Obama Spending vs Bush Spending

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Think Progress has a great chart showing the difference between government spending when Obama first came to office, and spending now. Despite Obama being a Communist/Socialist, spending, taxes, and the deficit are all lower today than when he took office:



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  • Hugh Shipman

    No mirrors here, no smoke either–also, let’s be clear. The true term for government “spending” is government “investing”. When our government builds a road or a school, that’s investing in all our futures–that’s not spending. Plus every dollar that goes into helping people (social programs) or building infrastructure sees an average return of 3 to 100 dollars for every dollar spent–it’s called the “multiplier effect”. Do the research–any economist can clarify.

    Also, in every first-world country, government/public should account for roughly 45-50% of their economies, NOT 21% as it is now for the United States, or perhaps you like seeing our country’s infrastructure crumbling.

    You should know that we are 40 years into what Jude Wanniski called the “two santa claus” strategy. What is that? In 1974, Senator Jude Wanninski came up with an idea to misdirect the public’s understanding of government spending. He called it the “two santa claus” strategy. Basically, the way it works is, when Republicans are in power, they spend like crazy and as they do, they say nothing. Then, when the public has had enough, they vote in a Democrat President,. During the Democrat’s term in office, the Republicans begin screaming about debt, debt, debt and thereby they force the Democrat President to balance the budget. The added benefit is, they try to get the Democrat president to kill every government program they can–which is what you’re trying to encourage right now with your comment..

    No offense intended, but everything said by you is nothing but empty right-wing “talking points”.

    For more on that–http://www.calitics.com/diary/8718/the-two-santa-claus-theory

  • jimdep

    Nice smoke and mirrors. Obama/Mr. Entitlement has expanded food stamps to 50 millions folks from under 30 and relaxed the welfare work requirements. He’s hijacking 20 % of the economy by forcing us into a single payer system, which is what he wanted all along. And the debt clock continues to climb. And you expect me to believe that ozero is thrifty?


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