Xbox Room

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Please. Stop.

Although I confess if you had given me my own apartment and unlimited funds back in 1988 I probably would have built a Nintendo room. (via)

RELATED: An Apple IIe emulator for the Wii. God, why?


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  • Saragon

    “RELATED: An Apple IIe emulator for the Wii. God, why?”

    Oregon Trail, that’s why.

  • somejackass

    Re: the apple IIe emulator for wii — anything that lets you play oregon trail is a *good* thing!

  • JWeidner

    I made it through about 15 seconds before the narrator’s “Chester the Molester” voice just started creeping me out.

  • J.D. Rhoades

    I swear, these kids today. Why don’t they have healthy pastimes like I did when I was their age? Things like cheap beer, weed and porno magazines?

  • fafaroo

    What, no microwave?

  • Duros62

    What, no red rings of death lighting?


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