Maddow Destroys Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

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  • db

    Ms. Maddow,

    You draw the wrong conclusion when you state that living inside the “Conservative Media Bubble” is dangerous because you have to deal with facts.


    At a sufficiently high level the “CMB news” becomes the reality. WMD in Iraq? Sure they’re there. Invade & you’ll find them or manufacture enough evidence to muddy the water & so make the issue irrelevant. Ocean level rising? We’ll all be dead in 100 years. Pollution? Ditto.

    The book, “1984” makes a very convincing argument about what happens when the “rulers” dictate what is reality. The “CMB” just doesn’t have that much power & authority. Yet.

    Which makes your point about Poli-fact so damning. As long as Poli-fact insists on avoiding the charge of bias by finding an equal number & equal level of lies; the legitimize the “CMB’s” attempts to re-write “reality”.


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