Yes, the Republican Party is Racist, and here’s why

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Joe Wilson shouts 'You lie!' at the President

Joe Wilson shouts ‘You lie!’ at the President


In the age of politic correctness, it is often frowned upon to state the obvious for fear of offending. Take this comment I made yesterday about the Republican’s treatment of President Obama during his first term in office:

While Obama had success on many fronts (health care, financial regulation and the environment to name a few), he was mercilessly attacked by Republicans who seemed incensed that a black man was in the White House with a liberal agenda.

A reader took exception to my assertion that Republicans have exhibited racist behavior towards the President and left the following comment:

I enjoyed reading your thoughtful analysis of the president’s speech and your forecast for the second term…..until the completely uncalled for and unsubstantiated accusation of racism.

I may just be strange, but baseless racism accusations bother me almost as much as actual racism.

Accusing someone of racism is pretty serious, and it isn’t a line of attack I take lightly. However, if you look at the track record of the GOP over the past four years, it is abundantly clear that they have used racially charged rhetoric against the President and engaged in disrespectful behavior that no white politician in his position would ever have to face. Let’s go through some examples:

1. At one of President Obama’s first appearances before Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” at the top of his voice while Obama spoke on health care reform. 

2. House Speaker John Boehner rejected President Obama’s request to speak to a joint session of Congress. This was the first denial in the history of America – unsurprisingly directed at the first African American President. 

3. ‘Birthers’ were given prominent speaking roles at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida. 

4. Mitt Romney openly courted Donald Trump, one of the most visible proponents of the Birther movement. 

5. Newt Gingrich labelled Obama “The greatest food stamp President in American history,” a remark clearly designed to rile up white America.

6. In a rant on Benghazi, Sarah Palin wrote on her facebook wall: “President Obama’s shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end.” As CNN’s Roland Martin stated:

“Shucking and jiving” have long been words used as a negative assessment of African Americans, along the lines of a “foot shufflin’ Negro.” In fact, I don’t recall ever hearing the phrase used in reference to anyone white.

7.  Mitt Romney’s speech at the NAACP in 2012 where he lectured the audience on welfare dependency was one of the most blatant uses of the ‘Southern Strategy’ in modern history. As Charles Blow in the New York Times wrote:

The speech sounded like it was designed not for the audience in the room, but for those in Republican living rooms.

It sounded as though he wanted to show force and fearlessness: “Look folks, I walked into hostile territory unafraid and unbowed.” This was his version of a Daniel in the lions’ den speech.

Talk tough. Get heckled and booed for telling the truth to those who don’t want to hear it. Take the president down a couple of pegs in front of the most loyal segment of his supporters… 

8. Colin Powell’s former chief of staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson publicly stated that the Republican Party is “full of racists” who only want President Obama out of office because of “the color of his skin”. “Let me just be candid: My party is full of racists,” Wilkerson said on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.” ”And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander in chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin. And that’s despicable.”

9. Voter suppression tactics. The GOP has been actively pursuing the non-existent problem of voter fraud. At the behest of Karl Rove and the party bosses, Republicans have instituted various forms of voter suppression aimed at preventing Democratic-leaning blocs from voting. The Brennan Center for Justice notes that“The impact of ID requirements is even greater for the elderly, students, people with disabilities, low-income individuals, and people of color…. “African Americans have driver’s licenses at half the rate of whites, and the disparity increases among younger voters; only 22% of black men aged 18-24 had a valid driver’s license. Not only are minority voters less likely to possess photo ID, but they are also more likely than white voters to be selectively asked for ID at the polls.”

Of course there are many Republicans who are not racist and are surely disgusted by the behavior and attitude shown towards the President by members of their party (Lawrence Wilkerson is one of them). Many Republicans are also dismayed at their party’s attempt to prevent people from voting through age old voter suppression tactics. But to deny the notion that the GOP suffers from institutionalized racism is to deny the facts. The Party openly courts Birthers, rarely admonishes members for racially charged language, and tries to stop minorities from voting. It doesn’t get more racist than that.




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  • LarryEF

    I don’t have enough words to describe how disgustingly wrong one person can be. The oly racism in this article is the article itself.

  • igoinsane67

    I didn’t want obama as president because he’s black. But, I knew that any opposition to his policies would be deemed as racist. I know exactly how the left works. I was part of the left many years ago. They rely on the ignorance of the many who tend to only listened to others to be informed and not actually investigating to find out if the story is a half truth, bold face lie or actual truth.

  • Speak D Truth

    Shuck and Jive is a southern way of saying you are tricking someone by using a ruse to fool them.

  • Terry

    Its amazing that some folks here are defending racism…but we’re a post racial society where white folks get to tell black folks whats racist and whats not

    As If they know what racism is after never having to deal with it but a handful of times

  • EthicalOne

    Religious extremist

    Many are racist
    Many Religious extremists

    White supremacists if you check them on facebook and or youtube they all, YES all vote for GOP and or tea party.

  • Daniel Pierce

    Opinion piece. I’ve read much of the research that is referred to, such as the Brennan Center survey, and he conveniently picks out a few pieces that make his point while ignoring the underlying results that even if a person has no ID, and makes no attempt to get one, they cane still vote if they are registered. It may be a provisional ballot, but it counts. The only people being turned away are people who are facing poll workers that don’t know the rules and people who give up too easily. Also, the “food stamp” reference refers to the poor, not to African-Americans. More whites receive food stamps than another race, so you assume he means blacks is racist because that what you are conditioned to want to hear. As for some of the other stuff, I didn’t research it all, but I do understand that there are still some racists in the world, in both party. Google Lyndon Johnson and the “N” word sometime, he used it a lot…and he was a Democrat! Bottom line: we are all less racist now than we were 50 years ago, and the trend continues.

  • pissedcitizen

    I dont get how saying obama lies is racist. Im black and i hate him hes a crap president. He doesnt consider himself black he thinks hes white and other black americans are too stupid to see it. They support him for all the wrong reasons.

  • ExposeNRidRacism

    The worst and most blatant often unaccountable crime by the GOP is voter suppression. The GOP has to stoop to intimidating and out right lying to voters of color to keep them from the polls. It’s sad when you can’t drum up enough interest in your party to win an election and instead you have to resort to slimy tactics to prevail.

    Republicans Need to Call Off the Voting Wars—for Their Own Good

  • Gachet

    Calling a black man a liar is considered racist? You Demoncrats and libturds have tried to rewrite history with LIES and have become the boy who cried wolf once too often, nobody puts much credence in what you utter anymore! If you were intellectually honest and are brave enough to face your party’s history of racism, google: Dixiecrats and KKK support; which party was behind the anti-slavery movement and which fought against that effort; which party stood against the civil & voting rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s; Woodrow Wilson, Hugo Black, Bill Clinton’s mentor, William Fulbright; Albert Gore Sr., George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and a whole gaggle of segregationists that were the Democrat Party!

    Joe Wilson is proven right on calling Obama a liar, isn’t he? How many LIES has this LIAR-in-Chief told the American people to get himself elected? (Hints: IRS Targeting, Benghazi, Phone Tapping of Reporters, VA Scandal, Al-Qaeda is on the run, Fast& Furious, “You can keep your doctor/insurance plans”, and on and on…) In America, one can disagree with a black man’s destructive policies for America and all his lies without being a racist! If it were so, Bill Clinton would be the biggest of them all for saying, “He HATES Obama more than any other man.”

  • Teri

    It only takes actually looking at how Hillary Clinton was treated, and how President Obama has been treated to see that they are not offered the same respect that white men in those positions have been. The only reason candidate Obama didn’t get more crap was because his chief opponent was a woman … which threatened white men even more, since it is much more important to keep someone you share a home with in place than someone who lives across town in the appropriate neighborhoods.

  • 1EdMeadows83

    I’m sure you have convinced yourself that there is no Republican resentment over a black family living in the White House but you’re not fooling anyone. No white president, and there have been many, was EVER treated with the total disrespect that President Obama has endured. You can lie to yourself but grown-ups know better.

  • Juan

    You forgot to mention that it was the Democrats who controlled the KKK for political purposes. As well as the many racist comments from many past democrats such as Linden B Johnson. No one here should judge anyone of being racist. I’m sure 98% of the people commenting or reading the post has said something racist in private at least once in their lifetime.

  • Rob ONeil

    Is it possible to not agree with Obama’s policies, idealogy etc. without being racist?
    Why is it that you and others can’t see how bad he is for America? Can’t you see by now how “anti-America” he is? Have you not viewed “Obama’s America 2016” by Dinesh Desouza (a Pakistani Professor…….not a Republican per se). Your ignorance is impossible and maddening.

    • Mark Cohen

      Sure, it is possible to disagree without being racist. If the Repubs had taken that approach, it would have been evident in their behavior. Never before, and I mean EVER, has a US President been heckled while addressing Congress. Why now? There has been tons of rancorous animosity between President and opposing parties before, but never had anyone dreamed of doing this. Further, this behavior comes from the party that not three years earlier suggested it was treason to disagree with the President while on foreign soil and adamantly insisted that it was improper to even criticize the President even if done with a respectful tone. Now all of the sudden, one can heckle and boo the President while addressing Congress and the World? Sorry, but the overwhelming evidence suggests that race is playing a roll for many in their dislike for this President.

      Second, Dinesh is overwhelmingly, 100%, per se a Republican. The fact that he is of Pakistani descent does not somehow erase his chosen political leanings. I am not even sure why you imagined calling him a Pakistani professor would somehow wipe out his widely professed conservative bias?

  • Ken Leibold

    Where did all the racist Southern Democrats go after LBJ passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Simple, to the Republican party. In 1968 all the southern states went from voting Democratic to Republican…All of them. This was the smoking gun…..of racism. The fact speaks for itself.

    • HaydenG

      YEAH! That is so true I’m so tired of lying Republicans trying to avoid mentioning the obvious. Just look at KKK member and Democrat senator Robert Byrd.. After the civil rights act was passed, he immediately switched to the Republi… OH WAIT.. HE WAS A DEMOCRAT UNTIL THE DAY HE DIED… IN FREAKING 2010

      • Mark Cohen

        Yes, because it is well known that the one single exception means that the 100s of others must not have switched to the Republi…OH WAIT…THEY DID IN FACT ALL SWITCH TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY…EVEN THOUGH BYRD DID NOT. WTF?!?!?!?

      • BiggerThanYou

        Nice try, but Byrd renounced his racist past and endorsed Obama…

        • HaydenG

          Did he ever leave the Democrat party though?

  • Partier

    #4 Wait, so demanding the people be qualified under the constitution is racist? When people asked the same questions of John McCain and George Romney, were they racist?

    • AK

      There was a larger republican campaign against Obama. You must have been asleep.

      • Partier

        So? What does that have to do with anything? There were birther campaigns against McCain and George Romney as well. You don’t answer the question of whether or not those were racist. Or is it size that matters?
        Speaking of lapel pins, Romney always wore his secret service flag lapel pin, so it wasn’t very often Romney wasn’t wearing one. A friend of mine who also had the secret service lapel pin said that his secret service friend told him the only reason Obama didn’t wear a secret service lapel pin is because you have to get them from the secret service, even if you are president of the United States. The secret service agents all hate Obama, and no one will give him one. Yeah it’s hearsay, but right from a secret service agent’s mouth.

        • Christopher Foxx

          The secret service agents all hate Obama, and no one will give him one.

          So nice of you, just in case some folks are wondering if anyone could really be that stupid, to make it clear that, yes, someone can be.

          ‘Cause that has to be a serious contender for the most idiotic thing ever seen posted here.

          • Partier

            “We cannot treat name calling as reasoned debate”
            –Barack Obama 2012 Innauguraiton Speech.

          • Christopher Foxx

            “Pretending idiots contribute is counterproductive. Far better to point their stupidity out than pretend they can be engaged in reasoned debate.”
            — Christopher Foxx, 2014 The Daily Banter comment

  • Partier

    #1 “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” It appears that Joe Wilson was right.

    • mclarksn9

      We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat… Still looking for those WMDs

    • MrsWindy01

      That wasn’t the comment Joe Wilson called the President a “LIAR!!” over. It had to do with illegal immigrants.

  • Partier

    #5 Al Sharpton “Those of us who believe in God will defeat the Mormon” Maybe not racist, but certainly bigoted. You want to talk “code words”. Tell me this statement wasn’t a “code word”.

    • AK

      Many White people do not like Mormons. Find another example, this one doesn’t work.

      • Partier

        Oh, so you are fine with people being bigoted against Mormons? Are you kidding me? Many people don’t like black people either. I’m not sure what that has to do with the conversation. Just like there are some bigoted republicans there are also bigoted democrats. Everyone has their bigots, but not everyone is a bigot.

  • Partier

    #3 Abortion rights activists were given prominent speaking roles at nearly all democratic events. Margreat Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood was an admitted racist and saw abortion as a way to control the black population. Today, abortion kills proportionately more black children than white children. Dems are racist.

  • Partier

    #9, Black Panthers in Philly. IRS targeting Republicans. Google Catherine Engelbrecht. You want to talk voter suppression? Look in the mirror, you racist democrats.

    • AK

      In a 630 page deposition, former Florida Republican Party Chairman
      Jim Greer has recently come out and described a systematic effort by
      Republicans to suppress minority votes in Florida. Referring to a
      December 2009 meeting with party general counsel Jason Gonzalez,
      political consultant Jim Rimes, and Eric Eikenberg, Crist’s chief of
      staff, he said:
      “I was upset because the political consultants and staff
      were talking about voter suppression and keeping blacks from voting. It
      had been one of those days.”

      • Partier

        So? Doesn’t negate democratic suppression.

      • Partier

        Also, it doesn’t mean they did it. They talked about it. Trust me, democrats talk demographics as well.

  • Partier

    #6 Harry Reid on Obama’s “Negro Dialect” So I guess all democrats are racist now.

  • Rixar13

    My President Obama is a very smart man that I choose to be at the helm of our Country… smile :-)

  • Jean Dobbin

    It was the height of disrespect; a member of Congress behaving in such a manner in that venue was deplorable. What Joe WIlson was saying was “I don’t respect your position as President of the United States” regardless of the fact that Obama was legitimately-elected, unlike his predecessor.

    • Public_Sense

      But where exactly is the “racism”?

      • MrsWindy01

        What part of the “disrespect” don’t you understand? The fact that he was disrespected in such a manner simply because he is “black” is indication of racism. No white President has ever been screamed at during a Congressional speech, regardless of whether or not they individual disagreed or not.

        • Christopher Foxx

          The fact that he was disrespected in such a manner simply because he is “black”

          Demonstrating, again, that you’re missing the point others have been making: That Republicans like Wilson disrespect Obama not just because he’s black.

          Yes, for that reason. Because he’s black. But also because he’s a Democrat. And because he’s popular. And because he’s getting things accomplished and that fact is making them look bad. And because Wilson and his ilk are whiny little babies with no sense of decorum who will whine at anyone who doesn’t let them get their way. And

          Not everything is because of race.

          • MrsWindy01

            So, once again, you suggest to KNOW why others ( Republicans like Wilson ) disrespect President Obama? Did your crystal ball inform you of that? I suppose the MANY MANY racist comments Congressional Republican after Congressional Republican have been quoted as stating means absolutely nothing and is not valid enough proof for you of their racism! Are you REALLY that stupid?

          • Christopher Foxx

            Did your crystal ball inform you of that?

            No, their own actual quotes and actions did.

            Really, why are you so adamant about attacking someone who essentially agrees with you? I suspect we’re about 97% in agreement on Wilson. His behavior was terrible, disrespectful etc. etc. But because I suggest (Not declare, mind you. But suggest as a possibility.) that Wilson may have been motivated by something other than just racism you view go nuts.

            No wonder you feel so lonely. It must be difficult to make friends when you bludgeon everyone who doesn’t agree with you in every aspect perfectly 100%.

        • Public_Sense

          Where can you show that he was disrespected because he was black? That’s ridiculous. He’s disrespected because he has failed as a leader, period.

  • Jackie Conte

    “Shuck and jive” has nothing to do with sports, or football, in particular….

    It’s “shake and bake” or “shuffle and juke” which means, to fake out…Shuck and Jive goes back to the racist minstrel shows…whitey. But, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, you dumb fat Americans..

  • Elisa Vote Dem Velez


    I’d disassemble your nonsense but Christopher Fox already did it for me.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Thank you. And you’re welcome.

  • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

    Thank you Ben Cohen ~
    For standing up to talk about the reality of Republican racism.

    Here is more proof of the racism that’s been embedded in the GOP since southern Dixiecrats left the (d) party en masse to join the Republican party

  • Christopher Foxx

    Side note, Ben: What’s up with the order of the comments? In my display I’m seeing a comment from 6 hours ago, then one from a day ago, then one from 19 hours ago, then one from 18 hours ago…

    Makes it hard to find new postings and follow threads when they seem to be in a random order.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Conservatives disagree with the President because of his policies, not the color of his skin.

    Not entirely true. To a very large extent, “conservatives” (I use quotes because they aren’t actually conservative) disagree with a President Obama that they’ve made up. The things he’s done and supported that they complain about (“He’s coming for your guns! He’s trying to implement socialism! He hates freedom!”) are not actually things he’s done or supported. And when they do actually get accurate about what he’s done (“He’s raising taxes!!”) it’s things they never objected to when done by a Republican president.

    Lies and hypocrisy are their staples.

    • BH

      Did they make up him saying after his first inauguration that he had won, so they (the GOP) had to listen to him but he didn’t have to listen to them? Did they make up the “stimulus” bill for shovel ready jobs that he later admitted were not shovel ready? Did they make up the forced bankruptcy of GM that he then broke the law and divided the assets between his buddies, mainly the UAW? Did they make up the “Obamacare” law that his friends in the Senate and House passed through shenanigans (oh, was that racist?) bypassing the GOP illegally? Did they make up Obama’s lies about everyone having enough time to read legislation before it was voted on? And then letting bills be pushed through so quickly that the best. Speed-reader couldn’t read it? You deceive yourself and try to deceive everyone else when you say the conservatives have made up an Obama they disagree with!

      • Christopher Foxx

        Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

        You deceive yourself and try to deceive everyone else when you say the conservatives have made up an Obama they disagree with!

        Is Obama a Muslim? Nope. Clearly not. He was a regular attendant at a christian church for years. Yet “conservatives” accuse him of being a Muslim. (And at the same time that they are attacking him for being very close with his pastor, which shows how divorced “conservatives” are from rational thought.)

        Was Obama born in Hawaii? Clearly so. Even before his birth certificate was presented there were mounds of evidence that destroyed every argument the birthers put forth. And even after the certificate was shown they refused to let it go and concocted ever more elaborate “Proof” that the certificate was a forgery.

        Is he “coming to get your guns”? No. Obviously guns have been in the news a lot in the last month, but Obama’s first term was marked by a notable lack of actions on gun control.

        To “conservatives” Obama is a Muslim Kenyan socialist activist radical liberal who hates freedom as shown by his tax-and-spend policies which are specifically designed to punish success and reward those who don’t work. Which is a completely, in every aspect, simply just not true.

      • Christopher Foxx

        If the “conservative’s” objections to Obama are based on a disagreement with his policies, then why do they disagree with him, why are the vocally, adamantly, insistently fanatically opposed when he pushes for legislation originally proposed by Republicans?

  • Roy Roberts

    What? Are you kidding? How many times in history has the State of the Union address given by ANY president been interupted mid-point by a senator yelling out that the president is a liar? How many? NOW a Black president is giving the address and this senator (who is very White) jumps up and say that? Are kidding me? I thought “naive” was just another word until you asked that stupid question!

    • Christopher Foxx

      I maintain it can’t be used as proof of racism. I’m not saying Wilson doesn’t treat Obama differently because he’s black. I don’t know Wilson’s attitudes well enough. If someone does and can point to clearer examples of Wilson treating blacks differently than whites, then that would be good.

      But pointing to this one outburst and saying “Ah HA! Clearly he did that only because Obama is black. He’d never do that to a white President” is bogus.

      The Republican’s have been generally dickish and disrespectful to their opponents for decades, and keep getting more so.

      Proof of racism? Not at all. Wilson is a rude dick? Absolutely.

      • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

        “I maintain it can’t be used as proof of racism” – Christopher Foxx

        I maintain you’re either an idiot or liar (both?) to ignore the obvious

        • Christopher Foxx

          And when someone is looking for racism they will find it ANYwhere they look.

          Yes, Republicans are notoriously dickish. And Wilson’s outburst during the Obama’s speech was an unprecedentedly dickish move. But just because you say it was motivated by racism doesn’t make it so. There are certainly many, many examples of actual racist behavior by Republicans and others on the right. Declaring every act of rudeness to be racist is crying wolf. It cheapens the times actual racism is involved, and makes people less inclined to notice them because “Here they go, crying ‘racism’ again.”

          • MrsWindy01

            and just because you say it doesn’t make it so, doesn’t mean it doesn’t. Just your opinion! There are other incidents in Joe ( not even his real name )’s past that indicate his racism. All one needs to do is google it. Perhaps before you defend someone, you should take the time to research the facts? Just saying……

          • Christopher Foxx

            and just because you say it doesn’t make it so, doesn’t mean it doesn’t. Just your opinion!

            And when did I say it was anything but? Yes, IMHO the racism card is played too often. And used as an excuse to ignore the other terrible traits Republicans regularly exhibit.

            They are liars. They are pathological liars. They are sociopaths who hate people in need and want to see them hurt. They are shameless in their disregard for basic decency. The revel in declaring themselves victims as they deny basic rights to others.

            And declaring everything they do as racially motivated not only lessens the power of pointing that out when it does occur, but it masks their other sins.

            Perhaps before you defend someone, you should take the time to research the facts?

            I love it when people who don’t know what they’re talking about suggest someone else get their facts straight.

            Perhaps before you attack someone you should get your shit straight. NOWHERE was I defending Wilson. To say “Hey, guys on our side, I think you’re wrong on this.” Isn’t saying I think the other side is right or what they did is OK.

          • MrsWindy01

            You have repeatedly defended him. “I’ve no doubt Wilson would have been as disrespectful and rude if, for example, Bill Clinton were President at the time.” Suggesting you are so certain of someone’s intentions that you don’t even know personally? What a joke! And no one has said “everything they do is racially motivated”. So, I stand by my comment. Perhaps before you defend someone, you should take the time to get your facts straight. I’m sorry if you don’t like my statement. Your prerogative.

          • Christopher Foxx

            You have repeatedly defended him.

            Yes. Calling Wilson and his ilk pathological liars who are shameless sociopaths is defending them. *

            With your grip on reality it’s amazing you’re not a Republican.

            Suggesting you are so certain…

            Which is it? Am I suggesting something, or am I certain of it?

            Let me spell it out simply for you: I’m suggesting Wilson’s outburst wasn’t racially motivated. That means I’m open to the possibility it was, I’m just not certain it was. And you, clearly too stupid to know what “suggesting” means or how it’s completely different from “certain”, are taking personal offense that I said something which I never said.

            Does it take effort to be that much of an idiot, or does it come naturally?

            * I put the sarcasm tag there because someone so backwardly dumb that they see insulting someone as defending them, probably thinks a sarcastic statement was meant seriously.

          • MrsWindy01

            You stated it many times, Mr. Foxx. And you defended him of being a racist many times, suggesting he was “just being a dick” and not being racist. I never once sad that you defended his comments! That’s YOUR misconception! Btw? Who put you in charge of deciding he was just being a dick and did not say it because he was being racist? Do you know what was in his heart and mind when he yelled at the President so disrespectfully? No. No more than I do or anyone else here commenting. Just giving your OPINION. Yet you continue to argue with anyone who gives THEIRS that he was being racist! We have as much right to our opinion as you do to yours. And no where did I say “everything” he did or said was racially motivated! Perhaps before YOU attack me you should get YOUR shit straight!

          • Christopher Foxx

            And you defended him of being a racist many times

            No, MrsWindy, I did not. I most clearly did not. I have explained in simple terms how I have not.

            Saying that, given the plain petulant dickishness constatnly shown by Republicans, I don’t see the act of extreme disrespect of “You lie” as clearly racist is *NOT* (bold, italic, capitalized and asterisked. How much more can I emphasize that?) “defending” him of being racist?

            Clearly you take offense that I have a different view than you about this incident. You find it unacceptable that someone who is offended isn’t offended in exactly the same way you are by Wilson’s extreme disrespect and terrible behavior. So much so that you’re making up all sorts of shit now about Well boo-fucking-hoo for you. How pathetic and insecure are you that you would spend this much effort on (and weeks later come back to) attacking someone who essentially agrees with you?

            Who put you in charge of deciding he was just being a dick and did not say it because he was being racist?

            Nobody. But then I never claimed I am. Oh, I’m certainly in charge of deciding for me that at that moment he was simply being a dick rather than racist. But I never said or ever suggested I was deciding for anyone else.

            See, that’s the difference here. You want to see it as racist an example of Wilson’s racism. OK fine. You disagree with me (I think it may have been something other than racism that prompted his outburst) but, hey, if you want to see it as racist you’re certainly free to see it as you do. I wouldn’t begin to tell you you can’t. You, on the other hand, find it utterly unacceptable that that my opinion is different that yours in this minor way. That simply can’t be allowed and so you resort to all sorts of insults, simply making shit up and saying truly stupid things. You acknowledge I’m “just giving [my] OPINION”, and then complain that somehow I’m wrong to do that.

          • MrsWindy01

            You can continue to “explain” all you want, Christopher. And as many times as you want. The evidence that you did indeed defend his racism is all over this page. Denying it doesn’t make it any less factual. You argued with anyone who posted their opinion to the contrary, even when they gave credible examples. Then you proceeded to suggest that you “knew” ( “I have NO DOUBT” ) that Wilson would have been just as rude had Bill Clinton been president at the time! What a hoot! So NOW you can say without a doubt that Wilson would have made the same comments to Bill Clinton? You now have psychic abilities? And for someone who cannot let anyone ELSE have the opinion that Wilson was indeed being racist without calling them a “fool” or a “liar” or “both, you certainly DO seem to be deciding for other people, by not allowing THEM the right to decide for themselves. You are the one who is suggesting that others are saying “everything” Republicans say is racist. No one else here ever stated that. Only you! You can be of the opinion that I or anyone else who sees Mr. Wilson’s comments for what the are “wants” to if you so choose. But don’t NOW go telling anyone that you “wouldn’t begin to tell us we CAN’T”! Because you have been doing that with every response you give! Calling people fools and liars or both, for stating their opinions is indeed telling them that they can NOT have an opinion that you disagree with. Now, you can have the last word, since it seems so important for you to do so. I stand by MY opinion regardless of what you think. Mr. Wilson’s outburst and subsequent disrespect shown President Obama was indeed “racist”: in nature. It is MY opinion that he would never have disrespected a white President that way!

          • Christopher Foxx

            It is MY opinion that he would never have disrespected a white President that way!

            And I’ve never said you’re not entitled to believe that or attacked you for thinking so.

            While you, on the other hand, have continued to attack me for voicing my opinion.

            As I said a year ago:

            You keep throwing out “it’s just your opinion” as if I’ve ever said it was anything else. And then you keep expressing your opinion as if it carries some special weight, or is more valid just because it’s your opinion.

            I don’t agree with you. It’s not a big deal. Get over it..

          • MrsWindy01

            I changed my mind. Let me give you MY “last word”, Mr. Foxx. But first I will respond to YOUR comments in the same manner that you feel you need to respond to MINE.

            “You can continue to “explain” all you want, Christopher. And as many times as you want.
            … and it will still not get through to me.”

            If you want to quote someone, Mr. Foxx, you should do so accurately. Not place your OWN words in someone else’s mouth! Your explanations are your feeble attempts to cover your ass when it comes to your defense of Mr. Wilson’s actions and behavior. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with “getting through to me or anyone else”. It has to do with you. And nobody is buying it.

            “No it’s not. And you can’t point to a single place where I have. Not
            one. If it’s “all over” you should be able to find multiple examples.
            But you can’t point to anyplace where I defended his racism. Nor
            anyplace where I’ve told anyone “[THEY don’t] have the right to decide
            for themselves”. You’re lying when you say I have.”

            Yes, you have and I don’t need to “point to a single place where you have” because it’s in almost every response to anyone else’s opinion that Mr. Wilson’s behavior was racist! You have never ONCE said “I don’t see this behavior as racist” as you claimed above! What you HAVE done is told everyone ELSE that they are WRONG and claimed they can not and have not proven THEIR opinion!

            “That’s your opinion, and that’s fine. I’ve never said you’re not
            entitled to believe that. Nor have I ever attacked you for thinking
            that. (I say you’re a fool because despite those repeated explanations
            you still refuse to understand what I have said, and a liar because
            you’re stating I’ve said things I have never said. But I’ve never
            attacked you because of your opinion nor told you your opinion about
            Wilson’s motivations is wrong.)

            While you, on the other hand, have continued to attack me for voicing my opinion. For over a year!”

            And I never said you are not entitled to yours, Mr. Foxx. However you have never stated your claims as opinions. And YES, you have indeed told me and other posters that we were WRONG. You also called them “fools” and “liars” or “both”! I don’t need to state things you have or haven’t said, Mr. Foxx. All anyone has to do is go back and read your comments for themselves to see who is telling the truth and who isn’t. I am fine with that! If you feel “attacked” by my comments then I suggest you put yourself in the shoes of those posters who YOU have “attacked” for voicing their opinions!
            “You keep throwing out “it’s just your opinion” as if I’ve ever said it
            was anything else. And then you keep expressing your opinion as if it
            carries some special weight, or is more valid just because it’s your opinion.”
            My opinion is no more valid than anyone else’s Mr. Foxx. But neither is yours. And you certainly have been suggesting that yours is! And I don’t really CARE whether or not you agree with me, Mr. Foxx. You are the one who seems to “care” that others DON’T agree with YOU! As for this going on for “over a year”? I find it amazing that you seem to want to point your finger at ME, even though I notice YOU felt the need to respond to my comments and continue to respond. So if the length of time bothers you, perhaps you should “GET OVER IT” and move on? And if I DO choose to come back here after another year and post a comment? If you DO find it as ridiculous as you are attempting to suggest? I have a great solution for you! Just don’t respond! :D

          • Christopher Foxx

            I changed my mind. Let me give you MY “last word”

            Now how did I just *know* that was going to happen? How did I just know you were a liar when you said you were done?

            Oh, that’s right. People who are just going to insist on yelling at folks who, for the most part, actually agree with them are never going to be satisfied with just letting it go.

            Fortunately for me, your “last word” really IS you last word, since I didn’t bother to read past that.

            Really, what would be the point?

          • MrsWindy01

            And how did I know that you were a hypocrite Mr. Foxx? From your whining criticisms as to how long ago this conversation started and chastising me for responding……..all the while YOU keep responding to my responses! What a hoot! And of course you read past my “last word”, Mr. Foxx. Not only are you a hypocrite, but a liar as well.

          • Christopher Foxx

            And of course you read past my “last word”, Mr. Foxx

            To quote what someone else wrote very recently (oh right, it was you): “So, once again, you suggest to KNOW [what others think]? Did your crystal ball inform you of that?”

            Attacking me for something you claim I couldn’t KNOW, while claiming you KNOW things you couldn’t. “Hypocrite” and “liar”?


          • MrsWindy01

            I didn’t NEED to suggest that I “knew something I couldn’t”, Mr. Foxx. Your reply proved it. You stated that you hadn’t read past my comment “last word”, however you responded to a comment I made AFTER that! So, you LIED when you said you didn’t read past my “last word”! What a hoot! So full of yourself that you didn’t even realize you had “outed” yourself! :D Yes, “hypocrite” and “liar” both apply to you. Own them.

          • Christopher Foxx

            You stated that you hadn’t read past my comment “last word”, however you responded to a comment I made AFTER that!

            Reading comprehension still a challenge for you, I see. And now, with your comment above and your complaint that I responded to a comment not directed at me, we can add failure to understand how open forums work. For example, who said folks read comments in the order they’re posted?

            IN any event, I didn’t read any further in your “last word” comment. (And, boy, we can see how you’re still putting the lie to that claim, can’t we?) I didn’t say I didn’t read other comments. Just that I read no further in that one. (Like I said. You don’t understand what you read, do you?) But, of course, outing yourself as a hypocrite you’ll insist that you KNOW what I’ve read and not read.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Do you know what was in his heart and mind when he yelled at the President so disrespectfully? No. No more than I do or anyone else here commenting.

            Then if you don’t know, if you don’t know what was in his heart, why are you so absolutely insistent that someone else’s interpretation is wrong?

            They may may be, sure. But, as you clearly state, you don’t know that it is. So why the hostility?

          • Unstoppable Nubian

            Obviously, you’re some bitter white person. Delusional

          • Christopher Foxx

            Obviously, you’re some bitter white person.

            Bwaaa-haaaa-haaaaaa. You have no idea how stupid a comment that is.

          • Unstoppable Nubian

            I’d love to watch you being murdered.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Not do it yourself? So you’re not just stupid, but cowardly, too.

          • Bobby Stone

            Why don’t you people google racism quotes from all politicians, not just Democrats or Republicans….I think you will find the ratio of racist remarks from both parties falls more on the democratic side by a wide margin. Research…ALL..the facts, not just what agrees with your viewpoint. Of course, that only applies if you have an open mind and are really tolerant. I was a Democrat, until I started seeing and hearing things that didn’t make sense to me because I started delving deep into all kinds of history. So I did my own research and I didn’t like what I found out about the Democratic Party ( that I had followed like a lemming for so many wasted years ) and it’s politicians over the years….I couldn’t believe I had been so duped and blind. I am an Independent now, by the way. Who believes that the Constitution and The Bill of Rights are the supreme law over any other legislation. It was not written in lawyer legalese. The Founding Father’s were wise enough to put in everyday language, any reasonable man could read and/or have it read to him, if he was illiterate and understand what it meant. It’s in pretty plain English. It was and still is the measuring stick used against any legislation presented to be law.

          • MrsWindy01

            Thanks for the suggestion to google it, Bobby. I did just that. And here is one of the many articles I found that puts it into crystal clear perspective! I love people like you who make claims that they NEVER bother to support with any facts themselves! All the while criticizing others for not “researching”! I can tell by your comments that you aren’t as “open-minded” or tolerant as you suggest others should be. Why does that not surprise me? I actually DO research, Mr. Stone. And I happen to agree, based on that research, with the article in the link I posted. Republicans are by far the most dangerous when it comes to racism. I also find them to be among the most hypocritical, using their religious beliefs to promote their hatred, racism, and bigotry! And as for your claims to have once been a Democrat who started seeing and hearing things that didn’t make sense to you? What a hoot! Thanks for the laugh!

          • Bobby Stone

            http://www.f There are many more about both parties, but since you chose a socialist liberal website, I offer an opposing one. I should have known you would go to a socialist liberals website to back up your viewpoint and ignore the ones that don’t. The author of that website is a socialist liberal. I checked him out. So much for your open mind and tolerance. Not really surprised, though, because I recognize the typical socialist liberal mindset and strategy at work here…ignore, redirect away, deny, selective memory, change the subject, obfuscate, and if those don’t work,… ” la piece de resistance”….attack….( as per Sal Alinsky methods ). You have validated my viewpoint from personal experiences, that trying to engage people like you in a civil, rational, and logical discourse, is the epitome of futility. The main reason I left the Democratic Party. I will not waste any more of my time on such a hypocritical mindset. Good day to you. :)

          • MrsWindy01

            Thanks for proving my point as to your inability to be “open-minded” and “tolerant” yourself, while chastising others, Mr. Stone! :D It is presumptuous for you to assume that I would go to a socialist website to back up my viewpoint and ignore others that don’t. I ignored nothing, Mr. Stone. I posted the website I did, because unlike the others ( conservative websites included! ) they mostly tended to focus ONLY on their views and not on the other side. This one clearly states that the author, an anti-racist activist ( not JUST a “Socialist LIberal” like YOU chose to label him! ) was more than willing to admit that racism was also an issue with the Democratic Party. The problem with YOU, Mr. Stone is that since you are NOT as open-minded and tolerant as you would like me to believe, you choose to see any comments in regards to Republicans being racist as a suggestion that people are unwilling to admit that it is NOT just a “party” issue, but one that is prevalent in ALL parties and every demographic group! No one here as even suggested that to be the case! But, what you and others seem to want to ignore is that this article is in REFERENCE to Republicans and NOT Democrats, Independents, and any other political party! Our responses deal with Republicans. If you can’t handle that, perhaps you should not be responding? As for being civil, Mr. Stone? Is insulting the other person as to what it is you consider their “mindset” to be, your idea of being civil, rational, and engaging them in logical discourse? If it is, then I suggest you take a course on the subject of civility. I think you are grossly misinformed. Whether or not you “left” the Democratic Party is of no concern or interest to me, Frankly, given your comments, I find YOUR mindset to be of the typical right wing “ad hominem” at work. Call yourself Independent or whatever you want. You act very much like the typical RW bullish behavior I have personally experienced. So now, you can have the last word too, since I am sure your ego demands it. Good day to you!

          • Rob ONeil

            this country on both sides has to stop talking about race. Very divisive and unable to get to the issues. Way too much bullshit.

        • BH

          You mean like the Democrat Party did with Clarence Thomas? Or when Wasserman-Shultz called Condylar Rice window dressing?

          • MrsWindy01

            BH, can you show me where I stated anything that even remotely suggested there were no racists within the Democratic Party? Whether there are or not ( and I do not imagine that there are not ) has nothing to do with Mr. Wilson’s comments and his racism. This article focuses on Republicans. Hence the WORD “Republicans” in the title!

          • Christopher Foxx

            can you show me where I stated anything that even remotely suggested there were no racists within the Democratic Party?

            The evidence that you did indeed suggested there were no racists within the Democratic Party is all over this page. And I don’t need to actually point to any place where you have because it’s in almost every response.

          • MrsWindy01

            Is your name BH now, Mr. Foxx? Are you so full of yourself that you think every comment is directed at you? Even the ones, clearly addressed to someone else? For the record, nothing I said in ANY of my responses remotely suggested that I felt there were no racists within the Democratic Party. However, since this article specifically deals with the REPUBLICAN PARTY, that’s where I directed my comments. Are you that desperate for a witty response that you need to attempt to plagiarize my comments? Not surprised you couldn’t come up with something of your own to say. Pretty pathetic behavior on your part.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Are you so full of yourself that you think every comment is directed at you?

            There’s some rule now that we can only respond to comments directed at us? It’s an open forum. Does your reading comprehension extend to not even understanding that general concept?

            As for pathetic behavior, I’d re-starting a conversation over a year done and attacking those who basically agree with you to be pretty good examples of pathetic.

  • Equalthruliberty

    When you can’t solve problems and lead people you resort to racism, etc. Anything to cover lack of accomplishment and the underlying agenda.

  • Benthedailybanter

    How many other Presidents have been shouted down like that during a session with Congress Mike?

    • AtlHarleyDave

      How many Presidents have stood before congress and told a lie? Obama did that night. Fine, if Bush lied (I’ll assume that will be your response), call him out on it. Then I can call you a racist. But I won’t; I’ll argue your point with facts, not emotion and name-calling. And you’ll go bat-shise crazy. That’s the way it works with my left wing sister in law. When she runs out of made up excuses, she (and all lib’s) declare racism. Sigh.

      • SamIamtwo

        I’d say with how messed up congress is, the majority of they have either lied or made false claims that could not be fulfilled. It’s a negotiation of ideals….You never get everything you want in a democracy…if you did you’d be at war with the 50M people that voted for the other guy…and there is only one president that I know who is doing just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Christopher Foxx

        How many Presidents have stood before congress and told a lie?


        Well, probably only 43. Harrison didn’t have much chance to.

      • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

        Your contrived hypothticals do not a legit argument make.

        Nor does your cry-whining about your intellectually superior sister :)

        • AtlHarleyDave

          Wow, a pseudo intellectual. I’m sooo impressed, yawn.

      • Michael Brown

        “How many Presidents have stood before congress and told a lie?”
        1. Reagan –> Iran Contra
        2. Bush II –> The motivations behind the Iraq war and his dismissal of the warning provided by the Clinton Administration pertaining to the imminent attack from Al Qaida

        Both of these bald-faced lies listed above are demonstrably true.

        Now what exactly was President Obama lying about when that idiot congress man called him a liar? Funny how there have been multiple posts on this thread by conservatives claiming that President Obama lied about something during that address but none of you seem to be capable of describing exactly what lie that might be.

        • deepblue223

          Oh it’s been much more recent than that. As far as Obama goes, here’s a few doozies…

          – Healthcare costs will go down,
          – You can keep your doctor,
          – My administration will be the most transparent in history,
          – I’m going to repeal (not EXPAND), REPEAL the Patriot Act
          – Benghazi – i.e. the rape, sodomizing, murder, and dragging of the body of a completely unprotected US Consulate through the streets of Benghazi on the day of the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attack was a “spontaneous demonstration” over a “youtube video”,
          – No one knows who authorized “fast and furious” – the sale of fully automatic weapons we had no capacity to monitor into the hands of the drug cartels deep inside of Mexico (Iran Contras anyone?)
          – The IRS was not intentionally and systematically targeting Obama’s political opponents
          – “Dreams of my father” – was about a man who abandoned me when I was two.
          – Blagoyovitch went to jail for BUYING Obama’s Senate seat. Obama did NOT go to jail for SELLING it.

          • jonathantaylor

            Are you a plant from fox news? Sounds like republican talking points to me!

      • Jean Dobbin

        Because we can see it!; It is so effin’ blatant these days, not even an attempt by many Republicans to hide their racism.

        The rich man’s useless sons, the Koch Brothers, are behind all of this horrific behavior and inciting divisiveness between the races. They’re spending their inherited wealth (incredible, unimaginable wealth) to promote their vision which is, sadly, to overthrow democracy and install an oligarchic government.

        They’re going to promote their favorite son, Scott Walker, as their candidate in 2016. He’s been all over this country, quietly lying the ground work. Union buster, sycophant to the 1% … just watch. They’re not just racists, they’re misogynists and have no place in this democracy in this century. Follow the Money.

      • MrsWindy01

        First of all, it may be your OPINION that President Obama stood before Congress and “told a lie” on the particular issue he was addressing when he was so RUDELY screamed at, however that is ALL it is. Your OPINION. And ALL our Presidents have at some point or other told “falsehoods” when addressing Congress! Bury your head in the sand and pretend racism is not the decisive difference; but you aren’t fooling anyone!

      • Ken Leibold

        Bush was pretty pissed when he found out he had lied to the American people about why the U.S. went into Iraq……as there were no weapons of mass destruction to be found.

        • deepblue223

          Listen lying ass-o-crat creep.. everything you say is a LIE. Everything you were told is a LIE. And you are an uninformed, stupid, useless idiot being manipulated towards your own destruction but you’re too busy bleeting explitives in the pasture to know it.

          Too bad you won’t listen to what your OWN leaders REALLY said or even pay attention when they talk – instead of just buying the into the Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews revisions thinking you can trust them and hating everyone who knows they’re straight up LIARS.

          See unlike opinionated little you I do my OWN research. I pay attention. And I REMEMBER what people say. And YES! There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. How do I know? Did “George Bush” tell me? No.

          I know they were there because Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Secretary Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barrack Obama aren’t “George Bush” and WOULDN’T LIE

    • SamIamtwo

      You’ve not lived long enough or worked for enough presidents in your lifetime to ask such a question. Every president that I have worked for at one time or another has been shouted at or down, cursed at or about. It goes with the job. Biden’s comment about Obama being CLEAN was getting cute, eh?

      • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

        No President in history has been disrespected in an official SOTU address – NONE. For you to pretend otherwise outs you for the racist & racism enabler you are.

        Biden was appealing to the racist Republican base with his comments. Intelligent people can determine his target audience & purpose.

        You are clearly incapable of such reasoned deduction or simply lying.


        • Public_Sense

          Again, the question screams to be asked : How exactly does disrespecting a president, who happens to be a black (actually black/white mixed) person equal being racist?

          • MrsWindy01

            Apparently you just don’t get it. There has never been another president who was disrespected while giving a speech in front of Congress. However, because THIS President is “black” he was not given the same respect as any other past President was. If you believe it was for any other reason, you are delusional.

          • BH

            Windy01, you need to go back to taking care of Barrack and your 2 girls, and quit spending time looking through old articles to find things you want to defend your husband about.

          • MrsWindy01

            My children are grown and I have a son and a daughter, not 2 girls. I suppose if you can’t relevantly argue your case, the next best thing is to attempt to “personalize” an ad hominem comment? Sad.;

      • Christopher Foxx

        Really? You’d equate vocal opposition from citizens in the crowd during campaign stops to being disrespected during a SOTU speech?

        Your sense of proportion is clearly warped.

    • Christopher Foxx

      So when Cheney told Patrick Leahy to “Fuck yourself” on the Senate floor, something I’ve not heard o happening before, it was because Leahy was black?

      The disrespect shown Obama by Wilson is evidence of Wilson’s rudeness, lack of respect, and general dickishness. Don’t be so quick to pull the race card every time a Republican acts like a Republican.

      • MrsWindy01

        Patrick Leahy was not giving a speech in front of Congress when he was rudely interrupted and screamed at. The two men were involved in an argument. There is a huge difference. Again, this is a case of total disrespect to a sitting President. And if you refuse to acknowledge that racism is involved, you are only deluding yourself.

        • Christopher Foxx

          (Wow, replying to a posting from 14 months ago. Gotta be a record.)

          I do refuse to suggest that every attack is racially motivated. Many are, certainly. But, as I said, sometimes Republicans are just being the rude, boorish, selfish, spoiled children that they are. The “Fuck yourself” to Leahy is an example of that.

          Consider it this way for a moment: Cheney says “Fuck yourself” to a Senator on the Senate floor but instead of being Senator Leahy it’s Senator Obama. Everything is exactly the same, except the person it was said to. Clearly Cheney was being rude and abusive, but I’d argue not racist in that incident. He’d behave toward a white person and black person exactly the same.

          I’ve no doubt Wilson would have been as disrespectful and rude if, for example, Bill Clinton were President at the time.

          • BH

            What preceded Cheney’s comment? Maybe he wasn’t being rude and abusive, just using a poor choice of words.

          • Christopher Foxx

            What preceded Cheney’s comment? Maybe he wasn’t being rude and abusive, just using a poor choice of words.

            What could possibly have preceded Cheney’s comment that could make it anything other than rude and abusive? In what context is “Fuck yourself!” a polite courtesy?

            Hey, BH. Go fuck yourself.

            Said politely, of course.

          • BH

            While I don’t think profanity is ever necessary (profanity is the ATTEMPT of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully), Cheney said that to Leahy after Leahy’s, and other Democrats’, constant harping and accusing Cheney of obtaining gov’t contracts for Haliburton. Maybe Cheney should have said something like “Patrick, quit acting so stupidly! You, of all people, should know that me interfering with a gov’t contract is the furtherest thing from truth. You and your Democrat Party friends should quit acting so abusive and stop the childish behavior”. But maybe he figured he didn’t have enough time for that.

          • Christopher Foxx

            “You, of all people, should know that me interfering with a gov’t contract is the furtherest thing from truth. You and your Democrat Party friends should quit acting so abusive and stop the childish behavior””

            So a) Cheney wanted Leahy et al to lie.
            And b) you’re suggesting he really wanted them to stop being abusive and childish, and expressed that sentiment by telling Leahy to “Fuck yourself.”

            But maybe he figured he didn’t have enough time for that.


            Hey, BH. Go fuck yourself. NOT intended politely.

          • MrsWindy01

            I don’t recall anyone saying “every attack” is racially motivated, however when it’s a blantantly disrespectful outburst on the floor of CONGRESS towards a President who was giving a SPEECH and not two Senators embroiled in an ongoing argument together, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell the difference. If you are so “sure” that Wilson would have done the same thing to ( for example ) Bill Clinton, I suggest you are only fooling yourself. We have had many years of Presidents who have given speeches in Congress. NEVER in our history has that happened before! And of course to suggest it to be “just a coincidence” that it happened to our first black President is logical! Not!

          • Christopher Foxx

            Where did I suggest anything was “just a coincidence”?

            Do you do ANYTHING other than make shit up so you can attack folks for something they haven’t done?

            Based on your comments here, the answer is a clear “no”.

    • Rob ONeil

      that doesn’t make it racist Ben. You are really reaching dude.

  • Steven Skelton

    Thank you Christopher. I was buried at work and didn’t have time to respond. One addition I would make is regarding #6. “Shuck and jive” is also an sports term used to reference an elusive ball carrier in sports…..and didn’t Ms. Palin get her start as a sports reporter in the early 80’s?

    Overall, the evidence presented is pretty weak. Debbie Wasserman Schultz referred to Condileeza Rice as “window dressing” after her speech at the Republican convention. By Mr. Cohen’s reasoning, wouldn’t we have to refer to the head of the DNC as racist?

    • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

      The evidence Of GOP Racism presented is legit.

      The only reason you’re pretending it’s not is you’re giving them cover.
      Why is the GOP racist? Why do they lie so much?
      Because low-life Republican voters let them. <– Oops!

      • Christopher Foxx

        The only reason you’re pretending it’s not is you’re giving them cover.

        The reasoning for questioning whether those are really examples of racism as been pretty clearly stated. You’re not responding to or rebutting those, you’re just declaring folks are doing something they’re not (providing cover).

        • Michael Brown

          She just did by briefly summarizing the historical use of “Shuck and Jive”…a history that has already been mentioned by the article and is easily verifiable.

          I don’t think how this debate thing works. Trying to sound “lawyerly” is not enough to distract from your very poor grasp of basic logic and debating skills. Please report to your nearest community college and enroll in Logic 101 and or Philosiphy 101….post haste.

      • Public_Sense

        The “shuck & jive” statement is clearly the only example that “could” be blatantly racist. Otherwise, pretty weak article that just feeds the stereotype of liberals always pulling the race card.

        • 1EdMeadows83

          Why do you think the Republican leaders in Congress had a meeting the night of President Obama’s inauguration to swear to oppose every proposal he was to make, They didn’t do that for Clinton, for Johnson, for Kennedy, for Carter and certainly not for Roosevelt. It’s time to face facts. The Republican party is a party of angry racists.

          • Public_Sense

            All that is still only an assumption. The fact is that they had the meeting and agreed to oppose the president. There is no “fact” that their decision was racially motivated.

        • ash429

          Since when does something have to be blatant to be racist? That’s just ignorant to say something like that. That’s not how it works and not to their advantage. It’s the more insidious things that are the most dangerous, like voter suppression. Just because they aren’t out shouting racial slurs doesn’t make them not racist. It’s much more internalized. Their policies and their voter recruiting tactics speak for themselves. Their lack of effort in minority outreach speaks for itself. The opposition Obama has faced on every single issue from Congress (historical opposition), whether they agree or not, speaks for itself.

          • Public_Sense

            I find your comment totally Racist (towards old white men, and yes, one CAN be racists towards old white men.)

            There, I said it. It must be true as your attitude reflected by your comment above only PROVES your a Racist.

          • deepblue223

            To fall into the racist Dixiecrat Klan pit is God’s Judgement against them.

            The Lord delivers us into our sin, and His Truth and His Wisdom is Glorified every time our pride and distrust of Him leads us to destruction. Glorify in that brother. For it is not given that every man should see, or hear God’s voice, but that through our brokenness we might be saved.

            And to the Lord Jesus Christ be ALL Glory!

          • Terry

            Racism isn’t just someone calling a black man a nigger, u didnt find shuckin and jivin and food stamp President to be racist

            A Lot of the opposition to Obama is with his race first.

            I called someone out when I said “X talks about white supremacy and u call him crazy but because I’m black u call me racist. You’re proving a double standard”

          • deepblue223

            It isn’t RACISM that’s been Obama’s problem, it’s that he’s constantly doing things such as creating a mock-up of the Pergamon Altar in the Denver Broncos stadium (white horse symbolism) to accept his Presidential nomination.


            So what you say? So what indeed. The Pergamon Altar is referred to as the THRONE OF SATAN in the Christian Bible, and if that’s not enough to give people pause, the Pergamon Altar was Hitler’s little Nazi nest in the 1930’s. In fact, it’s where Hitler did all his pagan mystic torch-light magic rituals and military Wehrmacht rallies as he made war on the people of God.

            So if you want Christians or Jews to like you, how about not starting your run in the Pergamon Altar? I’d ask you – IF – you were a minority, how you’d feel about a guy wearing a Klan shroud, but then you’d already a plantation Dixiekrat, so I”m sure you got over any “Uncle Tom” reservations in 1964 when the Klan suddenly started building you section 8 palaces, giving you public health care (medicare / medicaid), and paying you cash assistance.. year? 1964.

            What was the famous year the DEMOCRATS LOST THE CIVIL RIGHTS STRUGGLE? Hmm… 1964 was it? About the very same time the Dixiecrat Klan “community organized” Occupy Wall Street (then called “hippies”) to push drug addiction and “free love” – saying “you don’t need a man” and intentionally destroying the Black family. Yeah Uncle Tom-o-crat, it was the KKK-lan that did that. Not Northern Conservative Christians. What year again? 1964. The same year of the great DevilKrat Civil Right filibuster fail.

            And that “survival of the fittest”, “eugenics” – aka – planned parenthood KKK Godless Darwinist so wanted to help the poor, the weak and the powerless Blacks… just listen to LBJ.. the guy FORCED into turning AGAINST his own party to rewrite the 1963 REPUBLICAN Civil Rights Bill in a single night and create the DixieKKKrat we’jus’can’t stop’ya from’votin’ but weza’sur can buy’ya’luv 1964 KKK goin’feedya drugs n’a “GREATTT SOCIETY” Bill..


            Such a shame your dignity can be had for a welfare check, a few Klan-hates-whitey-too sperch rallies by the likes of redneck plantation owners, segregationists, and KKK members Bubba Klinton, Plantation Al Gore, Jimmybob Carter, Lyndon N-word Johnson, Cotton Jon Edwards, Grand Kleagal Robert Byrd, Plantation Chris Dodd, and some substandard housing. But I guess that’s why the DemoKlan had to tear your father away – so HE couldn’t teach you about Black nobility.

            Or instill in you the courage it would take to leave the Dixiecrat plantation.

      • Ken Leibold

        Sara Palin undoubtedly has friends who are black…sitting in the back of her bus, and bringing her coffee. Who could be a more pure white Republican?

        • deepblue223

          Well golly gee ken lieboldly, that sure SOUNDS like a damning accusation.

          Problem is though, in HISTORY – ACTUAL HISTORY – that’s the exclusively “Progressive” Dixiecrat Solid Democrat Southern Behavior that the fathers of Al Gore and Chris Dodd did. It’s the kind of thing CLINTON / OBAMA’s Speaker Pro Tempore (3rd most powerful man in government – 3 heart beats from the Presidency) Robert KKK Byrd (Clinton / Obama’s #3 – actual KLAN “GRAND KLEAGLE”) actually did.

          Matter of fact.. none of you Jimmy-bob Carter, Bubba Clinton, Cotton John Edwards, Richard Russell, Sam Easten, Lestor Maddox Democrats seem to have left your party. I mean golly ken.. how can the #3 under BOTH Klinton and Ubama Bin Biden have been a KLAN recruiter?

          Next thing you’re going to tell me is that THIS guy wanted to HELP Black people – even when he voted AGAINST *ANTI-LYNCHING LEGISLATION* as a Senator.

          You know.. just because I marvel if that CIVIL RIGHTS LOSS the REPUBLICANS handed you Dixies in ’57, ’60, ’63, & 1964 didn’t make you DIXIECRATS (notice how that’s YOU and NOT the Republicans – both White and Black that you lynched until the 1960’s?) go to “Plan B”


          That’s right. 1964. And this guy couldn’t stop Blacks from voting anymore like he did in ’57, ’60, & ’63 like he did with poll taxes, literacy tests, and nullification like ONLY the Democrats did AGAINST the REPUBLICAN CIVIL RIGHTS BILLS

          Thus the “Great Society” – i.e. GREAT PLANTATION system of 1964

          Gee.. besides welfare and public housing, what are the problems in the Black Community? The destruction of the Black family, the ELIMINATION of the Black Father, and DRUGS?

          Who pushed those things? Golly.. PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. They did ALL of that.

          What years? The mid 1960’s until NOW.

          Gee.. WHO BESIDES the DEMOCRAT KLAN would do that?


          But hey, they’ve ALWAYS BEEN the party of one man working, and another man profiting, with their political machine in the middle making everybody HATE everybody, dividing and conquering, and keeping all the power for themselves.

      • deepblue223

        You are the party of “the 99%”.

        But WHY should that matter – let alone be the primary focus of your battle cry?

        matters because you DON’T CARE what the law says. You’re doing what’s
        good for “most” people, – the “majority”. And you justify ignoring the
        law by DEMONIZING the intended victim, and claiming.. so what, it’s
        “good” for MOST – and they are only “the 1%”

        But what’s another word for “the 1%”?

        That word is M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y.

        That’s why “Democrats” – i.e. – pure Democracy is the party of SLAVERY. It’s good for most, and “bad” for just a few.

        numbers don’t make immorality right – as my college professor taught us
        – In a pure Democracy (Democrat – as opposed to a REPUBLIC –
        Republican),- two men and a woman get onto an elevator. They take a
        vote. And the woman gets raped.

        You Democrats NEVER “switched”
        sides, nor did your tactics and goals ever change. At heart it is always
        still the same – one man works, and another man profits. In the middle
        stands the Democrat playing one side against the other and grabbing all
        the power and credit for themselves.

        Republicans don’t
        pretend to have had a magical overnight conversion in 1964 which made
        them suddenly “love” Blacks for all the very same exact reasons
        Democrats say they HATE in “rednecks” – which doesn’t make sense.
        Republicans support and protect Civil Rights for Blacks because it makes
        sense for them to do so.

        Why? Because Republicans are
        the party of MINORITY – and in fact we defend the rights of the very
        smallest 1% of all – the INDIVIDUAL. Black, White, Catholic, Protestant,
        Atheist, all of them.

        All you Democrats support is for
        “the Fatherland”, for “the village”, for “Mother Russia” or “Mother
        America”, for the “Collective”, for “Society”, for “the 99%”, and ALWAYS against the powerless – babies, minorities, the old, the weak, and the “outvoted”.

    • Monroe Frazier

      This term your using for shuck and jive is wrong. The origins of the phrase may be traced to when “black slaves sang and shouted gleefully during corn-shucking season, and this behavior, along with lying and teasing, became a part of the protective and evasive behavior normally adopted toward white people.
      Juba to Jive, a Dictionary of African-American Slang,’ ‘shuck and jive’ dates back to the 1870s and was an ‘originally southern ‘Negro’ expression for clowning, lying, pretense.

      • BH

        Maybe the origins date to slavery, but anyone who has been in sports over the last 50 years may only know of it in terms of a display of certain sports feats. Language changes, remember when “gay” referred to someone being happy?

        • Teri

          And I wonder, was it used in sports to refer to something white men were doing?

          • BH

            In my part of the country it referred to anyone who made elusive moves to accomplish a feat, running the football, making your way through opponents to score a twisting bucket in basketball for examples. It also meant a person who could talk his way out of anything.

  • Christopher Foxx

    It’s difficult to honestly tell when something is racially motivated (i.e., “racist”) when it’s not fairly straightforward. So I’m not saying there definitely isn’t a racial component to why folks have done/said what they have. But looking at your list, I had to get as far as #6 (Palin using the phrase “shuck and jive”) before I saw an example that clearly had ties to something racial. “Shuck and jive” is a description that has demonstrably only been used in reference to black people. But the rest are largely examples of the boorishness and general disrespect for others that the Republicans and “conservatives” have been eagerly embracing for the last, well, at least twenty years or so. Romney’s speech struck me largely just another example of his closeted mindset, his plain inability to understand why $10,000 bets and “I’m unemployed, too” and lecturing an audience of blacks about welfare dependency wouldn’t go over well.

    Making a case that the Republicans are racist because “a white man wouldn’t have been treated that way” is difficult. Clinton was pretty relentlessly treated with disrespect by Republicans, too. Troopergate, accusations he murdered Vince Foster, and the whole “Clinton Body Count”, etc. Was Gingrich’s hounding of him any less unrelenting than the constant attacks on Obama?

    “Conservatives” have eagerly and adamantly embraced lies, ignorance and just base rudeness for at least a couple decades. It’s hard to be convinced that the reaction to Obama is really evidence of racism rather than just more plain we-hate-anyone-on-the-other-side-take-no-prisoners partisanship. Perhaps it’s grown as the right grows even more childish (as if that’s possible) but it certainly isn’t new.

    So I’ll side with Steven Skelton (the commenter you referred to) and express concern that the race card is being pulled a little too readily, that “it’s racism” is being used where “it’s stupidity and obnoxiousness” is more accurate.

    IS there racism in the Republican party? Certainly. Of course. But it is possible to disrespect a black man for reasons other than the color of his skin.

    • Benthedailybanter

      Fair points Christopher, but I just think we’re dancing around the subject here. Joe Wilson’s boorish behavior betrayed, at least in my opinion, such a level of disrespect that he must have believed that Obama had no place being in the White House. There’s no way to tell of course, but I’ll put my neck out and say it came from a deep seated belief that Wilson does not believe a black man has the right to be President. I may be wrong, but that’s what I think. Also, has any other President been questioned so relentlessly (if at all) on his citizenship? I can’t think of one.

      • AtlHarleyDave

        Sorry Ben, that’s called projection.

        • Elisa Vote Dem Velez

          It’s not “projection” – get a dictionary.

          Projection is attributing your sins onto an (often) innocent party.
          Ben is reasonably assessing Wilson’s unreasonable response.

          No other Prez in HISTORY has been subjugated to such disrespect.
          NONE. The reason is because he’s black & old white men are mad.

          • Christopher Foxx

            It’s not “projection

            You’re right. It’s denial. It’s a closed mindedness that says “This is the conclusion I want to reach so reach it I shall.” Ben admits Wilson’s behavior was “boorish”, and good for him for recognizing that THAT is what it was. But, alas, Ben wants to believe that such a level of disrespect can’t just be disrespect but must be racism. So he sees a high level of disrespect is evidence of racism.

          • MrsWindy01

            “It’s closed mindedness…” Pot calling the kettle Mr. Foxx. You are the one who seems to be reaching the conclusion that you want to reach by ignoring the indications of racism and suggesting they aren’t exactly what they are. The fact is that MANY people disrespect our President simply because he is black. And that IS and always will be an indication of racism. You can ignore it all you want, but it won’t change it. It will still be what it is no matter how much you deny it.

          • Christopher Foxx

            “It’s closed mindedness…”

            You mean, like refusing to consider another point of view? Like, perhaps not every attack on Obama is racially motivated?

            The fact is that MANY people disrespect our President simply because he is black.

            Yes, they do.

            And that IS and always will be an indication of racism.

            Yes, disrespecting someone because of their race is racist. Disrespecting them because they are a Democrat, for example, is not.

            You can ignore it all you want. …It will still be what it is no matter how much you deny it.

            I’ve neither ignored it nor denied it. ON the contrary, I’ve said repeatedly that many attacks on Obama are racially based. But actually noticing what I have said doesn’t fit with what you want to rant about. You’d rather make up something to get mad about. How very Republican of you.

          • Christopher Foxx

            No other Prez in HISTORY has been subjugated to such disrespect.

            Making a case that the Republicans are racist because “a white man wouldn’t have been treated that way” is difficult. Clinton was pretty relentlessly treated with disrespect by Republicans, too. Troopergate, accusations he murdered Vince Foster, and the whole “Clinton Body Count”, etc. Was Gingrich’s hounding of him any less unrelenting than the constant attacks on Obama?

          • MrsWindy01

            You want to compare apples to oranges. Clinton may have been disrespected, however that disrespect was on a much different level than the disrespect given President Obama. I don’t ever recall a Governor putting their finger in Clinton’s face, Congress members sending out emails, calling for his death, and that of his child(ren), or depicting Clinton’s family as monkeys. I don’t recall Clinton ever referred to as a “tar baby”. I don’t recall a member of Congress walking out on any of his speeches, or the Speaker flatly refusing a request for a House speech date, I don’t recall anyone fanning the flames of ignorance and suspicion over Clinton’s birthplace when there was NEVER an ounce of solid evidence to back it up, I don’t recall any Congress member boldly stating their “top priority” was to make Clinton a “one-term” President. I don’t recall any “private meetings” set up and attended by members of the Congressional Republicans on the very night of Clinton’s inauguration where a secret pact was formed and it was decided that Congress would become the most obstructionist Congress ever in our history! The list is ENDLESS! So, if you want to ignore all those indications of the LEVEL of disrespect that THIS President has been shown by the GOP against any OTHER, then you go right ahead. The rest of us see it for exactly what it is.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I don’t ever recall a Governor putting their finger in Clinton’s face, Congress members sending out emails, calling for his death, and that of his child(ren), or depicting Clinton’s family as monkeys.

            No, they just accused him of being a murderer. Multiple murderer, actually. And they insulted his daughter’s looks. And his wife’s abilities. And….

            Yes, Obama is the target of racial attacks. But not every attack is based on race. In trying to declare Obama uniquely victimized in all ways you’re having to ignore things that Republicans have been doing to other Presidents and Democrats for a couple decades.

            They punch a lot of folks. Yes, Obama is the only one getting punched in the face (subject to racially motivated attacks), but stop saying every punch is to his face, or that nobody else has ever been punched.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Joe Wilson’s boorish behavior betrayed, at least in my opinion, such a level of disrespect that he must have believed that Obama had no place being in the White House.

        I don’t doubt that, Ben. But that may well be because Wilson believes President Obama is a socialist Muslim born in Kenya, not because he’s black.

        To grab every incident of disrespect and boorishness and claim it’s an example of racism is crying wolf.

        Also, has any other President been questioned so relentlessly (if at all) on his citizenship?

        Nor can I think of one questioned so relentlessly on his sex life (if at all) than Clinton. Or on his incompetence than Bush. Or on his furlough program than Dukakis. Or on his war record than Kerry. Or on _____ than _____.

        If you pick the specific think folks attacked on you can make your argument for any President or candidate.

        Is there racism in the Republican party? Yes, clearly. Were the examples you chose clear examples of it? No. Do folks jump to cry “racism!” to quickly as the motivation for any complaint about Obama? You betcha.

        • MrsWindy01

          So, you are willing to believe Joe Wilson acted out of bigotry, ( example:”socialist Muslim born in Kenya” ), but not racism? Clinton was disrespected as well, yet NO ONE ever screamed at him and called his a “LIAR” while giving a speech in front of Congress. It’s just your opinion that the author did not show clear examples of racism. It’s mine, and seems to be others, that he did. And given the extent of “disrespect” and overwhelming examples of OTHER Congress members who have made racist comments about THIS President that no other has ever endured, I don’t believe folks are “jumping” to cry racism at all. I believe they are simply willing to ADMIT it, when clearly you are not.

          • Christopher Foxx

            So, you are willing to believe Joe Wilson acted out of bigotry, ( example:”socialist Muslim born in Kenya” ), but not racism?

            Not what I said. I’m not ruling out the possibility that Wilson acted out of bigotry. I’m just not convinced that bigotry was at the root of him yelling out “you lie”.

            It’s just your opinion that the author did not show clear examples of racism.

            You keep throwing out “it’s just your opinion” as if I’ve ever said it was anything else. And then you keep expressing your opinion as if it carries some special weight, or is more valid just because it’s your opinion.

            …Congress members who have made racist comments about THIS President that no other has ever endured…

            I never said Obama hadn’t been the target more racist comments than any other President. I’m sure he has. (For no other reason that he’s the first non-white President we’ve had so there really hasn’t been a President you could make anti-black racist comments to before.) What I am saying is, I don’t think every thing said against Obama is based on racism.

            Clinton was attacked a lot, a *LOT* for no reason other than he was a Democrat. I believe Obama is attack a lot of the time for the same reason.

            But if you want to keep ranting about me saying things I haven’t said, well, I can’t stop you. But you might consider that attacking people who are on your side is pretty counter productive. (Especially on threads that ended over a year ago.)

          • Christopher Foxx


      • BH

        Maybe Wilson knew that the President had blatantly lied and this indignation that a President would be so brazen to do it, his emotions took over. And all Obama had to do to stop any speculation over his both place was to produce his birth certificate. But he didn’t want to because he figured if people talked about that they would not talk about the things that really mattered. And it worked.
        And if liberals are so loving of all blacks, why the hatred for Clarence Thomas? Must be some hidden hatred of blacks in there somewhere. And it was Democrats who opposed Johnson on the civil rights law.

        • Christopher Foxx

          BH: Maybe Wilson knew that the President had blatantly lied and this indignation that a President would be so brazen to do it, his emotions took over.

          Oh, obvious bullshit. Bush and Cheney lied, blatantly lied, brazenly lied about numerous things. WMD being only the most obvious. They clearly lied about (the other) Joe Wilson and their actions towards his wife, Valarie Plame, were clearly acts of treason. His indifferent reaction to the destruction of New Orleans and the plight of the people trapped there should have anyone indignant.

          If Joe Wilson were so moved by indignity over something a President said that he’d have a spontaneous outburst in a most inappropriate setting, why would he not say anything about Bush’s many brazen lies in the many public forums where he had the opportunity to do so?

        • MrsWindy01

          First of all, the FACT is that the President did NOT lie. That has been proven. Research it. And can you show me where anyone has made the claim that “liberals are so loving of ( all ) blacks”? And not all Democrats opposed Johnson on the civil rights law. If you are going to make claims, please be accurate.


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