The Only Video You Need To See To Understand Obamacare

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A very neat little video from the The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation explaining Obamacare and how it’s a government conspiracy to kill your unborn babies and send your grandparents to death panels it will effect you. Probably the best explanation you’ll see:[youtube][/youtube]

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  • condew

    This is the kind of video I with Democrats had been making a long time ago; it’s the kind of video the government should have been distributing from the time the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.

  • joseph2004

    So they’ve taken health insurance and made it more like auto insurance, only a bit perversely. I guess the ACA reconciles the two. Now, in both, the young will be paying more. The only difference is that auto insurance will continue to be more expensive for the young precisely because the young are statistically more likely to get themselves and others into trouble while behind the wheel. The new healthcare law shifts much of the financial burden on the young to carry the day for the more health-expensive older folks, folks who really quite frankly are much more financially well-off. Cute!
    God I’m glad I’m not just starting out! I guess that’s what constitutes the silver lining in going silver.
    Still, it irks me that we’re creating a new class of “the needy.” The rules around staying afloat financially these days have been rejiggered by stashing more “stuff” on top of the “can’t live without” pile. So if you’re a family of four with income of $90K and you’re having a tough time making ends meet in your 3-bedroom, two-full bath home with two car garage and two, maybe three cars in the driveway, moving to a smaller home with two-bedrooms (one for mom and dad and one for both kids) and a one-car garage or maybe just a carport for the one car – that is, living more within your means – is today a non-starter, or at least the ACA seems to suggest as much. It’s considered not fair – having to live within one’s means, that is, even when one could. Shedding the burden of material excess by many is the burden. NO, as Obama put it, he wants everyone to be able to buy that big screen TV or take that vacation now and then.
    What a utopia!

    • jezebel

      What a dick!

      People have lost their life savings AND homes due to outrageous healthcare. And now, the REAL “DEATH PANELS” by insurance giants can no longer deny anyone life-saving care.

      You had a cool story bro, but that’s all it is…

      A story.

      • joseph2004

        Well, dick, the point isn’t that people who really do need help getting health care shouldn’t get it.
        Obamacare is a true entitlement setup, the emphasis to my point being that it is/will be such even for those who won’t and don’t really need or deserve it. But, hey, as long as it makes people love the Democratic party, it must be OK, right?… since Democrats will claim that any future attempts at curbing unnecessary subsidies will “hurt” people somehow. Hooray for the Democratic party!
        You wanted it, obviously, you got it.