WATCH: Former NSA Analyst John Schindler Debates Chris Hayes, Human Rights Watch

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  • Bill Adkins

    Snowden’s a hero of America like Aldrich Ames, John Walker and Christopher Boyce were heroes of America.

  • gaiusgracchus

    Schindler is insane. Obviously Snowden could not have chosen a different country — just because he ends up in Russia does not mean, as Schindler moronically insists, that this is some sort of grand conspiracy with Russian intelligence and Wikileaks against the US.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Badgerite

    Snowden does have a choice. He could come home to the US and face the legal music of what he did. It is not a choice he is willing to make. If he testified to Congress under a grant of immunity, something I’m sure someone in Congress would ask him to do, he could even possibly avoid prosecution like Ollie North and John Poindexter did. He would prefer to live life in and be a propaganda and intelligence tool of a clearly repressive regime rather than do that. American soldiers face death and injury on the battlefield. This guy can’t face a courtroom or the possibility of time in jail. So,no ‘hero’ crap, it you please.
    What’s more, I think his real concern and his agenda is to stop the effectiveness of US spying abroad. Most of the revelatory part of his revelations has been how extensive has been the NSA’s international reach. If you actually pay attention to Snowden’s statements and Greenwald’s reporting, there are always caveats with respect to NSA spying on Americans. Snowden will admit that the policy, otherwise known as NSA guidelines and the law, require an individualized warrant once an analyst reasonably believes they are looking at the communications of a US citizen. I think his real concern and his real target, and Greenwald’s as well, is the international spying. In that context, his statements that he doesn’t want to live in a world where nothing is private and his fleeing to China ( his first choice of refuge, after all) makes a lot more sense.

    • Mark Erickson

      “he could even possibly avoid prosecution like Ollie North and John Poindexter did” HA! That’s a good one. Perfect example of the thesis of GG’s book “With Liberty and Justice for Some”. ON and JP were acting at the direction of the President of the United States. Snowden is the exact opposite of those two clowns. It would be amazing if he could get a fair trial. The Administration declared him guilty and has revoked his passport. The Democratic Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said he is a traitor. Major media outlets (obviously not talking about TDB) demonize him weekly.

      PS Congress can grant what he says in his testimony will not incriminate him, but there is already plenty of evidence to put him in solitary for a long while right now. And I would like to see him try to get into a hearing room without being arrested first. If he made it, our national security state isn’t very secure.

    • Mark Erickson

      I wasn’t sure, so I had to check it, but both North and Poindexter were convicted and got off on appeal because their juries were influenced by their immunized congressional testimonies.

  • chilisize

    Wow, while Schindler wasn’t totally incoherent, he was definitely parked right up next to incoherent, perhaps with the right front tire cutting into the spot…


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