Dear Centrist Elites, We Have A Centrist Party

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of President Obama today won’t change anything and it won’t be the linchpin in the fait accompli victory Obama will have in New York, but its worth noting because Mayor Bloomberg — along with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz — is one of those elite centrists whose silly approach to politics often hurts the causes they believe in.

A lot of these guys — including people like Tom Friedman and Matt Bai at the New York Times — often rail about “both” parties as getting in the way of accomplishing the *very serious* things they think we need to be tackling. They see Republican denial of climate change and equate it to, well I’m not quite sure. There’s one party in America that takes climate change seriously, believes we need to invest in science-based education and understands that there are large intractable problems in society that can’t be left to the magical free hand of the market to solve. Like disaster rescue, for instance.

But our elite class hates this thing called “partisanship” and they think that acknowledging that one party — let’s say the Democratic party — actually gives two figs about solutions to the issues they care about will mean that they’re not being bipartisan and God knows what a drag that is at TED/Davos/The Aspen Institute.

So instead they practice this idiotic “a pox on both houses” strategy. You’ve seen it in cases like No Labels and various other efforts aimed at appealing to a centrism that doesn’t actually exist in America in the manner they’re appealing to.

The Democrats are, for better or worse, a center-left party. The people they nominate to the vast majority of their offices, from President Obama down to members of the House, are simply not as much to the left as the Republican party is to the right. Some of us think that needs changing over the long-term, but it also means that if you want centrist solutions to things its the only one of the two parties that is likely to return your phone calls.

But our centrist elites are often too busy in their ivory towers to pay attention to what’s really going on.


  • oi ly

    “Romney was so close to picking Christie that some top advisers at the campaign’s Boston headquarters believed the governor had been offered the job.”

    “Mitt liked him because he saw him as a street fighter,” a Romney official said. “It’s the kind of political mentality that Romney doesn’t have, but admires. He wanted someone who could play the Chicago game [like Obama headquarters] on its own terms.”

    Street Fighting Man, indeed.

  • Plunket

    To wit:

    Ohio: Romney Draws 30,000, Obama Draws 2800

    As Chuck Todd and NBC release their juicy-juiced-juicery from a propagandist named Marist predicting Obama will nearly double his 2008 turnout advantage with a D+9 poll, in his first trip to Ohio since Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney attracted a jaw-dropping crowd of 30,000 at a rally Friday evening.
    Mean while at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Ohio, President FailureTeleprompter drew a crowd of 2800.

    Who you going to believe, NBC News and Marist, or your lying eyes?

    ADDED: On Twitter, Jason Hart just alerted me to another interesting nugget. The population where Obama visited, Franklin County, is three times larger than where Romney appeared, Butler County.

  • Plunket

    The two remaining liberal commenters here are still clinging, weirdly, to Chris Christie.

    Compare and contrast to four years ago here when every thread had 20-30 liberal participants yapping away.

    That right there is a pretty good indicator of just how far Obama has fallen in voter enthusiasm.

    • oi ly

      Kinda like yer clinging to the non existent Benghazi “time line”. Repeat after me – zero traction.

    • oi ly

      And how is it a good thing that Mitt’s surrogate and the key note speaker at the RN Convention was fawning all over the President, so close to the election. If he keeps it up, Springsteen just might invite The Governor to bang some drum with the E Street Band.

  • enlightened liberal

    I find it pathetic that wingnuts are still trying to push the Benghazi non-scandal. America isn’t buying and doesn’t care. And Obama is almost universally praised for the government’s response to Sandy- even the right-wing governor of New Jersey has praised the President many times.

    • oi ly

      Governor Christie? Never heard of him!!

  • Justanotherrighty

    Benghazi? Where’s that?
    Sandy? Never heard of her.
    Romney wins with more than 300 Electoral votes.
    It’s 1980 all over again!

    • Zython

      Benghazi? Where’s that?

      According to Dennis, somewhere on the eastern seaboard.

      Sandy? Never heard of her.

      You’re really upset that Obama had the nerve not to abandon poor people in a natural disaster for a whole week, aren’t you?

      • Plunket

        Obama Ignores Question About Storm Victims’ Frustrations…
        Sandy death toll at 109; ‘There could be more’…
        Explosions jolt Manhattan residents…
        2.5 million still without power…
        Temps dip into the 20s…
        Con Edison Distributing Dry Ice…
        2-mile line on Staten Island…
        Gov’t tells public to stay away from free gas until first responders fuel up…
        CRAIGSLIST: $15 a gallon…
        Restaurant, hotel prices skyrocket…
        Residents arm up: Bats, machetes, shotguns…
        ‘It’s Like The Wild West’…
        ‘Anarchy in Queens’…
        ODD-EVEN: NJ counties enact Carter-style gas rationing…

        Keep smiling at the disaster, ‘Backwards B’ Zython. It’s all happy times for you.


        • oi ly

          Once again, we’re laughing at you and the party of wingnuts.

        • Zython

          You ramble a bunch of non-sequitur one-liners like a mental patient, and you have the nerve to call me a “nutjob”?

          It always projection with you people. Always.

    • Zython

      Oh, since you’re not going to respond, I’ll just go ahead and say “That’s what I fucking thought”.

  • oi ly
  • oi ly

    “I don’t know what tomorrow’s jobs numbers are going to be — I have no doubt they’ll cook the books,” Hannity said, noting the recent downward adjustment to September’s jobs report.

    “By all objective measures, the unemployment should rise tomorrow,” Hannity continued. “But run by the ‘Bureau of Political Labor Statistics’ who knows what you’ll get? They may drop it to 5% just to make you feel good.”

  • oi ly

    80.9% chance of winning.

  • enlightened liberal

    Uh oh, even the extreme right-wing Rasmussen poll, that doesn’t poll cellphones, says Obama is tied. Unskew that and he’s about 7 or 8 points ahead. It’s almost over but the crying cons. Rest assured I will be there to taste your tears Wednesday.