How The Right Outsources Thinking To Rush & Loses Presidential Elections

Liberals often wonder what, exactly, the appeal of Rush Limbaugh to the conservative movement is. Surely, his top function is to make fun of the left. The chief motivating factor behind Limbaughs 20+ years of broadcasting is to tell his fellow conservatives about the crazy things liberals did today. Sure, he invents facts, makes up narratives, and smears people’s good names – but you knew that already.

rush-limbaughBut the element of Limbaugh that the mainstream media and others tend to notice is the vital, deranged purpose the former disk jockey serves for many on the right: thinking for them.

Many in the conservative movement may have an idea of what happened in the world, but for many of them they don’t understand what to think about it until Rush comes on at noon.

And Rush knows this. He designs his program as an educational affair, and he explains to a population that largely consists of older, rural people who feel surrounded by an increasingly multicultural and tolerant world just what to think about it all.

Take “low information voters.” This is a concept, most recently lamented by the left, of voters who don’t pay that much attention to actual politics. In reality, both parties fight to get this unmotivated bloc voting in their favor and often must reach out of the existing political frame to get them on board.

But in Limbaugh land, he has decided to explain away the Romney loss with “low information voters.” In the hand of a skilled propagandist like Rush, however, these people are the easily amused minorities on welfare and other government handouts that have been magically converted into Obama devotees. It’s basically the same old tired argument the right makes about minorities being duped into voting Democratic (in conservativeland no minority could ever possibly assess politicians and come to an independent position – check out the smears of Colin Powell).

In just two months since the election “low information voter” has become a conservative mantra. You can see it on Twitter, conservative forums, and conservative blogs. Like the harebrained idea that the left strategically collapsed the economy (on Bush’s watch, no less!) to throw the election to Obama (later refined to blame it on mortgages for poor minorities despite the contrary evidence) this is now the one, true narrative.

Spoon-fed to them by Rush, they have taken it hook, line, and sinker. It also feeds into the narrative that conservatism can never fail, never mind that it has a combined 134 million votes against it in back to back elections.

Rush explained it all. They now “know” it was “those” people that diverted America from its established path, and the exclusionary divisive racist/sexist politics of the right live to (hopefully) lose yet another day.

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  • LeShan Jones

    To the true dittiot’s out there, fat boy cannot tell a lie.

    To everyone else out there, his lies are so transparent its like looking through glass.

    “You take the lies out of him, and he’ll shrink to the size of your hat; you take the malice out of him, and he’ll disappear.”
    -Mark Twain_

  • TheRealBurnNotADufnerTroll

    Why did Air America fail? Not only because of bad management, but because liberals aren’t the types of people who sit around with their heads pressed to a radio speaker, nodding along like zombies to every utterance to some bloated deaf impotent gasbag. Right wingers are predisposed to obey authority, or anyone who pretends to have it. How many right wing radio hosts are there? How many do you need? You know what really pisses off a wingnut…when you tell them that Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the conservative movement in America. They know it’s true but cannot bring themselves to admit it. How many times do you see elected members of Congress grovel before Michael Moore if they speak ill of him?

  • Burn

    Pay no attention to my imposter posting under my name. I knew he’d be back, seeing how he is the obsessive type. I humbly ask the administrators to compare my IP address with the fake Burn, you’ll see who is the real one.

    • Burn

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        • Burn

          I am not you. I have no idea who old Frank is? Please post on topic. You are acting like a juvenile.

          If we just stay off social media, we would eliminate the issues with Rush and team.

      • Zython

        Did you copyright the name Burn?

        No, but I did. My attorney will be contacting you shortly to sue you for everything you own. So your meth lab and hollowed-out bible with a flask of bourbon in it.

  • Oily

    Rush Limper is a fine human being. I completely disagree with the thread. Are you happy FOXXY?

  • Oily

    Hey Guys

    • Christopher Foxx

      Still adding nothing to the conversation.

      • Oily

        Seriously, what is your problem?

        • Burn

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  • histrogeek

    He was the guy who talked up Sarah Palin before McCain inflected her on the rest of the nation. You’d think that would get him expelled to outer darkness, but then the sheep wouldn’t know what to think.

  • John K.

    I had a friend look me in the eye and tell me 9/11 happened under Clinton. No chhanging that. Some folks refuse to believe reality.

    • histrogeek

      Not a surprise. You get the same demographic believing the Reagan somehow forced Iran to release the hostages.

  • James

    Pop quiz, hot-shot: Who is a more powerful voice within the modern GOP — Boehner or Limpballs?

    He is still their de facto leader and always will be, even as they shrivel into insignificance as the rump party of over-60 white males.

    It’s beautiful.