Tammy Bruce Calls Obama Family “Trash”

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Because to some in wingnut nation, blacks will never be good enough. Thankfully, the American people have a whole other idea about that.


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  • http://None Mr. T1

    Partisans like Tammy Bruce have complained for years about insults hurled at Bush/Cheney. Now she calls our new President and his family “trash.” How despicable! I may not agree with all of President Obama’s policies, but he and his family are fine people. Tammy, you should be ashamed!

  • Helen

    You gotta remember this is the same lady who trashed Bill and Camille Cosby right after their son was murdered. Why she still has a job as a public face is beyond me. She did lose one job over the Cosby business, but someone considered her still employable.

  • daniel rotter

    “Racial phony outrage thread…”

    Even if her statement wasn’t racist, it was still offensive and inaccurate.

    “How much energy does it take you people to assign motives to statements…”

    About as much energy as it does for pretty much any conservative not named Robert Novak or Pat Buchanan to assign anti-Semitic motives to anyone who offers even the slightest bit of criticism towards Israel.

  • BiteMe

    I actually worked for this woman before I discovered I have a soul and a conscience (please mind I’m NOT a Republican!) and I have to say Rheinhard, you are absolutely 100% accurate.

  • Duros62

    Well, to be fair, Ms. Bruce is a Fox News “Democrat.”

    Your point being?

    She has to park on the street.

  • ed

    Well, to be fair, Ms. Bruce is a Fox News “Democrat.”

    Your point being?

  • Jonita Mitchell

    Why are some white people so “Threaten” by the Obama’s?

  • Duros62

    The comment just makes Tammy Bruce (whoever that is, by the way) look like trash.


    Projection and petty jealousy. It’s whats for dinner.

  • Duros62

    Maybe her Obama Derangement Syndrome will lead to her having a complete and total mental breakdown?

    How would we know?

  • Quaker in a Basement

    Your modern Republican party. Charming as ever.

    Well, to be fair, Ms. Bruce is a Fox News “Democrat.”

  • Tyro

    Barack and Michelle Obama, the private citizens, would have had Republicans falling all over themselves as people used as a cudgel to beat poor blacks with, asking “why can’t all blacks be like that nice family the Obamas?”

    But once, you know, Barack Obama becomes a popular politician, wins the Senate and the Presidency, and then has the audacity, along with his wife, to appear in public, stealing the attention that rightfully belongs to a Republican, like that nice man John Boehner, suddenly they’re “trash.”

    I’d be hard-pressed to find a Republican woman half as endearing as Michelle Obama.

  • Parthenon

    Yo, do you find it acceptable to refer to any family as ‘trash?’

  • yo mama

    Racial phony outrage thread #2 for the day.

    How much energy does it take you people to assign motives to statements then pretend to be angry about them.

  • PD100

    They Call Me Bruce might be a tad cranky at the lighter paychecks these days since Scaife’s whoremongering cost him a few bucks.

  • VanessaNYC

    It doesn’t even male sense. She’s just throwing bullshit and hoping it will stick. This comment is so illogical. So someone who works her way through school and accomplishes something with her life, against the odds, she’s trash? Huh? The comment just makes Tammy Bruce (whoever that is, by the way) look like trash.

  • http://zenyentav2.blogspot.com zenyenta

    Sounds like someone’s jealous of the attention that Ingraham is getting from her fight with Megan McCain. She’s doing an Ann Coulter – saying something so despicable that she’ll become a household name. At least I know I never heard of her before this.

  • http://www.writersrow.com/joyceharmon/ JoyceH

    I genuinely think that future historians will look back and point to the Tammy Bruce meltdown as the definitive proof that 21st century conservatism has gone completely insane. We suspected before, but this was the clincher. It’s not just that she called Michelle Obama ‘trash’, but why she did.

    If you haven’t yet, go listen to the radio clip and listen to the remarks from Michelle Obama that caused Bruce to flip out. It’s so completely non sequitur to go from Obama’s unexceptional and frankly rather nice remarks back to Bruce’s contemptuous puffing and incredulous reaction as if she’d just heard the most outrageous thing ever.

    Really, go listen. THAT was what made Bruce call a family ‘trash’? Insanity is the only way to describe it.

  • http://theunemploymentcafe.blogspot.com iamnotstarjones

    Maybe her Obama Derangement Syndrome will lead to her having a complete and total mental breakdown?

  • http://wetcasements.wordpress.com Jaim

    They can’t help themselves. The party of Atwater, Limbaugh, and Helms just can’t hide their true, racist colors. It’s sad but also funny, watching them die a slow, ridiculous death.

  • Rheinhard

    To be fair, Tammy Bruce has always been a thoroughly repugnant crazy-ass bitch.

  • jr

    Talk Radio Network sure employs some charming people

  • daniel rotter

    Anyone got an advertising list sponsors of Ingraham’s show so I can boycott them…or do I actually have to LISTEN to the program to wait for the commercials to find out what they are (kill me now).

  • ckennedy

    You know with all the crimes and relentless ineptitude of the Bush administration names like “war criminal” and “failure” were justified and supported by more than ample evidence. I don’t recall ever calling Bush, or Cheney, or any of those other folks who should be standing trial or already wearing orange jumpsuits a baseless and derogatory name. This Bruce woman is an embarrassment to the human race.

  • ed

    Your modern Republican party. Charming as ever.

  • mambochicken23

    Seriously. Do we seriously have to hear this shit for the next 46 (hopefully 94) months?

  • http://www.xanga.com/jarreauquasimedia jrfunkenstein

    The desperation from the Right over O’s election is nothing short of racism on steroids; the more they attempt to belittle and disparage the first family, the more obvious and vulgar their vacuous criticisms become.

    Tammy Bruce? Please. Just one more fatuous, GOP robot that pines for the days of Ronnie Raygun and Dumbya to usher in the glory days of the 1840’s.

    Trash is as trash does.


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