OKCupid Warns Mozilla Firefox Users That Company’s CEO is a Homophobe


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In a small act of defiance, dating site OKCupid is now warning members using internet browser Mozilla Firefox that the new CEO is an opponent of Gay Rights.

Twitter Thinks the Series Finale of “How I Met Your Mother” Sucked

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I can’t personally tell you whether I thought tonight’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother was any good. But I can definitely relay to you the general pulse of the HIMYM Nation on Twitter, which is really all you need since Twitter reaction is the only metric that matters anymore in our culture. The consensus: The writers and producers of HIMYM are Fredo to a lot of very angry fans tonight.

NBC News Reporter Catches Jay Carney in a Truth


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The ways in which the mainstream press have ratfucked Obamacare are too numerous to mention, and so egregious that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up, and you have to ignore “the little things,” like the way every news network has adopted the GOP terminology of an ” extended deadline” for Obamacare enrollments, instead of calling… Read More

The Young Turks: OMFG! Government Drones Will Steal YOUR Cellphone Info! (Not Really.)


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The drone in question isn’t a government drone at all, but a radio controlled toy rigged up by a British hacker that can, the hacker claims, hover overhead while stealing your username and even your address from your smartphone. One guy. A hacker.

UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed: Nerds of the World Unite!


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“We don’t choose to be nerds. We can’t help it that we like these things—and we shouldn’t apologize for liking these things.”

Alex Jones Trolls’s Web Traffic and It’s as Ridiculous as You’d Expect


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It’s not breaking news to repeat that Alex Jones is a bottomless cup of crazy. Today, as the clock tics down to the end of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, Jones thought he squeeze in some last minute Obamacare trolling.

A Tale of Two White Privileges: Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert


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White privilege doesn’t always have to be used for evil, and it doesn’t always get used for evil by the “bad guys,” as two famous practitioners respectively demonstrated last week. Master satirist Stephen Colbert took his white privilege out for a spin, ran into a ditch, and did the right thing. Political comic and talk-show host Bill Maher, on the other hand, abused his white liberal street cred to reinforce a toxic white privilege trope, the old “Well, how come they get to say it?” canard.

UN Super Villains Threaten World With Doomsday Plan

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The notorious super villains of the United Nations scientific panel have released a threat to the rest of the world that soon our planet will be no more. While it’s unclear exactly what they want in exchange for holding the world ransom, the report released Monday morning claims that because of a weapon they have dubbed “Global Warming,” all of humanity is now on a collision course with disaster.

Quote of the Day: Is the Show Over for Ronan Farrow?

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Ronan Farrow’s show really isn’t very good. That’s not a lie. All you have to do is watch a little of it to get that. Farrow unwittingly commits one of the cardinal sins of television in the year 2014: he’s boring.

Yes, Mr. Kenobi, ‘Sand People’ Is Racist


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In between overly-elaborate Star Wars references, Tommy Christopher will be bringing insightful Washington, DC reporting, engaging policy analysis, and provocative commentary for The Daily Banter. Here is Tommy’s first post on his new home.

Tommy Christopher Comes to The Daily Banter

Tommy Christopher

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Tommy’s body of work speaks for itself. While he was the top draw at Mediaite (by a considerable margin) the long time White House correspondent is a no-nonsense, rabble-rouser with the rare ability to write hard-hitting stories in a compelling way. And that’s why we hired him.

When Hashtag Activism Totally Lost Its Narrative


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The fact that he isn’t at all racist while having also mocked racism on his show since it premiered in 2005 should have, in a reasonable world, offered him a huge benefit of the doubt here. Instead, Dan Snyder has basically gotten off scot-free since Thursday while the man who excoriated Dan Snyder’s insensitivity is instead targeted as the racist villain.

THE MORNING BANTER: The Earth Is Killing Us, Klingon Beer, Questioning a Creationist, and New De La Soul

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It’s Monday and that means back to the gerbil wheel with you. Here are some headlines and internet tidbits to help you forget your pain.

#CancelColbert Undermines Satire as a Weapon Against Racism


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Yes, there are a lot of people who aren’t wired to understand satire. It’s a shame because satire is really one of the best weapons against hatred and racism. Colbert, who’s responsible for some of the most consistently pointed satire in the history of television, is proof of the efficacy of this weapon.

Nate Silver Needs To Check Himself Before He Wrecks Advanced Metrics For Everyone


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Unfortunately, Nate Silver is so intimately associated with the pro-data movement that as his brand begins to lose value, so does the brand of advanced metrics, something that’s just in the past few years really begun to claw its way into relevancy.

Caprice Grind: An Oddisee of Becoming


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Concrete surfers, riding frozen slabs of bleached charcoals and grays. They glide on along metal energies, moving among a fixed, but fluid world. They become poetry in motion. “Caprice Down”, off Oddisee’s 2013 release The Beauty in All, is soulful Cali style condensed into a dynamic purity. There is no storyteller, no lyrical component to… Read More

Incredible Moment When Deaf Woman Hears For the First Time Caught on Camera

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British woman Joanne Milne has been deaf since birth, has been losing her vision because of a rare medical condition Usher Syndrome. In February of this year, Milne was fitted with cochlear implants during a procedure at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

The incredible moment when Milnes’ implants were switched on was filmed on a cell phone, resulting in the following wonderful moment

Quote of the Day: Yes, #CancelColbert Is Stupid

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Zepps’s interview with Park is seriously one for the ages. If at some point we actually make the conscious decision as a culture that we’re exhausted with the activist internet’s state of perpetual outrage — as well as the notion that because a person has a few Twitter followers what he or she says is of enhanced consequence — maybe this interview will be the opening volley at Lexington and Concord.


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