The Warlocks Of Centrism Versus That Muggle-Loving Obama

obama-harry-potterWhat a magical world the centrist, “serious” journalists inhabit. Unlike our Muggle world, where people don’t have the ability to cast spells to get the outcomes they prefer, our serious journalists – like National Journal’s Ron Fournier – live in a magical wonderland where only a few words need to be said to get things going.

Fournier has been filing reports from his magical world, berating President Obama for acting like a Muggle and getting convenient links from Matt Drudge and company. He wonders why oh why President Obama doesn’t just solve the problem of Republican stubbornness.

Like most independent voters, I just want it fixed. I want my leaders to lead.

Of course, here in the Muggle world, most of us understand that despite his considerable political skills, President Obama is a mortal and doesn’t have access to Dumbledore, the Ministry of Magic, or a magical spell of “obstructum removo” to dissipate Republican obstruction to his presidency.

There’s no way Obama can cast a spell to get Republicans to accept a deal that includes numerous concessions to them. There’s no magical way Obama could get the Republican party to accept stimulus that included many of their tax cut ideas, or health care reform based on work done at one of the top conservative think tanks. Obama simply doesn’t have a spell in a book somewhere that will magically force the Republican party to stop obstructing his judicial nominees or from filibustering the nomination for his Secretary of Defense.

There’s no magic. There’s no special wand hidden in a compartment of the Resolute desk handed down from president to president.

Fournier (and David Brooks) exist in a world where you just type the word “compromise” into a column seven hundred times and expect it to work in the real world.

It doesn’t matter to them if the resulting legislation ends up tilting towards the conservative position in a country where 65 million voted against the conservative agenda, they just want “compromise” so that they can feel warm and fuzzy about some vague, centrist position. They are well-paid scribes, they don’t have to care about the social safety net being cut, as the right lusts for.

The plight of the poor and middle class don’t matter to them as long as they can write “centrist” and “sensible” in their columns.

And they are very upset at President Obama for actually holding on to principles that people elected him to uphold. In their minds, Obama has lowered himself by being a political leader with core values. Why can’t he be like them and throw out his icky partisan beliefs and support in order to be “sensible” and wise like them?

He just has to wave his magical wand, and despite their long history of opposing things that they used to champion when it comes out of the mouth of a Democratic president, this will somehow get the Republicans to stop being obstructionists.

We stupid Muggles, can’t we understand these warlocks of centrism?


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  • Dusty Ayres

    This whole thing comes from silly emoprogressive white people seeing Obama as being a Magic Negro when he isn’t.

  • Merl Allen

    Obama can’t win with these people no matter what. Half of the time he’s a king and the other half a rotten leader, sometimes at the same time.

  • Christopher Foxx

    in a country where 65 million voted against the conservative agenda

    And 61 million voted for it. You’re not really making a strong point there.

    As for the rest, fair enough that Obama has no magic wand with which to sane-itize the wingnuts. But I think there is a lot more that he could have done to call out their “party of ‘no'” obstructionism. 16shellsfroma30aught6 is right in their comment: you don’t deal with extremists, you maneuver around them. And Obama has been (rightly) criticized for trying to hard to work with these people.

  • James

    I still think Obama is far too quick to compromise in general, but he deserves credit for making America wealthier, safer, and healthier in spite of Republican nihilism.

    As I’ve said before, if he found a cure for cancer Republicans would call cancer treatment unconstitutional. Because they are maniacs.

  • copyburn

    Tell Burn I said Hi froth you heathen

    • Ol Froth

      What’s wrong with being a heathen?

  • copyburn


  • fabucat

    Plus Fournier and Brooks are right-wing tools. But there are so-called liberal tools as well, i.e. Dana Milbank. They all want to eviscerate the safety net in the name of “common sense solutions.”

  • 16shellsfroma30aught6

    I see a lot of this from people I know who follow politics only peripherally, people who view partisanship as a dirty word and have been trained by the village to see ‘balance’ and ‘compromise’ as universal positives. And it’s always something as equally vague and nebulous as what Fournier wrote – “I want to see leadership, I want the parties to work together, blah blah blah,” without ever explaining exactly what that means.

    The counterpoint to zombie-centrism needs to be shouted to the heavens, loudly and proudly. You don’t compromise with extremists. You maneuver around them, minimize the damage they can do.

  • Ol Froth

    Of course, to a Republican, compromise means giving in to the conservative postion completely and totally. Democrats must move to the right. Republicans don’t need to move towards the center at all, and asking them to is “combative” devisive” “radical” and “unserious.”

    • dbtheonly

      Will Rogers had it when he said an Independent was just a Republican who’s ashamed to admit it.

      It takes two to compromise..
      But I think the American Public is getting the idea that as long as the Republicans obstruct everything; we can’t move forward.

      • justsomeguy05

        Americans will get the idea just in time for a future Republican Senate to demand a “straight up or down vote”. Funny how that phrase is all over the media only when Republicans have a slight majority in the Senate. And that is the fault of … The Democrats.

        • dbtheonly


          Let me add “term limits”, “deficit reduction”, & “balanced budget” to those ideas that are urgent only under a Democratic Administration & forgotten during a Republican one.

          But I don’t see how that’s the Democrat’s fault.

  • drsquid

    It was Wanda Sykes who said about the the President after being in for a year, “He went to Harvard, not Hogwarts.”