27-year-old Teacher Victoria Soto Died Shielding Students with Her Own Body

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Victoria Soto, Sandy Hook Elementary. (Instagram)

Victoria Soto, Sandy Hook Elementary. (Instagram)

The Daily Banter Headline Grab. From The Daily Mail:

A young teacher displayed astonishing bravery and sacrificed her life saving as many children in her first grade class as she could after she came face-to-face with gunman Adam Lanza.

Victoria Soto, 27, had worked at Sandy Hook Elementary for five years. Her final moments were spent ushering her students into a closet when Lanza entered her classroom and she tried her best to shield the children from the evil gunman.

Soto was a highly regarded young teacher who was popular with her pupils. One young student, Jacob Riley, told Mailonline that Soto was known for chewing gum in class – something not usually allowed for teachers. He said he had often teased her about her habit and she had playfully teased him back.

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