Conspiracy Theorists Claim Alex Jones is a CIA Double-Agent

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alex_jones_obama_terroristLet’s take a ride down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, shall we? Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings when an InfoWars stooge crashed several law enforcement press conferences, I was speaking with The Daily Banter founder Ben Cohen about Alex Jones. We were joking about circulating a rumor that Jones was actually a government covert operative manufactured and trained to infiltrate the fringe conspiracy theory groups on the far-right.

Ben and I speculated that perhaps the government had instructed “Special Agent Jones” to invent a roster of crazy over-the-top theories meant to deliberately distract conspiracy theorists from real-life conspiracies. You know the list. FEMA is constructing concentration camps; juice boxes are stripping men of their testosterone in order to produce more gay people; the moon landing was faked; Obama is an al-Qaida operative, all of it delivered in the form of googly-eyed, self-satirical performance art that includes Joker make-up and throat-chafing rants about 1776 rising again — the wet fever-dreams of paranoid schizophrenics, thus distracting them from other, more heinous government black-ops because, you know, they were getting too close to the truth.

In other words, Jones himself is a false flag.

Of course we’d never seriously consider engaging in this kind of deception, especially while trying to build a legitimate reputation and readership for The Daily Banter. But, nevertheless, just as a mischievous way to troll the InfoWars people who were spamming me on Twitter after I wrote an article about Dan Bidondi and the Boston Marathon conspiracy theories, I tweeted an obvious joke about how perhaps Alex Jones was a covert operative for the government. Cue dramatic fanfare. In response, Oliver Willis wrote to me and said that there’s an actual conspiracy theory along those lines.

Um. Wow.

After some digging around, I confirmed what Oliver told me: in the darkest, most delirious hyper-fringes of the internet, there are people who believe Alex Jones is a government operative. The reigning king of all conspiracy theorists is, himself, the subject of an anti-government conspiracy theory.

One website, called, “a false-flag and state-sponsored terror whistleblower website,” claims that Alex Jones is a “double intelligence agent” for a global intel firm called Strategic Forecasting, Inc., or STRATFOR for short. The author of the article, David Chase Taylor, connects Jones to STRATFOR in several ways, including the fact that both Jones and the intel firm are based out of Austin, Texas. Also, STRATFOR was founded by a “Zionist” (Taylor’s word) named George Friedman in 1996, the same year that Alex Jones got his start in broadcasting with a local cable access television show. Jones, the website claims, is married to a “Zionist” woman and therefore is sympathetic to Friedman’s cause. Taylor also insists that Jones was involved in a government false flag plot to explode a nuclear weapon at Super Bowl XLV, held in Dallas in 2011.

But wait. There’s more.

Another website called claims, “Alex Jones is CIA DISINFORMATION agent/asset of the continued Project Mockingbird and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.” Yeah, that’s a mouthful — a mouthful of horseshit to be exact. The mental patient who maintains this site connects Jones to the Vatican, the CIA, the Jesuits (incidentally, gasp!, the new Pope is a Jesuit), time travel (I think) and Operation Mockingbird. The latter item, Mockingbird, is a common throughline among the various Alex Jones conspiracy theories. Mockingbird was evidently a CIA psy-op designed to infiltrate the news media in order to deliver government propaganda. In 1976, the project was abandoned by then-CIA Director George H.W. Bush when Jones was only two-years-old.

Let’s go deeper, shall we?

A site called “ATS” or Above Top Secret reports that Alex Jones might have a secret ex-wife who released a YouTube video (since removed) in which she claims that Jones’ real name is Alexander Christian Lafayette and that “he is part of the Holy See and CIA operative, and part of ‘Operation Mockingbird.'” Mockingbird again. The author concludes that Alex Jones’ apoplectic performance on CNN was “intentional so that ‘conspiracy theorists’ could be painted to be total lunatics with a wide wide brush.”

The website (formerly “”) also flogs this theory. Makow writes that Jones’ CNN rant was intentionally over-the-top in order to discredit the pro-gun militia movement: “Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones was there to look like an idiot, a bully, and a psycho.” Interesting take, given that Makow praises an obscure author and militia wackadoodle named Milton William “Bill” Cooper who, among other things, hated Jones. Before his death, Cooper also theorized that President Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to reveal an alien invasion of Earth. Cooper died during a shoot-out with law enforcement officials who attempted to arrest him on a variety of charges. Timothy McVeigh was a Cooper fan. And yet Jones is the crazy wingding who discredits the militia people. Okeedokee.

Another maniacally obsessed Jones hater observed on his site, “Alex has filmed himself many times coming into government offices with cameras and a megaphone yelling about how evil the government is. He literally speaks crazy enough to get people to want to riot, yet not one time is he tazered, knocked to the floor, or tackled by police! If any of us tried that we would be in deep trouble!”

Clearly all of this is way outside the mainstream, but these people exist, and there are a surprising number of sites dealing in this nonsense. Most of the sites are run by militia/gun zealots, anti-Semites and anti-Catholic bigots, and I imagine more than a few of them should probably be institutionalized or, at the very least, heavily medicated. Then again, psych meds are a conspiracy, too, according to Jones, so that’s out of the question. The upshot, though, is that none of these conspiracy theories are any more or less ridiculous than the ones that Jones himself projectile vomits into the atmosphere every damn day. It’s all a gigantic pile of hooey, either for profit or by severe chemical imbalance or a combination of both. Jones deals in the exploitation of easily-deceived loners and weirdos who, in their severely deluded conditions, want to believe that they’re exclusively privy to the truth — ironic, given how they’re being thoroughly snowed by this professional for-profit cult leader. But it’s no wonder that these people who are taught to be suspicious of everything and everyone would eventually complete the ouroboros and become suspicious of their own leader. The bottom line is that the entire universe of Alex Jones is poisonous, especially knowing that too many prominent conservatives are beginning to take seriously his conspiracy theories and are therefore mainstreaming the Alex Jones cuckoo’s nest of lies.

But ultimately, no, Alex Jones isn’t a CIA operative or a Jesuit coadjutor or whatever.

Or, then again, maybe I’m just saying that because I’m a liberal and I’m attempting to throw you off the trail. Maybe I’m working with Jones and we’re colluding with the government to deceive you. Interesting, by the way, how his InfoWars reporter Dan Bidondi commented extensively on an article I wrote and his responses were perhaps intentionally illiterate as a means of embarrassing the conspiracy theory movement. Also, how did he know about about my column anyway? Come to think of it, how did Bidondi know to be in Boston on April 15 with an official press pass and an InfoWars mic flag at the ready? Hmmmmm. Did Alex Jones send him there because Jones was aware of the bombings before they happened? Ooga-booga, the truth is out there, etc, etc…


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  • honeyc

    he is government operative, but who cares what alex jones thinks, HoneyPot

  • someguy

    Alex Jones called Noam Chomsky a “low grade moron”. Read Chomsky’s “manufacturing consent” to understand why. No need for conspiracy theories, Jones is alt-media propaganda. Bob is correct about one thing though, it is mixture of reasonable fact (and then throwing that fact into a turbine of BS).

  • Jason James Bickford

    Sure. Bush dismantled mockingbird. Ha! I like how you admit a conspiracy before blasting conspiracy theorists.

  • Asmolo Lea

    Not a very good article. No substance

  • amy

    Be careful with the popular “truth movement” puppets.They will feed you 98% truth and throw in 2% lies in the same way rat poison is 98% food and 2% poison. It helps the deception go down smoother….but it will still kill you in the end.

    Seek the BIG PICTURE. These men in power (elite/shadow government) are occultic in nature and self admittedly worship Lucifer. That should tell you something.

    Seek Christ. He is the TRUTH at the end of the rabbit hole and the only way to win this war for your mind and soul.

  • Collin237

    I don’t think Alex Jones can be written off as merely crazy, just because other CTs make up stories about him. I think they’re all operatives of something, and that if you could trace all the connections, they would lead to a single omega-point:

    The Tea Party

  • sheeple terminator.

    the bottom line is, Jones reports 90% truth and 10% crap. the mainstream media does report 10% truth (like the weather if they get it right) and 90% propaganda. It is easier to filter out 10% then 90%

  • Rhet



  • Vance Decker

    If you want to know the real truth look for the boring and mundane. Jones and others provide titillating blood curdling stories for the masses to ingest.

    For example, what would you rather read about, the complete incompetence of the FBI and CIA prior to the WTC bombing and how not one person was fired from these agencies for their incompetence? …or would you rather watch videos of the ‘controlled demolition’, plots by evil jews, eye witness accounts of janitors, and bogus pseduo-science?

    The world wants more Ancient Aliens, not NOVA.

  • james

    Two conspiracy theorists die and go to heaven.

    As they are standing at the pearly gates God informs them both that Oswald did in fact shoot Kennedy; man has landed on the moon; and the World Trade Center towers were taken down by 19 Muslim terrorists.

    One conspiracy advocate whispers to the other, “I told you it goes all the way to the top.”

  • william trent

    It’s amusing when the kooks start turning on each other.

  • Alan Snow

    What a childish and completely ignorant article, Mr. Cesca. Have you done any real research to justify this disrespectful garbage that you’re spewing about people who just want the truth. You know, those who aren’t afraid to question authority when they aren’t convinced they’re telling the truth? As Thomas Jefferson said: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”. I know that we all have the right to blindly accept everything the government tells us but there is a rapidly growing mass of people who choose not to ( You, sir, are in the minority and to feebly attempt to use the claims of a minute segment of “conspiracy theorists” to discredit all conspiracy theories is highly disingenuous. It’s what one might call a “strawman”. I don’t believe that Alex Jones is a CIA operative any more than I believe that nineteen “scary Muslims” (they make such easy patsies to the bigoted and uninformed) are solely responsible for 9/11. There are mountains of evidence that suggest that 9/11, as well as many other unspeakable crimes against Americans and the Constitution, was a false flag perpetrated or facilitated by elements of our government. If you truly wished to look for the truth in earnest, you may be horrified by what we’ve allowed this illegitimate government to get away with. In fact, there were treasonous plans outlined in declassified government documents from the 1960’s that are eerily similar to what took place in 2001 ( People are free to believe as they wish. I just hope that they’re armed with facts when coming to those beliefs instead of the lazy and irresponsible tactic of labeling all conspiracy theorists as “wackadoodles”.

  • frank

    Notice headline, from mainstream, if you don’t eat jones,, you are a conspiracy theorist. I KNOW boys,, the CIA duped America with Perot using many of the same tactics. Remember in 92 it was before they had complete control with the automatic cheat machines and to make sure FOR WHATEVER REASON clinton got in they had to do it the 3rd guy way. AJ,,,CIA,,, ALL,,, THE WAY. HURRAHHH!!!! MAN HE SHOULD BE SO PROUD. HAR!! HAR!!

  • frank

    Sorry kiddo, jones was put up by the CIA using the same stooges who brought the brainchild of using truth to lose to the Perot campaign. The truth is being used by Jones, the tactics are meant to lose the republic and Constitution. Don’t believe the ‘he hates the bushes’ that is the same tired lie the Cia uses for every truther front man loser, they put up. He probably has thousands of acres right down by papa in SA. Or he is depending on his Police State Bourgeoisie certification to carry him through here. I don’t know. Old brain damaged GB knows as do some other main stream types which definitely points to CIA prop.

  • Schneibster

    Alex Jones is the Amway of talk radio.

  • Jeff S. (Marxist-Leninist)

    It’s a conspiracy theory inside of a conspiracy theory inside of a conspiracy theory: Conspirinception.

  • Shane McCutchen

    Care to revisit this post after the recent revelations of NSA spy program, IRS targeting Tea Party Groups and AP wire taps?
    Poor journalism sir but I’m sure you wont own up to your lack of investigation. Go back to sleep.

    • C Hendricks

      Ha. As a conspiracy theory enthusiast, what would you know about investigation?!

      • bariola

        So you think the NSA spying on us 24/7 is a good thing? I guess you wouldn’t mind moving to North Korea.

  • Smithee

    Just to keep things interesting, here’s ol’ A.J. waxing paranoiac about the dire (potential) oppression (possibly) coming via increased use of drones by domestic lawn enforcement.

    In service of actual Russian government propagandists. No. Really:

  • alex

    fucked up sock puppet website

  • Artisticidea

    It is quite funny to me that this author misleadingly frames Project Mockingbird as benignly halted by George H.W. Bush, board member of the Carlyle Group, former CIA Chief, VP and President. What actually occurred was that Frank Church & Co. in the Senate – including Walter Mondale & Barry Goldwater – forced Bush to close it after the largest and most serious inquest into abuses by the CIA, FBI & NSA that has ever occurred. This Psyop program was not the only dirty laundry to come out, however, as many deaths of foreign democratically elected progressive (or non-Communist Socialist) leaders, including Allende, Guzman, Lumbumba, Goulart and Mossadegh were assassinated, deposed or both as a direct result of CIA covert operations.

    That was the tip of the iceberg, however, as it was also revealed that the CIA abducted innocent people of a variety of ages to conduct cruel, heinous brainwashing and mind programming experiments on unwitting victims, for over 35 years, in a program involving over 80 medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital (in MA), across the country. All of these programs were ostensibly brought to a halt by Mr. Church’s hearings and President Ford was forced to sign an executive order ending covert assassinations. Of course that did little to change the illegal, Imperialist Foreign Policy of the United States, esp. after the fall of the USSR, as the Wars in Iraq and the 2009 Honduras coup attest.

    And what of Robert McNamara’s open testimony that the Gulf of Tonkin accident was indeed a false flag used to justify major escalation of the Indochina conflict? This and all the other programs I mentioned are public knowledge and no longer lie in the domain of “Conspiracy Theory.” There is not one serious historian of post-war US History that would substantially deny any of my claims.

    Given these past admissions, and many others – such as the decades of previously secret & illegal nuclear testing for which millions of US citizens were compensated in the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990, or the leak by the NYT in 2012 that the underwear bomber was an FBI operative, or that the STUXNET virus was created by CIA – it is absurd that any “serious” publication or news blog would attempt to base its credibility on the absolutely ludicrous idea that conspiracies concerning foreign intervention for US business interests or domestic manipulation of the US citizenry for political ends do not occur and are not currently underway in some, likely serious form (as in the past).

    Jones’ more ridiculous ideas are aptly criticized by this conventionalist lapdog, but the substance behind the SPIRIT which informs skepticism of flimsy, extremely unlikely, half-baked government cover stories (such as the cause of much unrest in contemporary Afghanistan and Waziristan) is incorrectly lambasted.

    In short, Bob Cesca has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
    Perhaps he should meet Dubya’s former anti-terrorism chief, Richard Clarke, and see what he thinks, after talking to a serious adult such as him, about inter-governmental conspiracies of the present day.

    • Ƒɩƪţħƴ Ƿɑɀųɀų

      That’s the problem with “conspiracy theorists”.

      I use the quotes to identify as a specific subculture – which includes Jones – those that embrace the title. They’ve moved from “question everything” to “believe nothing… from THEM”. Once ambiguity is abandoned, skepticism becomes certainty and lunacy prevails.

      The sad fact that the easily accessible history record you state is not just passively ignored, but – far worse – actively disbelieved by so many may have something to do with the fact that Jones – and many like him – are essentially unwitting false flags because they so easily adopt fevered speculation and non-causal correlation.

      While it has always been American tradition to ignore atrocities that occur far away – whether in space or in time – it is especially troubling the degree to which this tradition is adhered to in what is laughably called “The Information Age”.

      Really, I’m just pissed at people like Alex Jones and his ilk making life that much more difficult for people like me – those actually diagnosed with schizophrenia. It seems when most writers hunt for a superlative for “crazy” they always walk the same tired path.

      • bariola

        I don’t believe he is an unwitting false flag. I think Jones knows exactly what he is doing, i.e., making anyone who questions government corruption look like a raving lunatic.

    • bariola

      Excellent post. Yes, Cesca absolutely threw out the baby with the bathwater. Yeah, the NSA spies on us 24/7 but if I complain about it, I must be one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists. I know, it’s a good thing that Big Brother spies on us 24/7 in violation of the 4rth Amendment because after all, the government has to protect us from Al Qaeda. Funny though how we are arming Al Qaeda and affiliates in Syria (sorry, those darling Syrian rebels, most of whom aren’t even Syrian) as we did in Libya. Is Al Qaeda our friend or enemy? Apparently, Al Qaeda terrorists are (mostly) clueless assets/patsies of the Western global corporatocracy.

      BTW, I do believe that Jones is controlled opposition, a la COINTELPRO. I suspected him for awhile but his performance on Piers Morgan capped it for me.

  • AuntInAZ

    I actually found myself laughing as I read this article, because it all seems so ridiculous. Unfortunately, when you really think about it, it’s not funny. It’s actually frightening that these people really exist in our society.

    • bariola

      I’m not a Jones follower, but it is truly frightening to me that people like yourself think that all is rosy and that our government can do no wrong.

      • AuntInAZ

        Please show me where and when I said that all is rosy and that our government can do no wrong? When you do that I will then respond properly.

        • bariola

          Excuse me? You denigrated all “conspiracy theorists,” so I assumed that you were either one of the zombies who believe in American Exceptionalism, or else you were a pompous asshole. A thousand pardons.

          • AuntInAZ

            Once again you claim I denigrated ‘all’ conspiracy theorists. I didn’t.

            The only pompous asshole in this equation is you. First you claim to know what I think, and then when I challenge your mistaken and badly thought out perception you call me a zombie and an asshole. Your sarcastic ‘apology’ is not accepted. You are actually defending conspiracy theorists who think the king of conspiracy theorists is a CIA double agent?
            Go troll someplace else.

          • bariola

            I know, it’s probably too much for your brain to digest. I suggest you look up the term COINTELPRO.

          • bariola

            Ya see, the worst I did here was insult you. You, on the other hand, labeled people who you deem to have untenable beliefs as being dangerous. When you label people as being dangerous for having beliefs that differ from your own, you are essentially acting no differently then a tyrant who labels political dissidents as being mentally ill and in need of “re-education.” At the least, such accusations can help set the stage for despotism at some later time.

            That is why I got so upset. It is one thing to say that someone has a laughable belief or that you think someone is a goofball, but when you label someone as being dangerous, then you are helping, in your own little way, to set the stage for tyranny.

            What is all the more irritating is that government corruption in this country is so deep, so much worse than the average person can imagine (and you don’t even have to invoke entities such as the Illuminati to come to this conclusion) and yet you dismiss people who believe in a plausible government psy op out of hand and even call them dangerous.

            So, I apologize for hurling insults at you. I care about this country and when I see most people I know more concerned about their hockey team or favorite reality TV show than the mega-banks repeatedly laundering literally billions of dollars in drug money and no one ever goes to jail, well, I can get a bit caustic at times.

            I’ve been researching government corruption for almost 5 years now and I have barely scratched the surface. I wouldn’t put anything past the mafiosas in D.C. (both parties of course) and that is no exaggeration. Have you ever heard of the Franklin cover-up in Omaha, NE during the late 80’s/early 90’s involving a nationwide child prostitution ring with connections to D.C.? If you haven’t, I suggest you go to, but only if you have a strong stomach. Of course, one might ask whatever happened to the investigation just a few years back re: hundreds of Pentagon employess downloading child porn. That got swept under the rug pretty quickly.

        • bariola

          I mean really, you mocked all conspiracy theorists without elaborating, but you want me to elaborate?

          • AuntInAZ

            I didn’t mock all conspiracy theorists without elaboration. But when you claim I think all is rosy and our government can do no wrong, yes I want an explanation of how you came to that conclusion. Nowhere do I say anything remotely approaching that, and when you claim to know what I think you have a problem, because apparently your mind reading antenna is broken.

          • bariola

            What laughable/frightening people are you referring to then?

  • kfreed

    Ah, so the crackpot chickens are coming home to roost. It couldn’t happen to a more sincere lunatic. May he reap what he sows.

  • Jacob

    The last paragraph is clearly just trying to throw us honest Americans off the trail of your trickery. I shall not be fooled!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Lemme off this crazy, high speed merry-go-round that is Alex Jones.

  • mdblanche

    Psych meds aren’t really a conspiracy you know. The CIA, KFC, and the Pope just told Jones to say that so there would be untreated psych patients going around spouting nonsense conspiracy theories to discredit the real ones. And it should be shiny side out unless the receivers are in your fillings.

    • bariola

      Guess you never heard of MK Ultra.

  • Groundloop

    Just another attempt by Big Conspiracy ™ to deflect attention away from the real puppet masters, the Knights Templar in league with Colonel Sanders. Yes, he’s still alive. There are lyrics in several Toad The Wet Sprocket songs that prove it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to settle an argument with a colleague as to whether a tin foil hat is most effective worn shiny side in, or out.

    Good day.

    • Bob Cesca

      “In league with Colonel Sanders” — love it.

    • Steven Skelton

      I see you fell for the Toad the Wet Sprocket ruse. Dig deeper. That’s what they wanted you to think.

  • Chez Pazienza

    I knew it! You’re in on it, man! Heavy. Incidentally, somebody over at HuffPo says you and I are made for each other. So I expect you’ll be canceling your wedding plans appropriately.

    • Draxiar

      HA! I saw that comment over there and thought you’d get a kick out of it.

    • Lady Willpower

      You read HuffPo comments? Are you mad?

    • Bob Cesca

      Another success story.

    • James Pekoll

      I haven’t gotten to that one yet. I did see the one where you worship the state. Right around the time they started using “enormous government” which sounds like “going to ‘ludicuous speed!'” Curious how everyone over at Huffpo refers to you as “the author” I guess Mr. Pazienza was too hard to cut and paste lol.

  • MontanaSid

    Thank you! You just made my morning! I am going to send this to my whack-a-doodle son-in-law in Billings.


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