Mitt Romney’s War Forever Party

It is an understandably under-covered element of the 2012 election, but it is worth remembering that under Mitt Romney the United States is likely to return to the Bush doctrine of stupid wars for stupid reasons.

Besides the advocacy in his favor by Bush-era warmongers like Condoleezza Rice and John McCain (in addition to the behind the scenes support of Bush and Cheney themselves), Romney has surrounded himself with Bush doctrine advisors at every turn. Chief among them are crackpots like John Bolton, who casually promotes the idea of bombing Iran without concern for the consequences for Americans. At a lower level are a gaggle of ghouls who don’t think twice about sending our armed forces into harm’s way, just for their own bizarre world views.

Bin Laden is dead on Barack Obama’s orders. Mitt Romney said he’d have to consult the lawyers and dithered at the thought of going into Pakistan to kill the mastermind of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. By contrast, Romney lamented when Barack Obama had the military move out of Iraq, ending Bush’s folly that killed thousands — I repeat, thousands — of American troops in pursuit of a non-existent connection to Al Qaeda and mythical weapons of mass destruction.

For the sake of American security and global leadership, we cannot allow this same old gang to once again take us back into the gutter.


  • oi ly

    Our Canadian neighbors just severed all diplomatic ties with Iran. Israel called them its strongest ally.

  • M2

    I don’t think so. Mitt is way too much of a pussy to start shit, no matter what his money-holders tell him to do.