If You Like Meat, Don’t Watch This

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Jason Kottke posted this eery clip on food production from the film Samsara. Kottke calls depiction of the chicken picking machine ‘one of the most dystopian things I’ve ever seen’:

To me, the transition from mass food production to overweight Americans stuffing themselves with fast food is the most powerful part of the clip. ‘Samsara’ refers to the concept of “continuous flow” in life in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. This “continuous flow” has no agenda, and can be applied to every aspect of life whether positive or negative. Director Ron Fricke is clearly making a point about the cycle of mass food production being no different.

Sadly, it’s one that causes great destruction to our natural environment, and ourselves.


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  • Treading_Water

    Factory farmed, feed lot fattened, cruelly kept meat is not the only option. There are local producers who produce sustainable, humane, clean and chemical free meats. They may cost a little more, but meat is too cheap in America anyway.

  • Wednesday

    I don’t need to watch the video because I’ve been in a poultry processing plant. I’ve watched live chickens go in on an overhead conveyor belt and become chicken parts at the other end. It’s a little surreal to see how automated the process is, but that’s the only surprising part.

    I don’t think it should really be that shocking to make the connection that our meat once walked around on two legs and wasn’t peacefully murdered in its sleep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jatkins679 John Atkins

    Amazing that any of those firms allowed such filming anywhere near their plants. You’d think that would be the very last thing they’d want, no matter the reason.


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