Hillary Clinton Blasts Republican Ron Johnson over Benghazi

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It’s amazing that the Benghazi debacle is still an issue even though it is abundantly clear that the ‘controversy’ was almost entirely a Republican political hit job on Susan Rice. You can see Hillary Clinton trying to keep her cool during the ongoing Senate hearings, but after being pressed by Ron Johnson on why the State Department didn’t talk to the U.S. diplomatic staff evacuated after the attack to get accurate information on what happened (this was while the FBI was conducting interviews), the outgoing Secretary of State finally blew up and put Johnson in his place.



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  • http://profiles.google.com/bh4099 Thx 4 Fish

    The right has tried to bloody Hillary before, i doubt this pathetic attempt will change anyone’s opinion of her. But the idiotic questions about Benghazi streaming from the right (“Why didn’t we know the whole story immediately after the attack?”) will hopefully harm the idiots who tried to make political hay out of a terrorist attack. When our enemies attack Americans should stand together! Faux patriots are easy to spot!

    • Dennis

      Right on, Thx 4 Fish. An American ambassador and three other dead Americans brutally attacked in a foreign consulate after not receiving back-up or getting help that that they requested. Why ask questions about it or wonder why the administration tried so hard to pass it off as the result of a phony story about a supposedly offensive video?

      After all, those four dead Americans are dead and we can’t bring them back trying to find out what happened or what went wrong, so………What difference does it make?

      • dbtheonly

        Dennis, Old Man, you miss the point. In the midst of an attack, wondering why the Bad Guys are attacking, is hardly the most pressing issue.

        Then in the midst of a “news story”; initial reports are muddled and news services rush to “scoop” the others. You might equally ask why the older Brother of the Newtown shooter was at first identified as the gunman.


        Expect a steady diet of anti-Clinton “news” from Fox for the next four years. But as Thx, above, points out, the more extravagant the claims the RWMO make, the more absurd they make themselves look to any other than the true believers.

        • Dennis

          Newtown, db?……what difference does it make?

          • dbtheonly

            Newton just goes to show how muddled early news reports can get.

            Does it matter why the Bad Guys attacked the Embassy in Benghazi? Ask Fox “News”; they’re the ones citing it as the “scandal du jour”.

  • trgahan

    Seems like Benghazi has gone from politically ending Susan Rice’s career to laying the ground work to negate Hillary as a presidential canidate in 2016.


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