Meet The Bikini Video Director Team Glenn Beck Is Touting As The Next Steve Jobs


Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event in Utah this past weekend featured big ticket speakers like Republican congressmen Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chris Stewart, right-wing figures Michelle Malkin and David Barton, and Charles Adelman, a technology guru so brilliant and visionary presented as someone who would make Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg look like “morons.”

If you’re wondering “who the hell is Charles Adelman,” you’re not alone.

Adelman appeared as part of the Independence Speakers Series, organized by the Beck-affiliated non-profit Mercury One. Promotional materials for Adelman’s speech — which cost $15 for a normal ticket, or $35 for a VIP pass — touted him as an “innovator, futurist and inventor of powerful new media technology.” The non-profit also hyped him as “Zuckerman [ed: presumably they mean ‘Zuckerberg’] and Steve Jobs combined- but far more visionary, like those two on steroids.”

With such a lofty billing, what sort of mind-blowing speech did this Jobs/Zuckerberg hybrid super-genius deliver at the event? Essentially, a mishmash of technology buzzwords promoting a currently non-existent product, delivered by a guy with no discernible technological mastery and a history of failed business ventures.

Given his history — Adelman had previously directed small indie movies starring people like Dwight Yoakam and started a film company that distributed, among other things, the soft-core porn video series Red Shoe Diaries (that gave America actor David Duchovny) — it’s puzzling how Adelman ended up as part of the weekend’s events, let alone how he was introduced before his speech as a brilliant entrepreneur.

Who Is Charles Adelman?

According to his LinkedIn profile, from 2001-2011, Adelman was the President of Anthem Pictures, a company he co-founded. Anthem is a producer and distributor of direct to video movies and documentaries, including Zombie DearestRed Shoe Diaries: Swimming Naked, and 911 in Plane Site (a movie promoting several conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks).

Adelman himself directed several pictures produced by the company, including the serial killer thriller 2:13 and the Swimsuit Illustrated series (IMDB’s description of one such film: “Come join the beautiful girls of SSI for this exciting look at the breathtaking scenery and the beauty of the Girls of Kona, Hawaii.”)

The profile also indicated that he has been involved with Adelman Enterprises as President and CEO since April 2010, and has been listed as President of SoftSpace Labs from March 2012 to the present.

There is little in Adelman’s professional background that suggests expertise with Internet technology, social networking, or other advanced technologies, something that was readily apparently in his vague, rambling speech at Beck’s event.


“Avatar Yourself”: Adelman’s Bizarre Man In The Moon Speech

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Adelman was introduced by “good friend of Glenn Beck” David Osmond, who told the audience that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg were “morons” by comparison.

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Adelman painted a dark picture of Internet communication, where data is “bouncing through so many different portals, servers, information pipelines, things you have absolutely zero control over.”

Fortunately for the Beck faithful that made the trek to Salt Lake City for the event, Adelman had a solution to the peoples’ lack of control over their own data. Less fortunately for them, it not only doesn’t exist yet – Adelman claimed his legal team wouldn’t allow him to show any of it – but it also makes no apparent sense.

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Adelman told attendees that his company, Softspace Labs (a division of his company, Adelman Enterprises), would create “a visualization of the known universe” which would “extract[] metadata” allowing you “to avatar yourself”.

Adelman described SoftSpace’s core product:

For every image, there is what we refer to as metadata. How many of you know what metadata is? Awesome, okay. Metadata in simplified form is the information that [unintelligible] the images attached files that say when you search the Googles “this is a Starbucks cup, this is this, this is that.” So, remember, this is the web as it exists today. Alright? What we’re building is a new container called SoftSpace that is actually the visualization of the known universe. And created that stellar data down to the form that you control. You get your own planet. You get your own information, and everything is built as 3-d models. Even the Starbucks cup. Everything you want to touch, taste, feel and sense – mind you, we don’t have that technology available yet, somebody will create that – but what we’re trying to do is get ahead of the technology.

This would apparently allow you to create a three-dimensional virtual world to store your information as computer objects. As Adelman described it, this would be more secure than current methods of storing personal data (he didn’t explain how) and would allow you to negotiate with advertisers for access to your data (somehow). This is all supposedly superior to the current system operated by companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook which he described as “hard space.”

According to Adelman, this revolutionary technology will be available in 18 months. But given Adelman Enterprises’ recent history with other ventures they’ve claimed will change the world, there’s good reason to be skeptical.

What Is Adelman Enterprises?

Adelman Enterprises’ buzzword-laden website describes the company as “a global media and technology company which specializes in creating new social media platforms and interactive technologies.”

On their news and media page (which hasn’t been updated in more than a year), Adelman Enterprises highlights a profile of Charles Adelman and the company published in ICOSA Magazine in 2011.

The profile is filled with the sort of hyperbolic, laudatory language that is apparently a hallmark of all things Adelman. The company is described as as a place “similar to entertainment industry cornerstones like Sony or Lucasfilm” that is “poised to usher in an entirely new era of communication and global well-being.”

Adelman himself is described as “a driving force, incapable of stagnation, who changes everything he touches” and as “a man of the future.” (The latter quote made it into the Mercury One bio for Adelman.)

Fittingly, the bottom of the profile explains that one its co-authors is an intern “in Public Relations at Adelman Enterprises.”

The profile reports that Adelman Enterprises was “founded as a public shell company with the intention of funding each of these ventures through an initial public offering.”

According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Adelman pulled its public offering in October of 2012. In a document filed before the IPO was called off, the company disclosed that its “current financial resources are not considered adequate to fund its planned operations” and that “these conditions raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”

In those documents, Adelman Enterprises bills “Anthus Channel” as its primary business venture and no references are made to SoftSpace Labs, which was the focus of Adelman’s presentation at the Beck event. The Anthus Channel website, which contains numerous videos and articles about health and wellness, does not appear to have been updated since July 2012.

Much of what Adelman Enterprises bills as its main business ventures appears incomplete, broken or defunct.

IndiKix, promoted as a “social marketplace for independent films and fans to connect and market themselves globally” highlights several films produced by Adelman on its front page (in addition to a 9/11 conspiracy film). When I signed up for IndiKix, the members section of the website consisted of one page without any working links. No videos could be streamed, nor were any functions working besides the ability to log in and out. The site indicates that our account had been a “member since 1990,” which predates the public availability of the World Wide Web.


The latest “news” on the Adelman website is from April of 2012, promoting a “joint venture agreement” between Adelman and Diagogo Ventures to provide technology for the IndiKix website. Diagogo is traded as a low-value penny stock, with a share price of $0.0022 at the time of this writing.

The SoftSpace Labs section of the Adelman website brags that “from custom immersive social communities to interactive application design, SoftSpace Labs takes ‘cuttin-edge’ [sic] to a whole new level.” Beyond the 29-word description of the division, no additional information is given about what was the centerpiece of Adelman’s entire presentation.

Alexander Zaitchik helped me with this story.


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  • Kylee Nicholl

    I lived next door to this tool for a year. He offered my husband a “job”, never paid him a cent and when it was too late and we figured him out we had already lost our house. He too lost his home and quickly packed up and moved to Utah. Since have not heard from him. He is a shady man who is not to be trusted and full of nothing but BS! If I saw him today I would punch him in his little 4 foot nothing face. Worst case of short man’s syndrome I’ve ever met in my life!


    Zuckerberg may sound a bit too, y’know, Jewish for the Beck crowd.

  • doitlive

    “a driving force”…just renewed his license

    “incapable of stagnation”..actually meant “stag nation” which is another film he has in the works that involves bikinis

    “changes everything he touches”…lawsuit was settled out of court and details cannot be discussed

    “man of the future”….past was disappointing, present is murky, what is left?

  • Mickey Bitsko

    Adelman’s roomful of ace lawyers will release their super top secret internet reach-around technology after they’re done typing the complete works of Shakespeare.

    • dbtheonly

      But it’s odds on that they’ll come up with monkey porn first.

  • gratuitous

    The early tip-off to this grift? Fifteen bucks for admission, $35 for the “VIP pass.” I wonder if you could have just left a twenty on the dresser as you left Mr. Adelman’s presence? I am confident he would understand the commercial custom involved.

  • Steven Glassman

    Either he has no idea how the Internet really works, or he’s just incredibly bad at explaining it. There are so many factual errors in his talk about the Internet that I gave up counting.

  • glennisw

    Sounds like another grifter.

  • leemoder

    This is all so Entertainment 720 I can practically hear Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio now.

  • SaveFarris

    Wow, that’s a whole lotta words wasted on a nobody. Meanwhile, what’s Obama doing?


    • dbtheonly

      Hey Farris,

      Always willing to change the subject.

      But what has President Obama done that so offends you? The Africa trip? His Trayvon Martin speech? Letting all those bills from Congress pile up unsigned?

  • Aaron Litz

    So… he’s planning to make EverQuest?

    I LOVE how they just throw “extract metadata” in there for no reason; it has no connection to anything else he’s saying, but it’s a “computery” term that his audience will recognize from the Snowden bullshit and in their minds they will make a connection of “extracting metadata = government spying on me with computers” and it will their attention. Then he gives a half-assed explanation of metadata and continues to go off about something that has nothing to do with metadata!

    Unless his proposed new EverQuest/MMORPG/First Person Shooter videogame will somehow PROTECT them from the evils of metadata? It will be some kind of metadata defense firewall? That will protect them from… the government knowing the time and date when a photograph was taken and by what model of camera? This was the lamest con of a software pitch I could imagine. Just flat out talking about a term that the audience has absolutely no understanding of but will have vaguely threatening connotations to them, and then just describing your own (extremely outdated) idea in some way as to conflate the two. A total bait-and-switch.

    I mean, seriously? An avatar-based virtual reality GUI version of Google Maps? Where you will get your own planet? He is describing a science-fiction MMORPG. But he’s also implying that users will be able to “taste, touch, feel” things in this game! Obviously the technology isn’t around yet and SOMEONE ELSE will invent that, but THEY are taking the credit for it early! But their 18 month expectation is just a wee bit optimistic.

    Oh wow, that was such a complete joke!

    • Oliver Willis

      lol, yes, basically all of this!

  • muselet

    Maybe that wasn’t a mistake. Maybe Mercury One was comparing Charles Adelman to Steve Jobs and Mort Zuckerman. Or Jobs and Nathan Zuckerman.

    Or maybe it is a mistake and Mercury One hired a bunch of dummies who don’t actually know who or what they’re writing about.


  • RepackRider

    I swear you could run the same con game on a conservative every day. They never learn.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Interestingly the bios for their executives on their website are in difficult to read pale gray on white, with the actual titles in impossible to read pale yellow on white.

    If they can’t even get their own site designed well enough to meet basic established design rules, why should anyone believe the could develop anything more sophisticated?

    The only listed person with anything close to a technology-related title is possibly the “Executive Vice President – Programming”. But the programming there seems to television programming. Which is, of course, an essential skill at a technology company?

  • Christopher Foxx

    Ironically, the quote showing on SoftSpace Labs’ website is “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. –Henry Ford”

    • dbtheonly

      Christopher, of course Beck is going to describe him as the “greatest X”. No doubt there’s a mutual kickback policy in place.

      Beck’s always been about the money. Nothing more.

      • Christopher Foxx

        And not just Beck. However they may disguise it, money is all wingnuts and Republicans care about.

        • dbtheonly

          But Christopher, it goes much further. O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, even Coulter; you get the idea that they really believe the (stuff) they peddle. With Beck, I get the idea that he’s not really promoting anything beyond himself & if President Obama, George Soros, & the One World Government would pay better; Beck would be their boy.

  • RenoRick

    Hey man, a grifters gotta grift!!