Yet Another Fox Host Disappears 9/11

Eric Bolling insists we weren’t attacked by terrorists between 2000-2008. The attempt to disappear the worst terror attack in US history — which happened under George W. Bush — continues.


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  • edmeese

    “America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008. I don’t remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time.”

    Wow. Is Eric Bolling real? Or is a Muppet created by liberals to make the GOP look bad. If South Park or Doonesbury created a Republican character that said this, everyone would squawk about how unrealistic it was, and that no Republicans are THAT stupid.

  • LongHairedWeirdo

    Well, Marco, he has a point. He *suffered* on 9/11, so it’s perfectly reasonable for him to defend the war in Iraq by saying that we weren’t attacked again.

    I mean, so what if scores of thousands of innocent people died?

    So what we’ve lost over four thousand of our best people?

    So what if tens of thousands of our best are suffering in ways large and small from the effects of the war?

    So what if the costs are hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars – remember the Bushie who got fired for insisting the price would be at least 80 billion?

    Although Bush dismissed a clear, desperate warning of the attack with “Okay, you’ve covered your ass” and took no action to try to prevent that, at least in its aftermath he started another war causing more damage to the country than 9/11. And, for whatever reason, there were no more attacks on US soil.

    How petty and mean to point out that “we weren’t attacked from 2000 to 2008″ ignores 9/11 when people are discussing the war in Iraq, which was based on lies.

  • Marco21

    Bolling corrected himself yesterday and of course it was the left’s fault for him being wrong.

    We are such jerks to wingnuts.

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  • merl

    George W. who? It’s like the man never existed.

  • The Dark Avenger

    It was a matter of record, but it wasn’t allowed in the trial:

    Investigators and the prosecution suggested during pre-trial motions that Muhammad intended to kill his ex-wife Mildred, who had estranged him from his children. According to this theory, she would appear to be just another random victim of the snipers. Muhammad frequented the neighborhood where she lived during the attacks, and some of the incidents occurred nearby. Additionally, he had earlier made threats against her. Mildred herself made the claim that she was his intended target. However, Judge LeRoy Millette, Jr. prevented prosecutors from presenting that theory during the trial, saying that a link had not been firmly established.

  • Ol Froth

    Actually, the DC sniper wasn’t a classic case of terrorism, although his actions had the same effect. Muhammad wanted to kill his ex-wife, but he knew that if he killed her, he’d be the prime suspect, so he concocted a plan to kill multiple people, kill his wife, then kill a few more to make it look like she was a random victim. Sick, sick dude.

    Don’t ask me for a link, got that from a retired high-ranking MCPD officer who was close to the investigation.

  • KXB

    DC Sniper.

  • Ol Froth


  • Jaim

    Remember when Ronald Reagan defeated Hitler? Good times.

  • XeckyGilchrist

    Oh, Republicans, Have you forgotten?

  • Quaker in a Basement

    Don’t be silly, OW. Everyone knows Bill Clinton was president on 9/11. George Bush took over the next day.

  • XeckyGilchrist

    Amazing – not only did it not happen, it’s the proof that Islam is teh Devil and the Democrat Party is soft on terror.

    I don’t think “coherent” is high on the wingnuts’ list.

  • Burn

    Beckel is a typical Fox News Democrat…some washed up has-been from the 70’s who gets paid money to be the obligatory ‘liberal’ punching bag who isn’t allowed to fight back. Send in the clowns…

  • Marco21

    Most unwatchable clip ever. So The FIve is about 3 right wingers yelling while a democrat gets a line in and the fifth person says nothing.

    Plus, fuck you Dana Perino. Just fuck you.

  • Repack Rider

    History has a liberal bias.

    Just ask Michele Bachmann.