Quote of the Day: F**k Yeah, George Clooney

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“People keep talking about how this has to be a great negotiation, but there isn’t any negotiating a law. We negotiate on all these other topics, but this was put into law, and (Obama) was reelected on it. It was reaffirmed, it was passed through the Supreme Court — it’s a law. You don’t like it? Win an election.”

George Clooney

I barely need to add anything to this, but I like that he goes on to state the obvious in even more direct terms, saying that if the Republicans are angry that a law they don’t like got passed they don’t get to shut down the government in protest.

I love Clooney because in addition to the fact that he’s a terrific actor and director and he gets more hot ass than a sorority house toilet seat, when it comes to politics he knows exactly when to speak up and when to stay out of it because his presence is intrusive and distracting. I think that’s why, when he fires off comments like this one, they’re so incisive. They don’t feel like they’re coming from some pious limousine liberal, regardless of the fact that Clooney is, in fact, left of center politically and he’s ridden in more limos than I’d be able to if I lived to be a thousand.

Despite his stature as a movie star — perhaps this generation’s biggest movie star — he somehow manages to come off like any other semi-intelligent American who’s pissed off watching the mental patients take over the asylum. Like he’d be up for grabbing a drink with any one of us. Or even just me. Let’s hang sometime, George. Please?


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  • San Nervosissima

    great saying

  • Huyen Lan Nguyen

    George Clooney is a talented actor but by saying unnecessary unkind words about Republicans,he alienated himself from half of the nation.

    • JackFrancis

      Well, significantly less than half, and getting smaller with each dumb thing in the House.

      • Huyen Lan Nguyen

        Republicans and Democrats might be unhappy with the president or Congress but most of them do not leave the party for that reason.Right now the majority of the nation disapprove Obamacare. Clooney’s public relation adviser would recommend that he stays away from it a million mile.

        • JackFrancis

          That is the bad news for Clooney (for now–Republicans are panicked that Obamacare may prove to be a good thing and they would be shown to be fools). The good news for Clooney/Dems is that Republicans are disliked by a wide majority.

    • Sean Richardson

      Which part of what he said was unkind?

  • Liberally Jan

    I love G.Clooney too, but problem w/ this quote is that their idea of “win an election” is gerry mander/suppress votes/ steal it. So I wish he wouldn’t give them any ideas! lol

  • Lawrence John

    Seriously !!!

    (1) Since when did anyone ever equate “Good Looks” to mean without consideration that you must be a Genius ?

    (2) Slavery was “The Law Of The Land” AND I’m thinking it’s a damn good thing no one ever thought to just go along with the program, get over it and just accept it.

    (3) And Mr. Clooney, don’t you live in Italy, on Lake Como ? You’re pretty much about as far removed from ObamaCare as you can get, aren’t you ?

    • Sean Richardson

      “Slavery was “The Law Of The Land” AND I’m thinking it’s a damn good thing no one ever thought to just go along with the program, get over it and just accept it.”

      Yeah, there was an election that was perceived to be over the issue, and slavery lost, and then the slaveowners violated the law and went to war to continue to have slaves, then when they lost that, they tried to ignore the law as best they could.

    • Badgerite

      Seriously, you are comparing government subsidized health insurance to slavery?
      So you think those things are in the same moral universe? Personally, I don’t see how.

  • Schneibster

    George only says something when he has something to say and otherwise tends to bidness and turns out another good acting job without being a prima donna more often than not.

  • Patrick Malone

    I give Mr. Clooney a pass for another reason – He’s one of the few stars who uses his celebrity status trying to actually accomplish some good in the world.
    It’s not about George Clooney, it’s about a higher purpose.
    One word: Darfur.

  • http://cousinavi.wordpress.com cousinavi

    But what does Oprah think?

  • QuadCityPat

    Chez I can attest to the fact that George will have a beer with anybody. I had a beer with him at The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville in 1998 when he was in town shooting for ER. I don’t know about now, but back then, he was just like any other drunk in the bar.

  • LanceThruster

    Are there any conservative intellectual entertainers? Most the ones that come to mind are either as dumb as a bag of hammers or hopelessly out of touch (some even talk to furniture).

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    >>>Despite his stature as a movie star — perhaps this generation’s biggest movie star

    sorry, Chez. Clooney is in his 50’s, making him a baby boomer.

  • judi

    I’ll drink with the man…..anytime!!!!

    • stacib23

      Me too, and I don’t even drink. :-)

  • beulahmo

    I’m with you, Chez. I usually don’t set store much on the political yammering of showfolk (okay, I’m almost always annoyed by it ::cough:: JohnCusack ::cough::), but I’ll give Clooney a pass for the same reasons you do: it’s infrequent, concise, and based on common sense. And in this case, he summarized it perfectly.

    • Christopher Foxx

      I’d put Matt Damon in the same class. The times I’ve seen him speak out on an issue it’s clear he knew what he was talking about.

      But that’s about it so far as celebrity opinion goes.


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