10 Quotes That Prove That Joe Rogan Is WAY Smarter Than You Think

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Since being hired to write full time for The Daily Banter, I spend a fair amount of my workday sitting across from DB head honcho Ben Cohen. After I finally got over hearing a charming British accent and falling all to pieces every time he spoke, I began to notice a consistent theme popping up in his water-cooler observations: Joe Rogan is a genius.

Joe Rogan? The same dude that inherited the doomed-to-fail resurrection of The Man Show and who is known to most of America as the guy who made people eat bugs for money? He’s a genius?


Yes he is.

Ben proceeded to send me countless links to interviews and podcasts of Rogan’s that showed just what an intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious man he really is (apparently, he’s also a stud at jujitsu). I know I can’t be the only one who was ignorant about his non-ignorance, so I’ve put together…

The 10 Best Quotes That Prove Joe Rogan Is Smarter Than You Thought:

1. “If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”

2. “The balance to life is kale cakes and cupcakes”

3. “If you attach your mind to any ideology, you’re going to be on a road, and that road may or may not lead you in a good direction. But you’re gonna stay on that road because you are attached to an ideology. It could be a terrible road, but you stick with it regardless of rational thinking.”

4. “The only way to be happy is to make others happy. The only way to fulfill your true purpose in this life is to learn from all your mistakes and project that information to others and enrich their lives. Whether it’s through your children, through your art, or through your friendships. Life is energy. The more positive energy you’re involved with, the happier you’ll feel and the closer you’ll be to the true path. We are here to help each other evolve, and we the people alive today are at the cutting edge of human thinking and human behavior. As you get better in life, you enable the people around you to get better as well.”

5. “No one ever tells you that all the success in the world will leave you a miserable wreck of a person if you stab your brothers and sisters in the back in your attempt to reach victory. No one ever tells you that all the money in the world ain’t worth shit if no one gives a fuck about you and you have no friends. The quicker we all realize that we’ve been taught how to live life by people that were operating on the momentum of an ignorant past, the quicker we can move to a global ethic of community that doesn’t value invented borders or the monopolization of natural resources, but rather the goal of a happier more loving humanity.”

6. “We live in a time where we’re seeing corporations acting as remorseless, profit seeking monsters with each human part required to keep it moving feeling free of guilt because of the diffusion of responsibility that comes with being a single piece in a huge machine. Too many people have the attitude that this is the only way to do big business. That’s a pile of weak bullshit, and this generation may be one of the first generations that has the information available to make that distinction and stop that flawed model from being acceptable.”

7. “You’re talking about acting… you’re not saving the world, you’re not time traveling, you didn’t invent a nuclear weapons, you didn’t invent a faster internet. It isn’t like you came up with ‘5g’. You played a gangster in a movie, and you were good at it. Thankyou. thankyou for distracting me for an hour and a half, because that’s all the fuck you did, okay? You made me sit down, and I enjoyed your performance, and it made me not think about my life and I got some thrills out of it. It was very exciting and enjoyable to follow along. That’s it. That’s all you did. You didn’t fucking change the world, you’re not awesome, you’re just good at pretending.”

8. “It’s so stupid that people, in this day and age, decide what two people can’t do because of their sex. If marriage is legal, OK – and I’m not sure it should be – but if marriage is legal, why shouldn’t it be legal for gay people?….I remember thinking as an 11-year-old boy, like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of weak-ass bitches out there posing as men’ Like, you dummy. What do you care?”

9. “The imagination is the real force behind the evolution. What imagination truly is, we think of it as “oh I can see things, I can work around problem”, but when you imagine a idea, when you imagine a product, you imagine how to design an engine for a car . Your imagination has this idea for this thing and then you build it and design it and BOOM… Its there. That thought, there was no thought of that before it existed. There weren’t people running around thinking of the car. There was no thought of it, you created this or it came to you. There’s something from nothing, something from … from what is it, the ether? Maybe its just these synapses firing in your mind. What is the signal, where is the root of this signal?”

10. “I believe that the life that we’re in right now, this existence we all participate in, might just be a station on a radio dial, an infinite radio dial. You and I, we’re on the phone and we’re on 107.1 but there’s a 105.1 right down the dial where everyone’s fucking blue with big giant black eyes, and they all move through solid objects and they don’t need water and they don’t breathe air. There may be an infinite number of worlds all around us all the time…”


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  • Forever Young

    Joe rogan is a dick I know I can fuck him up, to me he represents himself as a bully, I would KO his ASS n put him to sleep, straight up street fight. a true martial artist would not get into street fights, especially with people who can’t defend themself, fuck him.

  • Christopher Brozek

    Christopher Brozek Josh
    a few seconds ago
    Joe Rogan is not an atheist. He said on a recent podcast he believes in Jesus Christ he just does not follow Christianity. Also, people like Ravi Zacharias wouldn’t be wasting their time talking about God if there was no God. There is 100% God and back in the 1970s they found the dead Sea scrolls which are word for word with the King James Bible. Josh, you are very ignorant and did not do your research at all. Everything on planet earth is to perfect there is a God and Christ goes hand in hand. The sun and the moon alone are enough proof of a higher power. The big bang theory and evolution have been debunked by Ravi Zacharias one of the smartest men alive. And o ya about the Joe Rogan thing he is on the evil side. Look at all the pictures he is in with fellow satanists. I can’t wait for you to find this information like I did. I dont want to believe in God but guess what I have no choice all of the facts are in front of everyone’s faces. Research gematria to. Uses mathematics and science to factually prove there is a God and Jesus Christ

  • David

    Lol its just a bunch of stuff everyone else already said in one way or another re-worded to make it his own… Much like his stand up routines. He is the epitome meathead. The only people who find him amusing are idiots on Youtube who are easily riled up, they’re filled with rage and racial hate just simmering beneath the surface, internet trolls who aren’t smart enough to cleverly irritate people so they all gather together and talk about biceps and MMA, not too often in life can you judge a person by the way he looks but with Joe it is spot on.

  • Maxamillion Mansionhouse III

    Can’t stand the guy at ALL.
    I never liked him from day 1 with his commentating in the UFC.
    Actually he sort of annoyed me from his days of hosting Fear Factor.
    He’s gonna call somebody a bitch because they draw the line at eating some insane shit? I loved the clip I saw when they threw it on him and he cried like a baby and got all upset and wanted to fight.

    He never saw the potential in Randy Couture or a whole bunch of the other fighters that became great. He actually would bash on them the whole fight and couldn’t realize he was way off on what he was saying. Because of this he was bias as hell and then of course his fighter loses (no he’s not rocked and no the armbar or choke isn’t ‘sunk’ in) and then next thing you know he’s a huge nut-hugger of the fighter he was bashing the whole time because they happened to win against (insert his fighter-of-the-month) and (insert one of the following phrases: best pound for pound, greatest of all time, best striker). Most fighters can’t stand him because he’s like this. He’s fake as hell.

    So in a nutshell he bashes on a fighter that’s actually fantastic and then gets incredibly surprised that they got ‘lucky’ enough to beat the guy he was announcing every move from and then acts like that fighter is now the best fighter alive because they beat his biased announcing fighter.

    Now add comedy to this type of person…..It’s just as painful to hear as his UFC announcing.

    In Playboy magazine he bashed on people who get married. He was basically saying anyone that gets married is incredibly stupid for subscribing to anything at all that has to do with marriage and how he’ll always be this #1 worlds greatest bachelor because he’s so intelligent and better than everyone…..He’s currently married with kids. That’s what I’m talking about with this guy. He thinks he’s so smart and everybody else is so stupid.

    His comedy is terrible. He’s full of himself far past the point of it being obnoxious.
    He’s a cocky moron that thinks he’s smarter and better than everybody he comes in contact with. I don’t understand how anyone thinks he’s even funny at all.

    I heard him once say he’s a comic first before anything else.
    Now that’s funny.

    • chase

      Why would you invest so much time learning about someone you dont like?

  • Josh

    Sushizinger, you are a jaded cunt.

  • Matt

    Oh my god…

    A bunch of creationist teen agers arguing that it’s impossible for anyone who doesn’t believe in their ridiculous imaginary friend to be a genius…

    This is the most funny shit I’ve seen in a long time.

    I’m sorry but it’s 2014…If you still believe in a silly book written 3500 years ago by angry, greedy, racist, sexist, homophobic cunt bags then you’re stupid. There is simply no other way to put it…You’re either stupid or so absolutely brainwashed from your childhood that the logic centers of your brain have been rewired…

    Either way I’m so very sorry for you and others like you…how terrible life must be simply accepting, “God did it.” As the answer to everything. Uhg…fucking awful existence. Living in fear of that absurd hell place. Jesus your view on love must be sooo warped if you believe a being who loved you could ever create a place like that and send you forever.

    You poor people.

    • me

      Wow You must have a hard time getting along with religious people.

      • nosnosnos

        Fortunately, most parts of the western world (the US excluded of course), doesn’t believe in bronze-age lies anymore.

        For example Scandinavia is over 80% atheist, it’s simply not a problem, since religion is disappearing FAST.

        Religion is evil to its core and religious people are idiots.

        • me

          You seem very close minded

          • nosnosnos

            After being persecuted and murdered by religious insane idiots for thousands of years, those of us with rational healthy minds have had to develop extreme defensive tactics to ensure the disease doesn’t spread into our populations (successfully, in my country less than 10% of people are members of a church (and a large part of these 10% are various kinds of immigrants)). Religion can be worse than Ebola and we need extreme measures to ensure its demise. For example, at some point a culling of the population in the arab world and the US seems to be forcing its necessity.

            It’s time for reason to force the religious disease out of the human race. Belief in god-creatures have on several occasions almost led us to the brink of extinction and this needs to be permanently stopped now if humanity is to survive the next millennium. The rest of the world is going fine, the disease is losing its grip and more and more people are rejecting ancient lies, replacing them with reason and logic, while middle-east and the US are stuck in the bronze-age. Displaying to the world which regions are the furthest behind and need the most drastic actions to be brought up to the intellectual and social level of the mature world.

            If it doesn’t stop soon, the rest of the world will at some point have to use force to stop both the various Xian death cults in the US and the equally crazy people in other false world views.

            The ONLY freedom of religion we need is freedom FROM religion.

  • Robert Scalzi

    He is also a hypocrite for suspending the UFC fighter for Marijuana – dude says he is an advocate for legalization and yet is going to take $$ from someone for testing positive for an HERB even the IOC doesn’t consider in anyway to be performance enhancing and removed it from their list of banned substances for Olympians… I used to really respect Joe not so much for the UFC but for his intelligence and compassion on a wide range of issues – until he works to lift this Suspension I will think of him as a hypocrite

    • Sabyen91

      1. He didn’t suspend anybody. He is a color commentator.

      2. He believes it is a performance enhancing drug for fighters. That is not hypocritical.

      • Robert Scalzi

        spin it any way you want – to me he is a hypocrite

        • TylerDurden

          You must have gotten hit in the head a little too much.

    • nosnosnos

      You realise Joe is an employee of the UFC? He doesn’t make ANY decisions, and whatever his opinion on the matter may be, is irrelevant as there are other people making those decisions?

  • jonb

    You know Joe calls himself an idiot all the time. Because some guy in an article calls him a genius, let’s not confuse the fact that he is pretty humble about his own shortcomings. He reads books, and talks to people that he considers to be smart, and quotes their shit. He doesn’t take credit for it. Joe Rogan is a comedian first and foremost, and in my opinion he is good at that. This helps carry his podcasts as well, and they usually end up pretty interesting/entertaining because of that underlying sense of humor.

    • Sho’nuff

      He memorizes shit that smart people have figured out, and then he makes sounds with his mouth, words that highlight the intelligence of those certain people. He has explained that shit himself many times. Some people think I’m smart, and then I’m like “I didn’t come up with that or anything, that’s just something that Joe Rogan said on his podcast once”.

      He’s by no means dumb, but we’re using “genius” a little too loosely here I’d say. He’s an above average rational thinker with a penchant for retaining details, and he has a way with words that sort of make it easier for simple minded folks to wrap their minds around whatever it is he’s discussing. I’m a big fan of Joe, no hate at all. Just keeping it real.

  • Lou Lalone

    rogan sucks ass

    • Benthedailybanter

      no dude, you do.

  • Janet Lim Nakaw-Poles

    Joe ‘The Pygmy’ Rogan supposedly has belts in various types of MMA idisciplines ncluding Jiu-Jitsu. Let’s see him climb in the ring to clobber someone or let’s watch him get clobbered…….. Here we go………..

    • Splif Master Khan

      Except he openly admitted that he would get his ass BEATEN to a pulp and he has no interest in competing as a mma fighter. He acknowledges the pain these guys endure to do what they do and respects them for it.

    • TylerDurden

      I bet he could at least kick the shit out of you.

      • Janet Lim Nakaw-Poles

        @Tyler The Turden = yes, I beat the crap out of ur father so i can hump ur momma

        • TylerDurden

          Your lesbian mind is a little slow. Go picket something.


    my weiner’s a genius

  • Theo Paine

    PT II. This English female MMA made disrespectful comments on Rogan’s intelligence that were unwarranted. Rogan simply commented on the beating & head shots she ate from her most recent fight against a very talented & young Brazillain MMA. She commented back that even with the head shots, she could still score higher on a IQ test than Joe. That was uncalled for & because of that type of intellectual snobbery, she has lost me as a fan.

  • Theo Paine

    I wouldn’t go so far as to proclaim Joe Rogan a genius. However, I do contend he is a thoughtful person who does have some deep insights on things. Genius? That might be a stretHaving said that, I strongly resent the English female fighter/osteopareth/Phd holder dissing Rogan’s intelligence. Rogan commented on how badly beaten she

  • Tom Passerella

    he smokes way too much pot

    • Craig Mack

      Maybe the reason his mind works so well, and is his cognitive reasoning is so concise and sound is due to the fact he uses Cannabis. The salutatorian of my high school smoked marijuana everyday of his life (at least an 1/8th). Becoming salutatorian was no easy feet, given the fact my graduating class had 1100 students, along with the intense curriculum of the Upstate New York Senior High School with full Regents program and AP classes directly from the Syracuse University College of Sciences, College of English, College of Business amongst others. The only reason he wasn’t the Valedictorian, was because he refused to rewrite a paper in civics class that claimed and for the most proved, that Woodrow Wilson held communist opinions, maintained open relationships with open air communists, and also believed the Constitution should be re-written. The paper also claimed him to be the worst president in U.S. History and cited from several University libraries and databases, alongside a few private rare book collections from across the country. He scored something like 1590 and change in 1996, back when the perfect score was1600. He got a free ride to Cornell University amongst others and they loved his paper on Woodrow Wilson, that crazy bastard used it as his writing sample. I also failed to mentioned this young man who became out salutatorian also maintained a healthy diet of L.S.D., Mescaline, Blonde Hash, and psilocybin containing mushrooms. He is now the father of 4 healthy geniuses, and has a PhD in Biochemistry w/ a triple masters in subjects I cannot remember. He’s rich and has a hot wife. Not bad for a freckle face nerdy guy with Phil Lesh glasses, and red hair. He grew out of all of that too.
      I love that story, because I always stuck up for him

  • Tom Passerella

    he could be smarter

  • anotherbozo

    “We are here to help each other evolve..” Well, that’s as good a stated purpose as any I’ve heard.

  • Ed R

    Genius is not commenting on life, any two bit philosopher can do that ; it is acting our your convictions.

  • Aaron Litz

    “Your name is Garrelli?”

  • http://soundcloud.com/CrsHdrx C Hendricks

    Dude. What if Alex Jones *is* Joe Rogan?

  • Sushizinger

    Your standard of genius is pretty low. Rogan is articulate and opinionated, and above average intellect. But hardly anywhere close to genius. You probably never met a real genius.

    • idonotseekabanning

      Blame the BuzzFeed-like, clickbaiting overstatement that has taken over half the sites on the web. Whenever I see a title adhering to the “10 Xs That Prove Y is Zer Than You Think” formula, I’m already bristling before I’ve clicked on the article.

    • Azumpire

      Well, he is an atheist, that must tell you how far from genius he really is.

      • Theo Paine

        So are you of the opinion that ‘genius’ is reserved for Christian (or religious) folk? If you are inclined to believe that, you have proven to be light years away from being a genius. Very stupid thinking.

        • Nate

          WTF are you smoking? So you think a genius will believe that nothing exploded into something? Sorry but any intelligent human being would know that we and the world in which we live, had to be created.

          • mirjitsu

            So that a 800 year old man built a boat of in wood that could fit 2 of every species makes more sense to you? :D

          • Nate

            Okay there Einstein;

            How do you know if people didn’t live to be 800 years old back then? Maybe they didn’t have the disease and sickness that we do today? Maybe they ate healthy and didn’t do drugs? Maybe the “year” wasn’t 365 days back at that time? Maybe there wasn’t many species of animals back at that time?

            My point is, at least my argument is debatable. Is yours? Can you tell me how everything appeared out of thin air?

            Pack that in your pipe and smoke it.

          • mirjitsu

            Well it’s already proved that people didn’t live as long back in the days. And they had sickness and no medicine. And the hardworking life styles they had back then. So no they didn’t live longer.

          • Kalem Voss

            not only did humans create the idea of God, but also the idea that things had to be created in order to exist. We’re just another species on just one of billions of other worlds. To argue that any of our beliefs are 100% true is ignorant in itself.

            Yes, we humans are extremely intelligent but in a much more REAL sense, we have no idea what the end goal is.

            Nate you’re an idiot. No fucking God “created” this world for us. If life is actually that small in comparison to what it has the potential to be then life is a joke.

          • ssj

            Perhaps because he’s not an idiot?

          • Common Cents

            Why would you reference Einstein? He made many of the advances that proved Christianity was false. Why would a god make a giant universe all for one planet?

          • Josh

            You are either a troll or an idiot. Either way, go find some dull scissors and attack your own testicles. There is overwhelming evidence to back up the theories of evolution and the big bang. There is no proof of the bible other than… the bible. And also fuckface, scientists are starting to unravel quantum mechanics and understanding how. duh duh DUHHHH… how particles can appear from nothing.

          • Christopher Brozek

            Joe Rogan is not an atheist. He said on a recent podcast he believes in Jesus Christ he just does not follow Christianity. Also, people like Ravi Zacharias wouldn’t be wasting their time talking about God if there was no God. There is 100% God and back in the 1970s they found the dead Sea scrolls which are word for word with the King James Bible. Josh, you are very ignorant and did not do your research at all. Everything on planet earth is to perfect there is a God and Christ goes hand in hand. The sun and the moon alone are enough proof of a higher power. The big bang theory and evolution have been debunked by Ravi Zacharias one of the smartest men alive. And o ya about the Joe Rogan thing he is on the evil side. Look at all the pictures he is in with fellow satanists. I can’t wait for you to find this information like I did. I dont want to believe in God but guess what I have no choice all of the facts are in front of everyone’s faces. Research gematria to. Uses mathematics and science to factually prove there is a God and Jesus Christ.

          • Splif Master Khan

            lmaoooooo i remember that part…

          • mirjitsu

            Ye and the difference between Nate and the 8 year old retarded boy is that Nate actually buy the story ;)

          • Splif Master Khan

            except Joe never denies the higher being, the alpha that created all. He just doesn’t follow religion and actually supports people that truly believe in faith. Should listen to his podcasts from time to time. He is a very smart guy indeed.

          • Legalize420

            Very smart… but a genius ?

          • Eric Lencher

            Stephen Hawking, one of the 10 smartest people on the planet, is an atheist. He wrote a book to help explain how something came from nothing called The Grand Design. You should pick up a copy and enlighten yourself.

      • mirjitsu

        hhahaha you can’t be serious :D

      • Eric Lencher

        The most intelligent men on planet earth are all atheists. #TrueStory

    • Tayler Beeson

      There is an ever changing perception of what “genius” is. Which is the reason behind an IQ test. To be classified as legally genius you must score high enough on your IQ test. To say that Rogan is “hardly close to genius” is ones own opinion unless you personally know Joe’s results :) I bet you did not know that a bouncer from Pennsylvania is one of the most intelligent human beings on Earth.

  • Connor Bryant Steel

    Rogan is definitely much more intelligent and witty than people give him credit for. But he does have some stupid ideas too. Like all of us. He has his blind spots. He subscribes to some philosophies etc that, to me, are blatantly illogical. But hey. He’d probably say the same about me. And he’s awesome at Jiu Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do too I think.

    If you want the kind of mega discipline needed to get smart, get fit, master an art, then check out the PATH TO WILLPOWER book. at;


    • Theo Paine

      Thanks for sharing. I downloaded the ‘free’ report. I liked it & I bought the e-book, afterwards. Good stuff. The website has lots of good content also.

      • NoPaine

        What a crack of bull advertisement inserted in this column.

  • Christopher Foxx

    with each human part required to keep it moving feeling free of guilt because of the diffusion of responsibility that comes with being a single piece in a huge machine

    Yeah, I’ve always hated the “Well, if I didn’t do it someone else would have.” excuse for bad behavior. Sure, OK, someone else might have. Perhaps, even probably, the bad thing would have been done anyway. But, point is, not by you. (And maybe that would be all that was needed to give the next person a pause.)

  • Art__VanDalay

    He is quite intelligent, but isn’t he also a big fan of escaped mental patient Alex Jones? I believe he also endorsed Ron Paul a couple of times so there is that as well.

    • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

      we all have blind spots, and Ron Paul has some kooky ideas but he’s also one of the only politicians being real about some very troubling tendencies that our government has.

      Rogan has made fun of Alex Jones in the past

      Rogan admits Jones is crazy, but they are friends. From what I’ve gathered Rogan doesn’t believe all the conspiracy stuff he pushes and openly says Jones has a huge confirmation bias issue. Just takes a little internet search to figure this stuff out.

    • RilesSD

      Yep. I’m a big fan too, but I keep coming back to that. Although I haven’t listened to his talks with Jones, so maybe they’re in jest?

    • Eric Lencher

      You mean the Ron Paul who shredded everyone at the debates?

      The one who wants us to stop giving foreign aid to other countries, and take care of our own people? “Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”
      The one who believes in a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy? The one who, unlike Obama, is still against the Patriot Act and indefinite detentions of people who haven’t even been given trials?
      The guy who doesn’t want the government to just print money whenever they feel like it! Yeah boy, what a nutjob!

  • http://joevillanova.blogspot.com/ Joe Villanova

    Love him.


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