Shorter Cons: Don’t Caricature Us, You America-Hating Latte Liberals

A recent source of conservative butthurt appears to be liberals making fun of conservatives.

Bear in mind that modern conservatism, in the form of the increasingly Whiggish GOP consists of people like Louie Gohmert who warns us about terror babies, Michael Savage who wishes for a fascist, nationalist political party, and Rush Limbaugh who says acceptance of same sex marriage is related to mainstreaming pedophilia are doing a fine enough job making conservatism unpalatable without liberal help.

That said, here is Dennis Prager complaining that Richard Cohen says mean things about the right. While Stephen Hayes — yes, the guy who wrote the Cheney hagiography and the book falsely claiming there was a “Connection” between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein — touts Jonah Goldberg’s latest book that nobody with a brain takes seriously, whose central premise is that stupid liberals are reality based and make fun of conservatives when in fact (of course) poopy-head liberals believe myths like global warming while conservatives know that Fox News said Al Gore is fat.

Prager and Goldberg write for National Review. Here are some covers for that publication.


Hayes writes for The Weekly Standard. Here are some of their covers.


In other words, as always, the right would rather the left sit there like it did in the late ’70s and ’80s and take it like a bunch of dummies and don’t you dare ever fight back. Never you mind that the reason the right hates people like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton stems largely from those two (and many others) being able to throw a punch and bloody the right’s noses.

A lot of us remember the first part of this century, with Democrats in complete retreat and the press parroting the GOP message du jour which boiled down to “Democrats who don’t sound like Republicans are out of touch with America.” (Fall 2002 edition: “Yeah, you voted for the Iraq War, but you’re still a terrorist sympathizer!”) It wasn’t until the left hit rock bottom in 2004’s election that it began to reassert itself.

Unlike the right, who has now adopted Rush Limbaugh’s mantra that “low information voters” were bewitched by Barack Obama’s magic, the left actually changed itself in order to be more in sync with America. This is because we are able to admit that liberalism is not perfect, that it must change in response to outside information and that we simply cannot bend reality to fit into what we believe.

Modern conservatism is incapable of this, and to point that out to the right makes them real mad and the write books and columns about liberal meanies not taking them seriously. And oh, by the way, they’re going to vote to repeal Obamacare for the 3,432nd time because Limbaugh will give them a cookie.


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  • Oliver Willis

    Oh my God, please get lives you guys.

  • jinxy

    Meow Bitches!!!! The cat is back

    db your an ass

    ol-froth-your a fat pig

    olly-you smell chief donaldsons crotch

    burn-you just need to burn a joint and loosen up

    m2-don’t no what to say about you? powerrangers?cmon???? your a sick individual that needs help

    Warm Regards,

  • Burn

    The National Review and Weakly Standard (yes, that was intentional) are just for the same group of dickhead right wingers who smell their own farts. Just like any right wing book press, just like Fox. It’s one giant circle jerk, telling the bitter old white men exactly what they want to hear. They truly are sealed off in a bubble of their own making.

    They are losing the rest of the country, slowly but surely, which is why they are having their massive death rattle. They’re done. They are no more. Oh sure, there will still be some rednecks and survivalists and paranoid conspiracy mongers who want to go live inside walled compounds on top of mountains in Idaho, but overall the right wing in this country is circling the drain.

    That’s why they are so mad. They won’t come to grips with it in a healthy manner. They won’t modify or evolve in order to reflect the changing demographics of this country. They are such pussies and so freakin insecure, EVERYTHING has to be a battle to the death, heels ground in the dirt.

    And they are too freaking stupid to see that they keep losing over and over. And every time, they cannot bring themselves to the proverbial naval gazing moment. They cannot stand there and do Stuart Smalley and look in the mirror and say, what went wrong? No fucking way. It’s ALWAYS some external force beyond their control. Hilarious.

  • merl

    You finally fixed the log in info, thanks

  • M2

    As our right wingers here prove on a regular basis, they’re more than deserving of mockery. When you believe Hillary Clinton faked her concussion, voter fraud won President Obama a second term and you’ve spent years chasing a birth certificate you’ve already seen, you should be glad mockery is all you receive.

    • Dennis


      “Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but for someone who has been set up as the iron woman of politics and has run a campaign based on that theme, to cry on the campaign trail is kind of ridiculous. I know we have double standards, but the candidates are working within them – Clinton, Edwards, Obama and even on the right. But for Hillary Clinton to now be “choked up” after losing one caucus?

      Come on.”

      Try to guess what blogger also questioned Hillary’s sincerity at a crucial time for her, Marco.

      Take your time and please, by all means, feel free to use the Google if you must.

      • M2

        Why don’t you just apologize for your “Hillary faked it” bullshit like an adult would? “But they did too” is an excuse grade schoolers give, Dennis.

        • Dennis

          Stop being emotional, Marco. If Hillary didn’t have a long history of convenient fabrications, just like her partner, (Bill, I mean), then doubting her sincerity wouldn’t be something that both liberals and conservatives do so often. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf.

          • M2

            Again, just admit you fell for another right wing conspiracy theory and apologize. Why is the party of personal responsibility incapable of taking any personal responsibility?

            It’s always someone else’s fault.

            Put your big boy pants on, Dennis.

          • Dennis

            Go for a long walk and try to bring your emotions back in check, Marco. Hillary told the father of the slain SEAL in Benghazi, “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted”. She’s a lying twit, Marco. She doesn’t want to answer questions why she took part in and perpetrated that political game of charades.

          • M2

            Don’t project your emotions on to me, Dennis. Like a true child, you’re off to calling the Sec. of State names like liar although she was clearly not lying as you accused her of doing. You, again, fell for another right wing bullshit smear and, when proven wrong, are unable to accept responsibility like an adult would and just apologize.

            Why can’t you just admit you were wrong? You do admit you were wrong, don’t you? Take that brave first step, Dennis, like any eight year-old would.

  • Ol-Froth

    I suspect that the reasons why many of the “old” regulars no longer post are two-fold. One, there was a somewhat lengthy period before Oliver moved his blog to the Daily Banter when there were no new threads. If someone isn’t posting new content, readers go elsewhere. Some come back, some do not.

    Secondly, I know that many of us had difficulty registering with WP to comment after the move. It took quite a bit of time for WP to “remember” my handle and allow me back in. Some still cannot get “below the fold.”

    As for the topic at hand, I’m always amused when wingnuts are upset when some liberal calls them a “name,” while they’ve called us things like traitor and worse. Related to the comment threads here, I’d say that silly lyrics set to tradional American music is a far cry from some of the potty-mouthed garbage directed at us by the subject of that ditty.

    • Ol-Froth

      Hmmm..that was in response to Dennis…don’t know why it posted to the top. Sorry all.

    • Dennis

      Don’t understand what you say you’re amused at since I don’t see any posts here where anyone is upset at being called a name. And it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone call you or anyone else here a traitor, so if you’re still miffed about 2003 or 2004, I suggest you seek professional counseling, Frothy. No one is comparing lyrics to potty-mouthed garbage. The point is you’re giving out professional advice on how to get recourse for your grievances, while at the same time you’re a willing accomplice trying to encourage more of it.

      It’s like a scene out of ‘Cops’ with two people yelling at each other saying the other one is at fault, only here the cop at the scene is egging one side on and then throwing up his hands and saying ‘Hey, I got nothing to do with this!’

      You’re just as phony as db is, Frothy.

      • Ol-Froth

        Well, I suppose it is my fault for addressing several different topics in a single post Dennis, but I’ll direct you to the first sentence of Oliver’s post:

        A recent source of conservative butthurt appears to be liberals making fun of conservatives.

        In the last few posts Oliver’s written, the comments section was filled by incredibly crude statements made by a single person posting under various handles. Most of those statements have been thankfully deleted, as they did nothing to advance the discussion, and were nothing more than homophobic innuendo and insults. Someone asked me if there was any legal recourse, and I gave my opinion.

        One of the personas used by this person seemed to be trying to engage in an actual discussion, and I tried engaging that persona in rational discussion, but even that persona soon descended into madness and name calling.

        IIRC, my only “insults” towards this person was to, in my little ditty, describe him making nutty comments, having a garbage mouth, and being insane. I think his comments reenforce my opinion of him. Now, if you are going to say my comments are the same as things like:
        hey dick bag this is the cat and I see you… lick my balls for me, because right now there engorged and the cat can’t get to them right now
        or appeals to violence like Oi ly will get sapper stomped. Im gonna see how many sorrys i can get out of you when im done hahahahaha
        Hey ol froth….suck on Burns cock…..burn!!! Come bully me fuck head… oi ly eat my fart box. Lets all exchange real names!!! Lets fucking go pussies!! Ante up ill give you my forst name. Larry. Ol froth is gonna get a sapper stomp down. And you assholes actually try to act tough.

        then I’d like you to familiarize yourself with a concept known as “false equivelency.”

        • Dennis

          Frothy, again, the point isn’t to compare and contrast, or rate on a scale of 1-10 which is the more offensive, which post crosses any lines, which is better or worse, who is most at fault or not, or to play the judge. I’m just telling you that you’re not being sincere. You know the games being played here and you know who the players are and what their strategies are, and you’re doling out professional advice in a capacity whereby you let everyone know what your function is and your level of authority. And you are clearly taking sides without the least bit of objectivity. All that’s fine, but what I don’t get is you coming back and encouraging more of it after having given out that advice and call to action, dubious as it is, to creeps like Burn, Oily and Copypasta, who you know all live for this sort of stuff. There’s no question you’re trying to elevate the garbage situation, not alleviate it. And you can’t even be honest about that. Not as just another poster who messes around here, but you do it in a professional capacity and as an authority figure, which makes those creeps figure that they’re just following advice from said authority figure.

          And seriously, did you really think you needed to re-post that, given how bad you guys feel about all the extra work Oliver has to do?

          Police chief taunts perp. Claims he was just writing poetry. Compares poetry to the crime he believes he just witnessed and wipes his hands clean. “Why, my poetry was just that, innocent words. How can you compare what I did to what he did?” Just the sort of cop you’re thrilled about paying more taxes for his salary so he can keep the community safe and sound.

          • Ol-Froth

            And you clearly do not understand “false equivelency.” I don’t know if you saw the complete thread before Oliver deleted the offensive comments, but I was trying to have a rational discussion with dufty’s “Morty Shatz” sock puppet. Meanwhile, his other sock puppets were doing nothing but dropping the usual garbage that dufty is known for. I was asked for my opinion, I gave it, and I also stated I wasn’t sure the particular law applied. I also mentioned the sucessful prosecution of cyber-stalker Dennis Markuze (aka Mabus) by Canadian law enforcement. I never posted anything even remotly like what dufty did, and I only reposted a few of his available rants so you wouldn’t have to go hunt them up yourself. I posted my little ditty after dufty repeatedly attacked me, and I did so in a way meant to margainilize him, and invited others to do the same. In other words, we pointed and laughed.

            You claim to not be playing the judge, but by wagging your finger, you are indeed judging. You claim the point isn’t to compare and contrast, but that’s exactly what you are doing; claiming that mocking satire of an annoying troll is exactly the same as junior highschool-level homophobic and misogynist taunts.

            Your false sanctimonity is extremley cloying.

            BTW, thanks for the promotion, but I have no desire to be a chief.

    • AwkwardSilence

      (This is in response to Ol-Froth, in case the threading is still going haywire when this posts…)

      As a former semi-regular, I simply couldn’t get access to the site once it transitioned to the DB. It wouldn’t accept my password, nor would it resend my password, nor would it allow me to register a new account. I sent in a support e-mail which (I assume) was ignored, so I moseyed on.

      I made a random visit a few days ago and, magically, all account issues were resolved. So here I am.

      And it’s nice to see that Dennis is still floating around, oblivious to the actions of OW’s conservative trolls as he tsk-tsk’s the liberal regulars, much like a parent who offers you a condescending lecture on how you’re raising your kids, while their brat throws a tantrum and shits in your bag.

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      • Ol-Froth

        Sounds like you had the same problem I did, and went through the same steps, with the same results, and now, here we are =)

        Posting on FB just didn’t have the same appeal.

        • Dennis

          That’s two. There’s about 50 more missing. Quite a few who announced that they were leaving, actually.

          • oi ly

            Care to list them the “quite a few”, Plunket? How many actually announced that they were leaving? And do you remember their reasons for stating so or are you just flinging shit around, as usual. And why did the conservatives go missing after the trouncing? It took you almost a month (or so) before you could summons enough courage to post anything here. At least SF had the gonads to engage, but then again he wasn’t strutting his illusions here before the election like you and Frankie were. The word cocky comes to mind. I think that is the description Wilbur levelled. You were dead sure it was in the bag and acted that way for a good three months. Strut and fling, strut and fling and then run away until the heat dies down. That’s a coward. Admit it Plunket, that’s what cowards do.

      • Dennis

        AS, you’re still as obstinate as ever. And I can tell you’ve been working at it, too. Almost as if it just comes naturally now.

        Thanks for not posting the English translation right after the French version for a common, everyday, ordinary slogan that would have worked much better in this instance. It lends an air of, what shall I say, Joie de vivre, to my day.

        Almost makes me wish I had voted for John Kerry instead of George Bush.

        • AwkwardSilence

          My most sincere apologies, Dennis- the French was meant to add a bit of playful snark, and I’ve (unfortunately) had Rush’s “Circumstances” stuck in my head for the better part of the day.

          As they say, “Désolée, cette copie est réellement sans signification, et j’ai voulu perdre votre temps recherchant la traduction.”

          But yes, I’m still obstinate, and it appears as if you’re still scampering about the OW playground, pulling the community’s collective pigtails- even though everyone here is gross and lame and has cooties, and in no way, shape, or form do you crave their attention.

          Although, in a moment of non-snark, I do hope you’ve been well. Life’s too weird and short to hold grudges over intwerweb arguments.

          It’s swell to be back.

          • Dennis

            Well said, Awkward. Much, much too short.


  • Buzz Killington

    db, presumably Oliver was only discussion “the first part of this century” in that paragraph. That said, I do agree with that I think is your overarching point, that this narrative is overly simplistic and has some holes in it. That works better to stir the pot, though.

    • Buzz Killington

      This thing lost threading when I submitted. Boo.

    • db


      I agree that the Republicans are much more mean-spirited in their humor, But I ask myself how much of that perception is merely because I’m on the other team? Does Jerry Jones look better to a Cowboy fan? This is where Dennis could be really useful if he wanted to. I’m hoping Farris will show up so we might have a view from the other bench.


      Dr. Seuss was a notorious progressive Liberal. You sure you really want to rip one of his character names?

      Ol is right where he needs to be, supporting me when he thinks I’m right, calling me an idiot when he knows I’m wrong.

      • Buzz Killington

        Well, there was no shortage of ridiculous and/or offensive caricatures of Bush. I’d imagine behavior changes a great deal based on whether ones’ party is in the majority or not.

        • Ol-Froth

          I don’t think its a question of if caricatures of Bush or Obama exists. Caricature and ssatire have a long history of political utilization. In the case at hand, conservatives are outraged that we’re pointing and laughing at them, while refusing to acknowledge that they too, point and laugh at us. I think all Oliver is doing is providing examples where the Weekly Standard and NRO used caricature to mock Democrats, while being upset that someone would do the same to them. If there are liberal writers in liberal magazines complaining how unfair it is for conservatives to caricaturize the left, then Prager and Hayes might have a point.

  • Dennis


    Not that I don’t admire your dogged persistence, but has Oliver ever answered you?

    Even once?

    In sales they tell you it’s purely a numbers game. A bit old school now, but when I see your posts on here, always the first ones on every new thread, I have to wonder what you think your number is to finally get a response.

    Is it 100?



    • db

      Actually Dennis,

      I view it more as a convention; rather like addressing Letters to the Editor as “Sir:”. I’m not really expecting Oliver to answer. He’s stated his position quite succinctly. He really doesn’t need to say anything more. I’m staking out my position for the upcoming discussion. I’m expecting you & the guys to weigh in on the topic.

      As for being first, I’d chalk that up to being up early.

      Besides, we’ve put Oliver to enough work cleaning up the garbage. He’s got a life and a job.
      He can weigh in or not as he chooses.

      • Dennis

        You’re hardly above the fray as far as the garbage here that Oliver has to clean up, db. It’s phoniness to act like you care about him and his blog and what he has to do to clean it up. You encourage the garbage, you instigate it, you stir it up, ferment it, align yourself with the others here who do the same, write poetry to it, post personal information, and you keep coming back to it, wondering where it went when it’s not here and why it doesn’t come back. And yes, you beg for it. Then when it gets too messy for you, you pretend as if you had nothing to do with it.

        Why are liberals like that?

        • db

          Gee Dennis,

          You didn’t like our “Odes to Dufty”? Sigh. It’s an Artist’s fate to be unappreciated.

          You really didn’t notice the threats & obscenities made against Marco, specifically, & the rest of us in general?

          But, because You accuse, “you keep coming back to it.” I’ll say no more on the issue.

          So stay on topic yourself.

          • Dennis

            You didn’t like our “Odes to Dufty”? Sigh. It’s an Artist’s fate to be unappreciated. –db

            Doesn’t matter if I like it or not. If you wanted the garbage to go away and you were honest about your appeal to Oliver that you’d do just about anything so he wouldn’t have to do all this extra work to clean it up, why would you bother to write poetry to it?

            Obviously, your intent is to keep it here, because the one on-topic post you make on every thread goes unanswered by not just Oliver, but by everyone, and you get bored easily. Same with every liberal here. If you didn’t enjoy it, you’d leave like just about 90% of all the liberals who used to post here….like fafaroo, Quaker, mambochicken, indeed, Jaim, and around 40-50 others. If Oliver didn’t want ‘garbage’, why would he dedicate a thread to “Where My Trolls At?” Why would he post rules dictating no personal information and do nothing when you, Copypasta, Burn and Oily do exactly that, over and over, repeatedly?

            You’re an insincere phony, db. That’s fine, most bleeding-heart liberals are. I’m just trying to save you from having to work so hard at it.

        • Burn

          Realize this doucheboy…you need this place WAY more than it needs you.

  • db


    I’m having trouble reconciling, the left “hitting rock bottom” in 2004 & the right hating Bill Clinton ’cause he could throw a punch.

    Low point of the 2004 season was Fox “News” caricaturing Kerry as French; ’cause we all know what wussy quitters the French are.

    Though more to your point; I can remember the mockery of the right going back to 1980 & probably before.

    Expect Farris with “they both do it”. I’d assert that aside from the obvious R-Money; the Democratic ads were accurate. Romney really did talk about the 47%. He really did talk about his friends who own NASCAR Teams. He really did refuse to release his tax forms, because “you people” know all you need to know. But is this just us “rooting for our side”?

    • samiam


      Oliver doesn’t give two craps about what you think, you are a clown otherwise known as a buffoon.

      Regarding your comments above, you wish you were in the 1 percent and because you aren’t, it puts you in the 47 percent. Unemployed, entitlement loving loser.

      Where is Barack’s birth certificate? Is it Kenyan?

    • Oliver Willis

      FWIW “rock bottom” was reference to Dems losing the election.

      • db

        Thank you.

        I saw the bottom as 1984 when Fritz Mondale spoke the truth to the American people & was crushed for it. Guess it’s the generation gap.

        Thank you for taking out the trash as well. Is there anything I can do to help in that area? Or, given sam’s labeling of me, is that a Clown question, bro?

  • Burn

    Good things come to those who wait, Tom.
    At least you now can admit to who you are. Thanks, you made it that much easier.

  • Burn

    Now I know why your wife called you a ‘funny, persistent goofball’

  • Ol-Froth

    Why don’t you ask them?

  • Burn

    How many user ID’s did you make here, you funny persistent goofball?

  • Burn

    Na na na na
    Na na na
    Hey Hey
    Good bye!

  • db


    Now this has got to be the silliest of them all.

  • samiam

    Hey Burn- is your name Eric? Do you enjoy mommys breasts like you did when you were 7 years old still? Did you finally move out on your own? Did Daddy ever kick his cite rattle? Where times go. I can see you still like dressing up as the opposite sex. You and M2 hanging out again?

  • Burn

    Delusional little creep who sits behind a desk and gets his jollies trolling a website with ten different screen names…oh yea, my worst nightmare.

    You really want me to call don’t you?

    Do I ask for Kristy or Kristen?

  • Burn

    Where does all this come from I wonder. Are you really that pent up inside? Does your 9-5 at the bank not fulfill your dreams? Oh sure, it bought you a house and allows Mrs Dufner to be a stay at home mom and all, but you probably wanted more, much more.

    If she only knew. She’d probably be shocked at such venom.

    Get some rest Tommy boy. It’s a long week ahead.

  • samiam


    Please call me right now. I am waiting for your call.

    Your WORST nightmare

    P. S. please call

  • jinxy

    oh I forgot ask for jinxy…… meow

    The cat

  • Burn

    When you least expect it, Tom.

  • Burn

    Another admission. But wait, I thought I had the wrong guy, right? That’s what you and your multiple screen names keep telling me.

    At least be a man and own up to it.

  • Burn

    Ok, will you take a collect call? It will cost me more than a quarter. You are in NJ, and that’s pretty far from where I am.

  • Ol-Froth

    Beats me. I have no idea what they’re highest paid employee does. Why don’t you ask them?

  • Burn

    It’s on her Facebook page, you goofball. She was talking about your wedding anniversary. Sheesh, try and keep up.

    So I got you pegged now, bitch. You have all but admitted it more than once. Ha ha. It is you. Of course it is you. I knew all along.

    Remember this, I got all the goods on you. Everything. And the best part is, it’s all out there online. I did minimal research. I didn’t have to pay a dime. Spokeo, Zoominfo, Google…you’d be amazed at what you can find out about a person and their past. Where you live, you home phone, where you went to college, how long you’ve been married, what day you got married, where she went to college, etc.

    Amazing, I tells ya.

    And the best part is, punk bitch, I’ll keep you guessing. Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.

  • Ol-Froth

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not the least bit afraid of you. I don’t know where you live and I don’t care. I only know where you work from what others posted here, and they were able to find that data out from information that you freely posted to the web. Likewise, you seem to think that I’m upset because you’ve learned stuff about me that I too, have freely posted to the web. I’m not, nor am I concerned about your idle, empty bluster. Now run along.

  • Dennis

    And the best part is, punk bitch, I’ll keep you guessing. Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.

    Ooh, classy there, Burn.

    Thanks for doing your part to make sure Oliver doesn’t have to do too much to take out the garbage. I know that’s a big concern for you. Pretty sure db and Oily appreciate it, too.

  • M2

    I think you may have killed it.

  • Zython

    What facts? All you’ve done here is throw out homophobic and anti-semitic remarks, and proceed to defecate on yourself.

    Another Jew, I love it.

    Like here. You’re angry that someone has the nerve to be Jewish? Or are you upset that Obama didn’t appoint another meth-addled Christian?