Will Immigration Break Boehner?


It still seems impossible that comprehensive immigration form may actually pass in the Senate on a bipartisan basis, but the question is what the hell will John Boehner do now?

A combination of a minority of Republicans and a majority of Democrats could pass the bill, but could it be a bridge too far for the insane base of the party? On far-right forums like Free Republic, the simple act of voting for debate to begin on the issue in the Senate was seen as near-treasonous, and I don’t suppose they’ll be in the best mood if it passes.

The GOP needs their base fired up and angry next year, in order to get their aging base out in 2010-style numbers. But they don’t want them upset at Republicans!

Speaker Boehner is easily the weakest Speaker of the last 20 years. Neither party has fielded a House leader who has experienced the amount of internal revolts that Boehner has. Heck, they never even really wanted to re-elect him Speaker, but they couldn’t do any better.

They have no incentive to do as he wishes, and the vote that could end up defining his legacy is one they don’t want to make.

Boehner’s already withering on the vine, disrespected from both left and right and master of none. Immigration reform would be the right thing to do and would complete his destruction.

  • http://sonic.net/~ckelly/Seekay/mtbwelcome.htm RepackRider

    Republicans are tired of eating tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce.

  • dbtheonly


    You mean the Farm Bill wasn’t proof enough?

    But in fairness, since the elimination of earmarks, the general Republican positions against “wasteful spending”, & the vast proliferation of “issue PACs”;Boehner doesn’t have a lot of “mailed fist” to enforce discipline.

    • merl1

      didn’t they just re-name earmarks?

      • dbtheonly

        The results of earmarks are still possible, but with the scrutiny that “Government Spending” gets, it’s not as easy as before.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Will Immigration Break Boehner?”

    Don’t you mean squeeze him out like the dirty wet bar rag that he is?

  • merl1

    Repubs don’t want want any kind of immigration.
    The politicians are afraid that the Mexicans won’t be stupid enough to vote against their own interests the way the Teabaggers do.
    The Teabaggers are afraid that their grandkids will be the new minorities and be treated the way the Teabaggers and just plain Repub bigots treat minorities now.
    everything else is just a smoke screen.