The Fox Delusion Continues

In case you wondered if the right had learned anything about how their epistemic closure from real news and data led to yet another lost presidential election, think again. Here’s Fox-created candidate Allen West, who just lost re-election now comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln. Now sure, both he and President Lincoln are carbon-based lifeforms but that’s about all the nutjob congressman and one of the greatest people to ever live have in common.

Similarly, congressional Republicans are still pursuing some bizarre conspiracy about the talking points on the Benghazi attack and not the actual attack. Thanks Fox News.

And infamously incorrect Fox pundit Dick Morris is flogging a book about how the UN is taking over the Internet and some other nonsense. Is he being shunned? Nope. Thanks Fox News.

And of course all this intransigence on the fiscal cliff, refusing to budge even after a presidential election has vindicated the President’s position and all polling shows that the right will get most of the blame for the lack of a deal — thanks Fox News.

They haven’t learned anything. Fox is still telling them everything is going great for the right. And it will continue to do so until there isn’t anything left on the right.

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  • M2

    God bless them May they never change. Keep watching Fox, righties. Keep on keeping on.

  • db


    We’ve discussed this before, I think. Fmr. Congressman West is not being pumped by Fox. He is providing Fox a story to enrage the RW base & thus increase viewerage & “clickage” on the web sites.

    “Benghazi-gate” provides plenty of clips to fill in the 24/7 RWMO time. particularly as there are no specific questions being asked & no real focus to the “investigation”. But how far would it go if Fox quit broadcasting the calls for more investigation?

    You’ve got it backward. Fox “News” isn’t following the RW lead. It is the controller & all the RW Pundits know exactly what they have to say to keep returning & getting the paycheck.

    And they’re not delusional. Fox knows exactly what it’s doing. Making money hand over fist.

    • Christopher Foxx

      RWMO? Right wing ____ ___?

      • db

        RW Media Organization.

        • Christopher Foxx


          • db

            Da Nada.

            Did you see the story this morning where Roger Ailes sent word to Gen Petraeus urging him to run for President? The key facts seem buried. First that Ailes guaranteed Fox’s support & that Fox’s “big boss” would be the one bankrolling the campaign.

            Isn’t “Citizen’s United” wonderful?