 5ml (milliliter/cc) vial which leads me to my next point.

A little simple math and we find out that 25 mcg = 0.00003 ml and a little more math we find that 0.00003 ml is 0.00006% of 5 ml. Let me put this another way. By the age of 5, an American child weighs about 50-55lbs and their body contains 55 mcg of Uranium. I don’t see any kids running around with radiation sickness, so I think they’re safe with a preservative in them.

TL;DR: This is like saying you don’t want your child eating their baked birthday cake because raw eggs were used to make it and you don’t want your child getting salmonella from it.

Now, let us all rejoice. Hallelujah, Hallelujah.


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  • Gama Xul

    We’ve lived this long without flu vaccines. I believe the primary reason why influenza becomes a problem every year is because weak fools keep stabbing each other with needles containing “compounds” that they’re told to trust as harmless. This is a “for profit” industry.

    If you want to get sick, get vaccinated. If you want to stay healthy, stop eating like an idiot and take your vegetables and local honey. Colloidal silver is fairly simple to produce and knocks the virus on its ass if you happen to contract it from a vaccinated individual.

    Oh yeah. Another thing. The vaccine argument becomes public business as soon as the public becomes sick from it. So yes, it should be openly discussed. Personal experience and opinion is all each of us have on any matter. The doctors are taught and trained to trust their industry. They memorize “facts” from years of schooling; often without questioning the source, motives or validity of the propaganda. Few are trained how to actually repair the body; they know how to cut things out, prescribe pills or introduce something only they can supply to you from the pushers. Remember, it’s a profit industry. Why can’t people understand this? Possibly because they don’t want to feel like a sap that’s been duped for as long as they have. Too bad. Get over it. The jig is up and people have long begun to realize their garbage.

    You can learn more about health by studying and practicing nutrition for 8 months than you ever will from a medical institution pushing decades of self-sustaining propaganda. One more thing, you can ward off cancer by maintaining body alkalinity. That IS the cure for cancer. Stop dumping money into Cancer Research centers that are just paying salaries for the top medical brass to sit on their asses poking around a JR Petri dish. Also, herpes can be cured (yes, cured) topically during an outbreak with zinc gluconate powder mixed with a moisturizing agent (like Vitamin-E). It’s just that simple. If they can’t control and sell you a solution, they don’t want it as widespread public knowledge. Hence the push to control all aspects of the food supply. To Hell with Monsanto.

    No thanks, keep your needles and pharmacological mutations to yourselves. I’ll just eat organic and ignore the directives from the revolving door of the FDA.

    This is my opinion from years of personal experience and family history. We’ve lived healthy this long without toxic waste, so these opinions are equally as valuable. But take this for what it is, a quasi-anonymous forum post.

    • Dr Dickass

      flu shots are free

      • Gama Xul

        I’ve never received a flu-shot, but in the name of “health” I suppose the company gets a tax write-off for disposing of their waste products in that manner.

  • W B

    what about the fact that the flu vaccine doesn’t work? or that nurses are declining it? or that most healthy children and adults have the same odds of cathing the flu whether vaccinated or not? Basically you just showed us that, more than likely, if we get the flu vaccine we wont die from it. Have to love all these glorified bloggers with no medical training or medical background giving us thier opinions on vaccines, using links to scientific articles they do not really understand. As an MD, please leave vaccines, vaccine information and vaccine decisions to medical doctors and patients. its none of your business, go back to reporting on Lindsay Lohan, psuedo news and other worthless internet dribble. Honestly, we do not need your help, there is not an epidemic of dangerous unvaccinated kids walking around, and we as a society are better protected against diseases than we have ever been. my job as a doctor is to work with my patients to make the best decision on their or their childrens health that they feel comfortable with. If they choose not too vaccinate, its not the internets business. I will do my best to treat them with the best of my ability and to protect them against disease. If it is not your body or your child, its not your business. Go back to harassing the gays, or the colored, or immigrants, or democrats, or hippies, or whoever else does not deserve your harrassment, and leave normal parents and children alone. Anyone who takes advice on vaccines or their health from a website, a blog, this bozo or any bozo on any website, and not from their pediatrician, medical doctor, health care professional is a true idiot. Move on people, whether or not a few parents vaccinate or not is not a health care emergency, not a dire threat, not a danger to this countries health. Maybe next we can attack those who eat local, organic, take vitamins, exercise, diet, etc. so please, move on. This is a lot of hubbub over absolutely nothing… Take it from an actual medical doctor, we dont care and do not view you as someone helping save lives, just attacking innocent people. The anti anti vaxers are worse than anti vaxers…

    • Lady Willpower

      YOU’RE A DOCTOR???

      • woodrowfan

        so he claims. I suspect he got his degree from Google U.

        • Lady Willpower

          Just scanning through his other comments, I’m highly skeptical. If he really is a doctor then he’s a complete disgrace to the profession.

    • The Doctor

      You are aware that diseases we thought eradicated by vaccination are coming back because people are refusing to vaccinate right. Also you make a great point i should listen to medical doctors…who agree with this blogger so as a result if i listen to this blogger or my medical doctor… I GET VACCINATED. Science is not served by you saying that its not my problem if they dont vaccinate. Vaccination also helps protect those who cant get the vaccine because of allergies and other issues. Next time you want to pretend to be helping think really hard because someone might call you on your bull shit. Also I am not a medical doctor but I am someone who can read and research and have found you to be entirely lacking any solid argument. have a great day.

      • David

        Vaccination is a hoax and a menace. Indeed, we live in the golden age of vaccines and the world is adrift with disease and illness never before seen in history. Vaccines are NEVER warranted and never have been shown to help. They harm us pure and simple and the argument that the poisons int he vaccines are really very small is a crock. I am a highly poisoned person because of the ignorance of the MD–the greatest killer in history. II have learned the hard way–if you want to be healthy–refuse all drugs and vaccines–detox what is in your body and try to repair your system. Stop calling these frauds “doctors” –this is an insult since they do not know the first thing about real medicine or disease. They merely have a monopoly on expensive worthless poisons which kill slowly over time or on contact. I will never God willing see another charlatan again who knows nothing at all. Poisons do not heal–they only harm. Vaccines are simple poisons with not one study to prove they can help a given illness. It is a pure hoax, a total scam and the people complicit in this lie need to be prosecuted instead of hiding behind the governmental protection to escape prosecution. The are the biggest killers in history and as someone whose only family died in the holocaust, the holocaust perpetrated by these insane people is far worse in scale and numbers. They simply want us all sick and dependent. Do not be the last person left with blind faith in poison. Cesca is a joke here. My son has been ruined- cancer has climbed now to one in three when it is was 1-200 before these frauds took over–spreading misery. Autism has skyrocketed. Hello? Anyone awake? Does anyone care or are we simply so sick we have lost all of our critical faculties. Stop the poison. Stop vaccines. Stop fluoride in our water. Stop taking the dopey “medications” which are simple poisons.

        • Jezzer

          Oh, shut the fuck up, crazy person.

          • David

            Vaccine injury is not an internet rumor–it is my son–jhe is not on the internet,. It is my Rabbi’s son–he is not on the internet. It is literally millions of people damaged. Stop buying into scams-people. Wake up. Look at theh ingredients. There is no coherent theory that vaccines work without wrecking havoc on your body. Do not be foolish. What a joke to say that the failed history of vaccines that require more and more “boosters” and more add-ons with frequent outbreaks despite almost universal vaccinations is because a handful decide to not vaccinate and while they are perfectly healthy–the herd gets the disease!! This is scapegoating. INstances of vaccination failing to eradicate a problem–despite nearly universal vaccination is documented in every country unfortunate to have the poisons injected into them. Please recognize no human being ever created has a deficiency of poison in their body and that more poison will only make things worse, not better. Why does this point have to be hammered and repeated to people? It is because they are made docile by the poisons and fail to now critically understand what is happening to them. The scam has it that these are “medications” and it is a civic duty to do the right thing by poisoning your treasured child. Alas, I was scammed. My son is a low functioning person. It was my fault for not knowing that it was a hoax and I tended to trust the so-called pros. 25 years later, I will not be fooled again. Up close and personal–they do not know almost anything about cellular biology, almost nothing about what they are doing.

          • Jezzer

            See, the problem here is that you are crazy and wrong and saying stupid things on the internet. You should look into not doing that.

          • David

            Yes, the person saying demonstrably false information is the low information poerson who penned this horrible feature. That is what drew me to set the record and the facts straight. Vaccinations have been proven dangerous and ineffective for many decades and the science is without contradiction. A sure way to spread autism is to push vaccinations–healthy people are unvaccinated, people with weakened immune systems are vaccinated. Autism rates rise with vaccinations–this is verified by surveys and our professionals for many decades. No real scientist happily agrees with the vaccination load now given to our sick children, as autism rates skyrocket. There has never been a safe vaccine.

            Please, sir,, if you want to join a conversation–have one. To try to push me around is not civil or productive. I can give you a stack of doctors a mile high preaching against the use of these poisons. Please start with a rational defense of poisons. Tell the people how poisons heal and prevent disease. How is this possible or logical?

            Speak to the points, I am not going to be blown apart by your verbal insults. Look into the topic before you speak. But protest fools like the person named Bryce Rudow who has humiliated himself in public and has created a record of his defense of the indefensible. In only a few short years–the public outcry will be so huge, no vaccines will be given any more. It is costing the governments too much in claims and too many damaged and dead children have suffered.

            Use your logic here. If this pile of vaccines is good–why not a bigger pile? Any one can see that the pile is way too big already–we have far too much of a really bad thing and the suffering is tremendous. More and more? I suppose you simply agree with those who want to reduce the population?

          • David

            The worm is quickly turning. It will soon all be over for the poison pushers. Nation after nation has dropped their fetish for the poisons and the people are getting healthier. This will quickly steam roll the drug companies and they will be facing a much healthier population and this is a disaster for them and a boon for Americans.

            Note this piece in the NYT–courtesy of Natural News.com

            It wasn’t long after The New York Time’s (NYT) published an
            opinion piece calling for the elimination of vaccine exemptions that
            parents took to the internet to voice their concerns and frustrations
            with a government and healthcare community that sees no problem
            infringing upon one’s right to opt out.

            Dr. Kristen Feemster (a
            pediatric infectious disease Physician) in her NYT article urged the
            curtailment of philosophical and religious exemptions for the protection
            of those who can’t be vaccinated and for the public good. She further
            went on to claim that vaccines are safe and effective, that there could
            be no educated reason for abstaining and that exemptions have increased
            because people have forgotten what these “vaccine-eradicated” diseases
            look like; then she assumed that the scientific healthcare community and
            parents at large agree on what constitutes the public good.

            legislators are buying this view, and states like Colorado, New York,
            California, Texas, Washington and Oregon are passing strict laws that
            infringe upon one’s right to protect their child from vaccines and that
            require a brain-washing-like educational talk before opting out and a
            signed form where a signature can be used as an admission of neglect.

            you vaccinate or not, we have a problem. We have people suggesting that
            it’s the governments place to tell us what’s best for our children. We
            have a healthcare community that is not educated on vaccinations, their
            ingredients or side-effects, and we have vaccines being injected into
            our children that have not been subjected to proper research, safety and
            clinical trials. It’s time to wake up and step up before it’s too late.

            So what can you do?

            Go to ParentalRights.org and sign the petition to add a “Parental Rights Amendment” to the United States Constitution.

            Go to LivingWhole.org
            and print off the response (that’s gone viral) to the NYT’s vaccine
            exemption piece. Educate friends and family members, and email a copy to
            your state legislator, urging them to vote against any amendment that
            could infringe upon one’s right to refuse.

            Join anti-vaccine
            coalitions and Facebook groups so that you can stay informed on the
            latest threats against your vaccine rights.

            Most importantly, do not sign any “opt-out” or “liability waiver” form at your doctor’s office.



          • Jezzer

            By “the worm is quickly turning,” are you talking about the outbreaks of measles that are happening because idiots aren’t vaccinating their children?

          • David

            The worm turning, if you read the discussion from your favorite source, the NYT, means the tide against grotesque vaccinations is growing by leaps and bounds.

            The story about the measle outbreaks “caused” by the unvaccinated is another lie, another hoax that makes no sense if you simply read the facts cold and drop your blinders. Good to stop dealing in anecdotes and look at the broad problem with poisons injected into the brains of children on a mass scale and the problems caused by this process.

            Also good to look at the wholesale damage reflected in the fact so many governments are forced to pay such high compensation to some of those dead on contact from the vaccines. But simply because a child fails to die on contact and remains maimed for life is also a crime. Take on the case logically. Think about a poison that we know kills a few on contact and has a horrible rate of ruining the immune response of so many people. The rest ARE in fact damaged, the effect may take years to manifest but why isn’t it logical to see the problem.

            A vaccination is a cruel direct hit with poisons and yet you support it. Coal burning,, by contrast is something you likely oppose with a small release of fluoride and other toxins into the air indirectly causing a host of potential problems. Be consistent here. Why support the big poison that can kill on contact as all governments admit but the subtle poison of air pollution? Answer, please.

            I oppose all of it. I do not like poisons. Do you agree that fluoride in the water, mandated by force of government is horrible? If you agree, why not concede that the vaccinations placed directly into our most vulnerable (that the least of the poisons is also fluoride) is far more dangerous?

            If you wish to argue about the anecdotes–I am pleased to do it and if I prove that the measles story is a lie–will you admit you are wrong.? I am trying to get you to grasp the problem at large first. Follow the discussion please and show some good faith.

          • Jezzer

            Oh, honey, no. You’re not going to win this argument because you don’t have credible sources, and also because you’re going all tinfoil hat on us.

          • David

            Sorry you do not wish to be educated or attempt support for the poisons. One more time,

            A vaccination is a cruel direct hit with poisons and yet you support it. Coal burning,, by contrast is something you likely oppose with a small release of fluoride and other toxins into the air indirectly causing a host of potential problems. Be consistent here. Why support the big poison that can kill on contact as all governments admit but the subtle poison of air pollution? Answer, please.
            I oppose all of it. I do not like poisons.
            Over 50 women died on contact from Gardisil. Hundreds have dies on contact with MMR. Hundreds of thousands maimed–including my son. I am not a good source to testify about my son?

          • David

            I must finally take issue with the language of people here in favor of poisoning our children that opponents “lack credibility” or that a certain small amount of poison really is not so bad, in the case of mercury. Or that the opponents are not real scientists but “people on the internet.”

            IN fact, the very opposite is the reality. The case in favor of all these poisons is not at all broad based and there is a total and complete lack of evidence of the safety and efficacy of vaccines. There are no real success stories here to look at no toxicology reports that state these compounds injected directly into the veins of our children are safe. And this is how the medical mob rules–a few people at the top commanding over a majority that knows better and has actually done the research.

            All this while the population becomes weaker and sicker. Autism is spreading like wild fire and the immunological reports of any young person is a horror show.

            Once again, the worm is turning–even the ultra liberal NYT admits there is a lot to oppose poisons in the veins of children. Hundreds of thousands of Americans and the very best doctors and scientists agree vaccinations are wrong. These are the facts here.

            How can this be?

            Because we are a nation so sick we lack the strength to stand up for health and every parent that has the knowledge to keep away from poisoning their children–every study proves this–has far healthier children. Any mom who voluntarily poisons their child is mistaken and misled by people who simply have not looked into the matter in a good faith way.

            Indeed, I pay a lot of my hard earned money to put healthy things into my body. The government is involved in paying at tax-payers expense for poisons to be put in out bodies. I respect healthy nutrients and I mistrust poisons. I guess that makes me an “internet rumor.”

            I call on Bryce Rudow to look into the question and compose a formal retraction. No chance he is living in the real world. Zero.

          • msae

            I can only hope Darwinism will save mankind’s gene pool from the likes of you.

          • David

            So those who protest the poisons are the problem and not the poisons themselves? If you wish, in full knowledge of the evidence, to inject your child with a bunch of crap–go right ahead since this is a free country. But please do not try to tell me my child will be better served with a severely weakened immune response or, occasionally, is better off dead or severely maimed.
            Is this unconscionable experiment merely a cold exercise in the survival of the fittest? So again, if you wish to subject your body to any number of crazed assaults so, as they say, what will not kill you make you stronger–go ahead and inject yourself with every manner of poison you wish. But do not be surprised if instead of feeling stronger, you are simply more poisoned.

          • msae

            Your child won’t be better served with a severely weakened immune response, which is precisely why you get vaccinated, to train your immune system how to fight off these diseases. I only hope your child won’t pay the price for your stupidity.

            By the way, I have received all of my vaccines, and have received a flu shot every year for the last ten years, and have never experienced any adverse side effects that you would expect from injecting “poison” into your body. Since I started getting the flu shots, I have also never gotten the flu, something that happened every winter before I started getting them.

            And you can’t have done much research if you can honestly say “The case in favor of all these poisons is not at all broad based and there is a total and complete lack of evidence of the safety and efficacy of vaccines.” Ask any medical professional who deals with immunizations, read almost any respectable peer-reviewed scientific journal, and you will see just how wrong you are. Or maybe not, it’s clear that your logic and reasoning skills are severely impaired.

          • David

            Sorry..the point of the vaccine..and there is not much science at all here.. Is to override the body’s abilities.
            But look at how you make my point so perfectly.. I am not going to try to stop people from running.. As an adult.. to take some real dopey flu vaccine..it is a free country… If you think taking it is good for you.. Go for it.
            Just note a tiny percentage of the populace takes such ineffective and dangerous compound.. The mavens reserve it for people who could die from the flu if contracted.
            Now that you agree with the correct premise.. Join me in respecting other persons free choices.. Especially.. The freedom of our kids to not take 29 compounds at once as kids.

          • msae

            Their funeral…

          • RealityCheck131

            You are a complete tool. Stop getting your information from scam sites like naturalnews. It just makes you look like a raving lunatic. Please sell your computer and stop spreading ignorant lies.

          • David

            So here is another personal attack from a guy claiming he is in touch with “reality” but does that reality have anything to do with the fact the US has been dead last in life expectancy among the 16 advanced industrialized nations, or that we have more illness than any other nation, that we lead in autism, in cancer rates–despite spending far more money than any other nation and it is not even close?

            I have one guy claiming that taking worthless dangerous flu vaccines will build his natural immunity–is that even a possibility? Can anyone comment on the reality that over 50 wonderful young women died on contact after taking the dopey Gardisil vaccine which has zero proof of being effective against an illness that is very easy to fix for a small percentage of women who might actually get it. A reality check here–might you wish to tell the mothers of any of these 50 women who died on contact (or the tens of thousands who have been maimed by this compound)that the vaccine was a really good idea after all? Or regarding the millions of young boys stricken with autism or are on the spectrum–do you really want to say that the polysorbate 80, the mercury, the flouride, the formaldehyde, the aborted fetus parts were actually really helpful?

            There is no one that can defend these vaccines as safe and effective. This is why the reality check here is that Europe and Israel and many parts of the Third World are now so frightened by these crazy expensive concoctions–they want nothing to do with our GMO corn, our Merck drugs for babies, and our plethora of vaccines. They are getting healthy while we are getting sicker and sicker.

            But the worm is turning. The people cannot tolerate this level of stupidity any longer. Mothers with the courage to protect their children are growing.

            As I keep saying, this might be a free world–if you wish to inject yourself or your child with some crazy concoction of compounds so bizarre and so toxic no one really knows what is in the vials, with blind trust in the government quacks–go ahead. Go die young and suffer from a poor immune response–take your antibiotics, drink your fluoridated water, eat your pesticides, enjoy your processed foods and go for it. But please stop telling the rest of us who are pro-life and wanting to thrive in buoyant health to suck it up and take the poison.

          • RealityCheck131

            So here are more lies and propaganda to drive traffic to the naturalnews store from another anti-science, paranoid, fearmongering buffoon. Do you get a cut from head nutjob Mike Adams when people buy stuff there?

          • David

            Ok,, so this level of personal insult is tiring. If you cannot accept the fact there is no science behind vaccines and documented danger, you are simply divorced from reality. And what in heck does Mike Adams have to do with anything? He does not even take much of a stand against vaccines. That stand belongs to hundreds and thousands of scientists who disagree vehemently with what is happening in this formerly great nation. Forced vaccination is against the spirit of America. When this first started, btw, circa 1920–the men of the armed forces protested mightily. And note they were not children and they were given very mild poisons.

            YOu sir, have no idea about this topic. You do not understand how dangerous these poisons. You have not responded to one fact I have documented on this board. You have not responded to the fact that the rest of the world is running away from the poisons every quickly. In America, we yawn when we lose our children. In other nations–they get very upset about it. I see zero reason to take any vaccines since it will not help any condition. You disrespect my right to maintain my health. How dare you? How can you force your will into my body? How can the state poison the populace against their will? Answer the question. First by denying the ingredients and the danger. But the body count is too high. The deception is over.

          • RealityCheck131

            Your stupidity is tiring. There are numerous studies behind vaccine safety. You just ignore them because they don’t fit your very limited viewpoint formed by only exposing yourself to pseudoscience-filled garbage websites. I doubt you have ever read a single one. Maybe you can start here. http://jpeds.com/webfiles/images/journals/ympd/JPEDSDeStefano.pdf

            Please provide a citation for your claim that “hundreds of thousands of scientists disagree”. Please provide a citation to a single peer-reviewed study from your hundreds of thousands of scientists for any of the ridiculous claims you make and I will take a look. Simply spewing nonsense here does you no good because science is NOT on your side and you know it. Vaccines are not poisonous. Science backs this up. Refusing vaccines results in dead children. You support this. How dare you encourage people to endanger their children and allow preventable disease to spread. The only one increasing the body count here is you. Stop being a fool and go educate yourself somewhere besides fringe sites with no integrity.

          • David

            This “study” you cite has no impact on vaccine safety at all. It merely tries to indicate that part of what goes into a vaccine is not linked directly to autism.

            If refusing vaccines ends up in dead children how come the higher the vaccine use, the more dead bodies and the non-vaccinated are healthier in every study ever conducted. And across geographic boundaries, no vaccines means no autism and greater longevity. We are sick in America and the medical mob is clearly culpable.

            I absolutely support health–so I clearly oppose vaccines. I have a public business and one day a client overheard one of my rants against the poisons. He was quick to interject his own experience and, of course, agree with me. How dare you come online and try to disagree with me? This lovely man told me of his experience with anthrax–a classic tale. He told me before they forced him to be injected with the “vaccine” (all vaccines are pure poison)–he had a full head of hair and plenty of body hair. Now, he has extreme alopoecia. I asked him about the experience of his co-workers and he said many have been forced into early retirement and the government has declined to cover their health bills. He showed me his shaking hand and said that the tremors never stop. I asked him if anyone ever told him of the risks and he said “no.” Take it or you are fired. I asked him if anyone had been helped by the poison concoction and he laughed. When I said “they did not have a clue if this would possibly work, did they?” He said “no.”

            No theory of help for people–all evidence of damage. This is how the mob works. No disclosure, parents get no informed consent–it is forced poisoning. Now, the people are getting wind of this scandal and they do not like it at all. It is all over.

            Let’s talk specifics, here pal. Get a reality check. Next posting:

          • David

            Nothing toxic in vaccines??? The list is huge and it is a horror show–a tremendous scandal. If a private business forced even one of these ingredients on a worker–they owuld be sued for every last penny in the compnay. But this is from the government and the drug companies are protected from prosecution.

            I do dot type very well–so just a few to get you some semblance of reality.

            Neomycin sulfate is extremely toxic and in many vaccines.

            Sodium deoxycholate is in almost every flue vaccine, is a detergent and highly toxic. Our pal on this blog is lucky to still be alive after ingesting this every year for the past 10 years.

            Polysorbate 80, will put some children into shock instantly.

            Saccharomyces cerevisiae is very dangerous and the wrong kind of yeast. Giving any of this stuff to a baby is worse than insane. It is so dumb–IT IS CLEARLY CRIMINAL.

            No one knows the effect of the various culture media used in this huge experiment on the population. Monkey kidney tissue, rhesus monkey fetal lung tissue, mouse brain culture, human diploid tissue culture–what is declared and on the menu today can be changed tomorrow without notice. No one really knows what is being injected the scandal is massive.

            There are no controls over dosages and the dosages vary widely from one locality versus another. Further, the formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury load will be very different for the unlucky baby who gets the last dose in the vial which is rarely shaken as per the regulations because that is too much trouble.

            Care to discuss these toxic ingredients and say with a straight face they are OK to put in a baby’s brain. Now that mothers are getting wind of this–they are refusing. The refuseniks get happy healthy babies. Those forced into poisoning will suffer as we have all suffered. This is why we are last place. *Reality check* demands to know why we are in last place today and we were in 2nd place only to Switzerland 100 years ago before the mob took over.

            Please let me educate you about “quacks.” Your incompetent ignorant medical pals earned that moniker honestly. Hello,, reality–are you listening?

            Are you sure your bottom line is to accept a large amount of dead babies so there will not be even more dead babies? This is the tactic of the demagogue. Is this your real stand or only one you are forced to take to defend the indefensible? I assume the positive for you. You have been deceived.

            BTW–I meant to say hundreds and thousands of scientists and medical researchers.

          • RealityCheck131

            As usual the brainwashed mouth-foamer fails to provide a single citation of scientific work to back up his baseless claims. It must be tiring to live in this constant state of paranoia you are in. Vaccines cause hair loss now? LOL. Well as long as your buddy’s cousin’s roomate’s former boyfriend has hair loss, it must be true! Anecdotes are not science. Please educate yourself on the scientific method and how it works, then come back.

            Dosage makes a poison, not trace amounts of a chemical with a big, scary name. The thing is, chemicals are not scary to professionals who know what they are, how they interact, and have done extensive tests for their safety. This does not describe you. Feel free to read this and learn something: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/112/6/1394.full.pdf

            Prove that there are hundreds and thousands of scientists that agree you and provide references, or you’re just another anti-vax liar. Prove that your “toxic” ingredients have caused more health problems than the multitude of deaths resulting from people not being vaccinated. Post links to your studies or go back to shouting in the corner with nobody listening.

          • David

            OK, you will not take to being educated. You are out in outer space and now you bring me the profiteer Paul Offit-as if he has any credibility. He mouthed off about vaccine safety and when challenged, he refused to take the poison. He is a piece of trash and has blood on both hands. He promised a real doc he would take many multiples of the vaccines and then refused.

            Thank you for seeing my point about the dosage and the names are not scary–the poisons are scary because they have no place close to a living human being.

            One more time-what might you say to the parents of the 58 young women murdered by Gardisil? What might you say to my client who witnessed mass poisoning in governmental offices (and you want to mimimize the fact he he is completely bald–OK–you inject yourself with the anthrax vaccine and see what happens)? Can you really stand for this after I told you some of the things in it and that not one person even has a theory if it could possibly work? Of course it does not work. They would not even consider studying whether it would work. The list of embarrassing failures is a mile long.

            It is all a hoax. It is not science. Paul Offit is a piece of trash and a liar. I would be pleased to take him on any day–will you speak to the parents of the victims of Gaurdasil? Will you interview my friend and say what happened to him and his collegues was a great idea and not simply another vaccine failure to go with all the others. Do you have a heart at all?

            I have met the people involved at the NIH and at the CDC-they are dumb as a post. They no nothing about the topic. When pressed, they fold and cower away.

            It is over for the poisons. The people are waking up and find this really intolerable. Thank God you are one of the few who support the poisons and I am with the growing majority not willing to be part of further Nazi-like experimentation. It is all over for the GMO’s, the fluoride, the mercury in the teeth, the arsenic in just about everything. I know, I know, a little bit of poison is actually OK–it is all in the dosing. I am no lefty but I must steal one of their lines–a little bit of poison can ruin your whole day. These liars are using the worst stuff known to mankind. Stop forcing people to say yes against their will. I would oppose the government forcing people to take even healthy things. This is the central dispute here. I oppose the tyranny of the state to force people to inject things into their body. You want to tell all of us that the most toxic things are actually beneficial without a shred of proof–not even a theory as to how that could hold up. The burden is with the poison pushers, not for Paul Offit to say the ingredients are not really that bad, even if every thinks they are–he has the burden to not simply lie–he must prove his stuff is safe. He will not do that.

            I think I have at least 10 books against vaccines–all penned by PHD and Md’s. My guess here is that if I owned 50 it would not matter to you–this is why I do not cut and paste. You love the worst and most toxic things on this planet. You trust total assholes like Offit who would sell his sister for a quarter if he had a chance. I am going with the facts and the science.

          • RealityCheck131

            Oh, still no links to these hundreds of thousands of scientists? That’s too bad. Guess I won’t bother reading the rest of your swill if you can’t back up a single thing you say. Have fun in la la land, nutjob.

          • Gama Xul

            Interesting. So if it’s in small doses, it doesn’t matter? Well I don’t recommend you take a miniscule amount of arsenic. Even if it does alleviate a symptom or two.

            Healthy people don’t need vaccines. Sick people don’t need them either. People must simply stop eating processed garbage.

            A proper diet doesn’t have to be purchased from an internet store. This argument isn’t about sending traffic to any particular site. It’s about staying healthy and maintaining our freedom to choose to eat healthy, and not inject ourselves with compounds we do not trust.

            Meanwhile, we got idiot Bill Gates talking about death panels and mosquitoes to spread vaccines. And he completely ignores and tramples on our right to choose to not be vaccinated. Coincidentally, he ignores the religious freedom of those that do not wish to alter their body chemistry with waste products.

            The monetary agenda for vaccination has gone too far. It’s an old-school eugenics program and I want no part of it.

          • RealityCheck131

            Cool story, except that it’s all bullshit. Miniscule amounts of arsenic are found in soil, water, the food you eat every day. Are you dead yet? No? Interesting.

            Vaccines save lives. Uneducated fearmongerers like you do not. You don’t have a right to endanger everyone else with your idiocy. Bill Gates must have quite a monetary agenda there, spending all his money. The obvious reality of course is that Gates doesn’t need anymore money, but the quacks running the sites you enjoy sure do, and they’d love it if more people were afraid and questioning science so they could flee to those sites and spend some money in the store.

          • Gama Xul

            Why would I be a fear monger? Did I scare you? And what sites do you think I visit? You act like you know a lot about me. But maybe we all don’t fit into one of your boxes.

            Fine: Go imbibe arsenic then:

            And keep drinking your tap water because fluoride has obviously done wonders for your logical abilities.

          • RealityCheck131

            Scare me? No, because I’ve done the research. People like you try and scare those who haven’t looked into the science yet. Spreading false information about vaccines is fearmongering and the sites I refer to are any sites run by quacks that you get your information from. You like to stroke your ego and pretend you’ve figured out some secret that everyone else hasn’t. You just keep trying to spread fear on baseless information, acting like insignificant amounts of arsenic are some reason to get all foamy at the mouth. Get back in your box, clown.

          • Gama Xul

            “People like you” .. You’re attempting to classify someone you’ve not met. Please don’t be arrogant because of your ignorance.

            Vaccines are not required for health. I have also recorded cause and effect experiences that vaccines have caused permanent harm to children. You don’t have to believe anything but I’m offering this information freely so people may know the risks of injecting medical compound cocktails into young bodies. It effects different people different ways depending on the immune system. Everyone I have met that takes a vaccine gets sick shortly after. Period. That is what I have observed.

            There is no secret to discover, and my ego is irrelevant. You just can’t be blind to history and the monetary agendas.

            You bring up fear again. I’m not spreading fear intentionally. This is information that hopefully brings people to question their trust in quackery. If you get afraid then you’re weak. And I’m not sorry. That is your fault, not mine. The information is not baseless, as I have experienced and seen the correlation between vaccines and sickness in both children and adults. Maybe I just have more friends and life experiences than you.

            Finally, you attempt to discredit me with classification and name-calling. It’s an emotional reaction to your own weak argument. Again, I am not sorry for speaking about what I’ve seen and recorded.

            I suppose we’re done now. There is nothing more for us to discuss since we’re both just beating our own dead horses.

          • RealityCheck131

            Except that you haven’t provided any sources, citations, data, nothing. You post generic information about arsenic without bothering to note that it is dosage that matters, unless you truly don’t understand that fact, in which case you shouldn’t be commenting on a topic you don’t understand. Your personal anecdotes about people getting sick and blaming it on vaccines are cute, but not science. My argument is not the one completely unsupported by every scientific organization, yours is. If there is emotion involved, it’s because your ignorance endangers children. Go do some simple research on the prevalence of disease before vaccines.

          • Gama Xul

            Continue beating that corpse.

            Again, you fail to acknowledge history, or realize your “scientific organizations” are funded by … money. The Pharmaceutical Industry is an excellent method for getting rid of that toxic waste left over from steel processing. It sure beats the costs of disposing of it properly through EPA guidelines. These are heartless crony-capitalists. Don’t be naive. Not everything they say that’s “good for you” turns out to be so.

            You can be blind to cause and effect, but I’ve spotted a pattern. Vaccines have become another toxic waste cocktail, much like the fake food pushed by Monsanto that passes current FDA guidelines. (Both groups have employed the same names).

            Please understand the term “conflict of interest”, and realize there are many within government, business, society, and media.

            You want a tiny teeny taste of what I’m talking about?



            If you ever realize how much control the government / corporation has over US “food” and “medicine”, you might begin to acknowledge how deep the lie goes. I just feel sorry for you and the children of the parents that are still eclipsed by the lie; and that may never wake up. Please get smart and become critical of your authoritative sources.

          • RealityCheck131

            You talk about authoritative sources and the only thing you can offer in reply are a couple random JPGs off the internet? Well, I can see that you have no desire to back up your position or offer any real debate so I’ll just point at you and laugh then. LMAO. You’re really sad. You’re failing at life. It’s not too late to turn it around and educate yourself, so I hope you do.

          • Gama Xul

            Do the research. Don’t be lazy. Look up the names and where they’ve worked. It’s all true.

            Here is the Pandemrix package insert of the side-effects for that flu vaccine, hosted by the European Medicines Agency. The side-effects are often worse than the flu.


            Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare has also issued an order to stop the use of Pandemrix swine flu vaccine due to the probable link to narcolepsy in children. (2010)

            Australia banned the swine flu vaccine for children under the age of 5. (2010)

            There is a history of vaccines maiming children. For you to be in denial is simply irrational. The US government has set up a dedicated website (VAERS) to deal with the problem of adverse reactions to vaccines.


            And there is a foundation to balance the lawsuits and media attention with compensation.


            Those are government run servers and they exist for a reason; because vaccines can harm people.

          • Gama Xul

            I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. For you to make assumptions about my life and attack me personally, I must have struck a nerve. I hope we both learned something from this conversation. Some people just can’t be reached. You brought the subject of ego into this before, I suspect it’s because you’re defending yours. I don’t know.

          • RealityCheck131

            Yes, it’s clear you don’t know much of anything. The only nerve you struck is the funny bone. You should apply the rest of that post to yourself. I’m laughing and attacking you personally because you’re an idiot spreading nonsense to support your ignorant and egotistical view that you know more than the scientific and medical organizations that have studied vaccines extensively and saved millions of lives. To pretend that the very small percentage of people who have side effects from vaccines outweigh the millions of lives saved is not a rational or intelligent position. I guess instead of a government site to help people that experience vaccine side effects you’d rather be linking to a site listing dead unvaccinated children. That your first instinct when defending your irrational position is to post stupid memes and then claim others should be more selective with their sources is hypocritical and hilarious!

          • Gama Xul

            How about you link some sites about dead un-vaccinated children. Please, I’d like to read them. I have seen a few stories of this. Find and link articles about the good that vaccines do.

            It’s interesting how tribes live and survive all around the globe until vaccinated journalists from National Geographic journey to discover them. Those tribes do indeed get sick; but because they were exposed to the people that were vaccinated and are carrying the virus, keeping it alive in their system and spreading it to others.

            You are mistaken. I did not use a meme. I used a graphic that reveals the callous nature of a particular corporate management official, and another that shows the revolving-door employment between a powerful corporation and government positions. Those are not memes, they are graphics. Your comment is evidence of your lack of comprehension. I venture to say you did not even look closely at them. So you are wasting my time and I have even less respect for you now.

            Also, in order for me to be a hypocrite, I would have to say I don’t do something, then I would have to do it. I have made no such claims. You cannot discredit me with lies. If you can’t handle the evidence that vaccines cause problems, you should back out of the argument instead of attempting to discredit your opponent. It makes you look desperate.

            I am done with this discussion because I believe you’re trolling. I’ve presented you with evidence and arguments and you have responded with little more than emotional outbursts. And you’ve attacked my character instead of my argument. You have supplied no sources to counter my own, so I’ve better things to do than try to teach you the basics of a critical thinking process.

            Good day, and I hope you don’t get sick from whatever substances you put in your body.
            Thank you for the discussion.

          • RealityCheck131

            Haha you are such a tin-foil hat nutter that this is fun. I see you’re not the brightest bulb, so I’ll explain the first comment. There are no sites listing the dead unvaccinated children because… wait for it…I know this is a difficult concept for your small brain… We have vaccines. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the amount of children that died to these diseases before vaccines, before you stupidly dismiss their benefit.

            As for the rest, you also don’t understand what hypocrite means. Step 1, never post anything from a reputable source (and no, mental midget, your “graphics”, lol!, are not an authoritative source). Step 2, tell other people to be more critical of their sources. LOL.

          • Gama Xul

            I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself trolling this forum, it’s really all you’re capable of on this topic.

          • RealityCheck131

            Bahaha, now you’re butt-hurt, but still just as inaccurate. I’m not trolling the forum, just pointing out what an idiot you are. Have fun basing your medical decisions on your anti-vax nutter graphics!

          • Gama Xul

            That didn’t make sense. Medical decisions are for the unhealthy, and the graphics reflect verifiable truths. You only discredit yourself by seeking to deny others the ability to make informed decisions. Go be despotic elsewhere, we are free people here.

          • RealityCheck131

            No, they only reflect the kind of pseudoscience that a nutter will base his hysteria on.

          • Gama Xul

            Again with the attempt at discrediting. Good for you, fall back into what is comfortable for you. And welcome back, it appears it took months for you to come up with that one.

          • RealityCheck131

            Yes, I spent every day pondering how to reply to your enlightened posts. It’s clear you have great powers of deduction.

          • Gama Xul

            I missed you, buddy. We have so much fun.

          • Gama Xul

            I suppose the vaccination’s informational inserts and the government organizations that deal with the families of those that are maimed and killed by vaccinations, aren’t enough proof of the damage they cause. You’d rather focus upon relative graphics citing historical truths and attack them as if I based my entire argument on them. But anyone who reads this thread will know that’s not the case. You have produced nothing tangible to support your argument that vaccinations don’t harm people.

            Have you ever heard of full-spectrum dominance?




            I linked the above before; which you seemingly ignored.

            See Adverse Reactions & Warnings And Precautions:




            In their own documentation, they mention the risk of serious illness linked to after vaccination.

            “Individuals with expertise in a certain subject matter often work in
            both the public and private sector during the course of their careers.
            However, federal laws carefully prevent conflict-of-interest situations
            when private sector employees take government jobs.”
            – Yeah, right…
            Excerpt from:

            They’re defending that position because it’s true some of their key employees do flip-flop in and out of influential government positions to alter policy in their favor. The same can be said for any powerfully rich self-sustaining industry. Modern vaccine “medicine” is little more than a shinier bottle of Snake Oil. A lot of people fall prey to quackery because they’re simply lazy and don’t read.

          • disqus_hf5SNeznAe

            Dude stop pandering and put your money where your mouth is. Go snort some influenza. Us weak immunized sheeple will await your triumphant return. Please give 1-4 days for incubation to achieve the highest infectious transfer. Remember the more high fives you give the better your feelings will repress the influenza. Influenza hates positive thinking!

          • Gama Xul

            The flu was extremely mild for me this year as it has been every year. Often I don’t even get it, which is more than what I can say for those that dose themselves with the virus. The ones that spray it up their nose or stick it in their arm are the ones that spread the virus. Duh!
            2+2 still equals 4.

          • disqus_hf5SNeznAe

            Ah with all that shedding happening there must be a wealth of empirical data to support your claim that shedding vaccines are the root problem. How about you go find me some scholarly articles or peer reviewed journals. It has to exist right? (I know you won’t because people have been asking you to do it on this thread for months.) BTW a good way to know if the data, and journals you are citing aren’t bullshit is by whether or not they have comment section for idiots to pander in.

          • Gama Xul

            You are wrong about me not linking the relevant articles before in this thread (but you didn’t actually read my previous comments because if you had, you wouldn’t have just shown yourself to be an ass.)


            So, you’re… dumb.

        • Proven Truth

          Fine, then don’t get vaccinated and die a horrible completely preventable death.

          The worst illnesses in all of human history have been irradiated thanks to vaccines save those in countries too backwater or poor to use them. Now idiots like you come along and refuse to vaccinate yourselves or your children. Then all of you get sick and die costing everyone else time money and a lot of heartbreak because your stupid.

          And before you start going on about ‘poison’ and ‘linked to autism’ find some links to prove it or shut up. Vaccines contain fewer poisonous substances then a damn Twinkie and the link to autism was disproven years ago because the scientist who did that study was a lying sack of crap who intentionally selected kids who already had autism for his study.

          • David

            This is entirely wrong but if you are firm your offer..there needs to be freedom to choose. Trust that some of the most toxic and barbaric substances known to man would be a good idea to give to my precious son was by far the worst decision of my life.
            But this is not personal.. It is about America. We are asking all I parents to look into the ingredients and get informed.
            the pro vaccine record is a horror show and actually no disease has been reduced because of vaccines.. Facts are stubborn things.. Often these diseases were 95% eradicated before a vaccine was ever developed.. Although we allowed drug companies to irrationally claim credit.. In other cases.. Vaccines spread the disease it was supposed to cure.
            But in all cases.. And this is the point..these worthless toxic compounds make almost everyone weaker and more vulnerable..killing a few on contact..damaging millions..truly the worst thing governments have ever done to their population.. And this is part of the reason America has declined so much in every marker of health including cancer and autism rates.
            Facts and functionality defeat any possible argument for willing compliance with getting one’s baby injured right after birth.
            The era of this insanity is soon coming to an end. The toll has been too great..

          • David

            One more time.. You cannot possibly be right.. Every study comparing the health of the vaccinated vs. The unvaccinated shows the vaccinated are far sicker and this.. I submit..is the plan..the biggest threat to the medical mob is a healthy population. Keeping the population sick with a lifetime of newly created medical problems has made a lot of people very rich.. I am sick of watching people around me dead at 58.

          • Proven Truth

            What part of links do you not understand you tinfoil hat wearing idiot? Until you can give a source all your facts are considered bulshit.

          • David

            Links? Are you kidding.. How about hundreds of expert witnesses..literally dozens of books..how about thousands of angry parents burned by getting their children injected.. How about the fact America alone has refused to scale back our vaccination schedule in the face of the damage..you want me to out all the sources in front of you.? How are any scientific evidence that giving any child even one of these toxic injections is safe and effective.. In that case..there is no.evidence.. Show me a study that indicates getting a childhood injection offers protection 20 and 30 years later.. This is not conjecture..it is scientific fraud. What could be more evidence than the explosion of bad health in this nation blessed with uncommon wealth but burdened with intentional poisonings.
            But if you want only a few internet links..wow is that easy.. Maybe you might wish to look into the question before commenting.

          • Proven Truth

            And yet you refuse to site any source for your info. My entire family and everyone I know has been vaccinated and we are all healthy. Give me the name of one legitimate scientist or book if there are so many… Can’t can you because you know your argument is full of crap just like everyone else does.

          • David

            Good books really help because they contain so much in the way of referenced..studies.. Meta analysis and yes..good convincing argument.. Buy “vaccine epidemic”. By habakus and Holland.. Editors. An excellent summary of the topic that has now exploded on the scene.
            I really like Harris Coulter and his book..his chapter on asperger describes my son as if he has met him..
            There is zero chance I am wrong. First..because you appear asymptomatic does not mean you have not been harmed..rather..you are less sensitive to the effects and can carry it better than people like me and everyone around me. Everyone injected has been damaged. Period. You do not subject your self to real medical testing.. It did not kill you on injection..it did not cause a horrible side effect immediately.. It did not leave you with a permanent disability.. But this does happen and because this does happen by force of the government it raisesraises really important questions for the tens of thousands of people affected.
            From a cost benefit assessment.. This issue is clear…no benefit but extreme risk.. It is an outrage and this practice will be stopped by public protest and education..unvaccinated always means healthier.. I am a health advocate not an advocate to blithely accept whatever compound some ignoramus wants to shoot in my veins. I know these people first hand..they know nothing..

          • Proven Truth

            So everybody is fine but that doesn’t mean everybody is fine?

          • David

            Many are damaged horribly.. This is cost benefit.. The fact that some so far escape known damage because they have better starting natural immunity or better metabolic rates does not mean the program should stay as is…as my side wins the argument.. And we have already won..note the first thing will be the elimination of some of the vaccines.. Then we will have delay in administering.. Then screening to prevent damage.. Then the whole program will collapse.
            But this is common sense.. We build safety into public things to suit the vulnerable.. 65 mph for me is ridiculous given my skill and reflexes.. But other people are on the road.
            These compounds are too loaded with risk and without cause of potential benefit..

          • Proven Truth

            And again where are the cases? There are none because vaccines have hurt nobody since we moved to the modern injections instead of cutting you open and shoving a wad of infected material into the wound. Stop bullshiting.

          • David

            And what part of answer: “millions of people” can you not understand? **You are speaking to me on this blog– one of the parents of those millions of victims.** Surely, the decision to listen to the quacks and allow my son to be vaccinated was the very worst decision of my life. It cost my son a shot at a normal and fulfilled life, it cost me my marriage over the angst of dealing with a troubled child.

            BTW, second place here was my decision to listen to six doctors around me and take a chance with Clyndomycin (for no reason whatsoever)–one of the vrey worst antibiotics ever propagated–which nearly killed me, cost me over a million dollars in my business and over $80,000 of my own money to save myself from a medical mob which kills and wounds with impunity but has not a clue how to heal anything (unless you need a surgeon because you have been shot in a war or been in an auto accident or require some kind of medical emergency intervention.)

            But interviewing millions will be too taxing for you so how about just meeting personally some of the thousands who have had their child murdered on contact. Even for someone like you with such blind prejudice–after meeting and speaking with I would say perhaps no more than 10–you would quickly change your mind.

            Yes, my family has been rocked and shaken but we are alive. For those who trusted and paid the ultimate sacrifice–after meeting ten of them–I really dare you to tell them that their born perfect child murdered by the poisons is “BS”–or that they were a “tin foil hat.”

            By contrast, I have interview a doctor at the NIH and asked him to defend the indefensible. After being highly defensive initially–he quickly backed down and agreed that many vaccines have no good place any more but stopped short of agreeing they all need to go. Why would he not go all the way–because–even he is saying these things in confidence to me–the cognitive dissonance is simply unbearable. How do you agree that your life work is failure even if your life work IS a failure? So he ends up muttering and blurting around but could not say that any vaccine was actually good for people–could never say that vaccines “save lives.” This man makes a very fine salary developing vaccines. Do you know how much money he makes admitting the truth? He is unemployed like all the other great doctors and that is not the kind of sacrifice for the good of the people many people are willing to make.

            The goverment makes a fortune on this program. They admit there is “collateral damage.” But this crude cost benefit assessment applies to volunteers in times of war or military preparedness–not for the most innocent of life.

            In truth, only a small percentage of those killed on contact from vaccines are compensated. Nonetheless, it costs so many billions and the number is growing so high every year governments will lose all their treasure to pay off some of the victims of their barbarity. UK limits their payoffs to 100,000 BPS and is so tightly regulated only 1 in 5 deserving victims get compensation. Meet one such parent whose son was killed by a booster shot. It is one thing to suffer the loss of a child to a poisonous compound. Adding insult to injury is when the government that forced you to do it refuses you even the compensation because your child died too late to qualify based upon the way the law is written. Or the government arrests the father (against the testiomony of the mother! and common sense) for child abuse because they deny the vaccine killed the child. Meet another pair of parents whose son gave testimony that he suffers from incurable narcolepsy and cannot go to school or function normally. The court in England told them minimally brain damaged children do not qualify as victims.

            Some 150 killed by the evil HPV vaccine. Mostly all wonderful young women in fine health–dead on contact. Meet with just one of those victims, pal and try to come back to this board saying anying else than full agreement with me. But thousands disabled or wounded by this vaccine do not count as well??


          • Proven Truth

            The thousands of nonexistent victims you made up don’t count, yes. You fail to provide any form of evidence save a book written by two people promoting there agenda, your own collection of hearsay stories which you could have easily made up or found, and a link to a video on an outdated talking point that’s already been conclusively proven false.

            I have come to two possible outcomes through all this:
            1. Your an amazingly persistent troll.
            2. You actually believe yourself in which case you should see a psychologist because your suffering from either paranoia or a case of severe hypochondria.

          • David

            One more time–meet some victims. Death by poisoning is not a psychiatric condition. Wake up, pal. When I flood you with facts and scientific studies, I know you will not be moved. No matter what the source, you will find a way to spin it or refute it.

            What part of dead on contact do you fail to understand? What part of billions in compensation the government pays out do you fail to understand? A tiny fraction of victims get the payout. This is insanity.

            In the 1950’s and 1960’s–the dopey AMA actively promoted cigarette smoking as a great thing for health. Cigarette companies had real doctors quoting the medical mob of the time giving a thumbs up to smoking Camels and lucky Strikes.

            But finally, the force of evidence which was ALWAYS there and apparent stopped that insanity. And note, I know plenty of people first hand (like your family and the vaccines) who smoke every day and lived to their 90’s. Not one person ever has smoked a pack of cigarettes and died on contact.

            By contrast, millions of people–real people my friend (do you have an ounce of humanity in you or are you all about poison promotion?) either die on contact or get debilitating disease as a result of intentional poisoning. Cigarettes are somehow deemed a societal evil with only, by comparison, links to lung cancer and heart disease that took perhaps 30 years to convince these so called doctors it is not a good thing to put into one’s fragile biochemistry.

            It is apparent you have not studied this issue at all,, you know no science and yet you have the nerve to comment publicly. How do you stand the shame of this? One more time, meet only 10 victims and tell them they wear tin foiled hats and you will get beat over the head with the “proven truth.”

            I know there is bias and I know some are dense but this issue wins the prize. In only 10 years, America will be ashamed we have this history and it will take generations of good health and avoidance of poisons to get a healthy population again.

            Facts are persistent. Injury is persistent. In America–a small number of victims get to go to court and win millions in compensation on the condition they cannot discuss the case or they lose the money. You will not hear them on 60 minutes because they are prevented by law and by the condition of their settlement to not speak of their experience.

            Read a little–victims are everywhere. Protests are mounting. Zero chance we will lose. Poisoning people with the lame justification of preventing childhood diseases like polio, measles and chicken pox–all ailments cured before the advent of mass vaccinations–is called insanity. It is a hoax. It is poisoning without purpose. Why not a vaccine of the black death? But why not a vaccine to prevent autism, or Epstein-Barre or shingles or any problem associated with weakened immunity–is a joke since the vaccines cause these problems.

            But this is what this crowd does–they did it to me with the antibiotic which serves zero useful purpose–disables hundreds of thousands and kills several. This is a cold, greedy mob in a world in need of some common sense and basic humanity.

          • Proven Truth

            If they are every where provide a link. It will take five minutes if your correct. The burden of proof is on you because you are contradicting known fact. The same as Galileo, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, and Pasture. They all provided evidence including cited papers rather then just shouting that thing you believe in is true and saying it’s happened to tons of people like you. Anecdotal evidence such as ‘ it happened to a friend/family/acquaintance’ doesn’t mean shit in science, if it did magical crystal healing and death by poprocks and soda would be accepted facts.

          • Proven Truth

            The would you kindly send me a study on this that has been validated by actual scientists? With all the independent scientist out there plenty must exist.

          • David

            The traffic deaths are unavoidable and involve a process that goes beyond the speed limit.very rarely.. Someone dies from accidentally using a gun..society goes crazy doing what we can to limit these injuries.
            But we do nothing with the fat bigger killer and maimer…vaccine promoters.
            We pay billions to deliver the poisons and then billions more to compensate just a tiny percentage of those who are injured.

            None of this is necessary… Just go poison free and enjoy your life.

          • Proven Truth

            Once again you refuse to provide any concrete evidence for your point of view which leads me to the same conclusion that your full of it. The one book you named is propaganda produced by two people who know nothing about how vaccines work, one who runs an organization dedicated to letting people do anything they like and the other still thinks vaccines cause autism.

          • David

            This is so classic and shows why the poison pushers are in such trouble and will soon be completely out of business. Advocates for freedom of choice are seen, in the words of this young liberal called “proven truth” (some joke,, huh?) “letting people do whatever they want.” Of course we simply want to be able to be allowed to choose which vaccines, if any, we want to subject our children to–in the same manner we might demand the right to choose which food we put in our bodies or not or which doctor we choose to treat us, etc.

            The 1986 law that allowed drug companies complete and total immunity open the door for an explosion of vaccines so now the government mandates some 60 doses of 16 different vaccines and they keep coming no matter how many are killed or injured. So WHO?-my friend is allowed–to “do whatever they want.”??? The government can maim and murder with impunity and no one can sue. A few are allowed compensation in a crooked kangaroo court so the government does not go completely bankrupt and the rest of us and stuck with low immunity, autism, cancer and a long list of chronic illness.

            The objection to the people deciding what they want to ingest in their bodies–especially some of the most toxic substances known to mankind in the universe–is surely a baseline decision of the populace. With no need for these vaccines–none whatsoever–the populace yes indeed is absolutely entitled to decide if they want to put these compounds into the bodies of our infants. Simply because a small segment of the medical monopoly thinks poisons are great does not mean it is scientific of desirable or a good idea. No microbiologist would say yes to 60 doses of these things. This blog entry is a total lie and needs to be retracted and this young Boyce Rudow needs to pick up a book and study the question before penning such garbage. Brash and arrogant is not the same as being accurate.

            No controversy here–vaccines are unwanted and uncalled for and need to be turned down by every thinking parent in America.

          • Proven Truth

            Forgive me but honestly you don’t have a leg to stand on. Its established fact that vaccines prevent specific diseases and if you wish to challenge any established fact you need to bring proof. Claiming there are thousands of people maimed does not constitute proof all it shows is that you know how to yell scary things. What you need are photos, cited first hand acccounts, medical reports, or some form of impartial data. All you have is a clearly bias book, some scary but uncited claims, and behavior that posses a danger to the health of children.

          • David

            The arguments I have presented are overwhelming and correct. This claim that the victims are not really victims is not simple “insult to injury.” You are not simply a crude and arrogant fellow. Top deny injury on this scale is simply silly and dumbfounding. You know far more people than myself than have been injured and to repeat–my son’s injury is light compared to dead on contact. Dead on contact screams REMEDY. IN the world of leftist politics-29 people killed by a vaccinated your person propels the left to ban all guns in America.
            But hundreds and thousands of deaths and injuries propels the left to do–nothing. And to even deny that all these people are really dead.
            Why should someone claim that the 29 killed in that famous CT school were not really killed at all-after all–no one really knows any of them. Perhaps it was a plot to simply seize all guns in America and did not really happen??

            Of course not. I am merely trying to sympathize with your attitude here.

            Millions of injuries is a fact. As I explained, the same crowd that 50 years ago so no problem with the light sin of smoking–and now say it is evil-will soon see the problem of the great evil of vaccines. Why do they not see it now despite 30 years of solid and overwhelming evidence? Because they are blinded by the greed and the fact there is so much money in poisoning the population.

            One more time so you hear it–the greatest threat to the medical mob is a healthy population. Healthy people do not spend trillions on worthless poisons and that is a shock they do not wish to face. Further, the truth of systematic harm and the liability that presents on our politicians is frightening. They cannot stop because if they do they will be forced to admit their policy is the cause of the problems.

            This is why they are looking for an exit strategy since the cat is out of the bag, other industrailized nations are quickly scaling back from the poisons, the populace is revolting and they need a fig leaf asap. That will start with dropping the schedule way down–perhaps in half quickly as the NIH guy admitted to me. Then the people will really begin wholesale to question the whole program. Then with nothing at all to back it up–it will fall. Five years is the maximum the government can keep up the charade.

            I thank you in advance for seeing the light–and you WILL–and you heard it from me first.

          • Proven Truth

            I have read your argument and understand what you are saying but your are only making claims not providing evidence. Prior to this I heard nothing of any death by vaccine. The occasional brief illness but that a known side effect and was mentioned before injection. Honestly I would change my opinion if you could provide any evidence of these people you claim are dead from vaccines. So far however all you have done is make repeated claims of harm as though saying it over and over makes you right, it does not, when even ten death certificates and reports citing vaccine as the cause would do. You have provided none.

            In regards to your various references to “leftists” trying to confiscate the countries guns I find great fault with the example given no single liberal person or group has tried anything of the sort. The only thing they want is some background checks to make sure that buyers aren’t known criminals and some basic tests to insure that nobody with severe mental instability gets access to a deadly weapon. You talk as if the “leftists” are waging a war on the rest of the countries freedom.

          • David

            Let’s start with a fairly new vaccine–HPV called Guardisil. It is linked to 58 deaths in the US in just a short period time–over 150 worldwide.

            Here is one report about the HPV vaccine–brought up happily by Michelle Bachmann and it was quickly squashed even by the WSJ.

            Note the innocent tone of this short feature. Toyota faces product liability claims by the public. Vaccine makers suffer total immunity so they are allowed to kill and maim at will. This must end and it will end.

            Washington Examiner opinion editor Barbara Hollingsworth raises an interesting question about Merck’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil: If 52 deaths linked to sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota
            vehicles prompted massive, multi-billion-dollar recalls, then why is
            Gardasil still administered to thousands of school-age girls when it has
            been linked to 49 deaths in a briefer time span?

            It’s a rhetorical question, but it makes you wonder if it’s somehow more permissible to be killed or injured by a drug than it is by a defective automobile.

            Merck has lobbied federal regulators hard to make
            Gardasil mandatory for all American schoolgirls. Fortunately, the drug
            giant’s vision of requiring every girl in the nation to receive its
            three-tiered shot fell short of becoming law. Although many states
            require sixth-grade girls to receive the shot, parents have the legal
            right to refuse it. But very few of them know about the drug’s risks and
            how it has harmed and occasionally killed perfectly healthy girls.

            According to the Washington Examiner, 20-year-old Mary Katherine Davison of Frederick, Maryland, became dizzy and nauseated after receiving her second Gardasil shot in January 2008. Although her two younger sisters had no reactions, Mary Katherine suffered a massive stroke
            and spent 2 months in rehab re-learning how to walk. Her mother, Mary
            Davison, said that she made no connection between her daughter’s stroke
            and Gardasil until Mary Katherine’s doctor refused to schedule her for
            the final Gardasil shot.

            Days later, 17-year-old Jessica Ericzon of Alexandria Bay, New York, collapsed and died on the bathroom floor just 40 hours after receiving her third Gardasil shot. Jessica had complained of pain and dizziness after her second shot, but sadly nobody connected her symptoms to Garsdasil.

            21-year-old Christina Tarsell of Sparks, Maryland, received her third
            Gardasil shot and spent more then 2 weeks feeling dizzy, nauseated and
            fatigued before she died.

            “We had no clue that these were all symptoms of something,” her mother told the Washington Examiner. In all these cases, autopsies and toxicology screenings failed to determine the cause of death.

            Naturally, Merck defends its Gardasil vaccine. The pharmaceutical giant also has a powerful ally in the CDC, which officially reported in 2008 that Gardasil recipients didn’t experience negative reactions any more than non-recipients.

            That claim, however, was countered by the National Vaccine Information Center, which used the same CDC data to show that Gardasil was linked to “at least four times as many death and cardiac arrest reports” as Cervarix and “seemed to be associated with an unusually high number of reports of atypical collapse.”

            “CDC is still saying this is a safe vaccine. With Pap smears, there
            was no medical reason for fast-tracking FDA approval. They made it
            (cervical cancer) sound like it was some kind of pandemic,” Christina
            Tarsell’s mother, Emily, told the Washington Examiner, adding that nobody from the CDC will respond to her calls.

            Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Time-for-the-truth-about-Gardasil-89466882.html

            Related posts:

            January is cervical cancer awareness month

            Despite risks and expense, FDA approves Gardasil for boys

            HPV authority says pap tests make Gardasil vaccine unnecessary

            CDC drops Gardasil from list of must-have vaccines for immigants

          • Proven Truth

            You do realize that the time frame discussed here for death to vaccine injection is absurdly skewed? A few hours to a few hundred is wide enough to suggest an underlying condition secondary to the vaccine that would cause such a reaction. I am not going to deny that the HPV vaccine does look suspect but these symptoms are not anything which could be caused by the vaccine or any of its components.

            What this appears to be is an issue with the providing clinic such as a doctor who failed to properly sterilize equipment or a localized infection that most people recovered from if they are from the same area. Dizziness, nausea, and fatigue all point to kidney failure.

          • Proven Truth

            Fair enough, then don’t get vaccinated and die a horrible needless death from polio, smallpox, the black death, or any of the other most horrible diseases in human history. Can I ask why you think most people today have never had these?

            It’s not like the black death just disappeared.

          • Proven Truth

            Fine, you first. Don’t get vaccinated or vaccinate your kids and let yourself suffer from all the worst diseases in human history like polio, bubonic plague, or small pox. The fact that people die because of there own irresponsibility or that of others prompts us to make laws, such as speed limits and drunk driving, but it also drives us to make sure they don’t stupidly kill themselves.

          • David

            In 1950, before vaccines exploded, the USA was #3 in the world in best infant mortality rates. Now we are of course last among the 16 industrialized nations–in every health measurement the USA is last. But last place despite spending far more money than any other nation is just the tip of the scandal. 2005 we are #49 in the world in infant mortality–beating only Poland among nations with any kind of development while ranking far *below* many undeveloped nations. Insisting that the state poison our babies surely kills a lot of them but this is also only a tip of the iceberg as if the pile of dead babies is not evidence.

            We are #1 in cancer rates, #1 in autism, #1 in autoimmune disease and the list goes on and on. Blind trust for the crowd that has crushed the nation’s health is simply not rational. Duh smart parents want no part of the poisons. We have been warned and warned and warned. Thankfully, some are listening. But not this Bryce Rudow child. He wants to attack **US** as if the victims are the problem. Excuse me–we have not made one child autistic or given one person cancer. This is not blaming the victims–it is viciously attacking the victims. We cannot die in peace, we cannot fall for cancer one after another in peace. We must be told to do it and shut up about it. I cannot use the foul language of those on this blog–but this is precisely what is being said. Just shut up and die like all the other dead people. Some of us are not ready to die so fast. Some of us want a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            Saying yes to the poisons is only one option. Some of us can say no.

            Poisons kill. Facts are stubborn things. Wake up.

          • Proven Truth

            This may have something to do with the fact that the rest of the world has socialized healthcare that doesn’t turn away the poor to starve or die of illness, doesn’t scalp mothers for money after hospital visits leading to cutting corners on food, and the fact that America has much looser regulations on food and drugs then other industrialized nations which contributes to infant deaths.

            Blaming vaccines, which the #1-#37 nations on infant mortality use to prevent them from succumbing to early life diseases and immune conditions, is completely misguided. Your not looking for the actual cause of the issue your just looking for a platform to push an anti-science, anti-government, or anti-vague authority figure platform that you subscribe to.

            Incidentally I would point out that among developed nations America has one of the most backward prison, medical, and drug reaction systems in the world. What do we do with drug addicts who may turn to prostitution and spread disease or have kids they can’t take care of? Well we throw them in jail of course where they don’t get help, don’t recover, and go right back to doing what they were doing when we let them out.

          • Gama Xul

            Some people just don’t have common sense, and rely on an “authority” to tell them like it is.

            Obviously the best thing for your bodily auto-immune function is proper nutrition. Of which, can differ from person to person. So if you don’t know how to eat properly yet, I feel sorry for you.

          • Proven Truth

            Ok then, so you honestly believe good vibes will prevent polio, small pox, or bubonic plague, Fine. Great thing about america is if you want to kill yourself by doing something common sense, science, and even the freaking papacy of all things all agree you shouldn’t do then that’s your right.

          • Gama Xul

            The vaccinations of yesteryear are far different than the garbage they’re pushing today. People don’t need to get flu vaccines and booster shots if they’re healthy. And I wouldn’t recommend them for sick people either because of the traumatic effect it can have on an already weakened immune system.

        • Emjay

          I was born in a country where Measles, Polio, Diphtheria, Malaria, and a whole host of other diseases are still rampant. I guarantee you they’re more concerned about the real threat of dying than any disability you can name.

          My cousin is mentally disabled from birth, but my aunt was more thankful he was alive.

          If you want to play Russian roulette with your anti-vaccinating- fine, but make it public so we can make sure you’re quarantined.

          • David

            Russian roulette is precisely what we are playing with vaccines. Often, these disease come directly with the introduction of the vaccines. Please indicate which country you are referring. Outbreaks have historically coincided with the introduction of the vaccines. Further, all these diseases have been tamed with sanitation and better living conditions it is therefore an empty and false choice to say take the poison or die of polio. This is scaremongering and almost all outbreaks have occured in situations among the fully vaccinated when the populace has been universally vaccinated against the disease.

            So tell me your country and I will research whether or it it is reasonable to conclude the vaccines caused the problem and as to your cousin born mentally disabled–this can be from a variety of issues, also possibly toxicity from the mother but to blame non vaccination is bizarre.

            Among the healthy in the US, getting vaccinated for the non-existent threat of Hep B, HPV, the flu, polio, etc is a SURE example of no gain for real pain and will soon be vanquished public policy.

          • Emjay

            Research away. I was born in the Philippines. My Grandmother suffered due to Polio; she can’t walk without pain. It’s not an experience she wants anyone to have to go through.

            Bringing up my cousin’s disability was off-topic when it comes to vaccinating, bu t I was attempting to try and open your mind to other people’s views.

            The miniscule chance of a mental disability versus a rise in diseases mostly found in countries like mine.

            Again, if you choose not to vaccinate, that’s your business but keep your children at home.

      • Gama Xul

        To say that diseases are coming back because people are not getting vaccinated is an assertion. It’s a form of propaganda. Who is your authoritative source for that argument? I could equally assert that the CDC has a stockpile of thought to be extinct strains and have been releasing them on the public. I could say that the GMO food industry is engineering the food to make weaker people sick. I could make a lot of assertive arguments, but that doesn’t make them true.

        We must each do our own thing for our health. My own thing is eating balanced and staying clear of compound cocktails I believe to be harmful.

        So if you want to blame me for the plague, that’s your own little illusionary world, and I want no part of your nonsense. Personally, I don’t think I’m that pivotal in the survival of our species. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

    • bahp

      The beauty of the internet is anyone can claim to be anything and use that to bolster whatever ridiculous point they’re trying to make. Whatever you say, Dr. Catfish. And no one says colored anymore, by the way. Your ignorance is showing. Too bad there isn’t a vaccine for that.

  • Rita D. Lipshutz

    you should see some of the anti-science idiocy this post brought out on Proud to Be Liberal Scum. i am as left as they come but i am also an infectious disease nurse and i am mortified at how clearly scientific illiteracy has overtaken huge portions of “our side” as well as theirs. as i said there, you don’t get to laugh at the righties for not believing in science re climate change and evolution and then act just as ignorant and conspiracy theory driven over other topics, especially when the results are just as deadly. or i guess you do but then the scientifically literate among us get to call you ignorant and hypocritical and an embarrassment to the left.

    • Lady Willpower

      Hear, hear.

      • Rita D. Lipshutz

        thanx LW, i fight this battle every day and if anyone had ever told me when i was a new nurse that it would BE a battle i wouldn’t have believed it. back then (40 years or so ago) they actually believed and taught in my nursing school that “the age of infectious disease was over.” little did they know that people like jenny mccarthy would bring it back by giving out bad ‘medical advice’ with impunity and masses of people would be listen to her and her ilk. it feels very uphill some days so i really appreciate your support.

  • j hentai

    well said!


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