‘Open Carry Texas’ Thugs Joke That Gun Control Moms Want To Be Raped

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Yesterday’s story about an “open carry” pro-gun group gathering with military-style assault weapons outside a lunch meeting of four members of Moms Demand Action, a gun control organization, just became a lot creepier, if that’s even possible.

Via Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, the Open Carry Texas group posted the following message on its Facebook page:

So let’s see….
MDA constantly makes comments about gun owners penis size…….
MDA now claims our members wanted to choot and rape em…. (Lmmfao)
Moms Demand…..”Action” ???
Things that make you say, Hmmmmm

Get it? “Action?”

Just in case they delete it, Tommy grabbed a screen-cap of the Facebook post. But I seriously doubt the gunmen will ever delete it because they clearly wallow in the idea of terrorizing the moms.

So not only did these thugs show up armed with assault rifles to intimidate four unarmed moms having lunch, but now they’re joking (badly) about the moms wanting to be raped.

It began with Open Carry Texas lurking outside the restaurant with weapons that may or may not have been loaded (note the presence of locked magazines in the above photo). Then OCT posted the hashtag #Comeandtakeit to the MDA group, a not so veiled threat. And now this rape nonsense. All of this in response to a group that was formed in direct response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

Stay classy, gun nuts.

Adding… Choot?

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  • Badgerite

    I don’t think they do ‘classy’.

  • http://principlecondition.blogspot.com/ Steven

    So wait… wait, wait, wait…

    When the MDA comments on penis sizes, and accuses all gun owners of being murderers and rapists… that’s all fine and dandy. The problem here is that the gun owners poked fun at MDA’s unprovoked, baseless, totally unwarranted accusation?

  • kfreed

    Again… why these jackholes shouldn’t have guns.

  • JamesFBarry

    Its Texas……………Did you really think they would be different?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erica.lanier1 Erica Lanier

    It may, in part, come from the letters they receive threatening to rape them and their children. And the death threats. I’m on my phone and not savvy enough to do multiple pages at once but it is searchable if people are interested in seeing how bad it is.

    • Aly

      Social media and online communication allows us to be invisible, and to say and do things that most of us wouldn’t do face to face. Plus, crazy doesn’t discriminate: There’s plenty to go around, from all walks of life. It’s way too easy to make threats, and it’s pretty horrifying. Wherever those threats come from, and whomever they are directed at.

  • Gort1

    Thats texas! classy as ever!

  • Shane Phillips

    Gun owners talk a great game about freedom, but the reality is that most of them are raving hypocrites with an IQ that would shame a watermelon. Says a lot about them though that they feel that they need to act in such a way towards women.

    • dbtheonly


      It’s really more about the definition of freedom. Lincoln explained it quite well 150 years ago, & I’d refer you to his comments & story about sheep, but my paraphrase is that freedom is a slippery word. The Gun Owners want to be free to carry their assault rifles anywhere they go. That infringes my freedom not to have such rifles pointed at or near me. Both sides are demand freedom.

      “Says a lot about them though that they feel that they need to act in such a way towards women.” Strike “women” & replace with “anyone” & I’m with you.

  • Lorraine Messineo

    Most of the gun owners who are so very misunderstanding of the term “regulation” with reference to guns are often part of local “paramilitary” groups, many of whom, ironically, were unfit to serve our country in one way or another. They have wanted to be soldiers all thier lives, and so they have their little secret “army” and play military games and talk strategy (we’ll blow their asses off) and they don’t want the government to know about the stockpile of weapons they have in case they need them in a REAL situation. These guys are serious about their guns, and they have their rights. They may have only intended to intimidate these women, but intimidation by such a large number against such a small and defenseless group, not to mention the unintentional intimidation of any other innocent persons in the area is called TERRORISM WHEN IT INVOLVES WEAPONS. If someone points a weapon in your direction, or appears to be in a ready mode with their weapon, your first sane assumption is that the weapon is loaded and could be fired, intentionally or accidentally, at any time. If I was in that restaurant that day, I’d be talking to an attorney.

  • Patrick Nance

    I think the error here is to assume that the group outside the restaurant was compromised of stricly men with size issues… in the above photo, I count at least two women with children in tow. I wonder if they agree with the statements being made or if they are on board with the whole idea of “action” against the MDA… just asking…

  • Joshua Kersey

    this is some pathetic leap jumping journalism.

  • Aly

    Part of me just wants to let them keep going. To continue to reveal their misogynistic, racist ignorance, and to let the rest of the country see them for who they really are.

    • TheBorc

      That’s the core of the concept of free speech. Sure, you can say ‘blacks are less than me’. That’s legal. Partly because that way when an idiot says something like that we can all black list them.
      However, threatening to rape a woman is different. Holding an armed militia in a private parking lot is also not legal. Well, I suppose it is.
      RIP Murka.

      • dbtheonly

        Threatening to rape a woman is a crime & should be prosecuted as such.

        • Aly


      • Aly

        Very true.

  • Echo Moon

    this article is bullshit.

    i came to read about the group of thugs talking rape of women… thugs who were being openly threatening and dangerous.

    what do i find? an article where the only dangerous this is the title/heading. way to go jerkwad…. i sure hope that you don’t claim to be a professional writer? NO WHERE did i see the word rape or raped except for your inflammatory interpretation.

    the “thugs” you speak of might not be the most intelligent citizens on the planet? but you sir, are an embarrassment to the human race…..

    • jebediahspringfield

      “NO WHERE did i see the word rape or raped except for your inflammatory interpretation.”

      Except for the direct quote from the micro-penis brigade’s own Facebook post. Maybe you should have carefully read the whole thing before getting your outrage on.

      • Echo Moon

        very enlightening if i take your words literally. “micro penis” so any women who belong to that group all have micro penises??? and yeah you can see women in the photo so i’m guess that there are more of them in the group. possibly you could pull you mind out of their crotches and also quit alluding to sexual things….
        still and all the article is inflammatory. a sure fire way of juicing up the controversy.

        • jebediahspringfield

          What is enlightening about taking figurative language literally?
          Do you often score debate points that way? “You claimed you were so hungry you could eat a horse, but even a small horse wouldn’t fit in your stomach! YOU LIED!!!”
          It isn’t an inflammatory article, it is an article about an inflammatory incident.

          • Echo Moon

            actually i have no interest in eating horse mean, maybe you do or have but not i.
            the article is still inflammatory. it does more harm for gun rights than it does good. being buggy and over the top for gun rights isn’t going to do anything more than make all gun owners look like lunatics.

            the best way is to stay calm, collected, and rational. let the opponents of gun rights look like the ones with the loose screws.

    • kfreed

      1) Moms Demand Action: “As a member of this organization, I get death threats and threats of sexual violence against myself and my daughters on a daily basis.” VIDEO:

      2) Stalking:

      USA Today: “The two groups have been at odds since the mothers group successfully lobbied Starbucks to ban the open carrying of weapons in its coffee

      In April, a group of armed men also showed up at an MDA gun-control rally in Indianapolis, Watts said.

      “We were surrounded by armed men, including some openly carrying loaded
      semi-automatic rifles,” Watts said. “Many of our moms had children with
      them. Unfortunately this is not a unique situation — it’s happened in
      many states, including Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, Michigan and now Texas. If
      open carry is allowed, our rallies are often attended by armed

      In the Arlington incident, Watts said, the OCT apparently learned of the meeting through Facebook.”

      • Echo Moon

        sorry but it’s gotten to the point that i find that i no longer believe in main stream news providers. and NO i don’t watch fox, they are the worse.

        just the statement that starbucks have “banned guns” is wrong. they didn’t ban them they have requested that they not be brought into the stores.

        i do have to wonder why, if “moms” are so worried and in fear? what the hell are they doing bringing their kids to such events??? i have to wonder what they might be hoping for??

        • kfreed

          Whenver someone tells me that they “no longer believe in mainstream media” all I can think of is the bullshit right-wing “liberal media” complaint and Ron Paul fans glued to Alex Jones. I watch and read all kinds of things… which is how I’m able to recognize bullshit when I see it.

          *There’s not a hair’s width of difference between “banned guns” and “requested they not be brought inside stores.”

  • Steven Skelton

    Food wishes lasagna

    • feloniousgrammar

      Hmm. Can you?

      Oh look! You can edit it to say “nevermind, wrong thread”. Will that do? I know I’ll do my level best to forget you were here.

    • darr61

      So, why did you feel the need to tell us you clicked on the wrong link if you have nothing to say on the subject? Odd……

    • kfreed

      No need. Easily ignored.

    • katgal1232

      you need attention I take it.

  • jebediahspringfield

    Jeez, what will the Big Bad Meanie Micro Weenie He-Man Women Haters Over Compensators Club do to top joking about raping the women they were just terrorizing?

    On second thought, I probably don’t want to know.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Because the answer is nefarious and perfectly congruent with the national assault on women’s autonomy and apparent open season on women on the internet?

      A lot of women use gender neutral names so that they are not harassed by men who want them silenced, especially when the topic is domestic violence, rape, rape culture, sexual harassment, reproductive health care and reproductive justice or any other “women’s issue” that too many men and too many women think is nothing but women vilifying or trying to silence men. These misogynists use humiliation and threats of violence and rape in an effort silence us and scare us into submission.

      • jebediahspringfield

        It’d be nice to see that stop, but I won’t hold my breath. In this particular case, I am hoping humiliation will be turned on them. They should be mocked mercilessly and ceaselessly as the big tuff guys who couldn’t face four women having lunch without a ten-to-one numerical advantage… and fucking GUNS. I’m actually a little surprised that even they can’t see how weak, stupid, and lame this made them look.

        • Patrick Nance

          What’s odd is that there were women in this group of Open Carry members… how do they feel about these remarks? I wonder if anyone bothered to ask them?

          • jebediahspringfield

            And would their answers be different if you asked them in private, versus with the goonboys around?

          • Joy

            I’m pretty sure some of them probably think the same way… I have actually heard other women say absolutely HORRID things – like “she needs to get raped”. Some people are simply horrible and that’s all there is to it.

  • j hentai


  • feloniousgrammar

    Rape threats on the internet are real popular these days.

    These people are goons. If these mothers were all the parents of children who had been killed by a nut with a gun I do believe the goons’ behavior would be the same. I suspect that most of these gun licking extremists have guns because they want to terrorize people. Bonus points when those someones are women. I bet the stories of blacks being shot in Stand Your Ground states gives them a boner.


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