Iran’s Threat Debate

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One reader writes in:

Is Iran a threat?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm That's a toughie…Let's see. They have threatened to wipe a sovereign country off the
map.They deny one of the worst chapters in human history ever happened..And they are hell bent on acquiring nuclear weapons..And you don't see anything inherently threatening in that??? Seriously???

And another responds:

Rhetoric is always used by leaders for various ends and
doesn't inherently make a country more dangerous or threatening. And in
any case, as I'm sure you know, Ahmadinejad never used those words. What
he did was quote a former Iranian leader, Khomenei who referred to a
regime, not a country, and didn't mention the word "map" at all. He was
talking about removing the regime from Jerusalem, which is a lot less
apocalyptic than what is commonly misquoted.

You seem to apply the words of one man to the entire nation. I don't
think you'd find a majority of Iranians denying the holocaust. Imagine
if people automatically assigned the statements and views of George Bush
to the American people.

As for the nuclear weapons point, this should definitely be taken
seriously, I agree, but what would you do if you were Iran?


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  • Michale32086

    My apologies for missing this last night. I usually unplug about 1800 or so my time to spend time with my lovely wife..
    Anyways, let’s get to it..
    First off, thanx for the link.. That pretty much confirms that there are valid arguments for BOTH sides of the issue. IOW, a case can be made for either translation.
    For me, the determining factor is Achmedjihadist’s continuing animosity and hatred towards Israel. When one looks at his statement in THAT context, the “wiping off the map” translation is given more credence.
    Much of Iran’s / Ahmadinejad’s actions certainly bother me, and the sooner he’s out and hopefully a more moderate regime is in power, the better.
    I see. My apologies for inferring otherwise.
    I think we can agree that the Iranian system of government and the actions of said government do NOT benefit the people of Iran, nor the entire region.
    I think we can also agree that, with an arsenal of nuclear weapons (every time I type that, I have a mental picture of Chekov asking the motorcycle cop where the ‘nuclear wessels’ are in Star Trek IV :D) that Iran would become the dominant power in the region. Iran would be emboldened to impose IT’s form of government (a form we agree is NOT to the benefit of the people of the region) on other countries of the region.
    And therein lies the threat that Iran represents.
    Not only the threat of actually using nuclear weapons against other countries in the region, but also the threat of being ABLE to use nuclear weapons in an effort to pressure other countries to Iran’s will..
    Personally, I think the bigger threat comes from Iran actually USING it’s nuclear weapons or giving them to the likes of Hezbollah or Hamas to have THEM use them.
    But that doesn’t discount the threat that Iran represents just by HAVING nuclear weapons.

  • cgrobel

    In response to the earlier question re the quote about wiping Israel off the map, several translations seem to exist, but the general sentiment behind all is pretty similar… see here, for example:
    I don’t mean to defend Iran or its regime, just to try to understand (some of) its actions.
    Much of Iran’s / Ahmadinejad’s actions certainly bother me, and the sooner he’s out and hopefully a more moderate regime is in power, the better.

  • Michale32086

    Even if one ignores the rhetoric, there are still many indications of Iran being a threat and not ready to join the civilized world yet.
    Iran’s support of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah is one such example.
    And the draconian laws that are enforced there is another such example.
    Ya’all aren’t the LEAST bit uncomfortable about defending a regime that treats homosexuality as a capital crime and actually executes people for being gay??
    That doesn’t bother ya’all in the least??


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