For Shame: Matt Lauer’s Interview of Dottie Sandusky

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by Patrick Perion

Patrick Perion is a child abuse investigator in Illinois who wrote a great piece for us about the Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow case.

In what can only be described as the worst kind of sensationalism, NBC’s Today Show host, Matt Lauer conducted an interview of Dottie Sandusky, the wife of convicted child rapist, Jerry Sandusky. As most people with a brain would surmise, Mrs. Sandusky thinks her husband is innocent despite being found guilty of 47 counts of child sexual abuse.

The interview was conducted at the Sandusky home. Sitting next to to a forlorn and tearful Sandusky was John Ziegler, noted grifter, scam artist and Joe Paterno apologist. While the interview as ostensibly about Sandusky, Ziegler was able to work in ” the unjust firing of Joe Paterno” about halfway through.

The entire thing was distasteful for many reasons.

Dottie Sandusky said her husband is innocent of the chargers against him. They’re not charges, he was convicted. Ziegler said he’s met with Sandusky and now believes he’s innocent. Even Matt Lauer got in on the fun, at one point outside the basement bedroom in which at least one boy was raped, Lauer said that “this is the bedroom in which some of the accusers say the abuse happened”. Sorry Matt, they’re not accusers, they’re victims and they don’t say things happened. They happened. Sandusky was convicted.

I have known many Dottie Sanduskys in 20 years of child abuse investigation. It may sound incredible to the average person, but there are spouses every day who don’t believe their spouse sexually abused a child. The number of spouses/paramours who believe the adult over the child would truly shock most of you. I don’t know if Dottie is naive, mentally ill, in denial or all of the above. What I do know is that her response wasn’t a surprise to me.

What was a surprise was NBC’s decision to green light the story. They gave a fringe element of truly horrible people led by the Snidely Whiplash of Paterno apologists, John Ziegler, a national platform. The entire interview ran for 51 minutes. 51 minutes of calling the victims liars, Dottie: “I didn’t say they lied, I said I don’t believe their story”. 51 minutes of calling the victims grifters, again Dottie: “I think they were manipulated by the lawyers for money”. 51 minutes of Ziegler saying things like “Its not PC to call a victim a liar”.

My question for all involved is simple. Do you have any idea how hard it is for victims, especially male victims to disclose sexual abuse? I do. Hundreds of children have told me about their sexual abuse. Without exaggeration, boys who were abused as adolescents are almost impossible to get to disclose.

Current statistics indicate that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been or are being sexually abused. The numbers are skewed because of the lack of disclosure by boys. Boys often don’t tell because the stigma that can be attached to their abuse. Unfortunately society teaches boys to be tough and being violated is the antithesis of being tough in their minds. Getting them to tell what happened takes patience and skill.

Now imagine that you’ve disclosed a horrible thing. You’ve survived a long and contentious trial. Your abuser was found guilty, and a major network calls into question your honesty, your motivation, and allows two people to continue peddling a narrative that is completely false. Imagine how you’d feel when Dottie Sandusky hinted at “evidence that can’t be revealed yet”.

Victims already feel shame because they were abused. Victims blame themselves without any help from the media. If you were a victim and hadn’t disclosed, would the treatment of the Sandusky victims by Lauer and NBC make you more or less likely to tell?

What Lauer and NBC fail to realize, or maybe they realize it and don’t care, child sexual abuse cases are almost always about child disclosure vs. perpetrator denial. There is seldom physical evidence or confessions. In the Sandusky case, a jury heard the testimony of the victims and found Sandusky guilty. This is not a case in which “both sides” are valid.

Jerry Sandusky is an evil man, his wife is either a naif, a patsy or a co-conspirator. John Ziegler is the lowest form of human sleeze, one step removed from the pedophile he supports. They don’t get to argue their ‘side’ of the story because their side is a lie.

Unfortunately, for the victims of Sandusky and victims everywhere, NBC, The Today Show and Matt Lauer decided that lie needed 51 minutes.


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  • Igor Namus

    This site refused to post the following the first time around. What’s wrong guys? Does it make you look like bandwagon-riding zombies, too lazy to even stumble around in search of your victims? Perhaps that’s because you don’t have a leg fit to stand upon.


    The writer of this article is a fool. Louis Freeh, the worst person to have ever helmed the FBI (Can you say, “Thank you for your vigilance in the lead-up to 911 and for your diligence in bringing to justice those who bought massive put options on airline stocks in order to profit from the event, etc., etc.?) decided that it, “was reasonable to conclude,” that Paterno knew of a coverup based upon three emails, none of which was ever sent by Paterno, sent to Paterno, or received by Paterno, and none of which contains any details that can be tied to the issue at hand.

    Anyone here with any interest in seeing how the ignorant shape the news should check out the substance of those three emails, because it takes a loopy leap of an illogical brain to conclude that the ambiguous emails written by PSU’s Athletic Director and sent to its VP and President are conclusive of anything.

    To those who are a little slow on the uptake, it would be like concluding that Paterno knew about the molestations that took place at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, CA because:

    1. Freeh found a letter from PSU’s Athletic director, written to PSU’s President and VP back in early 1979, a little over three years before the McMartin molestation allegations surfaced that stating that he and Paterno had had a conversation about the, “danger of a potential meltdown and whether it could be cleaned up properly”;

    2. Freeh found a second letter from PSU’s Athletic director to its President that was written in late 1981, and which stated that in late 1981 he’d, “spoken to Joe about Southern California…”;

    3. Freeh found a third letter from that same Athletic director that was written a week later to PSU’s VP which stated that, “coach was concerned about the outcome…”;

    Nah… Forget about the fact that:

    1. The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant disaster occurred on March 28, 1979

    2. Penn State met up with and routed the University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (USC) 26-10 on January 1st 1982; and

    3. PSU’s Athletic Director oversees all of PSU’s coaches, and that nobody ever called Paterno, “coach,” as it was well known that he hated the moniker, and instructed all of his players upon arrival that his name was, “Joe,” and that he was to be referred to as such.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

    You can also forget about the fact that the McMartin Trial wound up exonerating the very people who every major news organization in the country had happily demonized in the name of garnering ratings for ratings sake, and that every, “expert,” on the subject of child molestation also supported the initial findings for long enough to destroy the McMartin Family’s reputation and business, despite the fact that any journalist and/or sociologist and/or psychologist who actually knew how to conduct himself would have seen right through the McMartin nonsense had he done his job instead of simply parroting back the shoddy work of others.

  • Midge

    It was not a fair trial. What I don’t get is how everyone has amnesia about the preschool sex abuse cases from the 80’s and 90’s that now look so bad. Those were out of control prosecutions based on accusations with no physical evidence and outrageous charges. Is this not an outrageous charge that Sandusky was anally raping children in showers and his own basement with his wife in the kitchen? One of the witnesses against Sandusky claimed that a janitor told him he (the janitor) saw something but the janitor could not testify because the janitor has dementia so the judge let this other guy testify for the janitor. ???? What happened to the Sixth Amendment right to confront your accuser? It goes out the window when someone is accused of a horrible crime and everyone goes along with it.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Actually, some psychiatrists are bringing this up now and have been working to get a professional conversation going. The Satanic Ritual Abuse witch hunt was extreme and should be revisited, but that doesn’t mean that most sexual abuses cases are being handled like that moral panic was.

      It’s not unusual for girls to be sexually abused down the hall from a mother in denial and Sandusky saw plenty of his accusers at the trial. To treat every case of sexual abuse and rape as if it were normal for victims to lie, is far from being objective. During the Satanic panic it took a lot of coaxing, leading, and mind fucking by professionals to get those children to say that they had been abused; and they also said a lot of things like “she turned me into a mouse and took me up in an airplane”.

  • cricket

    Ah Patrick we meet again! Enjoyed our discussions re the Farrow/Allen case.
    Now to the point in this one…I live here in PA., it is a disgusting situation where a college has such control over the mind of a state. How can people, worse, how can any human put the $$ of their college football team over the abuse that was committed here? Read the Harrisburg Patriot News. It’s a real eye-opener, and not in a good way!

  • Roxine

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my grandfather, I
    was appalled at the callous nature in which NBC viciously attacked the
    brave young men who testified at the Jerry Sandusky trial. These men
    faced their abuser and told their truth. I witnessed every single day
    of their testimony the results of which resulted in Jerry Sandusky being
    found guilty on 45 of 48 counts by a jury of his peers.

    It was
    salacious, opportunistic journalism and potentially dangerous to the
    survivors. Often victims suffer from PTSD – (Dr. Judith Herman
    discusses PTSD-Complex (C) as it relates to long term childhood sexual
    abuse) and can be triggered by certain events. NBC choosing to show the
    basement where young men were raped is one such trigger that could
    affect many of these survivors. Additionally, Matt Lauer basically
    called Victim 9 a liar by insinuating that anything that occurred in
    that basement would have been heard in such a small house “we’re only 12
    feet from the stairwell”…

    So what NBC and Matt Lauer are
    saying to victims/survivors everywhere is it doesn’t matter if you
    tell. It doesn’t matter if you tell under oath and your abuser is found
    guilty of abusing you – we STILL don’t believe you – so why bother?

    NBC promotes the culture of silence.

    Oh, and why did they do it? Check out his booking producer’s twitter feed Katie Distler – it
    was all about getting their #orangeroom and #DottieSandusky to “trend” –
    so what if victims/survivors died a little bit more inside – look at
    the ratings…

    • QuadCityPat

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for your comments. Even though I deal with victims and survivors daily, I’m floored by your strength.

  • Roxine

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my grandfather, I was appalled at the callous nature in which NBC viciously attacked the brave young men who testified at the Jerry Sandusky trial. These men faced their abuser and told their truth. I witnessed every single day of their testimony the results of which resulted in Jerry Sandusky being found guilty on 45 of 48 counts by a jury of his peers.

    It was salacious, opportunistic journalism and potentially dangerous to the survivors. Often victims suffer from PTSD – (Dr. Judith Herman discusses PTSD-Complex (C) as it relates to long term childhood sexual abuse) and can be triggered by certain events. NBC choosing to show the basement where young men were raped is one such trigger that could affect many of these survivors. Additionally, Matt Lauer basically called Victim 9 a liar by insinuating that anything that occurred in that basement would have been heard in such a small house “we’re only 12 feet from the stairwell”…

    So what NBC and Matt Lauer are saying to victims/survivors everywhere is it doesn’t matter if you tell. It doesn’t matter if you tell under oath and your abuser is found guilty of abusing you – we STILL don’t believe you – so why bother?

    NBC promotes the culture of silence.

    Oh, and why did they do it? Check out his booking producer’s twitter feed Katie Distler
    @KatieDistler – it was all about getting their #orangeroom and #DottieSandusky to “trend” – so what if victims/survivors died a little bit more inside – look at the ratings…

  • JozefAL

    “Dottie Sandusky said her husband is innocent of the chargers against him. They’re not charges, he was convicted. ”

    Sorry, Mr Perion, but conviction status does NOT matter. How many INNOCENT men and women have been “convicted” of crimes they did NOT commit? Do those “convictions” make any difference in their fighting the original “charges” that landed them in prison?

    I have no argument about Sandusky’s conviction or any of the rest of the article but “charges” and “convicted” are NOT connected. Mrs Sandusky believes the charges against her husband are false. That’s her right. He was convicted. That’s what the court determined. It doesn’t change Mrs Sandusky’s opinion on the matter and YOU don’t have the right to “correct” her.

    I can believe–with all my heart and soul–that OJ Simpson killed Nicole and Ron but that doesn’t change the fact he wasn’t convicted of the crime. His not being convicted also doesn’t change the fact that he was charged with the crime.

    • QuadCityPat

      A valid point, when I wrote the charges/convicted line I was speaking in a strictly legal sense. Here at least, charges denote before the trial/conviction. After the person is convicted, we don’t refer to them as charges.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Have a pleasant evening.

  • Christopher Foxx

    What Lauer and NBC fail to realize, or maybe they realize it and don’t care,

    I believe the don’t realize and don’t care.

    They just want to get the ratings.

  • rmb297

    As someone who has spent 22 months investigating this case, I have no doubts that Jerry Sandusky is guilty and Dottie Sandusky is in denial. However, those of you who are not familiar with the case do not understand that the root cause of failures was not at Penn State. That would be impossible, given that Sandusky was a pedophile long before crimes were revealed to have occurred on the campus.
    If you know the facts of this, you’ll find that Sandusky was approved to adopt six children, foster over 20 children, and start a charity that catered to at risk youths — a charity that became a victim factory. The professionals in Pennsylvania’s Child Protection System failed to identify this predator for DECADES. When they had an opportunity to take him off the streets in 1998, they determined he was not abusing children, despite an investigation that uncovered a DOZEN signs of possible sexual abuse in a case where he was found to be showering with a 10 year old by and an 11.5 year old boy. He was interviewed by an investigator from the PA Dept of Public Welfare, and told the investigator he had showered with OTHER BOYS. During that investigation, it was found that he was STALKING the 11.5 year old after he was told to stay away.
    Sandusky is in jail. Penn State has been sanctioned by the NCAA. And PA’s kids are not the least bit safer today than they were during the DECADES that Sandusky was on the streets.

    • Aaron Litz

      Pennsylvania Child Protective Services and related institutions are a dark hole of graft and corruption. Child Support is regularly skimmed and the money never gets to the mothers, with the fathers taking the blame for not having paid it, despite it being taken directly from their paychecks. I have seen this numerous times with numerous people (not myself, I do not have children, but it happened with my father and several friends.)

      Pennsylvania is just a shithole in general. I live 45 minutes away from State College, and it is one of the few places I can go to and feel actually human, go to a bookstore, a decent library, a comic book store, and halfway decent social scene.

      EXCEPT when it is college football season. Then everything not related to football is shut down, and the entire place turns into a zoo. I once rode to down with my friend, a Penn State student, to go to Pattee on a Saturday to get some books he needed for a paper that was due on Monday. There was no parking available at the library, it was all reserved for the football goers. There was no parking available in town, as it was all taken by football fans. The entire academic apparatus of the university was shut down to cater to the football game. It was disgusting.

      I told my mother about it and how disgusted it made me, but she just tried to excuse it with the gloss “it makes so much money for the school and goes toward the academic programs!” Bullshit. It all gets funneled back into the football program, and into administrators pockets.

      Now, I have no illusions that this is any different from any other college town when the home team is playing a big game, and I am not trying to single out Penn State as being especially egregious about it, but I was shocked and disgusted. I had grown up learning to have reverence for the academic quality of Penn State, my mother and stepfather being alumni (and I should have been as well, except for a stupid decision to go to another college because I had friends attending… worst mistake in my LIFE.) But to discover that it all just flittered away when it came time for “the big game” no better than in a small town with pathetic high school football fanaticism, really hit me. The attitude and mentality of everyone I saw was akin to tribes going to war, all over a stupid, mindless game.

      My friend was never able to get the books he needed to write that paper; the Pattee parking lot (not to mention the rest of the town) was full all day, after the game it was for drunken celebrations as if a war had just been won… all over a stupid game.

      I am NOT a fan of football… or most sports in general, really. And the way college sports so often overshadow the academics… it just really fucking disgusts me.

      • rmb297

        I am interested in the first thing you said about graft and corruption. Care to expand?

        • Jim Singer

          rmb297, Please note my comment on Aaron’s post. Thank you

          • Aaron Litz

            Yup, that about covers it, Mr. Singer. Thank you. Clearfield is a little cesspool of illiteracy in the larger redneck septic tank of Central PA. I love everything about this place, except for all the people. I have to take a 45 minute drive just to get to a bookstore.

            I don’t have documents or hard facts about all the BS that goes down around here, but it’s pretty much an open secret that a lot of things are shady. I wouldn’t imagine most is any different than any other small-town garbage; a few wealthier families (most of them now all old people) control all the town economic and educational boards, and keep out any new businesses or ideas that try to come in that might shake up the status quo and leave those families not the top dogs anymore. Simultaneously keeping the economy stagnant and the younger people here largely hopeless and desperate. Drinking and drugs are the primary outlet for these young people, and I was actually shocked when I eventually learned the extent of the drug use here (I’ve been a sheltered nerd most of my life and didn’t realize how things worked around here until I got much older.)

            There’s nothing for anyone under 60 to do, and everyone is left feeling helpless, hopeless, and desperate. The few times businesses and/or events that interest younger people have come here, they have been quickly shut down by the geriatric families that run things (we had a great music club open in an old prison, they called it The Rock, and we got some GREAT punk bands in. It was closed done on some trumped-up BS or other and turned into some kind of “lodge” or another, just one more geriatric mortuary.)

            And then Wal-Mart came, and destroyed every other store in the vicinity.

            It’s largely the same crap that goes on in every other small town across the country.

            As far as the corruption goes, I only know the whispers I’ve heard for years, enough of it confirmed by people close to me who have to work in those businesses that I absolutely believe the rest.

      • Jim Singer

        Aaron Litz’s profile states he is from Clearfield, PA

        Penn State & Sandusky may be the tip of the iceberg. State Police Lt.
        Hoover (now retired) confirmed that “. . . . violations of the . . . . Crimes Code (by government) . . . . exist” [to cover up the child abuse that I reported], confirmed by the State Police summary.

        3-7-14. Man faces 2,400 charges Suspect accused of raping 3 relatives hundreds of times[i]

        The child abuse that I reported is still being covered up by the same government, who is prosecuting those involved in the Penn State child abuse case in spite of recent scandals! Many are outraged at the Penn State scandal, and assume, if they reported abuse to Child
        Protection Services (CPS), children would have been protected. But the same law enforcement, which prosecuted those in the Penn State, scandal never, opened a case to investigate crimes and/or wrote letters contrary to the State’s evidence.

        Staff for Congressional leadership and Congressional Committees contacted me about these issues. Staff from a Legislative Committee confirmed that I was specifically maliciously targeted, as a result of my mandated report of suspected child abuse. Furthermore, Legislative Committee staff noted that government is putting more people in
        that position (to be targeted, as a result of the Penn State scandal) (Congress HR 5884 and S.1877).[I] [ii]

        Serious issues are related to a pattern of misusing government funds (by government) in Singer’s specific case (I’m informed), to undermine child protection and torturing the law, to cripple mandated reporters (confirmed in writing).

        State Police Lt. Hoover indicated, What they did to (Singer) was “killing” (policeman Hoover) . . . “Why didn’t somebody stop this?” I ask you the same question.

        These crimes by government include both state and federal
        violations. State Violations confirmed by Police summary

        i. Perjury
        ii. Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence
        iii. Obstructing Administration of Law or other Governmental Functions
        iv. Official Oppression

        v. Unsworn Falsification to Authorities

        2. Federal Civil rights violations (18 USC 1983) included in
        Police summary

        3. Federal violations confirmed by attorney

        i. Fraudulent concealment of criminal violations (18 U.S.C.A 152)

        ii. Federal Racketeering statutes (18 U.S.C.A. 1961 et seq.)

        iii. Conspiracy (18 USC 1962) Civil rights violations (18 USC 1983)

        v. Due Process Substantive and Procedural violations

        vi. Mail Fraud (18 U.S.C.A. 63).

        The statute of limitations is currently open,
        based on fraudulent concealment by government
        and new continuing violations.

        How many children have to be abused by Sandusky , Edmonson[iv], Father Stephen Baker[v], Bradleyi ii, Kevin Ricks[vi], Clergy); murdered (T. Miscavish by police,[vii] B J Matthews[viii], N Wise, Brandi
        Cleeves, Vincent Santucci and Rosemary Holma Threats were ignored, then 3murdered on 7-27-12vi murder
        others (M Spotz vii, Kevin Cleevesviii ix, or commit suicide (N Grieco,x Sean Patrick McIlmail,xi A Swartz,xii C
        Mackney[ix], T Kraus[x]) before you, and all branches of government, meet their obligation, to protect children, and prevent
        another tragedy?
        Was it corruption, incompetence, or
        both that ruined this man’s life?

        Same agencies involved in Sandusky abuse cases stripped doctor of license for reporting abuse

        PA psychologist says he reported child molestation, lost license
        26-year-old case still awaits answers as Penn State scandal rocks state article by Mike Volpe 7-30-13

        Please search for Jim Singer from
        1986 in this link ( 07/30/former-pennsylvania- psychologist-says-he-reported-child-molestation-lost- license/

        How will you prevent another tragedy?










    • Gunnut2600

      It is a well know fact among the various police agencies around Happy Valley that if an investigation REMOTELY involves the Penn State Football Program that one has a small time frame to investigate. The moment that the school finds out, and it doesn’t matter if it involves theft, DUI, rape, ANYTHING, that the investigation will end as soon as the school gets involved.

      This is NOT unique to Penn State. This is a culture somewhat unique in America where we attach athletics to sports for some insane reason, allowing institutions to have completely different objectives concurrently. Its practically bipolar.

      • Ray Blehar

        Care to explain the 61 arrests of FOOTBALL PLAYERS between 2002 and 2008? Obviously, you are wrong.

        BTW, the 1998 incident involving Sandusky was investigated by the University Park police and they were the ONLY people to actually look into Sandusky’s behavior. Detective Schreffler stated that he thought Sandusky should have been charged, but was OVERRULED by child protective services, who said the abuse allegation was unfounded.

        Also, here is an op-ed by the local magistrate in State College, who disagrees with you.,988524/

        • Gunnut2600

          “Hey asshole…Our players get arrested ALL THE TIME!!!”

          I apologize. I was wrong. Its more important that young, unpaid, and barely compensated young men brutally destroy their bodies for our entertainment. Whether or not crimes are committed off the field involving players, coaches, backers, or administrators is pointless and serves no real purpose.


    • HV123

      I’ve spent 22 months investigating the case, and I have no doubts that Sandusky is innocent. Unlike you, I don’t care if PSU, Joe Pa, the other three, or Sandusky look good or bad in the end. I came to my conclusion as a definite outsider, nothing to lose, nothing to gain.

      Here’s a few things in response:
      1.The only adopted child that turned against Sandusky is the one that was adopted after he turned 18, and he turned after he knew the ship was sinking and that he could get rich quick. Not one local was surprised when he did this.

      You claim to seek the truth, yet, you base so many of your claims on someone who has so much to gain from this case. If you’re going to bring up #6, let everyone know the entire story. There was no “black out” in 1998. He remembered everything and said he knew his mother would make a big deal out of the shower. Here’s what #6 said happened in 1998 – Sandusky ASKED him if he wanted to take a shower and he said yes because he WAS sweaty. Sandusky went to a SEPARATE area to undress and went in the shower, the boy undressed and went in the shower. Bearhug, lift to rinse hair, done with shower. Sandusky goes back to his SEPARATE area – out of sight – dresses, while the boy dresses in his area. Then they leave.

      The mother called Sandusky 2 times, pretending that he was picking her son up for an outing. The intention was to get him to say something incriminating while the police were hiding. We know that didn’t happen the first time because part of the report was “leaked”. The second time is questionable because we are told he said something that could be incriminating, but ironically, those pages of the report weren’t “leaked” – we are supposed to take them on their word.

      Stalking? Come on, Ray. The mother allowed her 11.5 year old child to continue a relationship with Sandusky at that time, and it lasted up until charges were filed against Sandusky. She delivered him on a silver platter! If there was any suspicion in her mind, she wouldn’t have allowed her child to return to the very man she thought was sexually inappropriate with her 11 year old. She said in one of Ganim’s reports “Sandusky admitted that he lathered my son up..” Really? And where was that? And, if that was the case, she was still okay sending her child off with this man at the age of 11.5? Logic. Use logic.

      He sent Fathers’ Day texts to Sandusky! Things “changed” when his mother was contacted by Sara Ganim and told to contact a certain investigator. An attorney was hired, and now we have “black” moments and a different perspective of the event. Because – surprise, surprise – how many of Shubin’s clients ALL had the same excuses??

      It really is too easy and it’s almost funny that many local people KNOW. Mom 1 posted about Dottie’s interview.. 1 like… 0 comments. What is wrong with those people from Central Mountain!? Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Yes. Yes, they do.

      The problem with you and Ziegler is you are both too smart for your own good. You both went into this looking for the biggest conspiracy against Joe Paterno. You were so busy looking for the conspiracy, you didn’t take the time to look at for what it was. To look at transcripts and timelines and see that it is IMPOSSIBLE for many of these things to happen when they claimed they happened. I’ve said it before – the truth isn’t hard to re – member.

      I hear Ziegler sees it differently now. Sheesh. Took him long enough! He must have read the transcripts and did the basic math. My benefit over both of you is that I know these type of people. I was raised in a community full of these types of people, I’d say I’m from a better class of losers maybe.

      As far the second shower, I’m going to guess that mom agreed with you when you told her. I’m going to call BS and say it never happened. There was a shower the next day – it was in the reports. The fact the Schultz scribbled it on the pad tells me that somewhere between mom, Chambers, Shreffler, Harmon, and Shultz, the 2nd shower got jotted down. Mom said about putting him to bed (to Chambers) – she certainly would have told Chambers about the 2nd shower that night. You really shouldn’t believe everything someone tells you – especially if you have no inexperience with opportunists or this class of people. I’ll bet YOU were the person who told her about the 2nd shower that night and she confirmed. You bought it – hook, line, and sinker.

      You want this to be a big conspiracy among DPW, CYS, the governor, etc. It’s not there. It’s so much simpler. Look down this avenue – the investigator that got the ball rolling in early 2011, the media person who printed the slanted reports and gave some people a platform to lie. Start there. It’s much easier for 2 or 3 to conspire than 50.

      Look at the June 19th transcript – (around page 55) where the troopers were caught lying under oath. You know, where they were accidentally recorded telling victim 4 “..we interviewed about 9….it is a well-defined progression…. leads to more than just touching and feeling….that’s been actual oral sex….and a rape occurred…”

      When it comes out that these young men were manipulated by investigators, I hope the same people who are saying they deserve the money because of Sandusky will also say they deserve it because of the investigators. The truth ALWAYS comes out. These kids were raped. I believe it was by investigators, the media, and unfortunately, pimped out by their own freaking parents.

      Look at the timeline – that is an absolute lie. You call it a “tactic” – it’s a lie. He led this young man to believe that he would be helping by putting this child molester away. Much like they did to victims 3, 5, 6, & 7. They didn’t have a case until your friend pointed them out in a book. They knew each other.

      Yes, they were molested in a way. In my opinion, it was by their parent, investigators, and the media. I hope when the truth comes out, no one holds it against them about the money. It will be proven that they were led to believe that they were helping to put this monster away.

      ‘s when a certain investigator came on the case and started telling the people they interviewed that they KNEW Sandusky had oral sex with (what did he tell #4? 9 kids?) kids and even anally raped one. None of it was true, but out of 40, 50, 60 young men that they interviewed, 6 believed him and said Sandusky touched them (well, in the beginning, Sandusky didn’t do anything appropriate, but after hiring attorney’s, they all were abused… the fact that their stories changed to be oddly similar was attributed to the fact that Sandusky did the same with all of them. No one considered that they had the same attorney, and were coached (which many of them testified was the case).

      • Ray Blehar

        Here’s the bottom line of VIctim 6. The DPW investigator, Jerry Lauro, stated that if he had seen Dr. Chambers report in 1998, he would have made a finding of child abuse. 13 years later Sandusky was convicted of child abuse for that incident. VERDICT: SANDUSKY GUILTY of CHILD ABUSE FOR THE VICTIM 6 INCIDENT.

        Sandusky would have been found guilty of 100s of counts had the prosecutors decided to pinpoint every incident where he abused a child. Instead they used a course of conduct approach and only charged him with 48 counts. And there were other victims who were not presented as witnesses at the trial and yet others who have not come forward due to threats to the livelihood or payments for their silence.

        If you want to live in a fantasy world of Sandusky being innocent and railroaded, that fine. I’m not going along for the ride.

        I’m going to sit back and watch your train wreck when the Federal investigation and Kane’s investigation wraps up.


        • Lady Willpower

          I guess if you spend enough time on the internet you’ll see anything.

          Up until today I never thought I’d see a person who believed Jerry Sandusky was innocent.


          • Igor Namus

            PA’s former treasurer, Bud Dwyer, blew his own brains out on live TV back in 1987 rather than serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Oh well… I guess that it’s just too bad/so sad): that attorney William Smith, an indicted, “co-conspirator,” who was given a deal in order to testify against Dwyer didn’t admit that he had lied in his testimony against Dwyer until 2010…

          • Igor Namus

            Most people will believe just about anything, as long as it comes out of the mouth of a good-looking, teleprompter-reading automaton.

            Yep… Most people just aren;t very bright.

            FROM examiner(dot)com/review/real-horror-pennsylvania-a-review-of-honest-man-the-life-of-r-budd-dwyer

            “During the early ’80s, employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania overpaid millions of dollars in FICA taxes. Therefor (sic), the state solicited bids from accounting firms to determine refunds for employees.

            According to attorney William Smith, whose testimony ultimately convicted Dwyer, John Torquato, Jr., son of refuted mob boss John Torquato, Sr., sent his attorney, Smith himself, to Dwyer’s office to pay Budd a visit. The purpose of this visit was to suggest the possibilty of a bribe. Smith claims he told Budd that Torquato would be willing to make a major donation to Dwyer’s campaign if Torquato’s Computer Technology Associates was to be awared the FICA repayment accounting contract. Smith claims that Dwyer shocked him by replying that such an offer sounded pretty good. He also states, in the film, that no monies ever actually exchanged hands between his client and Dwyer. Did Dwyer actually seem interested in the thought of the bribe? Or did Smith fabricate this in an attempt to try to take some of the responsibility off of his own shoulders, and conscience? It’s hard to say, but after learning of how honest of a man Dwyer was, it’s hard to believe.

            Federal agents would later raid the offices of Torquato, seizing his computer, which they found to contain a detailed layout of Torquato’s plan to bribe Dwyer. No proof that any bribery ever actually took place, only a personal electronic note from Torquato, basically to himself, explaining how he planned to go about the bribery. This note alone would be enough to satisfy state attorney James West, leading him to indict Dwyer, bringing bribery changes against him.

            Think about that for a moment. If I took a piece of paper, and on it I wrote a note to myself, stating that I was planning on bribing my neighbor, Joe, that note would, according to West’s logic, be enough to have the state bring bribery charges against my poor neighbor, even though Joe was totally unaware of my plan to bribe him. Does that sound right to you? Because it sure sounds ridiculous to me!”

  • feloniousgrammar

    Half of this country is plummeting backward. Football and rape culture is outrageous. Children and parents need to understand that the fine, upstanding, man of the community can be a child abuser. Personally, I think there should be two adults in situations like the ones the Sandusky victims were in— being alone with him for long stretches of time. It’s galling that he was “helping” these children, and was specifically targeting children who were troubled, so that the parents were grateful that their children got to spend time with him and the children were supposed to feel the same way.

    The lowest sort of predator can be the big man on campus, pedophiles are not cartoon characters that can be spotted from a distance. Penn State needs to made very sorry about this. Protecting children is one of the most basic duties of adults.

    • Aaron Litz

      I agree, with one exception.. the Penn State FOOTBALL program needs to be made to feel sorry for this. The university as a whole, the academic programs, don’t have anything to do with the atavistic football shenanigans. College sports programs in general need to be cut down about ten or twenty pegs, and made to realize that they are a far, far, FAR distant second (or even third) to the LEARNING that is the reason for the institutions in the first place. They are extracurricular activities for ENTERTAINMENT, and they should NOT be a major focus of a university’s efforts or expenditures, the way they have become.

      I’m not saying that they should be eliminated; just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean that no one should be allowed to enjoy them. And I understand that sports scholarships provide ways for some students to get into college when they wouldn’t be able to any other way. But they need to be cut WAAAAAY back from where they are now, as they are swallowing up the academic center of many colleges. College football has become a machine to generate NFL players, totally unrelated to the actual academic institutions of the colleges. The classes so many of these NFL-bound or hopeful players attend are regarded by them as nothing but a nuisance, something they have to do for appearance and bylaws, and they have no respect for them, or for the other students who are actually there to learn.

      Bah, I’m just babbling now. The whole situation just disgusts me. Just one more symptom of the anti-intellectualism of our country.

      • rmb297

        Penn State football has one of the highest graduation rates of all of the programs in the country. It is right up there with Stanford and Northwestern and a football players graduate at a higher percentage than the rest of the Penn State student body. Penn State’s football graduation rate for African-American athletes is above 80% — again, a higher percentage than the rest of the student body.
        So, Aaron, while you may be correct about the college football being used as a farm system for the NFL, that is not the case at Penn State. It has not been that way for the last 50 years.
        Also, Penn State is the ONLY University in this country where the academic standing of the institution was RAISED by the efforts of the football coach. Coach Paterno, in 1983, challenged the Penn State Board to raise the levels of many of its lagging departments and to hire the best and brightest professors as a means of attracting the best students.
        If you want to attack anti-intellectualism, perhaps you should have taken the time to educate yourself on the academic history of PSU before you lumped it in with other schools who are guilty of placing football above academics.

        • Aaron Litz

          Quite a nice little Penn State apologia.

          I need no further education about the university from which my mother, 2 aunts, 3 uncles, and step-father graduated, and upon which campus I spent the summers of 92, ’93, and ’94 living in Mifflin Hall and taking various classes, thank you.

          I was not writing about Penn State specifically when I was talking about the NFL machine; did you see me mention Penn State once I started writing about that? I was writing about the appalling state of college athletics in general.

          But as far as the rest goes, having grown up around here I have been in State College on big game night many, many times throughout my life; I love Penn State. I love State College. But I have seen what I have seen.

          • Ray Blehar

            Yes, your opening paragraph mentioned PSU. Most people would tend to believe paragraph 2 was an expansion on the theme of paragraph 1, but hey, I only have an advanced degree and haven’t read a comic book since I was 10.

          • Aaron Litz

            Oh, ho! Zing! I guess that makes you better than me, doesn’t it? I read a comic book just this morning. What pride you must feel in enlightening me to the shallowness of my tastes!

            Oh, the SHAME I feel!

            Please, excuse me while I hang my head and hide my face in embarrassment for my plebian enjoyment of such cretinous and juvenile entertainment.

            Oh, how shall I ever show my face again in public? Everyone worthy of respect knows that it is a shameful thing to read a comic book past the age of ten!

      • feloniousgrammar

        O.K. I can accept that the shame be limited to the football program.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing it eliminated altogether from colleges. There can be a minor league that can find some way of paying for itself.

        I’d also like to see colleges stop treating the students like children and raise the standards for the liberal arts.


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