The Post About Jesus That Facebook Banned

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Sometime over the weekend, a fan of ours on Facebook posted a funny image on our page. I got the notification on my phone, but between then and the time I tried to log in to Facebook on my computer, I was told that something on our Facebook page was deemed inappropriate, given an extensive review of Facebook’s standards and guidelines, and asked if I needed to temporarily freeze our page to “clean up” other scandalous material.

No. No I would not like to.

I was then shown the perpetrating image that the user had uploaded to the page, and I got two laughs out of it: one from the image itself and one from the fact that Facebook apparently goes way too far when it comes to censoring material from Jewish comedians:


Feel free to share this with anyone who can take a joke…just not on Facebook.


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  • PastaWizard

    Alright so Jewish comedians are not okay… Threatening peoples lives, threatening with rape, uploading pictures of drug abuse and nudity is… That’s why I love the internet…

  • ryotan22

    That was a Bill Hicks Joke.

  • Paislee

    Wasn’t that a Bill Hicks joke? Minus the sniper rifles, I’m pretty sure Bill Hicks made that joke once….

  • bbiemeret

    I think that the focus on the instrument of Jesus’ torture and death speaks volumes on the mindset and world view of Christians. I always thought the fish was a better symbol, more in line with the message of Jesus. Then I learned that the fish was also co-opted symbolism. I guess the cross is the only original idea they have. Oh well.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Actually some pagan cultures had crosses where the center point was lower down….so the cross itself is not of Christian origin. They stole just about everything from previous cultures.

  • Octarin

    And god forbid you show mothers breastfeeding…

  • Art__VanDalay

    I’ve seen this picture a half dozen times on a half dozen pages. Nothing to see here.

  • Donna

    Why in the world would any group use an icon of a dead man on an ancient torture device as their symbol? It’s sick. The cross isn’t awe inspiring, it’s an implement designed to kill slowly and painfully. It was also never used as an icon by early Christians.

  • missliberties

    That’s a beautiful picture. Very artistic.

  • bailey78

    I just posted it to face book Fuck’Em if they can’t take a joke.

    • shmooney

      Me too. My very religious family would probably report me but WTH, if it ticks them off, I’m happy.

  • Pati Beardsley

    OMG, that post is hilarious.. and might be true.. if there was a guy who we can trace back to being “Jesus”, since hanging on crosses was common back then. And what about the FB page of a thug gang member with credible threats? I wish FB would grow up.

  • David L.

    If Jesus had been roasted alive (like St. Lawrence of Rome , allegedly), would people be wearing little gridirons around their necks?

    • Pati Beardsley

      Excellent point.

    • Malpighi

      It’s proof that “The Jews” didn’t kill Jesus: crucifixion was a strictly Roman execution technique. The Jews would have stoned him – and Christians would wear little rocks around their necks.

      • Nick L.

        I don’t think that argument is ever positing that the jews physically carried out the execution.

    • dbtheonly


      Isn’t there enough gridiron worship this week?

      • David L.

        I love how the teams are representing both states which recently enacted marijuana legalization. But yeah, you’re right, there’s only so much gridiron worship one can handle.

        By the way, have a look at the Royal Palace and Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Madrid, Spain, which was built on the design of a gridiron; all in honor of the saint who, according to legend, cheerfully told his executors while roasting: “I’m already well done on this side, turn me over!”

  • Forrest Woodfin

    Yes, but the fucking NAMBLA Facebook group report I filed gets rejected. Get your shit straight, FB.

    • Anthony McWolfe

      I like how NAMBLA supports Obama. All friends now right??? ha

      • PinkamenaPanic

        Bye, troll.

  • Skymouth

    Meanwhile, Facebook is okay with images of Obama being lynched and hate images towards gay people

  • Dan Egan

    I shared this on FB a week ago and didn’t get in any trouble….

  • Cory

    I don’t think Bill Hicks was Jewish, but point taken.

    • David L.

      I don’t know if I dreamt it, but I could’ve sworn I’ve heard Jerry Seinfeld tell that joke some time. Can’t find it on youtube, though; but I don’t doubt that, if he did actually tell it, he got that one from the great Bill.

  • Draxiar

    Oh that’s damn funny!

  • Frederic Poag

    Yeah but all those FB pages about rape, misogyny, and general violence against women are alright! I mean FB can’t do anything about those.

    • merl1

      Calling for Obama’s death is also appropriate for Face Book

      • Anthony McWolfe

        And we neeeeeevveerrrrr said anything about calling for Bush’s death. /s

        • merl1

          To be fair, I did say that Bush wasn’t very bright and was a coward on top of it. That’s the same thing as far as wingnuts are concerned.

        • Cafeeine

          Bush had a life insurance policy. No one wanted him dead if that would mean Cheney becomes president..


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