Why This Liberal Loves The Republican Convention

Beyond “God bless America,” I am unlikely to agree with anything that is said at the Republican Convention. That said, I love it. I loath what the speakers stand for and advocate, but I love the pageantry of the convention procedures, the platform wrangling, the presentations, the roll call votes, and the nominating and acceptance speeches.

Both major party conventions are uniquely American gatherings we should appreciate as citizens. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding the cynicism or apathy directed towards these events. I am a first generation American. My family emigrated here in the mid 1970s, so perhaps my eyes are just fresher on these topics. I love it.

I disagree with Mitt Romney, and I don’t want him to be president, but I like the idea that he’ll stand up in front of his party and the world and accept the nomination that makes him head of the Republican Party. I think the moment is bigger than the person, even if it only lasts for an instant.

Certainly I’ll have more personally invested when President Obama accepts his nomination next week (seeing him accept it in person in Denver in 2008 still ranks as one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen), but here we are — the greatest country ever, and we have these great gatherings to nominate the two candidates who will lead us. It’s filled with all manner of ludicrous sights. People in odd hats, bad singing, poorly delivered speeches.

And it’s great. It’s big, loud, crazy, and important. It’s very American.


  • Plunket

    There are several million Democratic Racists, too, Wilbur.

    Since you’re keeping score and all.

    • oi ly

      What about Rush? Any movement there?

      • Plunket

        Rush doesn’t post here, oily. db does, though. Posts here every day, he stated it right there in front of you for everyone to read, that he’d consider a picture of blacks walking out of New Orleans with their belongings on their backs to be “priceless”.

        The only way you could be silent about it when there are so few liberals posting here any more is if you share the sentiment.

        • oi ly

          “The only way you could be silent about it when there are so few liberals posting here any more is if you share the sentiment.”

          I think yer an obnoxious a-hole and you have ZERO credibility ’cause you consistently bend over and grab your ankles for Rush. He is one of the biggest racists with one of the largest radio audiences and you are blinded by his golden bull horn. You’re a loser and a misconstrutionist and all you desire is game playing, lying and deceitful discourse.

          • Plunket

            Ok, Oily, please explain what was racist about Rush’s sarcasm about New Orleans and bringing loads of cash to use for sandbags for the levees. You’re making the charge that it’s racist, and I don’t see it. Why don’t you prove it, or at least state what your evidence is in the link Wilbur posted.

            The only way you could say it was racist was if you equate ‘poor’ with being black.

    • Wilbur

      Perhaps, but there are more racist Republicans, and you know it.

      Better get a longer dress Dennis, your fail is showing.

      • Plunket

        No, I don’t ‘know’ that, Wilbur. You either excuse racism on your side, like you did with Joe Biden’s racism, or you ignore it, like you’re doing with db’s blatant racism posted right here on this blog.

        That’s why you think it’s more prevalent on the side whose political views you disagree with, because you simply refuse to recognize it objectively when liberals practice it.

        • M2

          “You either excuse racism on your side, like you did with Joe Biden’s racism, or you ignore it,”


      • Plunket

        Better get a longer dress Dennis, your fail is showing.

        And just what does that mean, Wilbur? Why do you equate failure with something feminine, like Zython did when he told me to ‘take a Midol and call him in the morning’?

        Seriously, why is it all the overt incidences of racism, misogyny, bigotry and intolerance come from the liberal posters here?

      • Wilbur

        I really do admire your dogged pursuit of the Ignobel Prize for Wingnut Apologetics, Dennis.

        If only all that doggedness could be directed toward some constructive goal.

  • Plunket

    What about the nut throwers? Were they just joking around too?,/i>

    Two Republican racists and two Democratic racists, if you’re keeping score, Oily, and you are keeping score.

    • oi ly

      You forgot to include Rush in your tally.

      • Wilbur

        Plus several million other Republican Racists.

  • Plunket

    Rush’s joking was obvious sarcasm, obvious enough for both you and digby even if you did want to feign indignation once again. Neither Chalian nor db were joking. They were both hoping for disaster, in particular, disaster for blacks…..so their plight might be exploited once again for maximum political gain.

    Maybe db could explain why he chose to single out blacks for his fantasy of the “priceless” picture he so vividly described. Or perhaps you, Wilbur, could tell us what he meant by that.

    • oi ly

      What about the nut throwers? Were they just joking around too?

    • Wilbur

      Rush’s joking was obvious sarcasm

      Indeed – Racist sarcasm. You’re a disgusting toady apologist, Dennis.

      • Plunket

        Rush didn’t mention race at all in the link you provided from digby, so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Unless you just automatically equate “poor” with being black, which is apparent that you do.

        • Plunket

          Anything, Wilbur?

          Anything at all besides a charge of racism from you?



          Anything besides your equating ‘poor’ with ‘blacks’.


  • Plunket

    This poor soul was fired for saying the exact same thing db said here a few days ago, except that it was slightly less offensive and a little less racist:

    Yahoo News fires reporter, apologizes to Romney over ‘black people drowning’ remark

    That and the guy apologized. Aside from those three things, it was pretty much exactly what db said.

    Here, compare and contrast….

    The pictures in the papers will be priceless. On the one side of the paper, pictures of the Republicans whooping it up for their Candidate, all smiles & such. On the other half, pictures of New Orleans residents (primarily Black) on foot, belongings carried in sacks, leaving the disaster area. –db

    Presumably db and this clown either don’t think non-blacks might drown or be adversely affected by the hurricane. That or they think whites drowning or pictures of whites walking out of New Orleans with their belongings on their backs wouldn’t be as ‘priceless’ for them.

    • Wilbur

      Nice look-over-there Dennis, but if it makes you an unspeakably horrible racist to joke about the RNC and hurricanes, then you’ve just called your sugardaddy Limbaugh an unspeakably horrible racist.

      I agree, of course.

  • oi ly

    Here, let me quote from el’s link, just in case the usual suspects choose not to read the article –

    “Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

  • M2

    Hard to believe a bunch of nuts got together and crazy broke out.

  • enlightened liberal

    “CNN confirmed that the incident reported by former MSNBC anchor David Shuster had occurred, but didn’t go into specifics.”


    • SaveFarris

      No specifics, eh? Then the story must be 100% true!!!

      It’s amazing that there’s more journalists per square inch in that arena than anywhere else on the planet, and yet the ONLY one with any details of the story is David Shuster? Occam’s Razor, my friend.

      • enlightened liberal
        • db


          I was more taken by the chanting of “USA USA” to drown out the Republican Speaker from Puerto Rico.


          If the “Feeding the Animals” story was an invention; CNN would be all over itself denying it. Sometimes, Old Boy, it’s better to just let something slide. You only dig yourself deeper by trying to deny it.

          • enlightened liberal

            The Republican party wouldn’t exist without its persecution complex.

          • oi ly

            Rush is on a persecution roll.

  • Justanotherrighty

    Oliver says it’s great to watch both conventions. Wilbur agrees, except for the one he doesn’t like.

    Rick Santorum is trying really hard to be like God! That guy’s got a problem.
    Because God is already in the White House, right, Soph ist ?

    • Wilbur

      Wrong, Frank, as usual. I used to love watching the Repub convention because I disagreed with it. Now it’s just like watching a game of canasta in the schizo ward. The thrill is gone.

      Heh indeedy.

      • Justanotherrighty

        What you said is so different from saying you don’t like it.
        A perfect example of a distinction without a difference …
        “I didn’t say I didn’t like it – I said it was unlikable.”

        • Wilbur

          Tsk. Still wrong. Let me walk you through it, okay?

          I am saying “I used to like it, but it changed, so now I don’t like it” which is categorically different from…

          -It is unlikable
          -I don’t like it now
          -I used to like it
          -I used to like it, but *I* changed, so now I don’t like it

          Some (but not all) of these latter statements might be implied by or included in the former, but that does not make any of them equivalent to the former.

          Now, if I were to contrast your responses here with the statement “I don’t like Wilbur”, would that be a “distinction without a difference”?

          How about if I contrast them with “Damn you, cloud!”?

          This is a pretty trivial issue, but it actually illustrates one of the big achilles’ heels of modern ‘conservative’ ‘thinking': the inability to detect obvious and significant differences, such as the differences between….

          – isolated racist/sexist remarks and racism/sexism as a matter of policy
          – historically moderate social welfare policies with KAHmYAnizzzuM!!!1!!1111!
          – anecdote and data
          – creationism and science
          – science and religion
          – Sikhs and Arabs
          … the list goes on – I’m sure others could add to it.

  • Wilbur

    It is good to have two parties duking it out, but when one party has gone full birther, randjob, trickle-down crazy it’s hard to work up much interest in watching them beclown themselves. There are some good streaming movies on Netflix these days.

  • oi ly

    It was very thoughtful of Chris Christie to mention Romney in his speech.

  • oi ly

    Rick Santorum is trying really hard to be like God! That guy’s got a problem.