Now, We Decide

This is great. For the 57th time over 224 years, the people of the United States get to choose who will lead them. We decide. We decide. For all the money sloshing around the election between the parties, outside groups, and beyond, the outcome is all contingent on aggregate of individuals making a choice.

Not all of us initially had that power, even though the founding documents appeared to say so. But we fought, both ideologically and physically, until the right to vote extended to all adults. It’s still a fight sometimes, but for better or worse – and even in my relatively short lifetime I’ve seen both – we decide.

As Americans we take this for granted. It is just assumed as a fait accompli that free and fair elections are a thing. But as recent history shows us in multiple countries, this is not a given.

I fully concede that I have a Pollyanna-ish view of the great American experiment, but I don’t apologize for it. Maybe its because I’m a first generation American that I don’t have a whole lot of cynicism about this, but I fully appreciate the freedom that we have.

This will be my fifth presidential election that I have voted in. It will be the third and last time I have voted for Barack Obama for President (Democratic Primary, Two General Elections) and I will be proud to do so.

And I’ll be proud of you for casting your vote – honestly, even the ones I disagree with because you’re a part of the great national conversation and fight.

From Sea To Shining Sea.

  • Wilbur

    Dennis hasn’t been around for a few days has he?

    Prolly hiding out in the woods somewhere trying to signal the mothership to come pick him up.

    • oi ly

      The Rapture never happened and the mothership already left.

  • oi ly
    • db


      Remember if they’ve been watching Fox “News”; they’ve been told that the SCLM Polls are skewed Democratic. They’ve had a steady diet of Pro-Romney analysis. They’ve been told of the Romney “momentum”. They’ve been told of the “wave election” reaching California to turn it red.

      Any wonder the students are upset? They feel the election’s been stolen. And as the link suggests, “Alcohol was involved”.

      Beck’s selling fear. He’s not buying it himself. Why are you surprised?

      DA asks how Dennis is taking it. Dennis hasn’t been around for a few days has he?

  • oi ly

    Beck tells a self pitying listener who longs for the good ole days – move to Texas!

  • oi ly

    Breaking news – Beck is asking for people to invest in his “company” and have no vote in the Corp. “It’s just the way it is”, he asserts! The money money is flooding in, I’m sure. The usual idiots need to believe.

  • oi ly

    Beck’s telling us to buy more guns and all the ammo we can find! and at the same time launching the expansion of his media empire! and God and Gold and Food Security and more Fear!! and the Government take over of the Media and Oil.

    He’s cashing in, asking for money from his audience via more subscriptions. He’s acting like the coffin salesman, knowing your grief at losing a loved one, trying to sell you the most expensive coffin in the show room.

  • oi ly

    Washington DC Homeless shelter. You can send to Oliver directly any evidence of your donation which may be useful to convince the others of your sincerity.”

    What was the bet total, db? Was it $25 X 3?

    • db


      Actually no, Frank was concerned that we’d pile on him & run his risk level too high. To my mind he’s on the hook for $25 total or maybe $50; if Oliver is a seperate bet. Marco wanted his charity to be cancer research & I don’t recall that Oliver ever stated a charity. My goal wasn’t or isn’t to hurt Frank financially. It’s the enjoyment when the other party admits we were right. & Oliver owes me one for Aiken in MO Senate race.

      It looks like Rep. West lost. The paper this morning showed him with a lead. My error.

      • oi ly

        OK, just wondering what the deal was.

        I was cancer research too.

        • M2

          I don’t think I was in on the betting but would gladly fork over some cash when our resident wingnuts gather the courage to admit they were so very wrong and so very mislead by their commentariat and are so very sorry today.

          Since that won’t happen with the sore losers, I will give anyway.

          Oh, what a glorious day for America. Let’s go forward.

  • enlightened liberal

    Ah, today’s a good day. The American Dream stays alive, a record number of women are in the Senate, an openly gay woman wins a Senate seat for the first time, and a homeless shelter will soon get a much needed donation.

    Right, Frank?

  • db


    “And be it death proclaimed…”

    If one is going to quote one shouldn’t leave out the key word.

  • db

    Good Morning Guys,

    Just to follow up on my earlier quote,
    “And be it proclaimed throughout our host
    To boast of this, or take the praise from God
    Which is His only…
    Let there be sung Non nobis and Te Deum”


    Washington DC Homeless shelter. You can send to Oliver directly any evidence of your donation which may be useful to convince the others of your sincerity.

    I agree with your “two Americas” statement. Isn’t it about time you accept the will of the People and get behind President Obama to move America forward?

    Oliver & Zython,

    You were too pessimistic on VA & NH; while I was too pessimistic on FL (it appears). West & Bachmann survived so Jon Stewart eats for the next four years. But I’d boast that my WMR takes 2-5 stated President Obama carried in ’08 was solidly on the mark. But truly it was said, “Each was partly right and each was partly wrong”.

    But isn’t that the way of all elections?

  • oi ly
  • Justanotherrighty


    Now the Two Americas disagree, sharply. Government decisions enthuse one and enrage the other. The election may be over, but the Two Americas are still not on speaking terms.

    • oi ly

      Frank, don’t worry, the Republican base won last night!! Good job.

  • oi ly

    Dick Morris – “zilch, zone, zip nada,”

  • oi ly

    Looks like Trump has lost his mind on Twitter. What a fool.

  • oi ly

    It’s over!

  • Justanotherrighty

    REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS :: Superman’s planet Krypton ‘found’ — with a little help

    Krypton is found 27.1 light-years from Earth, in the southern constellation Corvus (The Crow), says Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

    • oi ly

      Oh, I don’t know Frank. I think the kryptonite has always been in Chicago.

      • oi ly

        I meant Krypton (drinking too much hillbilly corn likker tonight!).

    • Wilbur

      But.. but…. Chik-fil-a!!

  • db


    On the 6 a.m news this morning; I heard a clip from WMR stating that President Obama is a divider & that he (WMR) can bring us together. After 4 years of filibuster, delay, opposition, and useless repeal; this strikes me as the most cynical and dishonest statement I’ve heard in politics. I believe one of you Colleagues in (on?) the Banter Wire stated that if the Republicans win the “Bullies” will have triumphed. I agree.

    “I was not angry since I came to France
    Until this instant…”