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This week on The Daily Banter, Ben spoke to Brian Doherty of Reason magazine to get the inside perspective on the fallout from Ron Paul’s decision to sue his supporter, and wrote about the Pope’s complicity in covering up child rape in the Catholic Church. In big news for the Banter, Bob brought his site over, blasted Marcio Rubio’s trojan horse conservatism and argued that Obama is not worse than Bush on national security. Chez read Fox News’s website so you that you don’t have to, and asked whether Lena Dunham has to be beautiful to be naked. Kojo Koram pondered whether America and Britain’s special relationship was on a permanent break, Alyson Chadwick live blogged Obama’s applause heavy State of the Union speech, Oliver asked how much we can trust a President to kill, and Ian Friedman praised Elizabeth Warren for laying into pathetic financial regulators.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


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