Glenn Beck Pimps Gold in Wake of Boston Bombing

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Three seconds after the bombing of the Boston marathon, and Glenn Beck took to the airwaves to talk about the need to buy gold. And it’s definitely not that Goldline, the sponsors of his ‘network’ TheBlaze had anything to do with it (h/t Buzzfeed).

“The only thing I have to fear is the government, quite frankly,” said Beck. “The government lying to you, the media not telling the truth. I mean, gold is the original gold standard, and something doesn’t smell right. Such a currency of last resort that it’s so unstable that the central banks are buying it up. Let’s say this turns out to be a terrorist operation with multiple bombs around the city. The stock market tanking, things going awry — wouldn’t this exactly be like how it would happen? September 11, now that we are in this precarious situation, this is the way it will happen — it will happen really, really quickly. You better have a plan and know what you and your family are going to do in the time of more difficult days ahead.”

The logic is clear:

1. There was a bomb at the Boston Marathon

2. Therefore the government is coming to get you.

3. Therefore the end of the world is coming,

4. Therefore you need to buy gold because money will be irrelevant in the future.





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  • Victor_the_Crab

    Go and fuck yourself, Beck!

  • kfreed

    Um… “Paulson Gold Bet Loses Almost $1 Billion: Chart of Day” via Bloomberg News April 15.

    Shouldn’t gold bug Beck be broke, too, right about now? Or is this just a suckers game?

  • kfreed

    Um… “Paulson Gold Bet Loses Almost $1 Billion: Chart of Day”: html

    Shouldn’t Glenn Beck be broke now, too? Or is he just counting on helping to fleece more suckers?

  • histrogeek

    Especially crazy is that gold was tanking yesterday. Worst single day for it in history.

    • Michael J. West

      That’s not crazy, that’s the whole point. Beck was pimping gold BECAUSE the price fell. Know what drives it back up? More people buying it.


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