Big Fan of Alex Jones? Congratulations, You’re a F***ing Idiot

tinfoil hat

I truly hate who we are these days.

No, you haven’t accidentally stumbled onto my last column here, the one having to do with small-time news doof A.J. Clemente. This, believe it or not, is an entirely different piece, but unfortunately the overarching feeling I get when discussing the subject I’m about to get into is pretty much the same: It’s a frustrating and occasionally infuriating belief that something in our culture might be damaged beyond repair, that we may have reached a point of no return when it comes to our ability to combine stupidity with arrogance and then to transmit it worldwide so that it can seek out the likeminded and create a kind of hive-mind of crazy.

Over the weekend, I watched a movie that’s both endlessly fascinating and more than a little disturbing. It’s called Room 237 and it details just a few of the various theories surrounding the making and meaning of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic, The Shining. The film is a documentary and features a series of interviews with five people you hear from but never actually see, each of whom has a different take on the movie and the supposed subtext he or she believes Kubrick was intentionally trying to get across within its story.

The whole thing starts off innocently enough, with a couple of silly but harmless one-sided discussions casting The Shining as a possible allegory for the Holocaust or as sly symbolism for the ways in which humans can’t seem to escape the past. But as things proceed, the theories and speculation unleashed by the unseen speakers become more and more outlandish; it all goes farther and farther down the rabbit hole until, eventually, you begin to realize that at least one of the guys being interviewed firmly believes that, through The Shining, Kubrick was trying to tell the world that he had been involved in the faking of the moon landing. The details within the movie that lead him to this hypothesis and then confirm it over and over again are, needless to say, the kind of thing most people would look at and either not see at all or would dismiss outright. But this guy gets it. He sees what you don’t. He knows what it all means. And he’s sure the government is now afraid of him because he knows.

Yeah, completely fucking nuts.

Here’s the thing, though: Somebody made a movie about this guy, a movie that allowed him to broadcast his baseless paranoia to the world and I guarantee that it’ll only rally the equally delusional to his cause, or at the very least provide a kind of psychic safe harbor to those who embrace and espouse his particular conspiracy theory (and no doubt others like it). Now, years ago this wouldn’t have been anything worth fretting over; there have always been dumb, gullible people intent on dismissing reality in favor of some carefully crafted fantasy that they or somebody else pulled out of the clouds and spun into something that sounds plausible enough to be true. Years ago, the majority of the people who saw Room 237 would’ve been rightly laughing out loud at, or at least feeling sorry for, the man who watched The Shining and immediately knew in his heart that Stanley Kubrick was trying to confess to his role in perpetrating the biggest cover-up in human history. And I have no doubt that most people, even now, react to moon-landing guy exactly that way.

But it seems more and more like we’ve entered an age in which the beliefs of the paranoid are finding not necessarily greater acceptance but certainly wider dissemination within our culture. This is due mostly to the fracturing and democratization of media, which has created a niche press that’s often devoid of the kind of oversight and sense of responsibility that used to keep the information we received at the very least somewhat tethered to reality. Basically, anybody can say anything these days and beam it out to the world; if they’ve got enough bucks or enough bandwidth, the voices from the fringe can be as loud as those who actually give a crap about being respectable broadcasters. This is a problem. But it becomes a real problem when the fringe idiots — or worse, the hucksters who’ve learned to exploit the fringe idiots — are allowed to hijack the mainstream conversation.

A couple of weeks ago, professional lunatic asshole Alex Jones turned the vital question-and-answer portion of a news conference immediately following the Boston Marathon bombing into a farce when a dipshit pretend reporter from his InfoWars website — a site which acts as a clearing house for every kind of conspiracy theory imaginable — started bombarding the governor of Massachusetts with accusations of “false flag” terrorism and claims that the bombing was a government plot to take away our civil liberties. It was the breakthrough, I’m sure, that Jones had been waiting for: when he hit the big time by subverting a mainstream news event; when he got to see his microphone receiving equal placement alongside all the reputable press outlets in America. It was, however, for the rest of us, a moment that held a different kind of significance, a much darker one. Glenn Beck had already made a fortune and gotten himself on the cover of Time magazine by ranting like a mental patient night after night on national television and during his radio show, playing the role of the schizophrenic conspiracist. Jones, though, was and is something altogether different. He seems to truly believe the horseshit he’s shoveling and his audience isn’t made up merely of elderly white Christians, resentful of the successes of “others” and terrified of the changes they see in the world around them. His audience is those people and more, not just the outraged right-wing Christians but the nihilistic hipsters, the heavily armed preppers, the pompous outcasts, the strident and insufferable libertarians, even, occasionally, the boy-crazy tween crowd. They all, it seems, hang onto this idiot’s every word. And they’re so batshit crazy that they cannot be reasoned with.

The problem is that we now live in a country where fame is its own reward and the ability to draw attention, for many, automatically implies that there’s something there that deserves having attention drawn to it. Last week, Matt Drudge, who himself traffics in nonsense, proclaimed this “the year of Alex Jones.” Meanwhile, even though they don’t always stoop to citing him by name, our state and national lawmakers often push the same kind of crap Jones does. It may have no basis in reality whatsoever, but the politically cynical on the right know full well that an expertly promoted conspiracy theory can score huge political points with the base, which is both clueless and terrified enough to believe anything. Even Glenn Beck is back from relative obscurity to take a shot at wresting his old Mad Prophet of the Airwaves crown away from Jones, a guy he considers his archenemy. And none of this is even taking into consideration the giant fountain of crap that is Facebook and Twitter; there’s no better means of disseminating ludicrous alternative theories of everything to likeminded losers than through social media.

So what’s the result of all this groundless conjecture, this paranoid insanity passed off as information that truly deserves to be taken seriously? The world of the conspiracy theorist, the place where ignorance and arrogance meet, since there’s no bigger idiot than a guy who believes that the Boston Marathon bombing never happened, and that guy ironically always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room — what happens when that begins bleeding into the real world? Well, for some, it truly does become tough to tell what’s real and what isn’t anymore. It’s not the government, with its supposed secret machinations and subservience to the Illuminati or whatever-the-hell, that winds up clouding reality and leaving those who only skim the news trying to figure out what’s up and what’s down; it’s the sensational, irrational bullshit dispensed by Alex Jones and his mentally unhinged shock-troops.

And good luck arguing with them. Trying to make someone see reason who considers it a point of pride that he’s unwilling to believe anything his eyes see and his ears hear is like trying to explain how the Large Hadron Collider works to a four-year-old. If you honestly think that chem trails are for real and that 9/11 was in inside job, there’s just no hope for you. Debunking your views one-by-one would be useless, since the beauty of a conspiracy theory is that it’s a self-reinforcing delusion. Best to just laugh at you or call you a fucking idiot to your face and be done with it.

It really does feel like we’re living in a new golden age of conspiracy theory, but if you’re not someone who buys into this nonsense, then all hope isn’t lost; it’s just going to require a tenacious and muscular push-back from the rest of us, the sane ones, against the tide of blatant crazy. If you think virtuoso liars like Alex Jones, professional hucksters like Glenn Beck, and that poor, dumb, InfoWars meme-circulating friend of yours on Facebook are speaking the truth, then you’re probably already too far gone. But if not, then congratulations, you’ve officially been drafted into the Army of Reason.

Your country needs you. We need you. Somebody has to fight back in the name of sanity — and in the name of reality. Because maybe we haven’t, in fact, reached the point of no return in our culture, that place where stupidity and lunacy have finally triumphed.

No, Stanley Kubrick didn’t help fake the moon landing. No, he wasn’t telling us he helped fake the moon landing in The Shining. No, the moon landing was never faked in the first place. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron, although not an offensive one. If you loudly proclaim that the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing were actors, some of whom were already missing limbs in order to make the whole supposed charade look convincing, then you’re a moron and an offensive one and you should probably be forcibly locked in a room with the first Boston cops on-scene and the parents of eight-year-old Martin Richard.

Maybe that would teach you to finally believe what’s right in front of your fucking face.

  • Craig Peters

    This bit nails it — with a sledgehammer: “The problem is that we now live in a country where fame is its own reward and the ability to draw attention, for many, automatically implies that there’s something there that deserves having attention drawn to it.”

  • DSB

    Is it a coincidence, or do all followers/commenters of infowars have THE most atrocious spelling and grammar? Way to make a case for yourselves.

    • Chris Melton

      Wow! The world you know is falling apart around you and you concern yourself more with someone’s grammar. Let us make sure you take an English book to your grave so you can continue to teach the dead about it. If you ask nicely, one may throw in the internet too, so you can blog about grammar as much as you want, in your 3×7 buried sanctuary.

  • Chris Swain

    Thanks for the article, I didn’t read it but I really like the title! People like Alex Jones and Brian Greene of AMTV should be arrested for inciting violence and riots among morons.

  • yawn

    Everyone has an agenda. Chaz (who names their kid chaz? Seriously, my condolences) has an agenda. Alex Jones has an agenda. Main Stream media has an agenda.

    The problem comes from the fact that neither side is particularly credible. One is a mouth piece for state propaganda and the other is a mouth piece for their own private interests. Chaz is a mouthpiece for his own opinions, right or wrong.

    One thing, I would like to point out, though. Is that it’s easy to dismiss everything someone says as “conspiracy banter”, like conspiracy is some bad word. But the fact is the man does raise good points about civil liberties, which ARE being trampled in a very real and visible way. It’s no longer a secret that the NSA has been spying on its citizens. These are not conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy fact.

    Does Alex Jones go off the deep end when he starts talking about globalist cabals wanting to reduce the world’s population by 90%? Yeah, he definitely does, and that’s the sensationalism that makes people tune him out and write him off. He’s like the anti-bill O’Reilly. Jones is often pandering. I don’t think there’s any way around that. He’s pandering to what we want to hear in these more difficult times, to give us an abject enemy to scrutinize. THAT SAID, The Federal Reserve DOES need to be reigned in, Special interest groups DO have WAY too much political power. etc, etc, these ARE problems in the current system.

    WHat I’m getting it, is that some of the issues he touches on are very real and very much a problem. A small part of it is often sensationalist pandering, banging on the desk, and acting like an idiot and what not… But it’s stupid to dismiss EVERYTHING someone says just because they say something you don’t like, regardless of its validity.

    I personally don’t watch Jones. He’s “too much”. But there are plenty of guys out there who report on the real issues he does touch on without the ridiculous rhetoric and the desk pounding.. ugh..

  • NorgesMannen

    Alex jones and his sheep followers never questions anything…
    they just assume their first conclusion that pops up in their mind is true.

    i dont need people like alex jones, jesse ventura or david icke to tell me that there is soimething seriously wrong going on behind the scenes.
    use your free will and think for your selves!

  • kula

    First of all let me say im not an Alex Jones fan that being said i do agree that some recent appear to have been staged.When people say events were staged or a false flag happened they are in no way denying that the events happened or that people actually died.What they are trying to say is the event was planned beforehand by a third party to accomplish some task, which is usually to make money or to change a law. Having said that i would also like to say i do not by any means believe this true of every disaster that happens or even most them. But if you truly believe that planned disasters are a myth and never happen well then your stupid. Go read a book sometime and you will see planned disasters and are a very common thing throughout history.

  • qwertyuhn

    Your website uses the stupid term-for-morons “banter” in its title. Pot Kettle Black.

  • Chris Melton

    Bwahahahaha.. Poor little baby Chez seems a little jealous of one ” Alex Jones!” Beep Beep Beep……..Does not compute does not compute… Either continue to be a journalist robot Chez or just bury your head in the sand like the rest of the sheep in this country acting like ostriches turning a blind eye to BIG BROTHER… Conspiracy Theorist is nothing more than two derogatory words combined together to belittle a critical and awake thinker…There’s only one dumb ass in this article… The one that wrote it

    • cannonhero

      It’s funny because this post predicted your comment.

  • Chris Melton

    Bwahahahaha.. Poor little baby Chez seems a little jealous of one ” Alex Jones!” Beep Beep Beep……..Does not compute does not compute… Either continue to be a journalist robot Chez or just bury your head in the sand like the rest of the sheep in this country acting like ostriches turning a blind eye to BIG BROTHER… Conspiracy Theorist is nothing more than two derogatory words combined together to belittle a critical and awake thinker…There’s only one dumb ass in this article… The one that wrote it

  • Chris Melton

    Bwahahahaha.. Poor little baby Chez seem a little jealous of one ” Alex Jones!” Beep Beep Beep……..Does not compute does not compute… Either continue to be a journalist robot Chez or just bury your head in the sand like the rest of the sheep in this country acting like ostriches turning a blind eye to BIG BROTHER… Conspiracy Theorist is nothing more than two derogatory words combined together to belittle a critical and awake thinker…There’s only one dumb ass in this article… The one that wrote it

  • Collin237

    Everybody has something they’re unrealistic about. If you’re serious about rallying most people against the insanity of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, you’ll have to cut your losses and stop dissing religion.

  • Daniel Iacobucci

    What the fuck is up with this post? Dude, he’s watching over your liberty and fighting for it as well. Yes, he gets paranoid and a bit dramatic, but he’s fighting for our rights that are slowly being taken away. Why would you write a hate article on a man like that? I look at three people in Modern America as the Modern Founding Fathers; Alex is Benjamin Franklin, Jessie Ventura is George Washington, and Ron Paul is Thomas Jefferson. By hating Alex Jones, you are basically saying fuck Benjamin and fuck freedom! So, who paid you to write this article and which branch of government do you work for :)

  • Tim

    This is the year of Alex Jones.

    The corruption, something the CIA will tell you is a conspiracy theory, has been exposed for over a decade by Alex Jones and now we have many documents backing up the statements given by CIA whistle-blowers 12 years ago.
    To continue to try to debase these accusations of corruption after all that has come to light regarding Kennedy, NSA spying of American Citizens ETC… by name calling and not an iota of fact to debate with puts you in the paid government op category, which is better than the other diagnoses, mental retardation.
    Only a fool would take the mainstream government media seriously, or the government for that matter when they have apologized for lying to you so many times before when someone blew the whistle.
    At this point American citizens are like an abused wife who just cant realize if she does not leave she will eventually be beaten to death, but her boyfriend, our government keeps telling her he will try harder and will never hit her again.

    To the low-life who wrote this article. People are waking up, and the awakened will not fall asleep again. It is only a matter of time before we take back our country and propagandist like you will spend your remaining days paying off your debt to this country in the labor camps you call a conspiracy theory. We will issue tin foil hats at intake. ;-)

  • sceptic99

    I agree with what you say about Alex Jones. The very same can be said about you.

  • Tucker Smith

    Oddly enough, this was a very uplifting read for me. My urge to pump my fist and say “fuck yeah” was at nearly insurmountable levels for the entire 5 minutes it took me to work through this greatness.

    Earlier today, while trying to do a bit of research for a paper I’m writing, I made the mistake of typing “Henry Kissinger” into the YouTube search bar. It then took me a solid additional 2-3 minutes to find an ACTUAL video of the man conducting a real interview. During that period I was astonished to see that the top 5 (and a great many more after) were all conspiratared bullshit about lizards, and vampires, and something about shape-shifting…. I think. Which would’ve been all good and well, except for the fact that some of the videos in question had literally MILLIONS OF VIEWS. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the implications of so many incredulously deranged morons existing on this planet, but whatever those implications are, they surely can’t be good.

    I really hope you’re right about society having not eclipsed the “point of no return” here, but knowing that there are at least enough people willing to believe Dr. Kissinger is an evil shape-shifting-Jewish-lizard-vampire for it to impose on my daily life, is a bit depressing. To say the least.

    • Tim

      These types of nut job theories are mixed with actual corruption by Co-intel to make the guy blowing the whistle on politicians look crazy, which would work great if Alex Jones believed in any of what you just stated.
      There are many proven conspiracies, there are many with mountains of evidence to back them up, and then there is what you mentioned, actual conspiracy theories consisting of make believe aliens and lizards.
      Infowars has not endorsed any conspiracy that has been debunked or any of what you have cited, they all have mountains of evidence to back them up, but nice try lumping infowars in with the Alien lizard shape shifting folks..

      • Tucker Smith

        You’re right, infowars is clearly just a shining beacon of journalistic credibility drowning in a sea of undue slander.

        Never mind the fact that their entire business model – and quite a successful one at that, bringing in approximately $8

        • Tucker Smith

          $8,000,000 in FY2012 – is built through the parasitic exploitation of real people suffering actual tragedies (I.e. Newton, aurora, September 11, Boston etc.).

          • Tucker Smith

            Surely if you were to expend 1/10th of the effort you use to scrutinize the story lines in the Alex Jones fantasy factory, you’d realize you’re being hosed through the exact same tactics he accuses others of employing.

          • Tim

            Still waiting for this epiphany you claim to have for me. lol
            and waiting, and waiting….
            I do my homework so if you want to challenge something Infowars has released I would be more than happy to embarrass you on your own website. If you can do nothing more than name calling and making unsupported allegations, I can get my 6 year old nephew to debate you. lol

          • Tim

            It took 3 reply’s to come up with exactly 0 evidence to discredit Infowars. This is really sad. As the mainstream media uses the slaughter of children in an attempt to push an authoritarian gun control measure through the house, you are going to tell me that Infowars uses these tragedies to push an agenda? Tell me just what bill is Alex going to push through the Senate? lol

            The fact that you know the annual income of Infowars indicates that you are actively seeking out information in an attempt to slander Infowars. The multiple post is a tell tale sign of co-intel, and the fact that you are on this hilarious site confirms it all the more.
            I will tell you just as I tell the others.The world is waking up, and when this country is restored and the head criminals, your boss’s, are arrested we will immediately begin going after anyone who consciously attempted to subvert our Constitution and spread ignorant government propaganda to the people of the United States of America.

            I will see you are put behind bars where you belong.

            What a joke, I bet when somebody ask where you work and what you do, you say I work for the CIA, but it is classified, when in actuality you type subversive comments all day against the people of the United States, pretending to fight terrorist. Not only will this job lead you no where in life, it will lead to your lawful imprisonment.
            Give me all information on your unit, your supervisors name, rank, and position, how many are in your unit and any and all reading material you have been given regarding the guidelines for your propagandizing comment criteria and I will personally see to it that you are not arrested as long as you testify and turn federal evidence.
            Snowden had much more intelligence and integrity as you do and I suspect you will have to learn the hard way.

          • Tucker Smith


            I’d tell you to take your meds, but something tells me you probably think there’s a shadowy cabal of doctors after your civil liberties as well.

        • Tim

          Build your business model on freedom and you too could be successful, unfortunately your job consist of pushing a slavery agenda on innocent people. See where that takes you.

  • wally58

    Hey, Chaz, F YOU, ROAD TOAD. Take you character assassination drivel back to your federal gov’t desk and dream about murdering more kids at Waco. You have the brain of a retarded gnat. That should make your carrier as a gov’t mole VERY LONG AND PRODUCTIVE. Jones has accomplished MORE in his short 15 year career than you will ever do in 10 lifetimes. By the way, what does your trash job pay and which gov’t org pays you for this crap?

    • ThePanicMan

      0/10, too obvious. You fool nobody into thinking you’re an actual conspiratard. Your Troll-Fu is sloppy!

      • wally58

        Do what?

  • Selvos

    No thanks.

    I see everything you’re saying, but i’d just rather watch this country burn.

    • villemar

      I guess there was something to Jokerism after all. Some people really do just want to watch the world burn.

    • villemar

      So do you always wear the whole Joker regalia, or just partially, like the red-dyed hair of the Aurora shooter?

  • HeevenSteven

    I agree; but push-back is useless with these whackos. I’ve wasted way too many hours in the last decade debating those truther nudnicks. They have black holes in their rabbit holes; there’s no getting them out.

    • Tim

      Hard to argue facts and government documents with name calling huh? lol

  • William Hunter Duncan

    Just read your piece on the Huffpost. Between you and Bob Cesca, if Alex Jones is really as bad as you say he is, that would make you and Bob pure bred apologists for the State.

    • villemar

      As one of the Elders of the Killuminati, I can attest to both men’s active role in out ancient and global organization.

  • rpdiplock

    The writer might believe in his own little minds-eye that he is some sort of sage. I would however counsel Einstein and suggest that one would have to have rocks in their head to believe that any steel-framed building could self-pulverise into dust. Or, that a steel-framed, 47 story building could collapse into its own footprint due to an ‘office-fire’. Junior physics could have taught you that it was impossible. Even a moron firing on one neuron should question the validity of a fairy-tale.

    • i_am_allwrite

      You do realize you’re proving his point for him, right?

    • Chez Pazienza

      Bwahahahaha! (Sorry but I’m contemplating responding to every indignant, steam-from-the-ears pro-*DR.* Paul comment I’m getting at the Huffington Post with laughter and I figured I’d test it out here.)

      • rpdiplock

        I suspect that you need ‘the operation.’ The operation where – they sever the cord connecting your ocular nerves to your anal tract. It might rectify your shitty outlook.

        Good luck!

        • News Nag

          So funny that YOU mention “a moron firing on one neuron”.

      • SexBobOmb

        I think you should go the AJ Delgado from Mediaite route. Freeze new comments, respond to many by calling people idiots, delete the ones that make logical, profanity free critiques while banning them not just by handle but also IP,.

        Or maybe not. That shit really pissed me off.

    • Tim

      Look the building dropped at terminal velocity meaning if you dropped a bowling ball at the same time they would hit the ground approximately at the same time. This means there was no resistance but air, as in a controlled demolition, not the loss of speed from the pancake conspiracy.

      Building 7 imploded like building 1 and 2 from a fire in the southeast corner. It fell symmetrically, physically impossible without a computer generated demolition.

      If you bring up building 7 now, people do not know what you are talking about as this was all left out of the mainstream media because it is one of the many smoking guns.

      The fact that they did not mention a third skyscraper being dropped at all has awakened more people then alarm clocks. The governments conspiracy theory of men in caves doing what no engineer could accomplish is crumbling..

  • js hooper

    I will forever live in shame for having actually been a member of Alex Jones’ cult during the dark days of Bush.

    I had just graduated high school and was becoming politically aware for the 1st time. Youtube had just become popular and I was drawn in to this screaming maniac telling me things that scared the shit out of me.I would spend hours every night during the summer watching conspiracy videos on “TheTruthChannel” (lol)

    I remember telling my parents how Bush was behind 9/11…how he was gunna impose martial law and declare himself emperor for life (like palpatine in star wars)….I “learned” all this bullshit from my cult leader. I had become so emotionally involved in these fantasies that I couldn’t even talk to regular people without trying to “spread the word”.

    It was really like a religious cult. I don’t know what happened but over time I snapped out of it and began trying to convince fellow cult members that Alex Jones was full of shit an

    • Tim

      Wow so many people with so much to say about Infowars but still have yet to hear one piece of evidence that Infowars has put out any false information. Considering the Pentagon monitors every word from AJ’s mouth looking for a slip up and still have not found one speaks volumes for Infowars.
      The same can not be said for mainstream media.

      Your problem lies here. You are a repeater. You watch videos, and read articles written by men whom have done research, and base your conclusion on theirs.
      When I started listening to AJ I was appalled at his accusations so much that I read the 3,000 page legislation containing said accusations.
      I have yet to be let down by Alex’s information. It is all solid and backed up with official government documents.
      If I didn’t know any better I would say you are a government troll. Anyone who would immediately believe Alex’s statements without doing the research is a sheep, just as much as those of you who take the mainstream medias word, and if you spent the time to do so you would come to the conclusion I have.
      Alex’s interest are identical to mine while the mainstream media and U.S. governments are directly related.
      I will stick with AJ and Infowars thanks.
      Anyone who wants to contest facts, I am right here with an arsenal of links. Unfortunately they are very long boring government documents and not YOUTUBE videos so you probably wont research.

  • kfreed

    As it happens, Wonkette had the following up on this very day, April 29, 2013:

    “‘Irate Boston Man’ Unloads Epic Rant At Alex Jones Acolyte, Earning Love & Gratitude Of Millions”

    VIDEO: “Here for your enjoyment are four minutes and ten seconds of America’s Newest Hero, the as-yet unidentified man heard here calling InfoWars “reporter” Dan Bidondi — and his boss infamous turd nugget Alex Jones — the most delightful variety of swears captured on video since whenever Susie Essman was last on Curb Your Enthusiasm…”

    Look it up. That there is how it’s done.

    • Chez Pazienza

      Yeah, I watched that late yesterday as I was wrapping this up. Great, great stuff.

  • David Latona

    Just wait till dipshit Bidondi shows up screeching. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

    I truly hate who we are these days would make a fine tattoo.

  • SexBobOmb

    A fabulous take down, Chez. The comments, I’m certain, are about to get…uh…entertaining.

  • trixie1223

    I am more concerned with the President calling someone to congratulate them for being gay. We have become an over-coddled nation, where everyone wants to suckle at the breast of society. It’s sickening.

    • Chez Pazienza

      And I’m concerned that Sir Alex’s recent defense of Wayne Rooney wasn’t full-throated enough and that could mean Rooney’s future with Man Utd is still up in the air. But given that it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the subject at hand I have no idea why I’m bringing it up here.

      • trixie1223

        Chez, I am in full agreement with you and the article was well written. The conspiracy theorists have run amok and are annoyingly distracting to say the least. I guess my original comment had nothing to do with your article.

        • Chez Pazienza

          Not a problem. : )

          • Chez Pazienza

            I love how I get a down vote because I for once tried to be nice.

          • nicole

            Don’t try. It’s annoying when the idiot you’re nice to has insulted others on your site. The fact that she decided to suck up to you should engender even less respect for her on your part.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Commenter says something off topic (and dumb).
            Blogger calls them on it..
            Commenter acknowledges what they posted was off topic.
            Blogger says all is good, no worries.
            Another commenter steps in to call them idiot and brown noser.

            To what purpose?

          • SexBobOmb

            ^It’s the internet. You know, assholes.

          • villemar

            To befuddle your Aspergarian mind. Congratulations, it worked!

    • Sean Richardson

      Yes, we should definitely get Jason Collins to stop taking money from the government. He’s a highly paid athlete who has been playing professionally for more than a decade! And I assume you have proof for this accusation that he’s suckling at the breast of society, right?

      • trixie1223

        Sean, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Money? Government? Huh?

        • News Nag

          Yes, please to explain “coddle”, though what I think it means to you is that someone besides YOU is getting the attention that you so desperately crave from someone. Daddy, perhaps?

          • trixie1223

            I gotcher daddy right here, news nag. Idiot.

    • i_am_allwrite

      Trixie, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, do you think people congratulated him for being black, or for being the first black major-leaguer? When Sally Ride returned to Earth, was she lauded for being a woman, or the first woman astronaut? Being first is a big deal, and the president’s call–to congratulate Collins on being the first openly gay professional athlete in one of the four major sports leagues, which is quite a bit different than congratulating him for being gay–acknowledged that. Are you intentionally obtuse, or just an idiot?

      Who’s being coddled here, let alone over-coddled? Watch an NBA game sometime–it’ll help you realize that blacks aren’t really lazy (which is the only explanation I can come up for your coddling comment).

      And who’s suckling on the nation’s nipple? Jason Collins has made $30 million over the past decade–he’s paid in WAY more to the nation’s coffers than he’s ever going to take out. Is it really so important to you to express your disapproval of the president and gays that you need to do it in a forum that was talking about neither?

      Jesus, woman, get help.

      • Steven Skelton

        Sally Ride wasn’t the first woman in space. Jackie Robinson wasn’t the first black major league baseball player.

        Just sayin’.

        • i_am_allwrite

          I didn’t say Sally Ride was the first woman in space, I said she was the first woman astronaut. Which she was. And with all due respect to Fleet Walker, the American Association was to major league baseball what the USFL was to top-tier professional football.

          • Lady Willpower

            Doesn’t matter. Skelton will concern-troll you to death NO MATTER WHAT.

          • News Nag

            Ride wasn’t the first woman astronaut because there was NO DIFFERENCE between an astronaut and a cosmonaut. Your Fleet Walker comment is more on the mark.

        • i_am_allwrite

          And really, what was up with that comment? Are you losing some interior battle against the urge to be a dick, or are you a dick on purpose?

          • Chez Pazienza

            He’s incapable of not being a contrarian troll. Seriously, don’t bother.

      • trixie1223

        I don’t need any help. Collins is no Jackie Robinson. Collins is a grown man. Everyone is treating him like a 4 year old. And when I said people suckle off of society I didn’t mean for money, you fool. I meant they need constant nurturing and approval. So, due to your non-ability to understand my original post, you’ve labeled me a racist, a bigot, and an idiot. So much for tolerance. You just proved with your own post that you are the idiot.

        • i_am_allwrite

          In what way are people treating him like a 4-year old? More to the point, how do you take people offering sincere congratulations and support to someone who had the courage to do something that no one before him has done, and conclude from it that Jason Collins–who asked for none of that support–needs constant nurturing and approval? As you’re seemingly personally aware, some people will NEVER approve of him. He just put a huge bulls-eye on his back: that’s a far cry from asking to be coddled.

          Your initial statement–that the president called to “congratulate him on being gay”–was inaccurate. It’s very presence on this forum was questionable. The conclusions you reached make no sense whatsoever. All of that, plus the angry tone, led me to conclude that you’re hostile to gays, and also stupid. Seriously, this has nothing to do with you. Why are you so worked up that you need to bring it into a discussion about conspiracy theorists?

          I’m not universally tolerant: I tend to be hostile towards judgmental morons. If I hurt your feelings, blame Chez. I was only answering his call to arms in the battle against “stupidity and lunacy.” Maybe he got me a little too fired up.

          • nicole

            “Maybe he got me a little too fired up.”

            Nah. Trixie deserved every word.

          • i_am_allwrite


        • villemar

          Derailment Troll is Unsuccessful.

        • John Michael Hall

          This letter appeared in the Times-Leader newspaper out of Wilkes-Barre today:

          We hear a lot about rights. Nowadays, everybody wants their rights. They want our government to pass laws to protect and defend their “rights.”

          Minorities want their rights. If they don’t get their rights, they’ll call you a bigot.

          Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders all want their rights. Anyone who doesn’t grant their rights is labeled a homophobe. Illegal immigrants and foreigners all want their rights. If they don’t get the rights they think they’re entitled to, you get labeled a xenophobe.

          I’m just wondering if there’s a politician out there who will work as hard to protect my rights; my rights as a white middle-aged, English-speaking, Bible-believing Christian, heterosexual male.

          Maybe I shouldn’t be so naive as to expect too much from our local-yokel elected representatives.Maybe I would have to consider packing up and moving to the Bible belt or to the Republic of Texas. Then maybe I could meet people of my species who are actually concerned for the future of this country and for preserving and defending our American heritage.

          Curt Piazza


          Because as a poor, oppressed white man whose has been forced by society to keep his religion and heterosexuality under wraps, living a secret life, denied access to public places b/c of his pigment….wait, none of these things have happened?

          What is “our American Heritage” anyway? Species? What, anyone who isn’t a White Christian male isn’t human now? Why are some people so against homosexuals from being able to live their life freely? Being gay/lesbian isn’t a crime. Collins has helped take a step to hopefully bring more education, understanding, and possibly acceptance. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

    • D_C_Wilson

      The President didn’t call Collins to congratulate him “for being gay”. He called to congratulate him for having the courage for being the first openly gay player in major league sports.

      Within hours of coming out the closet, Collins had been attacked by several people in the media, including at least one ESPN host. The president was acknowledging the courage that it took for Collins to face this kind of discrimination.

      In what way is this coddling him?

  • Leo Roybal

    Chez, thank you man. Great piece. I can’t even count the times a day I
    face palm reading the shit people post on Facebook. I worked with a guy
    that ate this shit up by the bucket full. It broke my heart while
    simultaneously pissing me off to no end. He is a good guy but he got
    sucked into this insane world that Glen beck, Mike Gallagher, and the
    like created. I will keep marching on in the army of reason my friend.

    • ah s

      Like the NSA is collecting everyones data with facebook, google and microsft on board. Google also is involved with Inqtel, DARPA and the military. Nutcase…

      “Google acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics-design company, in a deal that significantly enhances the search giant’s robotics expertise.

      Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the newspaper
      reported that Boston Dynamics will honor its existing contracts with the
      Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, the U.S. military arm that funded portions of the company’s research”