How Hugh Grant Unravelled the Murdoch Empire

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Hugh Grant 

The phone hacking scandal that brought about the end of the 'News of the World' and the arrest of 12 people (three of them policemen), is threatening to cause a Soviet style melt down of the Murdoch Empire.

I'm over in the UK at the moment, and the public mood is absolutely extraordinary. The anti Murdoch sentiment is palpable, and it is hard to see how he can rebuild his credibility in a country whose media he has dominated for the past 30 years. If people disliked Murdoch and his ruthless monopolization of the media before, it has now turned to outright hatred and a desire to topple the Australian born mogul from his virtually unrivalled position of power. 

Murdoch's News Corporation must now put on hold his attempt to fully takeover BSkyB, and given the onslaught of new revelations that point to far more widespread illegal activity within his empire, it is looking less and less likely. The consequences of a blocked deal and legislation to break up Murdoch's grip on the British media could send News Corporation (Murdoch's integrated global media company) into disarray. It is hard to calculate the international consequences of the debacle, but at least in the UK, Murdoch's time as the main man is well and truly over.

It took a celebrity resorting to the same dirty tactics that saw his own phone hacked to begin the extraordinary investigation – an irony that works as a timeless reminder: You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Here is Hugh Grant explaining how he entrapped the same journalist who hacked his own phone over a pub lunch in Dover:

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