Fox News Continues to Blow the Obama Vacation Dog-Whistle

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At the tail end of today’s White House press briefing, Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry went there — again. Yes, for the gazillionth time, a Fox News goon attacked the presidential family for — SHOCK-HORROR! — going on vacation. You know the deal: the lazy and shiftless Obama’s and their second-fewest number of vacation days of any president in the last 40 years is obviously a crime against the Constitution and the American taxpayer.

According to Tommy Christopher, Henry asked press secretary Jay Carney, “The First Lady stayed behind in Hawaii, and the White House said that was an early birthday present from the President. Does that mean he’s paying for the flight back, or are the taxpayers paying for it?

Ah hell. YES! The answer is yes! As with all previous presidents and their family vacations, they’re all flown by a government aircraft because of — doy! — national security. Not a single other president or First Lady has ever reimbursed the total cost of operating Air Force One or other government vehicles. However, the first family reimburses the government for the cost of first class tickets corresponding to the number of family-members and guests. This is standard across all administrations, especially during campaigns. But paying the $180,000 per hour that it costs to operate Air Force One would be utterly ridiculous.

Naturally, that’s not the point of the question. Fox News, whether via a reporter or screeching opinion host, wants people to believe President Obama is a lazy spendthrift bilking taxpayers to the tune of a $16 trillion debt — not recognizing that only Bill Clinton has taken less vacation time and that the federal budget deficit has been cut in half and falling.

Why? Dog-whistles, of course. And it’ll continue long after January 20, 2017.

(Adding… Yes, I know. The headline could easily have been, “Fox News Continues to Blow.”)


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  • Vipsanius

    Pretty silly stuff.
    But, politics is like that: mean, vindictive and silly.
    Some people do not understand that the three go together.

  • Rollo Tamasi

    “These ni**ers are spending your money white Americans!”

    That’s the message here. It works. Even with people who truly believe they’re not racist. They are somehow concerned about this in a way that they never were before.

    Fox News and the RWNJs are well aware how racist this country can be. They’ll exploit it, but never publicly admit it.

  • kfreed

    Correction: Fox “News” continues to blow. Don’t you know that vacations are a Marxist subversion of the Constitution????

    “GOP Wisconsin State Senator Wants to Take Away Weekend”

    …you know, because so many people WANT to work seven days a week (for overtime pay, natch).

    Except… the Right is trying to abolish overtime pay as well…
    “Eric Cantor will propose Federal Law that Ends Overtime Pay for hourly workers”

    • JozefAL

      You know, when I first saw that story about the Wisconsin State Senator, I saw it on a site where I can’t comment (because they’ve gone to that “You really need a Facebook account to comment–yeah, we offer other options, but good luck getting through with those” commenting system; for some reason, neither my AOL nor Yahoo accounts will let me comment, even though you’re supposed to be able to; but I digress……). My reaction was: Lead by example, you worthless sack of shit. When has ANY state legislator worked more than 4 days at a time?

      • kfreed

        “When has ANY state legislator worked more than 4 days at a time?”

        That 7-day work week is just for us serfs:) And apparently President Obama.

        I have the same problem with those Facebook commenting systems… won’t allow me to use my AOL account. I’m probably Facebook’s #1 non-fan, so I just fume at the computer screen instead of caving to commenting system demands:)

  • js hooper

    it’s 7:50 PM Jan.6th 2014 and the President is still black.

    And it’s eating right wingers(and some on the left) up every second of every day.

    I knew in 2009 when white parents nationwide started pulling their kids out of school so they wouldn’t have to see the N-word President speak to them…that we were in for a lot of ugliness during his term. I had no idea that the media would join in on it.

    It’s 2014 and now we know.I actually predict it will get worse on his way out of office.They’ll be trying to get their last few hits in.

  • Ann Darton

    Ed Henry is just as disgusting as Fox,

  • JozefAL

    “Why? Dog-whistles, of course. And it’ll continue long after January 20, 2017.”

    Bob, Bob, Bob. That’s ONLY if a Democrat gets in the White House. If a GOPer does, FoxNoise will SUDDENLY determine that any and all costs incurred by the President (as well as his extended “family”) will be well worth it, no matter how badly gouged the American taxpayer is. Remember? FoxNoise didn’t have ANY problem with the amount of time Dubya spent on his many vacations (even going so far as to protect the vacations as “necessary” because of the President’s massive workload).

    • Christopher Foxx

      Well, given W’s abilities, frequent and extended vacations were necessary for him to recuperate.

      • feloniousgrammar

        Yea. In their bizarre calculations, any vacation for the Obama family is more shocking than two terms of the most vacationing POTUS yet. It’s not working as well as they’ve hoped, a lot of people’s memories don’t operate by dumping eight years of material.

    • dbtheonly

      & fg below. But that Fox’s raison d’etre. They oppose Democrats. Facts & consistency don’t apply.

      Were you paying attention to Fox Business in early 2009. Almost overnight “good news” became “bad news”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • Arcnor

      FoxNoise didn’t have ANY problem with the amount of time Dubya spent on his many vacations (even going so far as to protect the vacations as “necessary” because of the President’s massive workload).

      Of course they didn’t have a problem with Dubya, because for conservatives and Republicans — and Fox — he was President of the United States. Because, to Republicans, only a true Republican can really be president — anyone else is, by definition, a foreigner and a usurper and a dictator. So when they slander President Obama, in their minds, they’re not actually railing against a rightfully-elected leader, they’re bravely standing up to a foreign invader.

      And how dare that foreign invader take a vacation — any vacation — on their dime!

  • dominickJ

    These looney FOX people need to choke on their saliva!!!!


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