The Madness of Glenn Beck Commenters

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A reader sent us a link to this excellent site: – a site dedicated to building a historic record of mind blowing comments left on Glenn Beck’s website The site explains:

“As a project in accountability, this site catalogs many of the “unique” comments found on conservative pundit Glenn Beck’s website, The result, in the aggregate, is an insightful distillation of the thought processes which sustain right-wing politics and policies. Anonymous comments are honest comments. Take an aspirin now, because you’ll be slapping your forehead in no time.”

Some of the comments really are “unique”. Take these from an article about an 11 year old transgendered girl who felt the President could have spoken more in his inauguration speech for people of her sex. First is a user whose avatar is a monkey with a banana and ‘Obama in 08’ written across the bottom of it:

glenn beck comment

Then there’s this piece of brilliant psychology:

beck comment 2

I’ll be checking in at regularly. I haven’t seen such a concentrated collection of madness since getting into it with the 9/11 truth movement. Great fun.


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  • Barry Bummer

    OK, I checked the link.
    They’re all nuts, save for a couple of kind souls.
    So much hatred directed at an 11-year old!

  • shirtsbyeric

    Don’t assume that I don’t know how to use a weapon.

  • dbtheonly


    We can discuss what an 11 year old is doing selecting a sexual identity at a later time. 11 strikes me as awful young.

    You wanted volume; you got it.

    Does it strike you as funny that “thatsit…” is throwing the word “communist” around even though there hasn’t been a “Soviet Union” for 20 some years now? What’s next? He’ll accuse us of being “Wobblies”?

  • Lazarus Durden

    Yes because Glenn Beck followers are paragons of self-control and maturity. The evidence is all over the internet! It’s not like they purchase snake-oil in the form of crappy books, gold for cash scams, or other doomsday prepper swag like the “Survival Backpack” he was selling a few years ago. Say how many revolutions was that? 4? 12? I’ve lost count since Beck has predicated so many of them.

    • Leftologist

      “The evidence is all over the internet”

      Meaning highly edited clips on leftist blogs and YouTube videos. Since you’ve most likely never actually listened to Glenn, one could hardly consider you an authority on the subject.

      ….And yes, Glenn has sponsors. How dare he, huh?

  • Leftologist

    The Blaze reports news that the Obama controlled media doesn’t want you to hear and The Daily Banter just tries to discredit conservatives.

    Big difference.

  • Natalie Fincik

    Judging from Ben’s picture it looks like he could be transgender himself. Ben?

    • Benthedailybanter

      Yes Natalie…I’m transgendered…I take it you have something against them?

  • David Jenson

    Go on over to the Huffpo site. Read some of that stuff. Now there is some REAL entertainment. Warning! It’s like watching an intellectual train wreck.

  • Bennie Holloway

    what a liberal rag this crap is

  • Ryan Finfrock

    Because two people making comments like that is good enough to generalize a whole group….

    • steve cox

      Of course it is relative to liberal ideology. Its purely classic Saul
      Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, Rule # 13, “Pick the target, freeze
      it, personalize it, and polarize it”.

    • Leftologist

      Yes, there are 178 comments on that article and they found 2 that they could use for propaganda.

      • Lazarus Durden

        I’m sure the other 176 were of the highest scholarly caliber supported with sound logic and backed by unimpeachable evidence. To think all I had to do was click on the link Ben proved and the Liberal illusion simply melted before my eyes! Illumination and Liberation thy name is Beck!

        • Leftologist

          What you leftists don’t realize is that we’re not like you. Whereas you watch MSNBC and read a few leftist blogs and consider yourself informed, we get our information form a wide variety of sources. Believe it or not, we even check out leftist propaganda blogs such as this one.

          • Christopher Foxx

            And do so with hermetically sealed minds.

  • Equalthruliberty

    Make your readers feel more intelligent and informed. Brilliant.
    An 11 year old transgendered girl is truly madness.

  • peter_principle

    Fun? These people are armed.

    • trgahan

      and they never forget to vote….

    • Benthedailybanter

      Good point. Hopefully they’re not intelligent enough to use the weapons though. The level of stupidity truly is a sight to behold.

      • shirtsbyeric

        You better hope that they are as stupid as you say they are. Because if they do know how to “use the weapons”, then you could be one of their targets when it all goes down.

        • merl1

          Big talk from a right wing coward.

          • shirtsbyeric

            Nice try, troll.

      • Natalie Fincik

        Stupidity? Hmmm. Democrats have managed to capture a voting block that consists of welfare recipients, felons and the depraved. And Conservatives are stupid? Oh, wait, you’re right. After all, we are the ones paying the taxes to fund your liberal pipe dreams.

    • thatsitivehadenough

      Have to be. Look what the Obamunists are trying to transform America into.

      • Christopher Foxx

        An economically sound and respected state that actually takes care of its citizens. The horror.


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