That Time When George W. Bush Got All Those People Killed, AKA The Iraq War


Today is the 10th anniversary of one of the dumbest decisions in the history of the world. George W. Bush – enabled by a compliant Congress of Democrats and Republicans – made the decision to invade and occupy Iraq, which posed no threat to the United States or its international allies.

As a result of this bad decision, thousands of American service people are dead, in addition to thousands of Iraqi citizens caught in the crossfire. As a result of this horrible choice, our country was more vulnerable and the perpetrators of the worst terrorist attack on America were allowed to flourish.

While most Americans now believe the war was wrong, there is still a significant minority, especially on the right, who still bitterly clings to the fairytale that Bush, Cheney, and company sold us.

I can kind of understand that. To repudiate the Iraq War, the rock that the modern right lashed itself to for almost a decade, is to admit that you ideologically fought for nothing for years. In that situation, it is far less psychologically damaging to continue wallowing in fiction.

But in the real world, those American soldiers and Iraqis are still very dead. They died for no good reason, a violation of the sacred oath of office and the reason why George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the world’s worst leaders.

Bush is ultimately responsible for the final decision to go to war, the failed strategy to secure the country, and the repeated disaster of the occupation (including torture). But he wouldn’t have been able to do those things without a spineless Congress – particularly the Democratic Party – enabling him. People like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid and Dick Gephardt have done good and will continue to do good, but Iraq will always be a permanent blood-stained blot on their records. Many of us knew at the time that the Iraq War was the wrong war at the wrong time, and our representatives in Congress (especially the Democrats) should have done better.

In this life, Bush will apparently wile away his twilight years doing infantile things like painting dogs (other ex-presidents of both parties again outshine this failure of a human being even in this endeavor), but in the next world I am certain that the souls of those he sacrificed at the altar of his political fortunes will haunt him for eternity.


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  • Michael F. Coleman

    First Bush v Gore, then 9/11 and the Iraq War. Three Strikes in the GOP coffin.

    • Dennis

      100% correct, Michael.

      And those are the three top reasons why John Kerry won the 2004 election.

      • The Dark Avenger

        And the reason why Republicans haven’t won the popular vote in the last two Presidential elections.

        • Dennis

          Yeah, DA, when Obama told us about the ‘shellacking’ the Democratic Party received in the 2010 mid-terms, he must’ve somehow forgotten to mention that it came from the GOP coffin that Michael just told us about.


          • The Dark Avenger

            Aren’t you mistaking that for the recent shellacking that the Republican party took in 2012, Denny Boo-Boo?

            I like how you have to drag in elections from 3 and 9 years ago in order to make some sort of point, besides the one on top of your head.

          • Dennis

            No in response to your first question.

            And to your second idiotic point, perhaps you were channeling your inner Zython being late to the thread and totally clueless, but if you hadn’t noticed, I was responding to Michael’s post in which he absurdly named three incidences from 2000, 2001 and 2003 as being three strikes in the GOP coffin. If that was the case, Bush would not have won in 2004, and Republicans would not have shellacked Dems in 2010.

            You are not very bright, DA. Stop Googling and try to actually learn.

          • The Dark Avenger

            I’m sorry, Dennis, that you’re forced to take time from your MOTU lifestyle to respond to little ol’ me.

            Have a good life, Dennis.

          • Dennis

            “Little ol’ me”??

            You’re not little, DA, you’re just not all that bright. You might have to work a little harder, but this is America and you can still succeed with a little determination. If you actually want to, of course.

            And, hey, a Democratic president who is focused like a laser beam on creating jobs…..that has to have you fired up and ready for action, am I right?

          • The Dark Avenger

            You’re not little, DA, you’re just not all that bright

            Yet, you have to keep responding to me, Dennis.

            Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?

            you can still succeed with a little determination. If you actually want to, of course.

            Dennis, I give back to my community, not merely in the taxes I pay from my part-time job and other self-employment income, but by volunteering, by being the marketing director of the local Friends of the Porterville Library group, and by other things I won’t go into here because I don’t want to use up a lot of Ollies’ bandwidth here.

            I live in a middle-class part of town, not the west side where all the snobs live, I eat well, and I get to do pretty much what I want, in return for being a househusband and doing tasks and duties that neither are too consuming of time and effort. I dunno about other people, but that’s certainly success, in my book.

            As for Obama, unlike Rush Limbaugh, I don’t want him to fail. I’m afraid that he thinks that he can charm the Republicans into going along with him because he really doesn’t know how petty many of them are. He doesn’t like to imagine that people as petty as you can exist. I do wish he was more realistic about the existence of the weasels who pollute the political discourse because of their racial/class-based faux grievances, as you do on this blog with almost every post.

            If I didn’t know any better, I would think that your continued existence as a cubicle office serf is beginning to wear on you. You apparently have no hobbies except golf and trolling.

            That’s why you should go on with your life, and not worry about lil’ ole me. Why you think a mans’ measure is linked to his income is beyond me.

            Logically that would lead one to conclude that, for example, J. Paul Getty contributed more to society than Gandhi, Dorothy Dix, or a number of other people I could mention.

            You don’t really believe that, do you, Dennis?

            Is wealth the only metric that gives your life any meaning at all?

            That’s why I tell you to have a good life, Dennis, because it’s so obvious that you need it.

            See your around, Mr. S.

          • Dennis


            Backing….away…… from this emotional train wreck….very….very….

            Stay calm….no sudden moves….eyes straight ahead….almost to the door….easy now…..steady as she goes.

          • The Dark Avenger

            Sure, Dennis, suggesting that money isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything, that’s crazy talk, isn’t it?

            I’m sure you’re worth every penny you get paid, Dennis, in fact, I’m sure that’s all you’re worth.

          • Dennis

            “No, honest, Nurse Ratched, no one said anything to set DA off like that. He’s gonna be ok in the morning, isn’t he? Will those little blue pills make him feel better, calm him down some?”

          • The Dark Avenger

            Thanks for the diagnosis, Dennis, do you do balloon animals and card tricks as well?

            You can’t get quit of me, cowboi, but thanks again for playing, “Stupid Sh*t Dennis S. writes on the Internet”.

          • Dennis

            Tomorrow’s another day for you, DA, but this one pretty much belonged to me. Sorry you wigged out; If I had sensed you were getting close to a melting point I would’ve backed off sooner. It was never my intention to see you embarrass yourself like that.

          • The Dark Avenger

            Thanks for staying up beyond your normal bedtime to tell me, Dennis.

            Sorry you wigged out

            You’re the one who wigged out today with your reference to Zython, Stalker Dennis.
            I had sensed you were getting close to a melting point like that I would’ve backed off sooner.

            I can take constructive criticism, Dennis. Of course, what you usually write here is in neither category, especially your cut and paste dialog from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

            You’d be more like the orderly in the novel, turning a blind eye to misdeeds as long as there was some booze in return for such behavior.

            Honestly, it was never my intention to get you to embarrass yourself like that.

            Gee, Stalker Dennis, I do wish sometimes you’d realize when you’re embarrassing not just the human race but every member of the genus Homo who ever lived on this planet when you post your little natterings here and there.

            Have a good life, Dennis, if you can.

          • dbtheonly


            I think I missed Dennis’ reference to Zython. When did Z come into the discussion?


            ” Democratic president who is focused like a laser beam on creating jobs…”

            First off, President Obama’s America is doing pretty well creating private sector jobs. Too bad the Republicans are forcing the cutting of millions of Public Sector jobs, like Police & Fire Fighters.

            Then; no President can or should be focused like a laser beam on any one subject or problem. George Bush Sr. went too far when he listed about half a dozen “number 1 priorities”. But any President needs to pay attention to job creation, to education policy, immigration, foreign policy, & terrorism & I might well be accused of leaving things out.

          • The Dark Avenger

            Here’s Denny Boo-Boo’s reference to Zython, from above.

            And to your second idiotic point, perhaps you were channeling your inner Zython being late to the thread and totally clueless,

            Of course, Dennis is channeling his inner Michelle Malkin on this very thread.

          • Burzghash

            Democratic shellacking? There was no democratic shellacking. There was an across-the-board rejection of tea party ideals and far right conservativism, with many right-wingers getting the boot, and even the psychotic Bachmann only keeping her position by a hair. And the best part? You’re only going to get more of it in 2014 and 2016. Your party is out of touch, uncompromising, too extreme, and is in a death spiral. If it makes you feel better to believe the complete opposite of reality, and pretend you weren’t shallacked most recently in 2012, then that’s fine. Reality will continue to demonstrate for you why it doesn’t care about what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Steve St John

    Right wingers never admit they were wrong about anything.

  • Sharin Khosa

    Bush and Cheney need to be tried for war crimes against humanity.

    • Buzz Killington

      Agreed. So does Obama.