Warning All Men in DC: Do Not Date Quin Woodward Pu

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Quin Woodward Pu: Not to be messed with. Or dated.

Quin Woodward Pu: Not to be messed with. Or dated.

Dating is rough. You like them, they don’t like you. You think you have great chemistry, they don’t. They like you, you don’t like them. They think you ‘connected’. You think they were a nightmare. Etc etc etc.

Anyone living in a city from the age of 23 upwards should have a relatively decent understanding that dating is akin to jumping out of a window and hoping someone left a mattress on the pavement below.  It’s messy, random, and pretty painful until you get lucky (and there are no guarantees of that either).

That’s why after two dates, you really shouldn’t expect much from someone you met drunk in a bar.

Quin Woodward Pu, a 26-year-old DC  resident and founder of a DC gossip blog called Little Black Blog, got dumped via text message after going out with a ‘rando’ (slang for random) twice, and was so infuriated she decided to publish the poor guy’s texts on her website and forward them to his boss.

Gawker has the complete run down, but here was the offending text message:

Guy Breaks Up with Girl by Text, Girl Publicly Shames Guy on Her Blog

And here was Pu’s reply:

Guy Breaks Up with Girl by Text, Girl Publicly Shames Guy on Her Blog

Pu penned a lengthy explanation on her blog as to why she decided to shame the guy (who sounded remarkably reasonable), that went something along the lines of “I’m really cool, I sleep with other men whenever I want, it’s my birthday”. Some excerpts:

Pu on her amazing sexual charm:

We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

Pu on really not being fussed about the rando:

When we parted that day, I didn’t think much of anything. In fact, I actually headed out to a bar to meet up with a former lover from 2012, with whom I may or may not entertain a few exchanges here and there. #timesbeing.

Pu on REALLY not being fussed about the rando:

Only two months ago did a writer describe me as such when asked about my relationship status: “she blushes, giggling a bit. Translation: Ms. Woodward Pu is quite happy being single.”

Damn straight.

In fact, Pu cared so little about the rando that she published all the texts on her blog and “screenshotted” them to his superiors.

Be warned, single men of DC. Do not date Quin Woodward Pu. Not that she cares, of course.


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  • Tom Jones

    Yikes, stay away from this one!

  • John Hancock

    She’s a terrible writer, she’s fat, delusional, narcissistic and she’s unattractive. It doesn’t get worse than that.

  • http://alexanderose.com/ Alexander Rose

    I clicked through to the Gawker article and saw this:

    “I was still so agitated 10 hours later that I had to leave opera rehearsal early. This is a serious no-no, given that opening night is Saturday at the Organization of American States.”

    She is basically effect of the situation and instead of being cause and in control she prefers to blame him for causing her to be so agitated that she left her rehearsal early. Drama. Queen. Issues.

  • http://alexanderose.com/ Alexander Rose

    First Jennifer Li and now this. Honestly these women are giving Asian American women a really bad rap.

  • http://alexanderose.com/ Alexander Rose

    Her response may be over-the-top reactionary but his message seems completely unprovoked and unnecessary and drama. I mean unless there were a lot of missed phone calls or something, that kind of long-winded response was completely over the top and unnecessary which means the guy has some serious delusions about his relationship with her.

    That said you can see in the words she uses in the last messages to him that she has severe issues in her life.

  • Alan Sherry

    what an unbelievably narcissistic psycho

  • derpcat3333

    I want her to kill herself or be raped

  • Harold Rogers

    Porker, would nail but nothing more.

  • Lady Willpower

    I wonder what ever happened to this silly trick?

  • JointhePredacons

    Her return text was satire, just reading it would tell you that. They had 2 random dates and it was the dude calling it a “relationship” so she was making fun of that. She wasnt obsessed with him, she was insulted, first because of getting broken up with by text by someone she wasnt even really going out with, second, it was never a relationship or destined to be a relationship, third he called her a girl. Plus if you watch her interview, the dude was making sexual advances from date 1, something she wasnt comfortable with. Typical man, cant get sex quickly, dump the woman. How is this her fault. Someone should be putting the dudes name out there on a blog like this and say “dont date him, he only wants sex” Im a dude, by the way, and married.


    The two words that come to mind are “Tavern Wench”.

  • le

    It’s worth noting that she, in fact, did not forward any incriminating messages to the “rando’s” superiors. she only told him that to scare him.

  • Katerina

    Actually, she did not send to his work. She stated that his bosses may find his messages “cheesy,” but never actually sent them and said she only wanted to “make him squirm” but would never do anything to harm his career. Pay attention to facts, sweetie.

    • TheSystemIsBroken

      Ah, she ONLY wanted to ‘make him squirm’. No biggie.

      • TheSystemIsBroken

        So, you’re not going to defend the stupidity and moral emptiness involved in gaining pleasure off making human being squirm?

  • Marty Mcfly

    Sadly this type of behavior is becoming the norm for women 25 and under
    quite scary

    Women like this are meant to be “Pumped and DUmped” I don’t even bother taking women on dates anymore for reasons like this chick above

  • Lou_Sasshole

    Her books are self-published… self-fucking-published lol.

    The guy just came to his senses after seeing her sober and realising that she is a vapid bitch, can’t blame him for not wanting to pursue her. Not to mention that she looks to be barely a tier above a lady-boy, he was probably afraid that she had a bigger penis than him.

  • Linda

    Unfortunately this is quite typical of girls in this age group. I have a 20 year old son and I often listen to the discussions he and his mates have about the quality of the women in their dating circle. It doesn’t bode well. The women are shrill, lazy, entitled and still think they all going to land a wealthy man who will treat them like a princess. The problem is that men’s attitudes have not changed that much. Men do not want women who behave like this. They still want to be treated with a modicum of respect and modern women barely even do that.

    • Marty Mcfly

      Yup Linda as a guy in his late 20’s who dates 20 year olds this is so true
      Entitled, lazy, spoiled, condescendting, hyprocrital, slutty etc
      Kudos to Linda having comment of the day!

    • hithere55

      Linda, why are you so anti-women? First of all, in today’s world, 20-year-olds can hardly really be thought of as “women” anyway. But slut-shaming and name-calling are unbecoming, and you should perhaps notice that your lovely-sounding son and his obviously upstanding-young-men friends are just being misogynistic and stereotypical. Respect breeds respect, so perhaps your catch of a son should try that and he’ll likely have a better chance at receiving it. Finally, there are different types of women in this world, of all ages, just as there are different types of men. If your wondrous son stepped out of the frat house long enough to see what non-shrill/lazy/whatever-you’re-accusing-women-of-being women are out there, maybe he’d find more success at dating. But probably not, since he clearly sucks.

      • Linda

        Personal attacks show that you have no real arguments. Once again, please leave the commentary to adults.

        • hithere55

          Calling me childish–niiiiiiice ::yawn::

          • TinWoodsLoses

            Nice comeback.

          • hithere55

            You’re a year late…and a witticism short.

      • TheSystemIsBroken

        Ah, so her son should hand out respect to scum who don’t deserve it. If he doesn’t, he’s in the wrong. Great logic, you fucking idiot.

      • The Black Edward Snowden

        Stupidest comment ever

  • AJ Slemmer

    “I won’t be ignored!” is the vibe I’m getting.

  • fubho

    If your name is Pu you’re bound to get dumped.

  • Will

    Nammer rage. Scary.

  • william trent

    She hardly sounds like a catch. Her own words portray her as a promiscuous borderline alcoholic and a shallow, self-absorbed twit.

    • conundrum

      She sounds like the kind of person who would be terrific on a first date, but by the end of the second date the crazy graniosity and narcissism would start to become apparent. Like who applies to medical school, gets accepted, and then chooses to be a self-published writer instead?

    • Linda

      William, she would be the same sort of person as that Whitney who was caught having a major tantrum in the car with her husband when he wouldn’t take her to the lake. Unfortunately, young women have been raised to believe that it is all about them.

      • hithere55

        Linda, can you stop hating on other women? You have a complex with your son in which you’re jealous of any girls/women who might attract his attention. This prissy, upturned-nose attitude of yours is disgusting.

        • Linda

          Is that really the best you can do? Jealous of my son’s girlfriends? Good grief! You sound about 10 years old. Please leave the commentary to the grown ups!

  • mcanard

    For some reason the image of the hot pocket comes to mind with this girl: she’s roughly rectangular, full of cheese, and bound to burn you if you eat her wrong. And I have to say it–I apologize if I’m stealing someone else’s thunder who said it first down the comment string–this just screams Lena Dunham Wannabe.

  • CharlieDelta

    This butterball probably made the whole thing up. I’d like to hear the guy’s side, if there is a guy.

  • http://mediasportandotherrantings.blogspot.com/ gopolks

    Wow, what a desperate pitiful person she is, I guess she expected people would take her side. Just a wanna celeb.

  • jackeyb

    This guy probably wanted to climb out the window on the first date. Smart man to dump her as he did. She trashed his kid and then targeted his workplace. She sounds crazy.

  • haynes

    The problem isn’t the breakup–the problem is he made plans with her for a day, and then totally spazzed out and backed out of the plans. That is not cool, nor okay. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. He deserves a bit of humiliation.

    • TheLump

      Except that she actively sought to interfere in his professional career. That’s more than a bit past the line. Backing out on a date is less than a hiccup compared to actually trying to ruin someone’s life.

    • sarahsue14

      One doesn’t deserve humiliation for canceling plans on someone one hardly even knows. Not everything is some sort of terrible action that’s deserving of punishment. You and Ms. Pu can enjoy your padded room together…

    • Treading_Water

      Not even a date really. She invited him to her birthday bash, along with 125 of her “closest friends”. She had 125 other people there to console her and keep her company, he wasn’t even 1% of her entertainment for the day.

    • Marty Mcfly

      Hanyes I hope your a woman, cause if not you’re a clown

    • TheSystemIsBroken

      Look at that, you didn’t defend your stupidity! I suppose it’s normal for a stupid mind to be unable to defend the stupidity it formulates.

  • Quindle
  • acer

    She is a disgusting person. In and out.

  • Rita D. Lipshutz

    yikes. i actually thought his breakup was very reasonable and tactful and much nicer than the kind of guy who would string her along past the first date if he knew he didn’t want to see her again. and something tells me that after actually spending time with her once he knew that.

  • holly woolard

    This woman (and I am using that term loosely here) should be so utterly embarrassed. She gives PR girls/women everywhere a bad name. I would hope that Brightline Interactive canned her immediately and that any non-profit with any ties to her would cut those really quick.

    “Quin serves on the boards of multiple charities, and attending social functions to raise awareness for various causes is how she spends her leisure time. She has served on the Executive and Host Committees for the Capital City Ball since 2009, in addition to American Heart Association’s young professionals group PULSE and its annual fundraiser Paint the Town Red, Power of the Purse; and many other non-profit organizations.” –PU(ke).

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Oh, I forgot:
    3) I hope he sues the c.rap out of her and wins.

    Is the internet slander or libel or both?

    • BullIsland

      Intentional interference with contractual relations (maybe damages are per se?), libel (slander is spoken) . . . I can’t believe she did this and boasted about it . . that is what happens when your parents are rich and insulate you from reality . .

  • Hugo S LaVia

    1, She’s a slunt.
    2. This is why gawd invented internet porn.

  • D_C_Wilson

    This reminds of that woman in Florida a few months ago who posted a video of herself hurling racist epithets at some poor Dunkin Donuts employee. She actually said she couldn’t wait until everyone saw it on Youtube. Just because you think you’re the agrgieved party, doesn’t mean the entire internet will agree. Things can backfire really quick. Just another example of why living your entire life online is a bad idea.

    Now excuse me. I have to go give thanks to the gods of middle age that I’m well past the young urban dating scene and never had to know what the word “rando” meant.

    • Kunai

      *Sigh* I do know what Rando means, and am…. well, exactly her age, and am shaking my head. She’s a poor reflection of the age group; most of us are relatively level-headed, legitimately independent creatures capable of handling a “thanks, but I’ll pass” text with some modicum of grace.

    • warwitheastasia

      I know I’m late to this conversation, but btw, that woman from the Dunkin Donuts video was seriously mentally ill. IS seriously mentally ill. According to her family, she’s either bipolar or schizo (I forget which), and she would just have these episodes where her personality changes completely, like she’d “run away” for several days (she’s in her mid 20s) and no one could find her, not even her family, and then somehow would eventually discover her talking gibberish and rambling incoherently to strangers. It was pretty obvious from that video that you were not hearing the thoughts of a sane woman; talking about blowing up the moon, rambling, jumbled thoughts connected by nothing, etc. Its actually very sad when you think about it, she’s supposedly a genuinely nice person, but she just has these breaks with reality during which she’s totally out of control and no one knows when they’ll happen. And yet for the rest of her life she’s going to be stuck with the stigma of being that crazy racist piece of shit.

  • condew

    Adria Richards wannabe. She’ll do her best to destroy a guy and then wonder why the other guys in the office don’t want to work with her.

  • Chris DaEmperor Andoe

    Targeting someone’s livelihood like this is unforgivable. I
    had someone do that to me then try to send a card later. I wrote “Return to
    Sender” and kicked it back. What a wretched human being this woman is. She’s
    pleased with herself for indulging her poor emotional control but she’s earned terrible

  • Nunya Biznez

    She was chewing on it and upset for 10 plus hours because NOBODY likes being rejected. She should have just chosen to get over it and accept rejection gracefully rather than give him and his boss a piece of her mind.

    Someday when she is in her mid-30’s like I am she will look back on this and feel pretty silly for making such a public drama queen spectacle of herself. :-/

    • Christopher Foxx

      Given some of the blowback brewing, I suspect she won’t have to wait that long.

      • Nunya Biznez

        Good point!

  • mannyfresh79

    Thank you for writing this and not bashing her (like most of her user comments). She brought this on herself. The internet is quite unforgiving these days.

  • Trip Affleck

    “two published books”! hahah! yeh, through a vanity publisher [Createspace Independent Publishing Platform]! honey, it doesn’t count when YOU pay THEM to publish your “book”…

    • JozefAL

      Why not? It seems to count for the New York Times’ bestseller list when conservative publishers buy up large volumes of right-wing pundits’ works and then dump them on the secondary market (or as the “prize” for joining a right-wing website or newsletter).
      What’s the real difference between that and saying that you’ve got “two published books” via a vanity publisher?

      • conundrum

        Ask any real writer. Nobody in the industry has any respect for self-published books. As a reader, self published means the book is unlikely to be worth reading, since the author could not find a publisher who thought the book was worth investing any of his money.

        • Fabius_Maximus

          So, the shit that gets published is worth reading because it was published?

          Quality only plays second fiddle to marketability.

          • conundrum

            To get published, marketability really is the only question. The publisher reads the book and asks himself “Would enough people want to read this book to make it profitable for me to put it in print?”.

            Most books in Science Fiction get eliminated because the quality of the writing is inadequate, or the plot that the author thinks is entirely original has been done. A friend used to read the unsolicited manuscripts for one publishing house and says she read the same “original” plots over and over.

        • UserID4012

          That may be true for a vast majority of the tree killing dreck out there; however there are self-published books that were picked up by the large houses after a market had been established and then republished. If you really knew any ‘real writers’, you would know this and you’d be aware of the problems the publishing houses have. :)

          • conundrum

            The authors I know would never self-publish. They would consider being published by a magazine with almost no circulation a win, or being published as a limited edition of only a few thousand copies by my club a win; but to publish their own work would be a level of narcissism they would never stoop to.

          • Christopher Foxx

            The authors I know would never self-publish. … to publish their own work would be a level of narcissism they would never stoop to.

            With the options available today, many well-established authors ARE turning to self-publishing. It’s more direct to their readers, it provides greater control over their own work and/or it nets them more money for their own work. I think the characterization that self-publishing is viewed as narcissism and repellent is for, far from universal.

      • Trip Affleck

        uhm, i have no idea why you jumped in to make this political, and i have no idea why you decided to use such an antagonistic challenging tone, but you’re an idiot for doing both.

        • Donia Elmojahid

          hahaha! seriously!

        • Tom Menino

          I believe this the part where he blames Bush.

      • http://alexanderose.com/ Alexander Rose

        Dude is being a hater. Ignore him.

      • Trip Affleck

        there’s no difference. they’re both scumbags. is there a point somewhere in there?

  • 624LC .

    I am looking at her and thinking “vocal fry” – the kind of girl you get stuck on the metro listening to giving her friend a run down of her day: “OH MY GOD! I JUST, LIKED, DIED AT THIS MEETING? I MEAN, LIKE LITERALLY DIED! LIKE, THE DIRECTOR WAS ASKING PAUL ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND HE LIKE LITERALLY DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY? I AM LIKE, NO…JUST NO!”
    and scene…

  • 85ZingoGTR

    I don’t see what the big deal is. She herself looks more like an ass than the guy here. I had an ex do something similar to me where she sent me a nasty message on facebook and tagged all our mutual friends so they could see how “oh woe is me I am the victim here” and all our mutual friends ended up not talking to her anymore because they thought she was crazy.

  • MidwestMet

    I find it very comforting that I am at an age where this sort of behavior is more amusing than shocking. I did not know what a “rando” was, and I gotta admit, they idea of approaching random people on dates is odd. I always thought you take some initial steps to learn some things about the person, before going on a date.

    But for someone who goes on and on about how the date was no big deal, Pu certainly seems to act as if it was. To quote a memorable Sheldon Cooper line from Big Bang Theory – “Got you back, jack. Bitches be crazy.”

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      The phrase that came to my mind was “Methinks the lady doth protest too much” (and I use the term “lady” VERY loosely here)

      • JozefAL

        FWIW, the correct (and original) phrase puts “methinks” at the end AND it means pretty much the opposite of what we now take it to mean. (It’s from “Hamlet” and Gertrude says it after having seen a Queen in a play vow to never remarry. In Shakespeare’s time, “protest”–as a noun or a verb–meant “vow” or “swear solemnly.” Gertrude believed the play-Queen was making too much of her promise. Hamlet had arranged the play to be performed before his uncle and mother to gauge their reactions; Hamlet’s response to Gertrude was “O, but she’ll keep her word” in part to show how he felt about Gertrude’s quick remarriage to Claudius.)

  • skatie916

    God, she reeks of narcissism. I wouldn’t give that twat directions, much less a date.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    Well, there’s stalking, and then there’s stalking. I think you both need a timeout.

  • Horace Boothroyd III

    Girls get all bent when you call them girls.

    • Lady Willpower

      Not really. I like it. I like chick, too.

  • UncommonSense100

    I hope everyone Googles her immediately when they meet her.

    • Christopher Foxx

      If they do, at least at this moment, first result is this page.

  • Fightorflight

    She lists Brightline Interactive as her employer on LinkedIn. If you’d like to question them about the wisdom of having Quin Woodward Pu be the public face of their company — http://www.brightlineinteractive.com/contactus/#.UkRFuhBWLX4 — it’s what Quin Pu would do.

    • Fightorflight

      Brightline no longer appears on her LinkedIn, and her photo no longer appears as part of the “Team” on Brightline’s website, so the “troglodytes” may have made their point (http://littleblackblog.net/2013/09/25/the-morning-after/) — deleting this post in 5…

    • Tom Menino

      Why would any company involved in social media want to hire an idiot who clearly through her actions has zero understanding of how information goes viral on social media sites?

  • joseph2004


  • trickydix2000

    Ouch, technology is a beast these days SMH

    • conundrum

      Much like “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, it’s more the person using the technology than the technology itself. It’s so easy on the internet to write like you are confiding in your closest friend when you are actually putting up a billboard for thousands to read.

  • dukesirius

    Wow. WOW. Just….speechless.

  • icarrion

    Her reaction to all this? — “OMG guys, my blog is EXPLODING with new readers.”….

    • Benthedailybanter

      Sadly you’re probably right….

      • Kim

        I took a peak at the blog, all the comments are about what an A-Hole she is.

      • Tom Menino

        For a so-called “social media expert”, she shows surprisingly little understanding of how quickly acts of psycho narcissism go viral on the web. For the rest of her life, these links will be what one gets when they search for information on Quinn Woodward Pu. It is her defining moment for all future generations to see.

        • no1d

          funny thing is she doesn’t even realize it.

          • Lou_Sasshole

            Even funnier than that, she probably never.

        • Nik

          Not a real job.

        • Very Reasonable Citizen

          “Social Media Expert” aka. I’m young, and have a lot of Facebook,Twitter, Myspace friends

        • trejtt

          Yeah, but the odd thing is the number of people, women primarily, who actually think what she did was ok. They actually sound in many cases surprised the majority doesn’t agree, as if, had public sentiment gone the other way and they had the majority behind them, they would have heaped their collective vitriol on the dude she outed to the world, like the rest of the net is doing to her now.

  • trgahan

    That was your break up text, wasn’t it Ben? I can see why she is so clearly distressed.

  • jafnhar

    Oh man, I clicked over and holy crap, the comments section is a goddamn racist train wreck.

    • Lady Willpower

      That could be anywhere on the internet, pretty much.

    • condew

      I took a look at her blog, didn’t see much racism, but also true that nobody supported her actions. But then 6 hours is plenty of time for all that stuff to scroll down to where I don’t have the patience to go.

  • Scotty Cam

    I really hope she reads this, realises that she is a self loving T@#t and then cries herself to sleep with her 1 direction pillow pet. Because people like this… need to be single… not that she cares…

    • totenglocke

      People like this need to be locked in a padded cell, far away from the rest of society.

      • conundrum

        Well, she is borderline crazy, “hypomania”, it’s the subject of one of her books.

  • jezebel

    Crazy b!tch be bloggin’!

  • Lady Willpower



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