WATCH: Ben Cohen Discusses the Future of the Left on Thom Hartmann Show

FILED TO: Politics


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  • kfreed

    Seems to me that the “Future of the Left” is to assist more far right extremists into puplic office and then throw bombs when these same extremist a-holes hold government, workers, and the economy hostage, polluting every budget and piece of progressive legislation that comes along with corporate handouts in one form or other.
    Blame yourselves, lefties. And by “lefties” I mean those of you featured in this video who absolutely cannot pull your heads out. The extreme right is standing on the doorstep ready to take over while the left continues to throw bombs at it’s own.

    • missliberties

      Some on the far left, those we fondly call the emo-progs, aka the Greenwald crew, and their predecessors have done more damage to Democratic causes then we can even begin to understand.

      Having an all or nothing attitude on the left or the right is ALWAYS self defeating. Obama gets this. Unfortunately the idiots on the right used liberal dissatisfaction…… the PUBLIC OPTION, the public option, to slide into power during a ridistricting year. All while Kossacks where shrieking about perfection. Howard Dean included. Of course the right understands the liberal mind enough that they used this to win governships and retake the house. Nearly an unforgivable oversight by the smart democrats and their operatives and by naive liberal activists.

      Think how much different things would be if democrats were in the majority. The US would be leading the world in green energy and a global recovery.


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