10 Republicans Who Should Go Away

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By Ben Cohen


With a new political era looming, veterans of the old political arena will scramble to redefine themselves in order to make a living. Politicians, media commentators and analysts may be ill equipped to deal with the changing electorate, increased power of the blogosphere and massive discontent with the status quo. Who will survive in the modern epoch? Here are 10 who should really think about calling it quits:

1. William Kristol

There's no need to go on about how wrong Bill Kristol has been on just about everything, and what a spineless shrimp of a man he is. Just read this quote from an article he penned on the eve before the war in Iraq:

We are tempted to comment, in these last days before the
war, on the U.N., and the French, and the Democrats. But the war itself
will clarify who was right and who was wrong about weapons of mass
destruction. It will reveal the aspirations of the people of Iraq, and
expose the truth about Saddam's regime. It will produce whatever
effects it will produce on neighboring countries and on the broader war
on terror. We would note now that even the threat of war against Saddam
seems to be encouraging stirrings toward political reform in Iran and
Saudi Arabia, and a measure of cooperation in the war against al Qaeda
from other governments in the region. It turns out it really is better
to be respected and feared than to be thought to share, with exquisite
sensitivity, other people's pain. History and reality are about to
weigh in, and we are inclined simply to let them render their verdicts.

Case closed.

2. Sarah Palin

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the poster child of vacuous Republican imagery – hollow, loud and crass with no discernable talents other than an ability to attract stupid middle American house wives. Palin exploded onto the scene as John McCain's campaign started to wither, only for the 'Hockey Mom' to be exposed as a know nothing fraud. Claiming that Russia's visibility to Alaskans gave her foreign policy credentials and using sentences that even 'Dubya' would cringe at sealed her fate, plummeting McCain's campaign into the unelectable abyss. Unfortunately, Palin is doing the rounds on the media circuit, pumping her stardom for all its worth and priming herself for a run in 2012. The last thing America needs is another Bush style Republican, and Palin would represent that, but much, much worse.

3. Michelle Malkin

The Asian, female version of Bill O'Reilly, Malkin makes a living spouting hatred and idiocy to Fox News viewers. Malkin wrote a book called: In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling' in World War II and the War on Terror. The book essentially defends the internment of Japanese Americans during World War Two and argues for more racial profiling of Arabs, which would be a bit like a Jew making the case for the holocaust in the name of German unity (OK, maybe not, but you get the point). Malkin's offensive views have earned her a spot on Andrew Sullivan's blog, where people can win 'Malkin Awards' for bigotry, prejudice or downright meanness. Malkin's crusade against liberals, gays and minorities means she will have a spot on Fox for the foreseeable future. As Matt Taibbi writes:

I’ll say this about Michelle Malkin: she has a future in this business.
I see her replacing Ann Coulter in that right-wing dipshit hierarchy.
The last few times I’ve seen Coulter on TV, I haven’t been able to take
my eyes off her Adam’s apple. By 2012 she’s going to be doing ping-pong
ball acts at drag clubs in Reno. Malkin, though, she’s hardworking,
dumb, and shameless, just like Sarah Palin, who I think has a big
future four years from now. So get ready for more of this stuff. It’s
only just started and they’ve got four long years of target practice

4. Dick Morris

A former Clinton political consultant turned Fox News 'Analyst', Morris made his living selling political imagery to ailing politicians, using his skills in lying, cheating and distortion to their maximum capacity.  Morris backed John McCain for President, and was seen salivating over Sarah Palin on a regular basis, unable to disguise his creepy obsession with the 44 year old hot mom of many. Morris does his best to cozy up to his corporate pay masters in the Murdoch empire, and regularly publishes idiotic books like 'Condi vs Hillary- The next great Presidential race' (great call Dick). Thankfully, Dinosaurs like Morris are becoming irrelevant in the new political era, mostly because his lies are so egregious they are damaging to his party. While defending Morris from his jeering audience, John Stewart deftly put it "In fairness, Dick Morris is a lying sack of Shit".

5. Dick Cheney

The 'Dark Prince' of the Republican party, Cheney's obsession with American military prowess and fanatical dedication to the oil industry has made him the focal point of most liberal's rage. Cheney exists to service the needs of the rich and powerful, and is unafraid to put other people's lives at risk to ensure corporate profits and American hegemony. Cheney has always remained largely behind the scenes due to a distinct lack of personality and aura of extreme evil, but wields his influence expertly with his nuanced understanding of the dark arts of politics. Cheney is the epitome of a political hack, a gutless grey blob of a man with a record of detached violence and personal greed. We won't see much of him after next January, and hopefully someone will have the decency to arrest him should he venture out of the United States.

6. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican Convention this year said it all about the Mormon multi millionaire. Having lost the primary to John McCain (despite spending $47 million dollars of his own money) Romney tried to suck up to the base and pitch himself for 2012 with one of the worst speeches in history. Incredibly, Romney tried to claim liberals were responsible for the awful mess his party made, saying Washington was 'too liberal', and that "We need change all right. Change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington". Here's the transcript of the awful debacle (try not to laugh too hard). Romney clearly wants to run in 2012, but he had better start believing his own bullshit before he tries to sell it again.

7. Alan Greenspan

Former head of the Federal Reserve, 'St Alan' presided over the whole scale deregulation of the financial industry, and has his grubby paws all over the tragic state of the economy. Greenspan's pathetic appearance at a congressional hearing in 2008 had him basically admit his philosophy was wrong:

I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interest of organisations,
specifically banks, is such that they were best capable of protecting
shareholders and equity in the firms … I discovered a flaw in the
model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that
defines how the world works.

Very good of him to admit, but try telling that to the millions of people losing their jobs and homes. Thankfully, Greenspan is retired so won't be able to do any more damage.

8. Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly isn't a hack, or even a Republican. He is just an asshole. His show continues to dominate the airwaves where he essentially shouts at liberals and ignores his guests. God knows why he is successful, but I suspect it is partially because of people's obsession with train wrecks. Liberals enrage O'Reilly to the point where he could easily suffer a heart attack or physically assault one of them on his show. O'Reilly is no fool, just blinded by emotional retardation and a complex about his middle class upbringing (O'Reilly's entire persona is that of a working man – something not supported by facts). He shows no sign of slowing down, but as a part of the minority in the near future, his voice won't be anywhere near as important.

9. Sean Hannity

Fox News presenter Sean Hannity is the quintessential hack – no brain, just a vacant space in his head for GOP talking points. Hannity is a smooth presenter, articulate and emotive, the perfect frontman for the bankrupt ideology he is paid to promote. Hannity has gone from dreadful to absolutely nauseating since Palin ignited his loins, gushing over the re emergence of brainless conservatism and filling his head with dreams of a conservative comeback in 2012. The visible anguish Hannity now shows after the Democratic victory is a joy to watch, clearly karmic pay back for the years of gloating over the sorry state of Democrats. Hannity was sick to his stomach after Obama was elected, and may develop some serious ulcers over the next four years. However, luckily for him, he may get treatment for free if Obama institutes universal health care.

10.George Bush

I've saved the best for last. The 'Decider' will go down as the worst President in the history of the United States, and as Chris Rock put it "Bush is not just the worst ever president of the USA, he’s the worst
ever president, period. Of anything." It's hard to top the hyperbole commentators have used in describing just how bad Bush really was, because there aren't really words to do it justice. Bush has presided over monumental fuck up after monumental fuck up, groping his way through the president with the finesse of a 800lb gorilla. I tried to come up with a list of accomplishments he has achieved, and came up with the following:

1. He has increased financial support to Africa to alleviate AIDs and poverty.

2. …………

Uh, that's it.

He has presided over two disastrous wars, an increase in poverty at home, an increase in wealth inequality, an increase in the number of people without health care, a crisis in public education, the break down of national infrastructure, the literal drowning of a city, the use of torture as official policy, the biggest financial crisis in 80 years, and the irreversible decline of America's prestige abroad. Here is something to think about. Every ex President (aside from Ronald Reagan who had alzheimers) has a role to play in public life after office. They give advice, do lecture tours, write books, sit on boards of huge companies and head non-profit organizations. How many people do you think will be itching to receive advice from W? How many companies would have him on their board? Who would buy his autobiography? Who would pay to hear him speak? No one. And that pretty much sums it up.

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  • Pamela1227

    when this much hate is spewed & this much failure takes place during an 8 year span it all speaks for it’s self.
    They spoke it , they failed enough said!!! LOL
    Just pray your not behind any of them come judgement day. One would have to wonder Gods mood after such disapoinment

  • http://imran.com/media/blog/ Imran Anwar

    Someone mentioned Ann Coulter. I had twittered this, that I had noticed how the world had less hate in the air. Then I found out Ann Coulter broke her jaw and her mouth was wired shut.
    Unfortunately, not permanently. As I wrote somewhere else, the ultimate liberal fantasy…?
    Michelle Malkin in a lesbian kiss getting stuck on the wiring of Ann Coulter’s broken jaw, rendering them both unable to squeal, I mean, speak. World peace!

  • Dolores

    Well said Mr Cohen……….and well said Olua!

  • JL

    I cant believe that Carl Rove is absent from anyone’s list.

  • TazoWolf

    I have an idea… Bush can go back to work in the mail room in daddy’s company when his presidential term is THANKFULLY over. Maybe if he starts over he’ll grow some brain cells… or at least we can all enjoy watching him go ‘postal.’

  • Redstatesman

    It hurts to admit that you are spot-on in your assessments. The Republican Party has completely lost it’s way, and these individuals clearly and consistently exhibit moral and intellectual dishonesty.
    They drag the GOP down and to the right. We need more moderates in the party leadership.

  • zippe43467

    Well good for you dan layman, you will be pleased with the visit to your basement at your mom’s and the nice interview the Secret Service and FBI will be having with you. Did you know it is illegal to threaten the life of our president? Well I’m sure the authorities will explain all that to you. I have taken it upon myself to inform them of your intentions. Hope you have a nice few years, and you might want to delete all that questionable porn.

  • me

    Ten Republicans Who Should Go Away is a nice title. But it sounds a tad limp compared to Ten Million Democrats Who Should Go Away. Please do it now, before you get any more of us killed.

  • KansasGirl

    None of these fine patriots are going anywhere.

  • brian

    Furthermore, I find it disingenuous that republicans are posting on this site that liberals “blame republicans for doing what democrats are doing.” So you are saying that we are hypocrites? Okay:
    * Healthy Forest Initiative? A plan where we cut down trees so that that they won’t catch fire.
    * Clean Air Act? A plan that opens the doors of the Treasury Dept to air polluters.
    * No Child Left Behind? A plan to destroy public education one school at a time, leaving our children ignorant so that they’ll grow up to vote republican.
    * PATRIOT Act? A plan to ignore the constitution and give dictatorial powers to the presidency. Note that “act” is synonymous with “pretense”. W thinks that if he pretends to be a patriot we will all adore him. Perfect.
    I have never heard of liberals naming any laws or organizations with benign-sounding names, but using the law or org to destroy the issue their supposed to be upholding. There will be no Patriot Pretense under an Obama admin.

  • Olua

    I’m late to the party but I’d like to add my observations. Indeed, limbaugh and coulter immediately come to mind as hatemongers who should definitely go away. It was a wonderful day when the majority of Americans rejected them and the fox network tower of babel which consists of lies, distortions and mass media brainwashing techniques. Another bush failure? No Child Left Behind. NCLB is under funded and ineffective as a result.

  • brian

    Sez Chris: “He kept you and all the other bedwetters safe for 7 years from a bunch of crazed moslems who want you, you family and your pets DEAD.”
    Can you demonstrate that fact with any credibility? Another view is that the attack happened on Bush’s watch. Note that no terrorist killed over 1000 people in the USA at any time during Clinton’s watch. Also note that Clinton warned Bush in 2000 that terrorism would be his greatest challenge. Bush ignored him, ergo 9/11 happened. Bush got rid of the air marshal program because he needed the money for more tax cuts for all those poor millionaires. If we’d had air marshal’s on those planes maybe 9/11 would not have happened. What I’m getting at is that if the supreme court had not anointed Bush as president, Al Gore would not have fired the air marshals and bin-Laden’s plot would have failed. Yes, I said anointed. The supreme court broke the law by getting involved. They were petitioned by the right-to-life committee and they illegally chose to hear the case and furthermore they stated that the case would not create a precedent!!! Who ever heard of a supreme court case that could not become a precedent?! ALL supreme court cases are precedents, whether they choose to ignore reality or not. In effect they were saying that this is a one-time only coup and they are the court and they can do whatever they want. Get over it. The last 8 years we have been in occupation by an illegal regime. Also, “moslem” is spelled “muslim”. I imagine you’re one of those arm-chair generals who doesn’t know a shia from a sunni or why there is a difference. You probably have no idea who Hussein is, or why that name has meaning to Muslims. He is a huge religious figure, along the lines of Saul who became Paul (for those of you who only know about one religion, I draw a parallel). Hussein is the reason there is a difference between Shia & Sunni. He was the grandson of Muhammad and died a hero’s death, fighting against incredible odds against the religious establishment that had been hijacked from his grandfather. Those of you who voted for McCain: he doesn’t even know that simple little history lesson because he’s about as curious about the world around him as W is. Sure most people don’t know about that stuff, but most people don’t run for president. I’m not saying that if you don’t know about Hussein you are incurious, I’m saying that if you run for president and promise to fight more wars against a culture you don’t even understand you’re a damn moron.

  • brian

    Sez J, “Wow, feel the Liberal love. This kinda of crazy hatred is why I fear a Dem run country. Some libs think that people who don’t think like them are dangerous and hateful. It’s not a big leap for those libs to then say all who don’t think right should be rounded up and killed.”
    Hmm. I seem to remember being told to watch what I say. That came from W’s mouthpiece, Mr. Ari Fleischer. Oh, I also recall being told that because of my opinions that I somehow “hated America.” This came straight from the Fox News-brand propaganda station. Wake up and smell the coffee you repugnicant nincompoops. You guys destroyed our economy and we are going to fix it. That will be what destroys your party, not some blog off the Huffington Post. Alan Greenspan DID admit that unregulated “free” markets kill themselves. See, the deal is that classical economics measures marginal benefit incorrectly. They assume that all firms are single units. What Greenspan, et al, failed to realize is that a firm is not a single entity, it is an organization made up of several individuals. The greed that fuels the system does more than pay corporate bills, it also encourages the individuals in the org’s to create and follow their own agenda. This is how we ended up with the “financial derivative” that caused the mess. Individuals who worked within institutions undermined their own institutions to satisfy their personal greed. The classical school of economics completely misses this point, as does the neoclassical school. Greenspan is certainly a scholar and followed the recipe of Milton Friedman to the “t” and now we have the current crisis. I support Greenspan being on this list because if he would have just shut the crap up in the first place (or learned to think for himself instead of just borrowing Friedman’s brain) we wouldn’t be in this mess. Greenspan actually saw the housing bubble coming but he didn’t do anything about it because he was worried about W’s first recession and he was more interested in keeping W happy (at the time) than keeping us secure in the future (which is now). I don’t blame him. Anyone who deviated from the Official Bush Admin Orthodoxy was politically assassinated and thrown to the wolves. Why do you think Cheney’s lawyer apologized to him for having gotten shot in the face? It’s called fear, people.

  • brian

    Hey there BJ, you’d think with a name like that you might refrain from making fun of other people’s names. Your argument is that of a straw-man. Nobody said that Limbaugh was hateful because he “points out how ‘obambi’ has a record of zero accomplishment.” That part is what you’re interjecting. See, we think that Limbaugh is hateful because he lies all day long. For example, Obama actually has a record of accomplishment. For example, as a state senator he co-sponsored (and co-wrote the particulars on) the IL version of the TANF legislation and was praised by senators from both sides of the aisle for his work. I think it’s really Limbaugh who has a record of zero accomplishment. What has he ever done except lie all day long and propagandize for his side? If you have to lie there must be something wrong with your argument. I think it’s pretty cute how you see right-wingers as “satirical” but left-wingers as “pure hatred” emanators. Ridiculous. “African-Born tool”? What kind of racist crap is this, anyway? Your white-sheet costume is sticking out of your suit. You see, BJ, those halcyon days just after 9-11 are GONE FOREVER. We no longer have Ari Fleischer telling us to watch what we say, cause the gub’mint is listening in. The right wing has been very lazy these last 7 years because they’ve only had the left to debate with (who’s had both hands tied behind their back). You guys went and forgot how to argue and can’t even resist displaying your obstinate racism. Comments like that ensure that your words will be laughed at, BJ. This is one of the reasons freedom of speech is so important. It helps us filter out the trash (like you) from authentic voices that are worth reading.
    Add Ari Fleischer to the list for having pretended that he was big brother.

  • David

    The party of “Tolerance” shows it’s forked-tongue once again.

  • kris pineda

    We didn’t get hit by terrorists again after 9/11 and credit is due President Bush and our military for that. Typical angry leftist writer…what can you expect?

  • mary

    Who is Ben Cohen? Never heard of him.

  • evets

    This article should be entitled…
    How NOT to make friends and win over your Bi-Partisan enemies.
    As I have been saying…even in victory, they are classless and clueless.

  • rollinson

    Just wonder how many of you vindictive,revengeful,hating libs could actually rev up enough cojones to face those you demean? I think you are all just yappy little lap dogs drinking the obammy kool-aid!

  • David

    Ah BJ,
    What “hate?” you ask. The same kind that you exhibit in your childish name calling: “stupid liberals”, “Obambi” “African-born tool”. No facts, just plenty of propoganda, insults, and tantrums. FOX would love you.

  • Scy

    Excellent list! You got the Freepers upset. They posted this on their hate site. Awesome!!!

  • http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=389&topic_id=2981201&mesg_id=2997038 Zora Hopkins

    These people (and more — like Limbaugh and Boehner) should be EXILED into a country far away — maybe some place like Zimbab*e.
    Note: In protest of the continuing occupation of OUR *hite House by the illegal and totally corrupt Bush/Cheney regime of thugs and cronies, I REFUSE to use the letter bet*een “V” and “X”.

  • BossaNova

    From malkinfan1: “Actually, Obama will go down as the worst president in our history. At least President Bush has kept us safe from terrorists all these years. Can’t say Obama will do the same.”
    Yes, Bush is such a stand-up guy? That 20% approval rating must be a joke. Idiot.
    We’re in a freakin’ recession, folks, jobs are being lost each day, and all of this continuing negativity happening each day, and you all have the audacity to support crooks who couldn’t care less about you and you’re well-being. No question some of the Democrats are the same way, but damn, you people need to take the blinders off and wake the hell up!! What’s wrong with you?!
    And to all the racist, hypocritical so-called “Compassionate, Conservative Christian”, asinine, juvenile-acting Rethugs posting on this site, you jack@$$e$ seriously can all go to hell!!

  • MichelleO

    STUPID MIDDLE AMERICAN HOUSEWIVES?!? BTW Einstein, housewives is one word. F’idiot.

  • MR – California

    I thought for sure you’d list that crazy woman, Ann Coulter

  • phaux

    WoW, bsengel1
    you are my new definition of a Racist!

  • Amanda

    How could you miss Elisabeth Hasselback? Out of all the media Republicans, she actually has the biggest audience.

  • Lisa K.

    “Perhaps the funniest thing for a conservative, is to watch as liberals, who loved African Americans when they were helping to elect Obama, and ALWAYS claim to love African Americans, suddenly spew hatred at them when they oppose gay marriage. Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest.”
    Actually, that was Richard Lamb, of the Southern Baptist Convention. Wants to start a war between blacks and gays. Thinks that’s the only way conservatives can regain power.

  • Lisa K.

    Bill Kristol should be on the list twice, he’s such a screaming idiot. You missed the opportunity to quote him saying there would never be any sectarial violence in oh so secular Iraq.
    Charles Krauthammer belongs here too. The man is delusional.

  • George

    Wow, gotta love all the liberals demanding that pretty much anyone who isn’t a liberal be banished. lol What shall we do with all these people, libs? Send them off to the gulag!
    But what else should I expect? If there is one thing the various liberal groups have in common, it is a hatred and intolerance (ironic, isn’t it?) of anyone who disagrees with them.
    Perhaps the funniest thing for a conservative, is to watch as liberals, who loved African Americans when they were helping to elect Obama, and ALWAYS claim to love African Americans, suddenly spew hatred at them when they oppose gay marriage. Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest.
    Oops! I just spoke out against liberals. Uh oh. I better start packing for the gulag…

  • John

    You are a fucking moron

  • rei

    lighten up, francis. and if you hate so much, what’s up with calling your president-elect a “tool”? save your vitriol for when he actually is in office and screws up. until then, you may want to see a gyno about that sand in your va-jay-jay.

  • rz

    Michelle Bachman?

  • Infidel

    You left out the part about Kristol being a Jew. That probably boosted him to the #1 position. Nothing more amusing than leftists seething about the “meanness” of Republicans as they spew pure unadulterated hatred. Lost irony and all…

  • Erlee Pennington

    10 in not enough. There’s dozens more, like Ann Coulter, Russ Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Greta Van whatever,the ugly senator Michelle Bachman,or the whole crew of Fox news, the unfair and unbalance,Michael Reagan,etc..

  • Gil

    Priceless! Thanks for calling these losers out, Ben.
    Sadly, they’ll never go away but with any luck their followers will finally open their eyes and see the damage they’ve done over the past thirty years. Yes, Cult of Reagan, I’m talking about you!

  • Gil

    Priceless! Thanks for calling these losers out.
    Sadly, they’ll never go away but with any luck their followers will finally open their eyes and see the damage they’ve done over the past thirty years. Yes, Cult of Reagan, I’m talking about you!

  • Mrs. Nixon

    The difference between your rantings and those of whom you castigate is that you are nastier, angrier and more hateful than they have ever been on their worst day.
    Do you really agree with the “intellectual” Chris Rock and think Bush is the worst president ever? Really. Worse than Saddam Hussein? Hitler? Stalin? Need I go on and add every despot leader of History? Wow, you live in the best country on earth and you can’t even appreciate that you have been safe since 9/11 and can write and say and think what you want, unlike in Communist USSR, Nazi Germany, or even pre-Bush Iraq. You can’t even acknowledge the good that our President has done while reserving criticism for that you do not agree with. I didn’t vote for Obama but would not give a blanket criticism like that even though he will undoubtedly do things I don’t agree with. You are more hateful than any conservative post I have read. That what stumps me about you supposed Liberals…you only agree with a narrow agenda and if they don’t meet it then you HATE.

  • gmlaster

    This list is way too short. What about the #1 screaming poohead on talk radio, Rush Limpball, or that crapblaster Joe Scarborough, or just about everyone with access to a microphone at Faux Snooze?

  • esteban

    Hello? Karl Rove who doesn’t even appear on your list should be at the top. His insipid divisive strategies defined an entire generation of republicans and if this election proved anything its that Americans are not only not falling for it anymore they will vote against it.

  • esteban

    Hello? Karl Rove who doesn’t even appear on your list should be at the top. His insipid divisive strategies defined an entire generation of republicans and if this election proved anything its that Americans are not only not falling for it anymore they will vote against it.

  • Gary

    You know, it’s open and shut.
    The Crapsplatter Republican Party is caput.
    Thank God we lived long enough to see it.
    And yet, there are hold-ons and hold-outs – several million retrogrades – that don’t read newspapers, and adhere to toxic “redwhiteandblue” ideology.
    Pity them.

  • CaliKev

    So Bush saved us all from attacks, huh? How many warnings did he have about the WTC attack? He was too busy at the ranch, and meeting with CEOs to find out what they needed to line their pockets.
    Hey, but he did shut the barn door after the horses were gone…..I’ll hand him that. He gave a heck of a speech in the wreckage, and that’s enough for the dummies on the right.
    How awesome, though, to hear all the nascar-nra geniuses cry about how mean you are to say that about their sweet little thugs and thieves.

  • Tony

    10 who won’t go away…
    Newt Gingrich (spelling?)
    Sarah Palin
    Richard Shelby
    Ted Nugent
    Bill O
    Ann Coulter
    Laura Ingram
    4 million NRA Members
    All the Followers of Dr John Birch

  • MikeT

    Great list.
    These radical republicans are a drain on their party. It is not wonder that the republican base is shrinking.
    So many of the hard right pundits and commentators are constantly going after gays, blacks, the poor, women, academics and intellectuals, mexican americans, etc.
    The hate mongers helped elect Obama as the educated and the youth rejected the fear and smear tactics of the GOP.
    They through everything at Obama – calling him a muslim terrorist, a marxist, worldnetdaily tried stories telling us Obama may have been a homosexual, etc.
    The Right through the kitchen sink and everything they had at Obama. It didn’t work.
    People are seeing beyond the fear and the smear.
    We are rejecting the hate from the radical Right. I feel sorry for moderate republicans sometimes -their biggest problem is a big part of their party … the crazy social conservatives AKA the radical religious evangelical right.

  • Obambi

    What’s an Obambi? Some kind of automatic weapon? Or a television network?

  • Vash the Stampede

    To CH:
    Shut the fuck up.

  • Nemsud

    As a conservative Independent, I can agree with some of this story. The Republicans need to get their heads examined. Conversely, I don’t think most of the Democrats should get their heads examined. I believe many of them are certifiable.

  • A. L. Arrowood

    You are such an idiot. Had it not been for the policies of George Bush that you hate so much, you would be wwriting this blog in secrecy, away from Muslim extremeists. Just in case you forgot, there has not been an attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Bush inherited those problems from your hero Clinton. You, as part of the media, (HA!) have succeeded in making people believe that everything iis the fault of George Bush. Let’s not forget that Congress is controlled by the Democrats and has been for some time now. They made the financial decisions that brought us to where we are today. They are the ones that fought George Bush at every thurn in stead of trying to help us through any adversities. Please place blame where blame lies. At the feet of the Democrats!

  • John Galt

    WOW, had I not seen the byline I’da thunk you were some crazy, loony, menstrual bitch (a hormonal catastophe). But, good Lord, you have a male name…but no cojones.
    I’ll give you #2 on president Bush’s list:
    He kept you and all the other bedwetters safe for 7 years from a bunch of crazed moslems who want you, you family and your pets DEAD.
    President Bush knew and still knows what ‘Preserve and protect’ means. One only hopes – but we have little confidence that, obama also can appreciate the oath of office he will take in January 2009.
    But you, Ben, you and those like you, well, we also hope you can live through the next 4 years. To what real purpose, we don’t know, but the Lord has a plan for everyone…even idiots like you.

  • chris

    While I also dislike many of the people on the list, the arguments are HORRIBLE. An article written years ago in favor of a war many Democrats supported at the time as well is not as damnable as you think.
    The phrase “would be a bit like a Jew making the case for the holocaust in the name of German unity (OK, maybe not, but you get the point).” Only if your point is to compare the target to Hitler, which is the last respite of those would can’t think up a valid argument. What Ms. Malkin argues is horrible, so don’t weaken your point with ridiculously incorrect analogies.
    Precisely what should VP Cheney be arrested, as opposed to a very large portion of the Congress, including members of both parties. Based on the column, witchcraft.
    Finally, you are making a presumption of the values in the future. I agree that we have a bad President, but only in the future will we know who is rated what. Abe Lincoln was very unpopular with some of the citizens that didn’t secede. Read about the NYC draft riots. Only one reporter wrote the Gettysburg Address as it was delivered, and he only for the sake of history, the rest hated him so much they were there only because their boss told them to be.

  • Morhek

    On your last point, “why would pay to hear advice from W?” I’m sure there’s more than a few groups who’d pay to bring him in, just to throw vegetables at him. Heck, I sure would!
    And, to Bsengel1: Just like your conservative texas-born tool is?

  • Max

    Dude or whatever. Yeah I really believe that you are a vet, small animal probably. I stand by what I say. You and the rest are going to force a civil war and I truly believe that you are too lazy and cowardly to fight. A little sidenote- During the eight years of the Clinton porn presidency over 7,500 soldiers were killed.
    If you keep pushing people into a corner they will lash out.

  • StarfoxHowl

    Gawds, I am so glad to be here in Afghanistan and not back there where all this putrid spleen venting is going on. I’m afriad to step foot in the States because of all the bio-medical waste that’s been thrown around on blogs like this and in person.
    If you didn’t want President Bush in office, you should have gone out to vote rather than sit on your hands crying about all the big bad Republicans. Then after he was ELECTED (not anointed as some of you whiners like to point out) all you can do is whine, moan and cry over everything he does.
    This is one reason why people are put off by the left wing media and the betwetters in the blogosphere. (I’m put off by all of you because none of you follow the simple rules for journalists.) You post spleen vents and rage and transcripts of your primal scream therapy sessons and expect to pass that off as real news. Then, when that doesn’t seem to be enough, you paw through your septic tank and start throwing the solid remains from your toilet at each other.
    Gawds, get a grip, take your prozac and chill out!

  • Walt

    Hey, you know what? You’re right! These people SHOULD go away! In fact, we should just round ’em up, put ’em up against the wall, shoot ’em and burn their bodies!
    That’ll learn ’em to be more tolerant of those who TRUELY love Americans!


    I am appalled at the ignorant “hate speech” that is broadcast here by libs who have been brainwashed by the media to think that anyone who has a conservative brain in their head what should be “shot, imprisoned, or impeached.” Redundant question, but what kind of idiots are allowed to vote in this country? What happened to the country where everyone was united after being attacked, and then we proceeded to declare war on someone else? That was WWII. Same thing, different time.

  • Tom

    Some of Bush’s accomplishments:
    1) We’ve not been attacked in the last 7 years, under his watch. Do you remember how you felt on 9/12 and how certain you were that it would happen again?
    2) His tax cuts revived the economy after the catastrophe of those attacks? Do you remember what an impact the attacks had on the econmony and stock market? Please check the facts. To this day, I believe, the highest level of unemployment occurred under Clinton the Magnificent–not Bush. Clinton inherited a peace dividend and Bush had to deal with 9/11.
    3)He took us on the offense in Afghanistan and Iraq–throwing the Taliban out of the former and a sadistic monster out of the later. Although Iraq probably wasn’t directly involved in 9/11, it did actively support terrorism.
    Every wartime leader makes mistakes. However, in WWII we lost more than 400,000 troops and in the Civil War we lost over 600,000 soldiers. Should Lincoln have been tried as a war criminal.
    The frustrating thing about the left, to me, is that it doesn’t really seem to care about being honest or fair. There is only one thing that matters–power. By and large, they will lie and distort in any way necessary to gain it. It may be good for gaining power–but I just don’t see how dishonesty helps the country.

  • bob saget

    Hate speech, hate mongering, and neo-con. These labels are over used.

  • Briana

    1. Kristol; don’t worry once global warming really kicks in, he’ll melt.
    2. Sarah Palin: my tarot cards tell me that she’ll stop showing on TV when she realizes that the administration of Alaska is not going to buy her clothes.
    3. Michelle Malkin: I will hate to see her gone; I mean, before I get to send her a gift for Christmas. It will be a like that “fruit of the month” thing. In this case it’ll be a a “keffaya of the month”, until she gets all the samples for the 2,500 designs each.
    4. Dick Morris: What can we say, he’s a Dick.
    5. Dick Cheney: The Prince of Darkness. I better don’t say anything lest he send me to Guantanamo.
    6. Mitt Romney:Cut him some slack. The ping pong game he has with himself is very entertaining.
    7. Alan Greenspan: In this one I have to demand that we all be more understanding of his situation; he’s not a young chicken you know. Of course I don’t want to say that he’s old. But when God said “Let there be Light” Greenspan already owed six months.
    8. Bill O’Reilly: You’re right. He’s nota hack,or a Republican, or smart, or intelligent. I don’t even think that he’s a real person. There are some things that just don’t go together; smug and correct, an armadillo and charming, intelligent and stupid, a loofa and a falafel.
    9. Sean Hannity: Oh my, this boy pretty soon will kill himself by bitting his tongue.
    10.George Bush: You want to give him a good punishment? Fly him to the UK and have him seat in a magistral class by Stephen Hawkins and then give him a test.
    If you allow me, and even if you don’t there are some names that desperately need to be in that list:
    Condoleezza Rice (Condi, you’re an expert in the Soviet Union (RIP), not in international relations
    Rudy Giuliani
    Senator Bachman
    Chris Matthews (too loud)
    Michelle Bernard
    Rupert Murdoch
    Dennis Miller and Chuck Norris
    Nancy Pelossi (for the horrible face lift)
    Al Franken (just because he’s an idiot)
    Joe Lieberman (he’s so two-faced his doctors think he has a siamese twin
    and PLEASE, please PLEASE, throw Geraldo Rivera in the mix, just for good measure.

  • Aisley

    Oh my, this is just hilarious. Liberals keep adding people to the list and retroblicans keep crying faoul without making sense. But then what sense can you make when you have none?
    It is specially cute to read the posting of bsengel1. Actually is not cute is sad, very sad. He was one of the kids left behind. So he doesn’t know that Hawaii is part on the USA, meanwhile Panama is not. Wonder what I’m talking about? Well the new Presi was born in Hawaii, and the old Prisi was born in another country, yes, Panama. So much so, that some of the dirty bastards in the House had to pass a resolution to allow “our fellow prisioner” to be able to run.
    On top of that bs says the following:
    “…I love how stupid liberals of your ilk categorize anything with which you disagree as “HATE.”
    And then the retardatarian commits the same crime he accusses others of:
    “…Coulter, I admit, can be a bit aggressive; but even her satire doesn’t compare with the likes of the pure HATRED emanating from the likes of Franken or Moore (both of whom have said they “HATE”–there’s that word again–Bush).
    This is just funny. In case you’re wondering bs, no I’m not a Democrat nor a Liberal. I know better than that. And I’m not a Retroblican, I have a brain AND I USE IT. By the way, join me in praying that Obama’s healthcare plan quicks in soon. That way you’ll be able to get free Tagamat for your ulcers. Add to that a couple of prescriptions for depression. What did you say, that you don’t suffer from depression/ Don’t worry, it is forecoming since we’re going to have a fellow Negro in charge for eight years. And at the end of those years David Duke is not taking over!

  • zell

    high school stuff… typical angry, hypocritical SOB… you “tolerant and open minded liberal progressives” make a living spewing hate toward anyone who doesn’t agree with you…
    I don’t think I’m vindictive but I could see a Firing squads for Barney Frank, Chris Doodwill and long jail terms for Frainklin Raines and Clinton and all democrats that created the banking crisis…then bring back the guillotine (sp?) to finish off their pathetic existence!
    And please, somebody over there, seize the ill-gotten assets of their families, friends, business partners, etc. that unjustly benefited from their crooked deeds and give them to the “poor” people democrats continually manipulate and lie about. They pretend to stand for the middle class…Dbuy emocrat politicians are only in it for personal power and control… they get rich you sheep crumbs and you love it…public education…wow!!!

  • David

    And we conservatives are supposed to be the hate filled ones? I haven’t heard such vehement ad hominums since the 30s. So much for bi-partisanship and unity.

  • Scott G

    Where’s Rudy Giuliani in all this? He’s the fascist dick who ran NYC like a police state, which we all seem to have forgotten post 9/11. Or should I say “Noun, verb, and 9/11.” He’s as hateful and venomous as Coulter. And thinks public service is something to be mocked.. and profited from. What an F-ing DICK.

  • Scott G

    Where’s Rudy Giuliani in all this? He’s the fascist dick who ran NYC like a police state, which we all seem to have forgotten post 9/11. Or should I say “Noun, verb, and 9/11.” He’s as hateful and venomous as Coulter. And thinks public service is something to be mocked.. and profited from. What an F-ing DICK.

  • dude

    “You liberals had better watch it. You are going to bring about a civil war and nobody will win. The majority of you are to lazy and cowardly to fight. What will you do when all hell breaks loose?”
    Fight what? The sky is falling!!! Cowardly to fight? What do Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove have in common? They are all Republicans that were too cowardly to fight in Vietnam. 16 Deferments between them all!!
    Dems on the other hand won World War II and we won the Civil War from you rednecks!!
    Clinton won Bosnia and not one casualty…
    Wake up dude you are being lied too!!!!
    Are you a veteran like myself? No just a speculating Repulican that escapes logic.

  • dude

    “You are such a hypocrite. Morris was your hero when he worked for Clinton. You are a typical LW flip-flopper”
    Yeah and now he is your hero…I guess that makes you a typical RW Flip flopper…
    Republicans are the masters at speaking about nothing of substance.

  • Jay

    I guess if you can’t argue with them, you can at least call them names. What a brilliant piece of work. Not.

  • JM

    Colorful language, Ben. If you want people to take your writing seriously, drop the foul language. It only distracts them from your core message.

  • Max

    You liberals had better watch it. You are going to bring about a civil war and nobody will win. The majority of you are to lazy and cowardly to fight. What will you do when all hell breaks loose?

  • RM

    Sounds like a bunch of dumb ass liberals.

  • Jason

    LOL. And you pathetic liberal neo-Stalinist moonbat Dimocrats have the gall to call Conservatives full of “hate speech.” GFYourselves.

  • Thorn

    You leftwingers had squandered 16 Trillion! of taxpayer dollars on the “war on powerty” only to create the underclass of criminals in the process instead. For the last 40 years your democrat party had waged war against the middle class in order to make white race a minority in this country. Who gave you the nerve to criticize the republicans on enything? The only thing republicans are guilty of, is their failure to point out to the american people the crimes you leftwingers are commiting agaist them!

  • Is this thing on

    Ben Cohen-
    Why so much HATE SPEECH?

  • Tay

    Wow, that’s just stupid. There were virtually no valid points in this crap. And John Stewart can’t be qouted seriously, because on his show, he’s doing COMEDY. He exagerates most things to get people to laugh. While i love his show, you’re an idiot for using a qoute like that. You should really take a look at the Liberals to. Republicans are no where near perfect. Nobody is, Liberals least of all. All they seem capable of is crying “Hate speech” without being able to give a real arguement.

  • Lisa

    Love that liberal tolerance.
    There’s no hate like liberal hate.

  • Paulrevere

    Ben Cohen should go away. Just wait when the U.S. Supreme Court rejects BHO’s birth certificate, BHO will be going away too.

  • Janet Reno

    And you say conservatives are full of hate speech? Enjoy the downfall of reality with your prince in office.

  • freepatriot

    this guy frank could be in the running for the WORLD’S WORST LIAR
    he complement’s “bsengel1” for proving they are both ficken moran BEFORE bsengel1 POSTS THE COMENT
    then he realizes he’s an idiot, tries to claim he was praising somebody who doesn’t esist, and says it’s his first time here
    practice your astroturfing next time, ya putz

  • freepatriot

    I think we got the idiot of the year here
    this guy bsengel1 is a total frickin moran
    he says ins-hannity, lush limpbag, and annman coultergiust are “Satirirst”
    and Micheal Moore and Al Franken, two people who have actually made their living as satirists and comedians ???
    they’re just liberal haters
    so has everybody got that ???
    if you’re a PAID comedian, you’re just a hate monger
    and if you’re a PAID HATE MONGER (like hannity limbag and coulteguist), well you’re just a comedian
    how much koolaide do you gotta drink to get that stupid ???

  • David

    I am sure you left Boortz off because he’s a Libertarian. But he is undoubtedly disappointed. Your lovingly phrased prose is delightful after all the staid, logical, well reasoned conservative stuff, a la Rush Limbaugh. You inveigh and derogate just because you love to do so and self stultify in the doing. Thanks for gloating. I only hope that in two years our hall of fame president who has yet to take his first snap will have handed back the congress to its rightful owners. Yep, owners. Figure out, will you, who that is.

  • homer

    You sound completely unglued.
    Get a grip.
    Is Sean Hannity worth the word “hate?” That’s way over the top. Hate sand in your shorts – fine. Hate a man you disagree with – please grow-up before you hurt yourself.
    Sarah Palin. Get a grip. You actually put her second on the list? How is she even worth that? You have too much time on your hands. By the way, was Joe Biden’s showing better or worse than her’s? They locked him away to avoid any further damage.
    While I agree that it is time for Bush to go, your list of ignoble acts purportedly his responsibility is so ridiculous as to undercut the obvious arguments for his failure. Keep in mind that most Conservatives find the Bush presidency a complete failure as well. That should crystallize in your mind what his real failures were.
    Your complaints of Dick Chaney are merely personal and juvenile in nature. That was the best you could do? What about the “neo-conservtive” kinder, gentler, bigger, more intrusive, less effective government programs that he supported?
    All in all, this was a very weak effort at putting together a synopsis of the republican failures.

  • scott

    And let’s not forget about that warmongering SOB Lincoln. I am ashamed to use five dollar bills.

  • Caine

    This will be interesting site once the Fairness Doctrine is passed. Or do you think that it will only apply to Fox News and Rush, etc.? lol. That’s the same line they fed the unwashed masses when they instated the income tax. Oh it will just be the Carnagie’s and the Vanderbilt’s and Rockefeller’s footing the bill. We won’t bother you poor, poor pitiful people. Oops!

  • http://profile.typekey.com/schmuck281/ John Dunshee

    So who is Ben Cohen and why would anybody give a flying F*** what he thinks?
    This is still the United States and you don’t get to pick who will and will not be allowed to participate in politics.
    The idea that you should is chilling.

  • Sir FaQ

    William Kristol is an intellectual giant. Let’s be honest – you and your ilk are essentially pacifists. Anyone who supports wars of any kind is considered wrong-headed.
    You don’t really believe in the notion of a US military. You don’t believe in the use of force. And you barely believe in the notion of democracy as a superior form of government. You certainly don’t believe in western values as a superior cultural system.
    Ironically, people like the author of this article (and those who support him) are unique products of the war-loving, freedom-loving, humanistic, christian, intellectual, and capitalistic society that they so detest.

  • Drew

    BJ, wake up. Jesus. How could you possible think that the media wasn’t scrutinizing of Obama? They were all over him with incorrect accusations that wouldn’t stand up to the light of day. Even if McCain got more scrutiny, he was far more deserving of it. Limbaugh is wrong and Coulter is the epitome of hate. It’s not only that these people breed hate, they couple it with lies and ignorance.

  • Patrick

    You say get rid of them, that means i need to praise them. You hate them that means they are a threat to you.
    Why is it hate speech when its against Obama but it isnt hate speech when its against Bush?
    Obama hasnt done anything worthwhile in his political career. Obama’s version of change is going to tank us. What else do i need to say about this fraud. How about he told you everything you wanted to hear to get elected and is goign to bow out on most things now that he is getting a heavy dose of reality with his daily briefs. Ask him again is he is goign to raise taxes on the top 5% to give the bottom 95% a “tax cut” watch him didge it again. Agent of change is goign to change for the next 4 years.
    Is that enough truth to be called hate speech yet?
    you should really add Neal Boortz to this list, after reading his books or listening to his program for an hour you would certainly think he is a terrible person too even though he isnt a republican. Oh and Hannity isnt a republican either and i dont believe Morris is either.
    Come on Global warming, its cold here.

  • Adam Mathews

    Wow. I am amazed. This list and the comments that follow prove those who would consider themselves open to all ideas, all peoples, all philosophies, have come full circle. I once thought of Americans, my people, as an accepting and loving people. You have now become unrecognizable to me. Who are you people that obviously hate those with differing opinions? Please take an introspective moment. Please.

  • Jennel

    “However, luckily for him, he may get treatment for free if Obama institutes universal health care.” – Are you insane? Who do you think is paying for this??? The taxpayers! It will be far from free and will lead to a sorry excuse for a healthcare system, like those in Britain and Canada, and everywhere else you find socialized medicine!

  • william wallace

    ANN COULTER should have been number one without a doubt, this list is nothing without her

  • Weew

    You are all cowards. You lack the courage to come steal our property yourselves and so you elect politicians to do it by proxy.
    You also lack the guts to make us “go away” and you elect politicians with the hope that they will do that bit of dirty work for you too.
    Come on, you cowardly underachieving parasites – come make us go away. Put up or shut up! Let’s see how much you believe in yourselves… bring it on!
    Come get us, come make us go away.
    We dare you.

  • Frank

    oops….I meant BJ…….
    this is the first time here…..

  • Frank

    AMEN bsengel1…….total agreement with you…
    Im getting so damned sick and tired of hearing these spoiled rotten liberals holler the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over…well, you understand…
    Everytime I attempt to start a conversation concerning politics with liberals……the first thing they holler is that Im a hater, Im a racist, I hate poor people (and Im poor!!), I dont care about the needs of others……
    oh…and Im a neocon…
    liberals remind me of a drug-addicted poiled rotten child……
    When I try to talk them and tell them that I disagree with them over policy the first thing they do is start calling me names and telling me just how moronic I am because Im a capitalist…..
    the hatred is beyond belief……its not ‘anger’….its stone-cold hatred….

  • Kevin

    I am so happy to see that clown Hannity on the list. I guess Colmes couldn’t take him anymore and will be moving on.

  • http://www.myspace.com/michaelhafer Michael D. Hafer

    Send all of these fuckers to the front lines in Iraq or Afcrapistan! This list, plus Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Straight to the FRONT.

  • A desparate gun and bible hugger

    What a Tool, the use of profanity is a way for a weak mind to express itself strongly.
    And you don’t even succeed with your foul language. A good indicator of the dearth of analyitical capability in Obamanation.

  • http://www.lakeeffectzone.com Steaming Pile

    Let me put it this way as far as #10 is concerned. Hamilton College has an endowment which is designated to be spent attracting the greatest living figures of history to speak. These lectures are free to the public, and they often attract long lines and standing-only crowds, as the one I endured to hear (and barely see) Jimmy Carter.
    If I were an alumnus of Hamilton College, and I heard that they paid as much as one red cent to bring either George Bush to the campus, I would immediately cease contributing whatever I might have been contributing to whatever College fund(s) had been taking my money on a regular basis. I would also write the most pointed of open letters to the president of the College, which I would also furnish to the Utica Observer-Dispatch, the New York Times, and the Daily Kos for publication, urging all Hamilton alumni to make their displeasure known in a similar manner.
    One may as well pay a random idiot from an asylum to speak.

  • Eddie

    You named 10 republicans., but every description you gave of them sounded like someone from the left…. brainless, stupid, asshole, shallow, dumb.
    Everyone who disagrees with you is hate speech. Ever stop an think that you are the jackass? Hell, read your list. It’s one of the most hateful things on the internet. I’ll never understand you libs.
    You may be educated. But you’re surely not smart.

  • Roy

    So, Michelle Malkin is both Asian and Female. How exactly is that relevant to the story? Sounds racist and sexist and, dare I say, it sounds like hate to me. But that’s OK, because snarky “journalism” like this is OK when it’s done by bed wetting liberals, but it’s “hate” if done by a conservative.
    It strikes me how this post is pretty much Keith Olberman’s useless show in blog form. You liberal tools love this kind of stuff, don’t you.

  • Chris

    Wow, what a bunch of typical, mindless, left-wing rhetoric from a mindless, left-wing drone.
    Hey, when Bill Clinton signed the CRA forcing banks to loan money to people they knew couldn’t pay it back, was that Alan Greenspan’s fault too? God you morons need to leave. Why don’t we just split the country in half. You dumb asses can have one half to socialize and turn into Canada and we’ll take the other half to live our lives free of oppressive liberal twits.

  • Mike

    Fair enough, but will you publish the 10 democrats who should go away. Probably not, so let me help you.
    1) Bill Clinton: Could have saved him for last, but this “man” who had to satisfy himself with a 23 year old intern while on our dime, enough said. Oh, yeah, it was only sex..you clowns will never get it.
    2) Al Gore: How much money will this goof ball end up costing us with his bs diatribe? Oh, lets not forget, he invented the Internet.
    3)Charles Rangel: Oh, I forgot!!! God, what a crook.
    4)Ted Kennedy: Before I cross this bridge, is there any reason why he is still around?
    5)Keith Olberman & Rachel Maddow. I made them one because I think they are the same. What a bunch of useless dribble. The only two I know, where I have to get my depends on in order to even watch.
    6)Chris Matthews: Oh a tingle went up my leg. What a lying, backstabbing so called journalist. He is about as neutral as George Steinbrenner liking the Red Sox.
    7)Henry Waxman: Anything more I need to add here. Oh, Henry how about investigating Barney Frank & Chris Dodd.
    8)Barney Frank: Speaking of investigations, when? BTW, not enough space for more than 10, so let’s throw Chris Dodd in this group as well.
    9)Harry Reid: I am sure he can go back to his “Real Estate” holdings in Nevada, after he is done cleaning Nancy’s drawers out.
    10) Hillary Clinton: DO you ever think she will recall what happen to those files? The unfortunate truth here is, she got screwed by her own people, husband, party, etc, etc. There is some justice.
    The list could be much longer, but you said 10

  • December Mind

    Adhomenem rantings from Useful Idiots. Please enjoy the next four years. The self-reliant among you continue to enjoy the left’s suicidal tendencies.

  • Jim Price

    Mr. Cohen,
    Who gives you the authority to speak about that which you know nothing….
    Because you think you are a good writer, you also think that you know everything, and of course, you are wrong….
    Until you can bleed the same blood of our founding fathers, who were willing to sacrifice everything they had in the name of freedom (which includes freedom from oppressive government)…. I think you can not, for it is you that takes too many inalienable rights for granted, and forgot the price paid for them . Perhaps you can begin with the infringement of taxation without representation….. Who in the Democratic party stands up for the wealthy man who provides jobs for the economy…. the largest misnomer in this economy, is that the workers make the wheels roll… But without wheels nothing rolls….
    Who stands for those wheels? none other than those you wish would disappear.
    p.s. the very same people that would stand up for your right to a stupid opinion.

  • Weew

    I challenge you to try to make so much as a single conservative “go away”. Try it. I dare you. I’m begging you to try.
    Either make it happen or shut the hell up.
    I for one am through trying to reason with you. So, come try to make me or any other conservative “go away”.
    If you don’t have the stones to follow through, then shut your sissy mouths and stay out of our way.

  • Whatever

    For every “republican” you can name I can name about 50 liberals that can go.

  • mankey

    Phil Gramm? Mitch Mcconnell? Newt Gingrich?
    Carly Fiorina? Hank Paulson? Jon Voight? Ron Silver? Ann the Man Coulter?
    You haven’t even scratched the surface…



  • Frank

    Not only is this one of the most ill-informed, ignorant pieces I have ever read, it is simply indecent. There is so much wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start. Typical lefty tactic — smear those who disagree with you. Never let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

  • Mark

    Whoa! Slow business day and I stumble upon a bunch of angry bedwetting liberals. Liberals are for the most part a water carrying lazy lot who study rocks, paint act and swish around. They have no real calling or talent and were made fun of in high school which left them crying for the government to take care of them….And to make everyone EQUAL because they could not do it for them selves. 60’s radicals became teachers and professors because they could not perform a job better than others so they decided to teach the next generation of students to be pansies like them. One election does not a countrey make.

  • Dotar Sojat

    Face it, you’re on the periphery, you’ve always been on the periphery, and you’re always gonna be on the periphery. You’re not players in the game. You’re not factors in the economy, don’t produce anything, don’t contrubute anything. You’re a net drain. Your fantasies aren’t coming true; your Messiah has already thrown you over. You just plain don’t count now that the election is over. Might as well just keep bitchin’ here – its all you’ll ever do.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/murphycd2 CSM

    Isn’t it great we live in a free society that guarantees the right of even the simplest of mental midgets to have and post their opinion.
    Let us remember however that the term “hate speech” is potentially a double edged sword.
    Had some right winger written an article like this about ten progressives, Ben Cohen would be the first hypocrite to SCREAM hate and demand censorship.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/murphycd2 CSM

    Isn’t it great we live in a free society that guarantees the right of even the simplest of mental midgets to have and post their opinion.
    Let us remember however that the term “hate speech” is potentially a double edged sword.
    Had some right winger written an article like this about ten progressives, Ben Cohen would be the first hypocrite to SCREAM hate and demand censorship.

  • Ann Beverly

    So basically liberals want everyone who disagrees with them to shut up and go away? I’ve never heard conservatives espouse that. Conservatives usually welcome respectful debate. When did liberals become so intolerant?

  • The Doctor

    Man, you guys are funny. Completely delusional, but funny.
    BTW re: the comment on Hannity- there’s no such thing as free health care. Except of course, for those who don’t pay taxes. Hmmm… wonder which way they vote?

  • http://bizblogger.blogspot.com Richie Rich

    Your writing is entirely emotional and irrational. I’m a conservative and therefore not a huge Bush fan. But as an objective observer, here are a few accomplishments you neglected to state (and would be cited as incredible accomplishments if he shared your D in front of his name.
    1) Successfully prevented a single attack on the U.S. since 9/11. (It was Dick Holbrooke who said after 9/11 that there would be hundreds of suicide attacks in the U.S. until we became immune, like Israel.
    2) Prevented a total economic meltdown in 2002 after corporate acctg scandals, an inherited Internet bubble and 9/11. Oh, and the 12 quarters after his tax cuts went into effect provided the largest economic growth of the last 50 years…yup, even more than Clinton.
    3) Eliminated 2 of the 4 state sponsors of terrorism (Iraq/Libya. Only Iran and N. Korea remain and that’s because he followed the Democratic policy on both of those.)
    4) Highest homeownership in U.S. history (yes, in part due to the Democratic cronies at Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac).
    5) Lowest average unemployment rates over 8 years since WWII. Yup, again better than Clinton.
    6) Most importantly, provided some laughs for conservatives by turning Liberals into raving lunatics.

  • Ed

    I love how libs say that conservatives spew hate speech then talk about firing squads and water boarding. Must be nice to live in your own hate filled world where you can accuse everyone else but not take ownership of your own actions.
    I think you all need to read about the real NAZI group from WWII and then go back and ask yourself why you are supporting a socialist agenda when they were the real nazis. Get a clue and wake up from your drug hazed existence and do some real good.
    I also love how the majority of charitable contributions come from conservatives, but you guys who have never given a friggin dime complain that we don’t do enough. Look at your own smoking Joe Biden millionaire, what a pathetic excuse.

  • Rodney

    Why is it solely Republicans? I can name 10 democrats that would easily rank very highly on this list. Why don’t you go back and rewrite this list and re-title it 20 “Politicians (and Pundits) Who should go away”. Make sure to include Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Murtha, and Specter. That should be a good start.

  • Randall

    What a hypocrit. You idiots accuse THESE people of HATE SPEECH? Try the freaking mirror!

  • cmac

    Fools. All of you fools.

  • jeff

    Why should they ‘go away’? Is that the democracy you envision? Everyone you dislike or disagree with should be silenced and ‘need to go away’?
    That’s so ridiculous that you should be embarrassed, that is if you could stop drinking the kool aid long enough to think for a moment.
    What about Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, and the like? Have they been even mildly effective?
    What about liberals like Huffington, complete with fake accent and partisan hackery? Should she go away too because I have a distaste for her?
    Who gets to decide? You? Me? A popular vote?
    Liberals blame Conservatives for creating a ‘political divide’, then you go and prove that liberals are hypocrites.
    Sort of like how liberals are up in arms about FISA spying on suspected terrorists, but silent when someone hacks Sarah Palin’s personal email account.
    Sort of like how liberals continue to talk about how important and essential gun bans are in spite of the mounting evidence that they just don’t work. Like in Chicago, where I live, where citizens aren’t allowed to own handguns. Never mind that we have one of, if not the, highest gun crime rates, murder rates, and sexual assault rapes in the nation. Who cares that it doesn’t work in practice when it feels so good to say?
    Spare us. The truth is, you don’t like that people like the folks on your list so your solution, which is typical of liberals, is to ban them or ‘make them go away’.
    Communists did this in the old USSR. Maybe that sounds like a good idea to you, but it’s a slippery slope that ends with your voice being silenced too.
    Think before you spout.

  • Hummer

    I don’t know which Republicans and which Democrats should go away, but I know what I wish would return.
    If this author could accuse others of “hate” speech without blushing, that is an accomplishment.

  • Alan

    How nice and tolerant of you. New kind of politics?

  • Bozak

    Where is the tolerance for opposing viewpoints?
    It appears you hate any and every one that doesn’t agree with you.
    Must be a very sad life to have such hate in your heart for so many people.

  • Lone Gunman

    I’m surprised that I haven’t read the “Nazi” word? Did someone forget that part of the vocabulary? Although I’m not a big Bush fan, what he did give us was 7 years of terror attack free living! Let’s only hope that Nobama can replicate that part, if he has the gonads that is! And if he doesn’t, then maybe he could talk his buddy Billy (the unibomber II) Ayers into going over and planting a few bombs in AlQuadia’s Capitol buildings! Oh wait, they hate America too so that’s out. Well then, how about Farrakhn? Oh wait, he hates white people, just like Rev Wright, Nobama’s meantor? I guess we’re just in deep shit then, hey, cuz no one in the upcoming administration will have the gonads to protect us from those Islamo fanatics! Better stock up on guns and ammo!

  • Kirk

    To Al November 23rd 11:56PM. Very hard to argue with what he says because all he says is they are dumb, they lie, they are responsible for this entire mess (pick one). He adds no intelligence to any of his comments. The closest he comes is what William Kristol wrote before the Irag war. Still not all that convinced that Kristol is all that wrong. So here is a rebuttal. They are all smart, they all know what they are talking about and the whole of Washington DC both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the messes we have.

  • Cam Xinu

    Wow! Quite a lot of hate from the “tolerant” left, here. Glad you won the election and are enjoying being happy. I’d hate to see you upset!

  • James

    Funny how lefties like to accuse conservatives of hate-speech and then write things like this.

  • James

    I can’t believe some of the garbage I’m reading in these posts. It’s hard to comprehend that there are actually people out in the real world who really hold these opinions and who, apparently, are making it through the day. I think you are all crazy. I don’t think you could follow a linear train of thought if you had to…

  • By_idiots

    Thank you for showing your real colors.

  • Timmay

    But the increase in funds to Africa for AIDS awareness only goes to abstinence-only programs. No condoms. Umm, people will keep having sex. And without condoms, how do you think that will turn out? Typical Bush idiocy.

  • Dick Day

    This is a beautiful list that I just bookmarked. The poor will always be with us. And the morons will always be with us. Except for W, these guys are never going away. But I think their ratings are dropping and will continue to drop. Kids do not listen to the radio anymore and when they do, they do not listen to right wing fascist call in shows. And they do not have the slightest interest in Fox News. But when the day comes that Rush does not have 20 million listeners, he will still have five million listeners in wheel chairs and oxygen tanks. All the people listed–again with the exception of W, have a real power base. The truth or falsity of what they speak is irrelevant to their viewers and listeners. Millions in this country still think Sadaam had something to do with 9/11, that Obama is a muslim with terrorist links, and that this country went down the tubes when we went off of the gold standard.

  • Jason

    Great to hear from the champions of “tolerance” once again. I’m always impressed with your abilities to practice what you preach. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton appointed Greenspan twice as well.

  • Bandicoot

    Wow… and you asshole liberals say we on the right are guilty of hate speech.
    How very clever you are to just take the same old hackneyed liberal talking points and re-package them yet again.
    BTW, genius, Sean Hannity is not a news presenter and never has been billed as such. His is an OPINION show. You do know the difference, don’t you?

  • Holly

    I love how nasty liberals get towards Republicans, but somehow it is Republicans who get labeled at hate mongers. There is no point shining a light on the details and assumptions that you’ve made that are wrong because (a) liberals get confused when facts are entered as evidence and (b) liberals are completely irrational when it comes to their thoughts on Republicans.

  • Ron

    Ben, get off the fence! Tell us how you really feel!!!

  • Anti-fascist

    It never ceases to amaze me that the most enlightened and tolerant seem to be brimming with hatred. There is no reason for the hate except that they disagree on whether individuals own their own body and can keep a modicum of their earnings. Oh ye denizens of the left, remember fascists are full blown leftend politicos.

  • TRS

    Yeah dude, because your statement was just brilliant……Thanks for the IQ pick-me-up…

  • Obama bin Laden

    Osama is a deadhead homeboy with a old lady that looks like a worn out ho from the projects. Can’t wait to see what this terrorist lovin puppet BOY is going to do. Huckabee 2012.

  • Smitty

    Lets talk about what you blame Bush for….
    He has presided over two disastrous wars.
    > Disastrous? We’re winning and killing terrorists there instead of here.
    an increase in poverty at home
    >Sorry. I see bling, 100$ sneakers, and cell phones everywhere and fat people with foodstamps. This is pure bullshit.
    an increase in wealth inequality
    >We live in a capitalist society. That’s what happens. Work hard>Get rich. Don’t work>Stay poor. BTW… your socialist underwear is showing.
    an increase in the number of people without health care
    >True. Illegal aliens have no health care. And they deserve it for breaking our laws. Get it straight… it’s health >insuranceThat grows at a concomitant rate with the number of democrats in congress and in local legislatures, as well as the inability of taxpayers to choose where their children go to school.
    the break down of national infrastructure
    > Yet another example of the federal government’s interference in something that should be governed by state and local government
    the literal drowning of a city
    >Yep! Bush phoned god and told him to send a Cat5 to new Orleans. Oh and he sent the frogmen to dynamite the levies.
    the use of torture as official policy
    >Too bad it doesn’t reach to bloggers like you
    the biggest financial crisis in 80 years
    >Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Christopher Dodd (D), Barney Frank (D), Democrat Congress — you cant lay this at the feet of anyone else.
    and the irreversible decline of America’s prestige abroad
    > That’s why people are coming here to live both legally and illegally in droves. Because we suck.
    What flavor is the Kool-aid you’re drinking? Must be good because you’ve drunk alot of it.

  • David

    It is comical how the lefties label anyone who does not walk in lock step with their nihilistic and socialistic mind rot ways “hatters”. Anyone who has an intelligent argument or questions their assumptions are immediately labeled “racist” or a “hatemonger”. The fact is the people the liberals hate the most are the ones who most eloquently, consistently, and accurately point out the errors in their judgments, ideas, and agenda.

  • UberMench

    Right, conservatives are full of hate. Who is spewing hate here? The libs. You idiots love reading garbage like this, and then whip out your political penis’, flog them in front of each other, and then claim everyone except you are hate mongers. Did I mention you are idiots? You are lucky I read and listen to Boortz because he linked me to this article, because I significantly raised the IQ by posting my thoughts on this page.

  • Judester

    Your ten are the ones I like the best. Am I missing something?????

  • http://noliberalspin.blogtownhall.com/ Gunny G

    HEY! I resent not being on this list. I’ve attacked the limp noodle liberals for YEARS!
    BTW, that’s some real good change Obama is bringing to DC, those old Clinton hacks!
    The Conservative Resistance Movement C.O.

  • G

    How about when Greenspan tried to warn Congress back in 2005 to regualte Freddie and Fannie and was voted down by a straight line DEOMOCRAT vote!!!! He said that if we did not, there would be a systmatic risk to the whole economy. I know that doesn’t make too much sense to you liberals since you have never studied business courses in college.

  • Heywood Jablome

    Yeah, for sure let’s get rid of Dick Cheney. Why would we want anyone around who supports the oil industry. I say “Let’s get rid of all of the oil in the world. All it does is pollute.” We can always power our cars with solar or wind power like Obama wants. After all, the faster the car goes, the stronger the wind generated.
    And by all means, let’s get rid of the military. We don’t need them. One of the many benefits of no military would be the increased spread of multiculturalism throughout the country. We could invite more Muslims, Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Venezuelans, Iranians, and even al-Quaeda over and use their military might to defend us.

  • vjb

    I hate the republicans for acting like democrats for the past 8 years. They gave conservatism a bad name.
    I hate the democrats more for acting like the politburo for the past 8 years. They gave liberalism a bad name.
    I hate both sides because they have managed to get us to fight and argue with each other, distracting all of us from focusing our attention on how the leaders of both sides are selling the people of this country out for their own personal gain.

  • Jazz Player

    Dis-agree and object to the conservative (translation=sensible) mindset if you must. The juveniles will be in control these next four years. Hopefully then, we will come to our senses and reinstate the grownups. In the meantime you socialist juveniles have proven beyond my wildest expectations that liberalism is a mental disorder. You can’t even express yourselves without dropping ‘f’ bombs with impunity, along with other obscenities. No, I’m not thin skinned or offended, that’s impossible at my advanced age.

  • IHateYouAll

    Ben, I’d like to tie you to Sean Hannity and throw you both off a bridge.

  • staunch conservative republican

    The New Democrat Party equals the New Communist Party!!!
    Barack Obama equals The Anti-Christ!!!
    I hope my computer doesn’t contract any viruses or trojan worms by being on this filthy site.

  • Sophie

    Well at least I got a good laugh, even if this is one of the more retarded lists I’ve seen lately. O’Reilly and Hannity should go away because they dare disagree? Because, God forbid, they actually cause dissent? Because they don’t present everything to the people in liberal rose-colored glasses? Give me a break. You may not enjoy their commentary, but suggesting muzzles for everyone who gets your back up is just proof that you’re thin-skinned and a whiner in general. Suck it up…we’re going to have to put up with the Obama rhetoric for the next four years; you can’t stand to have a couple of conservatives pointing out his shortcomings from the sidelines?

  • http://gov.sarahpalinrocks.us KySlugBug

    For the sake of our great country, I hope Obama does well. Of course, he’ll have to throw the nutroots ideology (much of what’s posted here) under the bus. Like Bill Clinton, he’ll have to face reality and move to the center.
    After reading many of the posts here, I wonder how someone can say CONSERVATIVES are hateful? And liberals are are supposed to be compassionate and inclusive. Wonder what Lieberman thinks of that?

  • TRS

    “Here’s a challenge for you, find 10 republicans SHOULDN’T go away. Good luck.”
    -by John Hogan.
    #1 Newt Gingrich

  • JB

    Alan Greenspan is not responsible for the crappy economy. Banks and the people who took outrageous loans are responsible. What makes you think that government intervention will help the economy? What makes you think regulation will help? After all the government is the one who pressured banks to make more and more risky loans.
    Note: FDR’s regulations are not an example of good government. Social Security was his mess and look how that has turned out. Also, his alphabet policies .
    Want to talk about worst president ever? How about FDG or Jimmy Carter? (best president? one of ’em would be Bill Clinton. so there, I’m not a crazy RWer)

  • Mark

    The pure vitriol offered by both the author and many of the folks posting comments makes this entire topic worthless. More facts, less “spin” and a greater degree of HONESTY about those with which you have disagreements would add some credibility.
    But then, maybe this isn’t about informing the uninformed or simply presenting an opposing view. Perhaps it’s just a way to vent an overactive spleen. And that’s about as interesting as being present during a defecation.

  • John Dooley, Sr.

    The best thing GWB did was keep Al Gore and John (I served in Viet Nam) on the sidelines. To me that will keep from being put down as a bad president when the historians and not the MSM do their work.

  • Stuart

    What “new political era”? We have just re-elected the Clinton’s again. Three quarters of the “new” President’s administration is from Bill Clinton and Hilary is even coming back! Obama will be the puppet and the old administration will be pulling the strings! Where is the “Change”? Obama hasn’t even gotten in office and he is already breaking campaign promises.

  • Jose

    To be so ignornt as to think that the left is so much more civilized. It is pathetic to read this colum and further more, to read some of the hate filled comments posted by the progressive “tolerant” left wing bloggers. Have a nice life cool aid drinkers. Profile: hispanic, make , retired Navy ,and proud consrvative. What a concept!!!

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    This is the voice of the compassionate, tolerant left. Look at their posts and you see HATE in most of them. They have successfully undermined President Bush from day one. They have no tolerance for traditional views or morals. Most of them seem to HATE anyone with traditional religious views except muslims.
    And Sarah Palin has achieved more that Michele Obama (except that Michele received a big promotion and raise in return for Barry funneling money to her hospital).

  • Jim

    Hmmm, reading the comments I find it amazing how much HATE is being spewed by you people against the Republicans. Interesting. I saw one post about firing squads! All I can say is what is good for the goose …

  • PrattStreet

    I find Paul Hammond such a tolerant freedom loving democrat (scarcasm). He really belongs in North Korea, the country of his dreams. He would get along so well in that Stalinist Apartheid society.

  • Weew

    Hey libs: if you want conservatives to go away you have 2 options: defeat us in the battle of ideas or forcibly remove them from society.
    Either way, we welcome your honest attempt.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/hasslebc/ viva la migra

    Mitt Romney “Mormon millionaire”. Is it ok to say “Jew millionaire”? And you call everyone else a hater.

  • Mitch

    I LOVE seeing liberal bed-wetters “screaming” their comments for all to hear. You guys are beyond laughable. It’s comments like “let’s be sure to arrest Cheney”, etc etc that show the pure, unmitigated ignorance/arrogance of you government-educated idiots. You’ll be sure to keep us all entertained for the next 4 years while the achievers pay the taxes to keep you non-contributing ideologues’ heads above water. You COULD do us ONE favor though: don’t reproduce.

  • http://americaadnauseam.blogspot.com MReyn

    Original and insightful! No wonder The Guardian lauds this wonderful site as “provocative and fascinating.”
    Where else can one find blistering remarks like “Sarah Palin is stupid. George Bush is stupid. Bill O’Reilly is mean. Sean Hannity is a hack. Dick Cheney is Darth Vader.”

  • Shelly

    Amazing! Hey Obamabots, How will you feel when around spring of 2009 you no longer have jobs? Oh, wait, I forget! You didn’t have jobs to begin with! Just waiting on Uncle Sam to send you your yearly welfare checks. You bunch of losers. You can’t stand it when honest people tell you to take care of yourselves and get a job instead of sucking off of the government. From cradle to grave you are all blood suckers to the very end.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/KenO/ Grouch

    This list COMPLETELY demonstrates the hypocrisy and viciousness of the demorat party.
    All of these people are guilty of disagreeing with the commies in the deomrat party.
    That’s right,I said commmies.
    As in communist.
    Like that African born piece of dung the sheeple elected as president.
    They don’t believe in free speech if it goes against their beliefs.

  • knuckledragger

    Wow, put them to death? Prison for others? How very compassionate of you! How about re-education camps for the rest of us who don’t think like you?
    I’ve heard this song before: Pol Pot – 1/3 of the Cambodian population, Moa – 40 to 50 million Chinese, Stalin 40+ million Russians, but they were all good communists we can forgive them, can’t we? But Hitler (who was a socialist) he was evil… for doing the exact same thing.
    Maybe we should tone down the retoric a little? Or is that what you really want? It’s easy to be inflamitory behind your keyboard. It’s a different story when you have to look someone in the eye.

  • Weew

    Hey liberals:
    I want to see you try to make so much as one conservative “go away”. Do you feel lucky?

  • Chris

    Typical left-winged BS. How ’bout the top ten “asshole” (as you put it) Democrats that should go:
    Ted Kennedy (aka Murdering drunk)
    Chuckie Schumer
    Pelosi (take a Midol)
    Frank (root cause of mortgage “crisis”)
    Bloomberg (Democrat in disguise)
    90% of NYT, Chicago Tribune, and AJC
    Al Gore (Global Warming scam artist)
    Jimmy Carter (traitor)

  • walt

    You coolaid drinkers are almost all nut cases.

  • Mike C

    I am a lifelong Democrat, but all this sounds like McCarthyism to me. God help us all!!!!

  • TiminPhx

    Poor little leftist/Marxists, you are still filled with hate after Barry the Messiah won.
    Amazing how you simply quote like a mantra things you don’t understand, lies you treat like religious dogma, and slam everything good about the country.
    Looks like some people still have daddy issues and are trying to work out how when mommy bent over, it gave them funny feelings in their tummies.



  • Sortiri

    Wow, this dude needs more peace love and granola! This article reads like a high school hit list. Has anyone thought that he needs to be investigated for hate speech and inciting to cause harm or death?

  • Claymore

    Ten Republicans who should “go away”? Interesting. Can you define “go away”? I’m trying to think of other political operatives who compiled lists of people they wanted to “go away”…how’d that end up, I wonder.

  • larry Lobash

    What a load of crap. Evidence is overwhelming that leftist fail at everything they attempt except censorship. You claim to advocate tolerance but you are the most intolerant of all. Note that all the major conservatives on talk radio support Air America with donations even though it’s a total failure. The left in this country are closer to National Socialists than any conservative. Fortunately the left is full of ignoramuses and as the country crumbles from asinine policies the conservatives will once again right the ship. Remember Jimmy Carter made it easy to choose Reagan.

  • WC

    We need to keep Sarah Palin in the spotlight if only just for comic relief. Who else is going to be the butt of every joke if she went away? However Limbaugh and Lieberman can go shout hate at each other in Nowheresville. Let’s keep Ron Paul though, he’s quite possibly the only Republican that I actually like and can stay on board.

  • McPhatty

    Lets see, claim that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house, umm not a lie? but then accuse Dick Morris of being a lier. I think hypocrite is a good word to discribe this author. Or was Dick not a lier when he was working for the Clintons? Typical liberal intellectuals, you only sound smart when your able to shut up everyone else. Sure kill all the conservatives, that way there will be noone around to posit an argument against your ignorant proposals.
    Liberal ideas only work when the people supporting them are too stupid to understand how they work. We are almost at that point now. Ayn Rand and George Orwell must be spinning in their graves right now.
    Here’s a great example, is global warming actually occuring? Al Gore says yes, yet it’s been getting colder every year for the last 8 years, there’s more artic ice now than 10 years ago, and most of the northern hemisphere is experiencing some of the coldest weather in 50+ years. All of these things are ignored by the ignorant liberals pushing this global warming crap. Ignored or intentionally left out. This post makes me want to go out and shoot a few liberals, but after doing a cost benefit analysis I realize that the bullets are worth more than the hopeless, hapless, morally defunct liberals I would want to use them on.

  • Weew

    “The top 10 Republicans who we need to win over with our sound arguments based on facts and reason”
    “The top 10 Republicans we won’t pay any attention to anymore”
    … I suppose that would be too much to ask of bedwetting moonbats. Nope… like whiny teenage girls they want them to “just go away”.
    Ain’t gonna happen, moonbats… but I invite you to try. I dare you to try. I want you to try. Please, try.

  • chairman

    Ron Mc Elroy wrote:
    It is disgust with the “bought-and-paid-for” losers who are hired of, by and for the wealthy. (endquote)
    Yeah, in fact, I don’t remember ever being hired by a poor person to do any job. I guess one might pay me for a blowjob or crack, but I don’t think that’s the kind of stimulus we really want for the country.

  • Steve

    #1 on list of liberals that need to go away: Ben Cohen

  • chairman

    There has to be a complete cleansing of the lies, exaggerations, and misrepresentations of these self-serving, greedy, egotistic, selfish, Republicans mentioned in this article.
    Will we be using the Zyklon-B again? Vight zees vey to zee showers for your cleanzeeng. Seriously, has it occurred to you libs that in your fantasy world the men who destroyed the Twin Towers are afforded more rights than your domestic opponents?
    Well, I’m no one to argue with someone as well versed and insightful as Chris Rock –“I love black people, but I hate me some niggers!” to quote His Eloquence–but maybe he’s a bit off the mark with Bush. Or, perhaps Obama is vying to steal the title of Worse President Ever right away by continuing all of Bush’s failed policies with Iraq, bailouts, off-shore drilling, Guantanamo (in another place), and taxes. Or, and this one’s too awful to even imagine, maybe Obama is smart enough to realize that Iraq is won, we need domestic oil, we need to treat terrorists differently than we treat shoplifters, and economies don’t grow with crushing taxes. Of course, the bailouts are a truly failed policy, but only conservative Republicans seem to have the stones at this point to oppose them.

  • William Diamond

    If you Liberals want to see haters, just look in a mirror. Moderate Vermonter was spot on when he mentioned the vast support for Dick Morris when he was part of the Clinton regime.
    How about a top ten list of Liberals that should just go away:
    1) George Soros
    2) Barry Obama
    3) Nancy Pelosi
    4) Dick Murtha -talk about a hate spewer
    5) Harry Reid
    6) Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy
    7) Chuckie Schumer
    8) Hillary Clinton, take Bill too! Here’s a Two few one deal
    9) Diane Feinstein
    10) Maxine Waters
    There is a list of hate spewers for you that all deserve to go away.
    You liberals love your ‘diversity’ as long as everyone agrees with your view. If someone disagrees with you, you immediately brand them as a hater etc.

  • Rob

    Where’s the list of top 500 liberals we could live without?

  • beckster


  • jeff

    Sounds like hate speech to me..Where is your tolerance, next to your KOOLade

  • SLS

    WOW. Hate much?! And liberals accuse conservatives of being the hate mongers. I can and would gladly dispute everything written in this column but what’s the point. Liberals only believe what they want to believe, have very selective memory, and are the biggest bunch of hate-mongering idiots on the planet.

  • Tony

    Liberal Pussies………Just read your own comments and then try again to say republicans are full of hate speech.
    Cand-assed Hypocrites

  • Ron McElroy

    It’s not Hate. It is disgust with the “bought-and-paid-for” losers who are hired of, by and for the wealthy. These people are pushed on us via the people who own this country. We should try to figure out who is pushing these people. When only six firms own 95% of all we see and hear (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, etc…) it is no wonder that great journalists like Amy Goodman is frozen out of the media. Amy tells the truth 6 months before the mainstream media reports the “shocking” truth.

  • David wamsley

    10 Democrates that should be removed form office and/or just go away.
    1) Jamie Gorellic…
    2) Barny Frank
    3) Chris Dodd
    4) Bill Clinton
    5) William Jefferson D-La.
    6) Jimmy Carter
    7) Al Gore
    9) Nancy Pilosey
    10 George Sorous
    This wouls be a good start

  • Weew

    For the last 8 years we’ve seen parades of hysterical crybabies shrieking about Bush, blaming him for everything from 9-11 to a rainy day. If Bush said the sky was blue, these clowns would go on a diatribe about how the sky is not blue and by the way Bush is an idiot.
    You’d better sharpen your arguments and thicken your skin, moonbats. We are not going to hold back legitimate criticism of Barry O just because you will pitch a tantrum when we do.
    You gonna make us go away because we disagree with you? Try it. I f’ing dare you to try it.

  • Dawn

    Gee, and you guys are supposed to be the tolerant ones. If this election has shown me anything, it is that liberal-minded people are only tolerant if you agree with THEIR views! It kind of sounds like you guys are like some conservatives that do the same thing. You all deserve each other. I hope America wakes up one day and throws out Democrats and Republicans. THis is a centrist country, not one made up of weirdos like you find on the left and right.

  • Darrell Cooper

    This line proves your utter ignorance: “However, luckily for him, he may get treatment for free if Obama institutes universal health care.”
    Do you believe the government can provide quality health care for all….for free? I can afford insurance and the best care available because I work my butt off. If some loser out there cannot,…he better get a second job. I have no interest in paying for his health care, food, housing, or anything else.

  • cduchene

    Sounds like you are a scared little child, who doesn’t like anybody disagreeing with your opinions. EVERYONE has a right to an opinion….whether you agree or not. Stop pouting about the people who speak up against your ideas.

  • DrC.

    Okay, now how about a list of the 10 Democraats Who Should Go Away.
    Of course, with these 10 gone a huge chunk of the Republican base is gone – looks more like a wish-list for Democrats; get rid of the dangerous ones.

  • David wamsley

    Ben shows us all what a retard he realy is.
    He has to get his diggs into hate into joe the plumber who simply asked the onointed one a simple question that in a bizzarre cercumstance with no goat ropers to manage his verbage blurted out a core belief.
    Ben must have his own special blend of kool-aid with a i-v drip to be so annal even after obama wins. He continues his wining
    It it possible he wants them to go away because he considers them a threat? Or is he OK with critisism only when it comes from the left?

  • Weew

    I am a Republican.
    Now which one of you bedwetting moonbats wants to be the first to come try and make me go away?

  • CK

    Excuse me but if liberals would put half as much effort into trying to find solutions to problems instead of complaining this country would be better off. At least conservatives give people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Eric

    I thought the vast amount of liberal hate was suppose to be settled down now that your all mighty blessed one has been thrust into power? Is your liberal loins all up in bunches because this country at heart does not agree with your opinions? Maybe you should move to a country where people agree with you, like the South Pole! Nah, the five people who live down there would probably stick you out in the snow to freeze into a liberal pop. You don’t see conservatives spewing hate because we lost. You liberals spew hate where you win or loose. When Big Al and Mr Ketchup lost you spewed hate and now when your all mighty one won and you have control of Congress you still spew hate. Maybe that is all you have inside you is hate.

  • Steve

    hehe, look…the one guy preaching Christianity is the one guy too damn stupid to turn his caps lock key off. Sums it all up really.
    Oh and the bible, certainly the Jesus part of it, is virtually a word for word remake of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Just so you know it’s all just kids’ stories.

  • Come get me

    If it wasn’t for “hate monger” people who fought our wars, all of you nice huggy squeezy lovie cuddly libs would be speaking other languages by now. Get a life, move out of grandma’s basement and join the real world. You want to see real poverty? Go travel to other countries. Go and see how blessed you are to live in this wonderful place, with all of your comforts. If you want to change the world then start doing it instead of sitting on your ass and complaining. How come our military is the only one who really cares about who we’re fighting? Not because of “hate mongers”

  • http://polyanima.blogspot.com Jackseppelin

    I agree with everyone on this list.
    I hate to give credit to someone like Malkin(or Coulter, same boat)but I agree with you 100%. This is the best list I’ve ever read of the worst playing on the Red side, and we would all do well to show them for their incompetence and forget about how little important they are. Unfortunately we will be hearing lots more from Hannity and Kristol. And I don’t think we’ve heard back from Rove yet.
    Information and finesse people. That’s how we take town or pull up every angry commenter or pundit or congress person. It’s even perfectly alright for you to hate us; you’re just going to have to defend the argument that goes along with that. Sabes?

  • I care

    Alan Greenspan is at no fault for the economic status of the country today. In his quote above, he had no intention of withdrawing his opinion on how the FREE market works, only tending to those looking for something to blame. The only blame should be on the shoulders of those who borrow and never pay back…

  • Stelvis

    The next four years will determine the fates of these ten. Will they gain ammunition for their next flurry of assaults on the left, or will they be battling uphill against an effective leader’s myriad accomplishments? Only time can tell.
    Any commenters on this or any forum who claim that either the liberals or the conservatives have some kind of monopoly on intelligence or wisdom are only serving to prove their own naiveté. Do not underestimate your opponent. It’s called hubris.

  • GregInSeattle

    Wow, feel the Liberal love.
    This kinda of crazy hatred is why I fear a Dem run country. Some libs think that people who don’t think like them are dangerous and hateful. It’s not a big leap for those libs to then say all who don’t think right should be rounded up and killed.

  • J

    What a poorly written article. “Whole scale?” Seriously? Do more reading and less writing.

  • J

    What a poorly written article. “Whole scale?” Seriously? Do more reading and less writing.

  • VickiB

    To Michael Schauer: The chance Bush’s gang of thugs, whom I call, “The Texas Taliban,” (Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, and the like) is nil. Bush has already started with his pardons and commutations; next, come the “pre-emptive pardons.” You know, pardoning someone before they have even been convicted because the chances of conviction are too great to risk. Remember President Ford pardoning Nixon for his “possible misdeeds” during the Watergate affair? He hadn’t been convicted or even impeached. What will come of this is the sealing of all evidence through these pre-emptive pardons so, like the Kennedy assassination, we’ll never really know what happened and history will continue to repeat itself.

  • Postman

    Simply put, Ben, you once again show how the radical left is full of hate and is wallowing in sheer evil. You can’t back up any of your assertions, and so you compensate with a bunch of name-calling and insults. And then you draw other flies like Paul, who spews evil crap like saying talk-show hosts should be shot. What a pile of rot. Get something else through your skull. President Bush and his cabinet members will never be thrown in jail, because they broke no laws. None. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

  • enough

    bsengel1 – why is it every time one of you(conservatives?) post you contradict yourselves and vividly point out your utter lack of intelligence and inexplicable hatred? African tool? Really? Your post shows you to be the whole toolbox. Wow.

  • jack

    lame article

  • felix

    Oh , perhaps 10 Republicans you wish , but there is one Democrat that WILL go away.
    …Democrats spew hate just as much as Republicans. If you don’t believe me read these postings. True? Yes.

  • C.Gro

    Complete list of Republicans who can stick around:
    1. Amy Holmes.
    I could watch her spout bullshit for hours.

  • matt

    These politicians should go away because you don’t like them? Because they disagree with you? How is this not demonizing the enemy? What huberis it is to damn these individuals just because you think they are wrong. I love how sarah palin used to be just a normal governor, and now she is the hate target of liberals everywhere even AFTER the election is over. Let the woman fade back into oblivion or wait till she is up for relection.

  • Sam Meyerson


  • Alejandro Ochoa

    Written by a liberal.

  • http://learningjourneys.wordpress.com David

    Excellent! You listed 10 of my heroes in one blog post. I always find it amazing that America-haters, such as yourself, are quick to employ the freedom of speech, granted to them by the country they hate, to tear down the country that granted them that freedom…

  • mike

    what a bunch of liberal hogwash.your so far l;eft you cant be seen i can only wish your not heard

  • http://profile.typekey.com/RobinOwens/ Insanitycheck

    Wow, speaking of haters and going away….
    Have any of you gone back and read what has been written about people you don’t even know? Go look in the mirror after you read, you’ll be looking at the epitomy of a “hater”. I thought you guys were the party of tolerance? Not hardly. It’s a shame you have to hate people you simply disagree with.
    tol-er-ance   /Pronunciation [tol-er-uhns]
    –noun 1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.
    2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.
    3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.
    Sound like a liberal?
    Not hardly…

  • mike

    what a bunch of liberal hogwash.your so far l;eft you cant be seen i can only wish your not heard

  • mike

    what a bunch of liberal hogwash.your so far l;eft you cant be seen i can only wish your not heard

  • Commentor

    How about some showmanship? Count down to 1, not up to 10.

  • Nick

    Yeah, nice post Ben.
    Let’s see in your article you call Bill Kristol “spineless shrimp of a man”, Sarah Palin “a know nothing fraud”, Dick Morris “a lying sack of shit”, Dick Cheney a “gutless grey blob of a man”….well you get the picture.
    One of your sycophantic minions feels these conservatives should be put in front of a firing squad AND beheaded yet you accuse Michelle Malkin of making a living “spouting hatred and idiocy”.
    I defy you or any of the moronic liberal posters on this site to find something Michelle Malkin has written that even comes close to this type of disgusting talk.
    Pot…meet kettle.

  • fsl

    This is glorious, witnessing the seething frustration of this ilk (BJ) of so-called real American. “African-born tool” sure sounds like toxic froth from an American nazi or kkk type. Something that would have been heard at a Palin rally. I was not pro-Obama or even pro-Dem and I still respect McCain for being a real American warrior but when I saw the racist scum crawling to Palin’s feet, well I really had no choice but to go with the Chicago machine. It really is the least of the two evils!

  • Obama

    This post stinks. Amateur political rhetoric at best. Comparing profiling to the holocaust? Sean Hannity no brains?! Take a midol and have some ice cream. Sheesh…

  • Obama

    This post stinks. Amateur political rhetoric at best. Comparing profiling to the holocaust? Sean Hannity no brains?! Take a midol and have some ice cream. Sheesh…

  • old timer

    How about including Dr Phill . What an air bag ,lier .and so full of shit…..!more harm than help.

  • Eddy

    Way to go Cohen! One ignorant lemming quotes a more ignorant lemming…
    What will you and Matt Taibbi do without your Bush Derangement to fall back on? Taibbi confirms his complete and total lack of intellect with every key stroke.

  • Les Hunnel

    How about including Dr Phill . What an air bag ,lier .and so full of shit…..!more harm than help.

  • Granna

    Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. You used these phrases in your column regarding those you disagree with: spineless shrimp of a man; stupid middle American house wives; a know nothing fraud; a lying sack of Shit; right-wing dipshit; aura of extreme evil; political hack; a gutless grey blob of a man with a record of detached violence and personal greed; just an asshole; no brain, just a vacant space in his head; absolutely nauseating; monumental fuck up after monumental fuck up. Then you complain about conservatives who “spout hatred” and are “downright mean”.
    And you don’t even realize how hateful and mean you are.

  • janet

    such hatefull coments. I can’t wait to see how obama brings us together. as far as the ones you’ve mentioned, we’ll see how right they were. Obama spent 143 days in the senate before he felt he was qualified to be president. this country thought they were voting for the next american president, but actually voted for the next american idol.

  • Les Easley

    This country is in a very bad way; much worse than the economic crisis the likes of which this country has never seen. It’s hard for me to fathom how so many bloggers can confidently spit out all the terrible vitriol towards the people who have been serving their country in an honorable fashion or comenting on the political facts as they knew them.
    I am very sad that this terrible namecalling and personal attacks on our countrie’s leaders is allowed to be broadcast by left or right TV or print media. There is so much hate and so many untruths about these ten “that should go away” that I was tempted to write a
    rebuttal listing in the same manner as Huffy has done; the top umpteen Democrats who will be given the same treatment. We all know who the top ten Democrats are who have botched everything they have tried to do in Congress and in the media. I will not go into detail but I will list some of them. The ones I refer to have been nasty, hatefull, and irresponsible people I have observed these past few years.
    At the top of the list is Nancy Pelosi who had to have a larger airplane to travel coast to coast with her family and followers at great expense to our taxpaying citizens. She does not have clean hands if one considers the Tuna issue, and the loan to her husband from her campain funds (was it paid back?)
    Then there is Rep Murrah, who served honorably as a US Marine, but really is a bully in the House). On live TV he threatened a junior representative with a loss of pork for his constituents if he did not vote on a bill with Murtha. Murtha’s overall behavior is being the House Bully and one of the biggest hogs at the pork trough.
    Then there is the Dem. Majority Leader from Maryland whose name is not important that will brow beat any opponent who dares to be
    against him during debates.
    There are so many House Representatives who
    quietly just do their jobs representing the
    folks back home and voting their conscience
    on all issues that names are not important.
    In the Senate there is “Dirty” Harry Reid who is really just a pawn and a wimp who at
    times appears to want to be in the House instead of the Senate. His wife and children probably can’t stand his demeanor
    and may not even want him in his owb house.
    The old man, Senator Byrd, who is in his early nineties should have gone home and played dominoes if he could remember how. He is the perfect example of the man who’served too much , but has served well.
    JFK has left us with some great quotes, and
    some challenges we have not met yet. Do we
    really stop and ask what we can do for our country. I can understand how people wanted
    this President Elect, Obama since he ,like
    JFK represented a fresh new youthfull persona and a brighter future as a Senator
    representing the Democratic Party. I was a
    21 year old Catholic in the Navy and cast my first vote for him reaalizing he would
    be a special Commander in Chief. His brother Ted is a great speaker and has used his intelligenceand popularity to do what he
    can to make this country prosper and have a
    free education for all qualified and a health plan that’s affordable and workable for all unable to afford health insurance.
    Senator Kennedy hopefully will not be overlooking the United States Health Service which could be the very core
    ofuniversal health care. Medicare and
    Medicaid are great programs and Social Security Recipients pay about $100.00 a month out of their monthly funds to keep the Medicare part afloat. If everyone had a
    Public Health Medical Center to go to for treatment sort of like the VA Hospital System, no one should have to go without adequate treatment.
    There may be some other politicians who are Democrats that provide us with hate for the conservatives but to go into detail about more of them would do them a great diservice as has been done by Huffington and some bloggers. I would be remiss if I did not mention the liberal printed comments that appear in The New York Times. The journalists who write for that paper are not all bad;it’s just that the NYT will not print any of the good things that are happening in Iraq or Afganistan.
    I will not mention any other names and if I
    did I certainly would not call anyone by the
    names used here such as brainless, ass_h_le,
    liars, etc. The words printed above especially about Sarah Palin are too hurtfull. She presented a fresh face and a
    happy personality along with a tremendous
    wit and savvy about governing and doing so
    on bugget. Her leadership skills are what
    caused so much of a ruckus by the others who
    were campaigning since none of them have had her governing exerience. If she does run
    for president, in 2012 ,she will be that much more ready to be president than the man
    who will be sworn in as Commander in Chief
    on January 29th, 2009 who has never governed,has not had to stay on bugget, has
    no prior military service which is something
    a president can not get by eating dinner with the troops. At least Palin is The Commander in Chief of The Alaska National
    I have not tried to bring up any individual
    Talk Show Hosts but the one who is the most
    unlikeable and prone to leftist comments is
    on nightly on CNN and there really isn’t much good that is said by Mr. Chris Mathews.
    Olberman is a joke and should not even be on
    the evening talk show circuit. As for those
    FOX commentators; we who listen to and watch them .are looking forward to the truthfull comments and the lively and informed talk by Mr Glen Beck on Fox News.
    I meant to just write about the hate that
    divides liberals and conservatives but that
    seems to be the nature of politics. The funds going to bail out banks, Insurance CEO’s and Aotomobile Companies should not be spent as Congress wants to do. I have lost 30 % of the value of my home this year
    so why not bail out us mortgage holders by
    reissuing our mortgages for the present true
    values and stopping all the foreclosures and
    losing all the taxes on these homes?
    I lived through the Great Depression, allbeitas a child. My parents both picked cotton for about $1.75 a day and paid $7.50 a month rent, did not own a car, and had no medical care for them or my
    sister and I(she died of pneumonia as a three month old baby) because of insufficient heat in the shack we lived in.
    If we keep getting deeper and deeper in debt
    as a nation bailing out every failed business entity, we will all be in an even more profound depression. That’s the one that never really ended for those of us in
    the low to middle lower class who ccommit most of the crimes and who have about given up hope. For many of them it’s very difficult to just get a simple loan for a used vehicle to drive to a less than minimum wage job and are paying 21 percent interest or more on loans for more than ten years.
    This country needs to wake up and see the reality of the poverty in our country where so many have so little while politicians
    like the ones we recently voted for spend multi millions just getting people out to vote. This last election is over but the winners must realize that there are just as many people out here who voted for their opponent as did for them.

  • RJ

    You all need to get over it, this writer is just one of the typical liberals who are just so high and mighty and party politics just like Hannity, Rush, Beck, and so on. You are no better nor worse, these people aren’t dangerous, they just get paid for spewing their opinions across the airwaves. It would be nice if you idiot party liners both democrat and republican would get a life and think for yourself.

  • JBart

    Gee. And I was looking forward to a nice 4 years of bi-partisan politics. I guess I could post my own article of the top 10 Liberal democrats who should go away but then I would appear to be pretty hateful… See how loving we Republicans are compared to Liberal Dems?

  • Sean

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, and i’m basing this entirely on your critique of Bill O’Reilly. Why? Because before the Election I had never listened to his show before – it was on as i drove to school, so i listened to his coverage of the election.
    In the entire time I listened to him, he did not yell once, he did not insult a caller once, and he even defended Obama several times, stating that he was not a Muslim, not a terrorist, and not going to destroy America.
    Your statments say more about you than him – they say your are making judgements about a person and his program without actually listening to that program for a period long enough to render a fair judgment. Sure, there are problems with his program – but you didn’t list any of them.

  • LaughingOutLoud

    This has to be THE most ridiculous piece of trash i have ever read! I sincerely hope that others that read this do not believe all the fear and hate mongering that this author is “spewing”. What happened to the message of “hope” and “a new era of bipartisan cooperation” that the Democrats want to spread?
    Doesn’t sound like hope is what is being spread here!

  • Lady

    Wow. You commies are certainly hateful. And stupid I might add.

  • Lady

    Wow. You commies are certainly hateful. And stupid I might add.

  • Lady

    Wow. You commies are certainly hateful. And stupid I might add.

  • Lady

    Wow. You commies are certainly hateful. And stupid I might add.

  • EnemyoftheStatists

    Why don’t you just say any conservative, which would include independents as well as non-RINO Republicans so you leftists can enact your failed agenda without any criticism? Thus no matter how much you f#ck up this country, there won’t be anyone in the media to properly call you on it.

  • Jeffersonian

    Great idea C.H., don’t try and make the world a better place – rely on one religion’s god to clean up the mess. Kind of like, don’t eat healthy and exercise, just wait for a magic pill that does it all for you.
    Greatest thing about HATE speech, it is protected under the First Amendment; a fact many people seem to ignore. Let them have their hate speech – focus on the important things – such as…:
    1) The No Child Left Behind plan has made the students of the last six years completely ignorant of the functions and purposes the United States government, and the role its citizens are to play in it. A populace that doesn’t realize the Constitution is there to limit the Government, NOT the people – is a far easier populace to control.
    2) Politicians will always have dark secrets – just like everyone else in the country; the only difference is the amount of money paid to unearth those dark secrets.
    3) The Presidents often viewed as some of the greatest were not nice or honest people. DNA evidence proved the sexual relations between Thomas Jefferson and at least one of his slaves – which he vehemently denied during his life. John Adams tried to outlaw (actually succeeded) speaking out against the government (Alien & Sedition Acts) – but he was a founding father.
    The U.S. has a new president, a new congress, and a new senate. Hopefully we can count on them to know the Constitution and respect its framework – and restore the U.S. to its proper form of government – one for the people.

  • Aiden

    Hilarious…thanks for a good laugh. Now clean your room before your mother gets home and finds out you’ve been on the computer all day instead of doing your chores.

  • Keith

    Boy I can’t wait for the Second Civil War that is inevitably coming. It won’t be caused because Barack Obama was elected President or GW Bush did what he thought was in the best interest of the country. It’s will be fought because the majority of the citizens of this great nation will finally have enough of the buttheads, both left and right, who run their mouths without facts, who do the very things they acuse others of, and who if they crapped and died tommorrow, the world wouldn’t miss them for a nanosecond. Hey Ben, you and Rush belong with each other. You’re both hypocrits!

  • Skipper

    If a lot of people refer to Obama as the 1st black president, based on his parentage, I am just as correct in referring to him as another rich white guy in the White House.

  • iawill

    Great blog. I had not thought of Alan Greenspan but your commentary made some valid points. Too bad you did not go for the “baker’s” dozen so that Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Karl Rove could have been added to the list.

  • Chris

    Why is it that whenever someone has a valid opposing argument to a liberal’s belief’s, they are a hate monger? Most liberal’s are far more intolerant of conservatives. BTW, nice collection of ad hominem arguments. These people are bad, so therefore, everything they ever did or will do is bad, too.
    Grow up. OOOOOoooo, new answer to moveon.org — growup.org.

  • Bryan

    Malkin is a disgrace to Filipinos everywhere.

  • damien

    Although I agree that it’d be best for the nation (and world) if these people get out of the lime-light, the fact that this article is so one sided forces me to not take it as seriously as I should. It’s too biased, too hate-filled, and too emotional (rather than factual) to make for a good article. As stupid as a lot of the comments have been for this article, it’s very true that we (the liberals) won and should not be whining about this anymore. Let’s work together and get something done for the better. It doesn’t matter who screwed up, it matters how we’re going to fix it. GO OBAMA!!

  • Eric

    Are you serious? Your list is simply a list of republicans in the media based mostly on their media exposure. You even blame a natural disaster on the sitting president. You give no intellectual reasons for wanting these people to go away except that they stand in the way of your message. I thought liberals were about intellectualism and free speech, not mindless dribble and censorship of dissenting opinion. Only one hatemonger needs to go away and his name is Ben Cohen.

  • JT

    What I can’t wait for is the contribution to society that George Junior is going to make. Maybe he could hook up with Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.

  • Dan

    There is nothing wrong with most of these people to be quite honest… they just believe something that you do not. The Democrats won the White House, they own Congress and the House, and the United States is more liberal than it ever has been and STILL are not happy? I don’t see what more you can possibly want except to eliminate Republicans or Conservatives completely.
    That is what is wrong with Liberals/Democrats in general, all you do is preach acceptance and tolerance… and then you come out with articles like this and claim that Conservatives need to go away. Well, we are not going away and we never will. Even if we are the minority for a time, we will stand strong and hold onto our beliefs even when people like this spew hatred and ignorance.

  • JEF

    “Former head of the Federal Reserve, ‘St Alan’ presided over the whole scale deregulation of the financial industry, and has his grubby paws all over the tragic state of the economy”
    Another fraudulent attempt by the left to convince us that our problems are the workings of a free market. So which way is it, Ben? Was Greenspan a deregulator or a grubby pawed market manipulator?

  • MrReasonable

    Pharm said “all available research indicates that liberals are much more likely to be college educated. Conservatives on the other hand are much more likely to only have a high school diploma (if that)”.
    You didn’t do much research did you? In the 2004 election, Bush won the majority of college graduates. Ouch, facts hurt, huh?

  • SPC

    But we are not intolerant of Republicans who love Bush. We just feel sorry for them. Sorry that every night before they close their eyes they have to think about the over 650,000 innocent soldiers and civilians(men, women and children) who died because of Bush’s wrong “decisions”. And that “they” put him in that office.


    This piece makes clear that Ben Cohen is a moron.

  • MrReasonable

    I must commend you on your response to April. It was reasoned and well thought out, and without malice. I disagree on some of your points though. You say the media was not one-sided, and give examples. I’ll go through them. Bill Ayers – while he was given a tiny bit of coverage in the MSM, keep in mind that less than 20% of Obama voters had any idea who he was, so the MSM must not have covered him well enough. Madrassas, fake illness and questions on his origin – never heard one single thing in the MSM about them, not sure why you listed these. And the question about whether he is a natural born citizen has not been fully answered yet. No one has seen his actual birth certificate, and Hawaii at the time was allowing those born outside the US within a year of moving to Hawaii to claim Hawaii as their birthplace (and thus, receive a Certificate of Live Birth, which is different from an actual birth certificate). None of the major media has investigated this at all, or even asked Obama to request the State of Hawaii to release the birth certificate. I could go on and on about the omissions of the MSM in covering Obama.
    As for your assertions about why journalism is poor these days, I would agree with you completely, but add one additional reason: Watergate. Woodward and Bernstein influenced an entire generation of journalists, who instead of investigative and honest journalism, seek to change the world through their reporting. So they filter everything through their own biases and beliefs, and produce stories that support their biases and beliefs. As I said in the previous paragraph, the problem with journalism today is not just how they report the stories they do, but also what stories they choose to report and those they ignore. For example, how many of the MSM reported that October had 0 deaths in Iraq? That would seem to be newsworthy, but not while Bush is President. You can bet if the same thing happens while Obama is President, it will be reported many times as to how successful he has been. Another example: they had rumors for over a year that Edwards had cheated on his wife, yet did no investigation or reporting; but one unidentified source claimed McCain cheated on his wife and it was front page in the NY Times.
    As for McCain and his Keating Five connection, I did see something in the MSM about that, and I noticed they did not stress that he was completely exonerated. Also, keep in mind that was over 20 years ago.

  • Devin

    They’d make a list of the top 10 liberals who should go away, but it is impossible to narrow the list down to 10. There would be a huge moral and financial burden lifted off the United States if liberals just went away…

  • Stacy

    Can you liberals go one day without bashing those that hold different views than yourself? You don’t even realize how intolerant you are of those that are different. You won the election, can you give it a break for one day? As a person that holds strong beliefs and convictions, I am sick of being maligned and called names that clearly I am not. You act as bigots. No different than a racist, misogynist, or homophobe. The only difference is that because we believe things that you don’t understand, you believe you have a free pass. Open your eyes for a moment and look at the way you treat EVERYONE on this planet. I will respect liberals even though I disagree with them. Hopefully one day the grown-ups in the liberal movement will talk some sense into the rest of you.

  • Tools N Boots

    Elizabeth wrote: “Are you referring to our new president-elect as African-born? You must get the facts right before you write stupid things. He was born in Hawaii.”
    Actually, Elizabeth there is some thought and a case pending in court that tries to prove that Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Africa and is not eligible to be President. It has been contended that Birth Certificates and other documents presented by the DNC do not contain the proper seals of authenticity. The Press has been covering it up since late last spring. His brother and black grandmother both live in Africa. The grandmother claims to have witnessed his birth in an African hospital.

  • Christina

    Like your comment wasn’t hurting my brain enough, BJ, but that last sentence really almost gave me a minor stroke.
    Way to be a small-minded dickwad, BJ.

  • KG

    Sorry Ben, as much as you’d love to think that everyone hates “Dubyuh,” you’ll be quite disappointed to find out that I’ve supported him throughout his whole time in office.
    (Sad to say, but I expect people will find some reason to criticize me for what I’ve already said).
    Might I add this humble suggestion, before you go and criticize the current (soon to be former to the joy of many) president, I would hope you’d consider the weight of all the pressure he’s had from all directions granted the fact that no one is perfect but apparently people expect him to be. It’s rather interesting (at least to myself), how people can hate one man so much just because he doesn’t fulfill their every idea of who he should be and how he should run things.
    And so you all know, don’t aim any criticism at me as if you’d expect me to read any of it, I’m simply submitting this to hopefully generate some sort of re-thinking of why you all have such disregard for a man who tried to do what he thought was best for the U.S. even if he did make mistakes. And I know some arrogant son of a bitch is going to make some giddy remark about how almost everything he did was a mistake, but I will conclude with this remark, I do not believe anyone who claims to be “patriotic” yet completely trashes their leader to have any sort of ground to make such hypocritical claims.

  • Radbod Frisian

    Ben Cohen – another victim of outcome based public education. So sad.

  • Jeem

    All the names you mentioned are winnies.
    They should all go away, but they won’t.
    They are all so bad, it’s funny sometimes watching them babal on TV.

  • kareema

    To Moderate Vermonter: maybe, but Morris sure as heck was originally the flip-flopper.
    To CH: First of all, I would recommend not shouting quite so much; it tends to reduce the amount of credence one gives a comment as it makes it hysterical-seeming. That being said, huh? It sounds like you’re advocating doing nothing. If nothing can be fixed by us, just give up and don’t do squat? Don’t try to make people healthy, save our environment, help people get out of poverty? Try to have a country we can be proud of? I don’t think apathy is a state of which God would approve.
    And finally, to BJ: My goodness, your comment is just totally brimming over with love, kindness, and understanding. Really can’t think of anything else to rationally say about it. Yeesh.

  • Indythinker

    I guess what you’re saying is, “Get rid of these 10 successful Republicans” and keep those Republicans like John McCain who lose elections or Mitch McConnell who preside over GOP disasters in the Senate. Is that it? Yeah, I thought so.

  • Jeem

    You are right on the money! I agree 100%

  • anonymous

    ariana huffington is a stupid bitch.

  • SPC

    I can’t think of any “thinkers” in the Republican Party of the last 8 years. Most of them can’t even talk in in understandable English sentences, let alone “think”. The ability to speak is usually a good sign of intelligence. The Republicans of the last 8 years lacked both. Teleprompter anyone?

  • Kirby

    The best way to enrage Rush Limbaugh is to leave him of this list. . .perfect.

  • Claudia Marek

    What about ANN COULTER???

  • brad tittle

    Truly amazing list. All I can say is, Pot, meet Kettle.
    The Japanese internment turned out to be largely unnecessary as did the German internment (largely ignored). Bad things happened, but would you make a differnt decision. The people here calling for the Internment and death of Republicans obviously wouldn’t.

  • JDPH

    Huffington, you are the typical liberal scank. you are as immaterial today as you have been in the past. total eurotrash.

  • PharmD&MD

    BJ’s comment gave me my laugh for the day. I love how he rants against “stupid liberals” yet all available research indicates that liberals are much more likely to be college educated. Conservatives on the other hand are much more likely to only have a high school diploma (if that). Seriously, is “Obambi” the best you can do?

  • Tim

    I wonder how quickly we will see the “10 Democrats Who Should Go Away” list in four years after a ridiculously bad Obama presidency that will make you long for a return to your hated Dubya. Hopefully it will be a shade more civil (although this concept is essentially uncivil by its very nature) and less foul-mouthed than the current GOP incarnation. By the way, I think you will find the well-prepared Sarah Palin you meet as a presidential candidate in 2011 to be much more savvy than the hick she appeared to be in 2008. Keep thinking the GOP is just full of sheet-wearing, cross-burning, homophobic sexists, and there will be no problem for a Republican resurgence in 2010 and 2012. The GOP actually does have thinking people in it, and the vast majority of them deserve a lot more respect than you are showing here. Fortunately, most of the liberals I encounter have more class than you. (I won’t bother arguing the merits – or primarily lack thereof – of your criticisms since it would be a complete waste of time.)
    Enjoy your exuberance while it lasts.

  • Joe Seefus

    Okay…so you’re bitter and biased. I understand. My question to you is: where is your list of 10 Democrats to need to go away?

  • jason

    Well I dont necessarily disagree with the list, you are just another example of left leaner who cries ‘evil republicans’ (even those these people are RINO neo-cons and not republicans) and then does the types of things you rail about republicans doing. Name-calling, wanting to silence people, threatening them, etc. So despite your self-rightous nobility in what you propose, exactly what makes you much different from them?

  • Tools N Boots

    Libs always project their faults onto others. I’m in awe at the fear and hate in this article. Yet, of course, it is not the authors fear and hate it is the Republicans. Sic people these Libs.
    There is even a bozo in these comments who wants war crimes trials of the current Administration. I pray to God that we do not get the kind of Government this type of third world thinking deserves. The courts want to turn loose 17 Gitmo prisoners in to the United States because no other country will take them. Oh my, what treasures we are building up for ourselves. All of this, because the Bush administration foolishly tried to defend America. No, we have some real Liberal idiots in high places. Many of them write articles such as, “10 Republican Who Should go Away.”.

  • Jerome H. Bowie

    From the comments it seems to me that all the former ku klux klan, Skinheads,and nazi party members are now die hard republicans.
    All republicans seem to be greedy, uninformed, misinformed,calculating,predjudiced,hateful, brainwashed, or just plain stupid.

  • Tony

    He has presided over two disastrous wars,
    We have not been attacked at home since he did that? BTW we won in Iraq and are winning in Afghanistan.
    an increase in poverty at home, an increase in wealth inequality, an increase in the number of people without health care,
    More people have helath insurance now than when he took office. Don’t be emotional read the stats.
    a crisis in public education,
    Created by teachers unions that refuse to allow performance pay increases and allow teachers to teach.
    the break down of national infrastructure,
    Brought on by democrat policies that forced banks to loan money to people whio had no hope fo paying it back.
    the literal drowning of a city,
    OMFG, you did not just blame a president for a hurricane. What an idiotic bitch.
    the use of torture as official policy,
    waterboarding is NOT torture
    the biggest financial crisis in 80 years,
    See above
    and the irreversible decline of America’s prestige abroad.
    would you rather have affection or respect?
    Here is something to think about. Every ex President (aside from Ronald Reagan who had alzheimers) has a role to play in public life after office. They give advice, do lecture tours, write books, sit on boards of huge companies and head non-profit organizations. How many people do you think will be itching to receive advice from W?
    All of them… Many more than carter
    How many companies would have him on their board? Who would buy his autobiography?
    His autobiography will dwarf anything clinton ever did in sales.
    Who would pay to hear him speak? No one. And that pretty much sums it up.
    Yes it does. You are a delusional idiot.

  • spc

    I think you are forgetting about minority whip Boehner(that should really be pronounced “Boner”) and Representative Pete Hoekstra. These are two brainless spineless, hapless, follow-Bush-anywhere-including-over-the-cliff “people?” who somehow lucked themselves into their jobs, unfortunately for both Republicans and Democrats.

  • Tim

    Are you referring to our new president-elect as African-born? You must get the facts right before you write stupid things. He was born in Hawaii.

  • Elizabeth

    Sarah Palin is a woman who should be respected by all. She is America’s future; we need more people like her leading our country. This list shows how much you know about Sarah: NOTHING. You’ve probably believed all of the lies that have been spread about Sarah. They’re all FALSE. Sarah Palin is a wonderful person! She will not fade away any time soon! Or ever, for that matter. She has inspired many. I’m proud to be one of the many many fans that supports Sarah Palin. And we will not back down. We are willing to fight to the end for Sarah. And this silly list is not going to stop Sarah’s political future and not going to stop her fans from supporting her.

  • Iron Will

    I take it that you do not like republicans, would be republicans, former republicans, possible republicans and possibly even democrats who can spell republican.

  • http://www.troyriser.com Troy Riser

    As a conservative Republican, I take issue with your inclusion of Bill O’Reilly as either a Republican or conservative. He’s pretty much his own thing, whatever the hell that might be, but I’m sure it will finally have a name when narcissists start their own movement. It warms my heart, too, to know–with just a little more work–Sarah Palin can nudge William Kristol from the top spot. And about your inclusion of President Bush: you know we’ve won the war in Iraq, right? Yup: And it was Bush who did it. At this point, it would be nearly impossible for Obama to give you and yours the defeat, retreat, and surrender you’ve been clamoring for. With the evidence of success in front of you, now would be the time to say you were wrong and claim your arguments and protests against the war have been solely motivated by partisan political concerns. No? Thought not.

  • Cheryl

    “1. He has increased financial support to Africa to alleviate AIDs and poverty.”
    They may have spent more money, but the strings attached to the money exacerbated the situation. He also put part of the Hawaiian atoll off limits to fishermen supposedly to same some endangered species. However, that bill had no funding, so the tiny islands and surrounding waters are still filthy and the endangered species are still endangered.

  • feckless

    Dear James Stubbs
    Who elected Stewart and Rock?
    Have they been invited to any democratic conventions like Malkin, Coulter et al have been to the republicans?
    Bush campaigned in 2004 on the “ownership society” getting more people to own homes. Why did the democratic party spend the last 2 years implementing something W claimed credit for 4 years ago???
    As for reasons to hate Bush, he’s the president, the buck stops there, as for the buck read the newspaper, if it was goodnews he (and you) would claim it was a result of his policies.

  • feckless

    marcus2 go back to sesamestreet.com.
    and to quote the Eloquent Vice President Richard Cheney on the floor of the US Senate:
    “go fuck yourself”
    (If Bill Clinton’s indiscrtions set a bad example, I am only following Cheney’s)
    Profanity is no sin when hurled against the propagandist apologists for war criminals, bigots, torturers and felons.
    which is why Cheney and his Ilk deserved to be addressed at their own level.
    PS I marched to prevent the Iraq invasion and for that was called a traitor to my face, what is more vulgar and profane in the USA than to accuse someone of treason for exercising their constitutional rights?

  • JD

    We’re 1 country, E Plurbus Unum BABY!
    The right has been name calling for years; “Traitors”, Anti-American”, “Anti-Family” now your all going on with “Hypocritical” and “Childish”.
    You should heed the words of a great conservative American named John Wayne, who said in 1960: “Well I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president and I hope he does a good job.”
    Or another name Henry Kissinger, who, in 1968 said: “Honorable men sometimes disagree.”
    Get a grip, grow the hell up.

  • James Stubbs

    Hypocritical doesn’t begin to get it. How ’bout ignorant? Any and all of the above have made numerous scathing and true criticisms of Democrats, and liberals in general. You don’t like it, so it’s hate speech. And your cites for President Bush’s performance? John Stewart and Chris Rock, two intellectual heavy hitters. It figures. You make great, sweeping, mean-spirited genralizations about people who comment on subjects about which you’re not very familiar, then back up your assessments with – Stewart & Rock. And 10 people we can do without? How about starting with Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Harry reid, Nancy Pelosi. Their failure to oversee a longtime Democratic policy in re mortgage lending was a major factor in the current economic mess.

  • feckless

    “BSTENGL1” let go of the hate… pull out your GOP issued bible and read what it says about do unto others, turn the other cheek and love your enemies/neighbors.
    As for your fact free rant:
    1) Hannity “pals around” with anti-semites like Andy Martin (called a US Judge a “slimy jew”) and Ted Nugent who called Mr. Obama a “peice of sh*t” and told Obama and Hillary to suck on a machine gun.
    Is broadcasting the views of these people, without comment or condemnation, hate?
    What didn’t get aired about Obama? His birthcertificate? Ayers? Wright? Drug Use? His voting history? I saw all this covered ad nauseaum.
    Tell me bsengl1 what did we miss?
    Did anyone ask John McCain about his wife’s history as a junkie thief? Did anyone ask McCain why he could get to fly premier aircraft in a warzone after crashing 3 planes, one of which was stolen? Was the whitewashing of McCain’s role in the Keating five ever covered? How about the terrorist founder of the Alaskan Indepence Party?
    2) Limbaugh refers to Mr. Obama as “the magic negro” and said that patriot veteran Colin Powell was a traitor who only endorsed Obama because of their common race.
    Obama achievements: Obama Lugar non proliferation act, Obama-Colburn transparency in government act.
    FACT: the congressional black caucus (See Rep. John Lewis) initially backed Hillary because they thought the country was overpopulated by racists, they only came to Obama after he started winning.
    What exactly did W achieve before taking office? What did Lincoln or Truman achieve before taking office?
    3) Coulter called democratic candidate John Edwards a “fa88ot”, gosh is THAT hatespeech? or is she just “a bit agressive”?
    4) Please show me the “pure hatred” of Moore or Franken, just one example will do.
    Is it a bit too agressive to call bsengl1 a MORON and a PROPAGANDA VICTIM who should get back on his meds and get the log out of his eye?
    PS you can be born in Africa and still be a US citizen and able to run for president, idiot.
    PPS the biggest communist in US history is GEORGE W BUSH he nationalized the banks and the insurance industry, more than boogie man Hugo Chavez ever did in Venezuela.

  • Mike

    I’m no Bush lover by any means, but tossing profanity at those you disagree with does nothing but destroy the legitimacy of your argument. If calling names and making over the top, antagonizing comments which add no value to the conversation is the way liberals take on their opponents, I’m sorry I voted for Obama. School yard bullys belong just there, in grade school. Make a real argument beyond fuck ups and assholes if you want to actually be listened to.

  • marcus2

    “Wow – and you guys say that conservatives are hateful??? You liberals are worse than spoiled children – seriously, my 10-year-old is more mature than most of you idiots put together.” by informed voter
    informed – I don’t think so. Republicans are known for being poor winners and extremely sore losers. After 8 years of Republican disdain for anyone who thinks differently, Mr. Cohen’s article is right-on-the-money.

  • JD

    HOw about that screeching hate monger and attention hog MICHELLE BACHMAN. Here in New Jersey we don’t much like being called Un-American.

  • VoR

    “None of these people will go away. They are far more successful than Mr.Koen.”
    Success, morality and doing things for the sake of decency are two different things. They may be successful, but certainly some of those listed are fairly repugnant, like many politicians and pundits are, on both sides.
    “He is stuck writing for this worthless left wing rag making minimum wage.”
    ^ Worthless enough for you to spend time reading and forming an opinion on.
    “He fails to look at facts like the Democrats blocking any kind of regulation on Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in 2003 and 2005 that would have prevented the worst economic crisis since the great depression” [and the following paragraph]
    ^ Yeah, probably because he’s taking a swipe at Republicans. You ever see Powerline or FreeRepublic take a look in the mirror often and criticize… of course not. Do they mention John McCain’s involvement when they take a swipe at “Obama’s” ACORN… of course not.
    “This guy is a pathetic excuse for a journalist.”
    Not many ‘journalists’ are good role models these days. Investigative and honest journalism that has real integrity and looks at all angles and demonstrates true fairness… is VERY hard to find. We get bombarded by paid-for journalism and there’s more money in news outlets picking a side and preaching to a choir than to sit on the fence, because the less sensational and more balanced the ‘reporting’ the less it will sell, the less it will fire people up, the less it will get them salivating for more. I’m not even saying I agree or disagree here… just I think it’s the result of the example set by a commercially driven media that no longer has an interest in serving public interest and is instead interested in pandering to one side to maximize profits, readership, etc.
    And sadly that’s to the detriment of all of us.

  • april c.

    So having Judeo-Christian values is equal to being anti-intellectual? You know for supposedly being so “tolerant” – I would say that libs are the most intolerant people I know of.

  • VoR

    ^^ Ofc, I meant to write McCain was *NOT* the problem in that last paragraph.

  • VoR

    April., I agree with you on some things, the author did take an underhanded swipe at Palin supporters and was insulting to right-wing American housewives. You’re not stupid, but I still strongly disagree that Palin demonstrated professional suitability for the role. In essence, strong, fiesty, energetic… sure Palin was these things, but on the level of knowledge and intellect, her abilities were questionable even if you blocked out the media hype and smears.
    I agree that the media jumped on these and lampooned her for it, quite aggressively too (with their satire and derision).
    But the media certainly was NOT one-sided, from Madrassa’s, Bill Ayers, “Socialist”, etc. through to Obama’s relatives “fake” illness which actually proved to be a fatal one, the questions of his nationality and so on… in contrast to the near silence on the Liddy/Keating 5/etc. – the whole thing was a mess of smears, unsubstantiated attacks and distortions on BOTH sides.
    It’s still my opinion that the unhinged determination of the GOP to engage not just in aggressive smear campaigns but outright shenanigans too (“Dems vote on the 5th!”).. is what caused the downfall of the GOP in the election.
    I don’t even blame the base, I don’t even blame McCain – who I believe is probably a good man, certainly a patriot and lover of his country was the problem… it’s others in the GOP, the ones that have overseen some disasterous years for America (we can’t feel the full extent of the damage just yet, it’s all in debt that gets offset, possibly by as much as a generation… but the numbers and facts are all there) – The Atwaters, Roves and other scheming tricksters have inflicted damage of the GOPs reputation and I think it’s this along with the economy that really played a strong part in people’s decisions on (and leading up to) Nov 4th.

  • R

    Oh, come now…you should have made this a top 25 list! Some of the other specimens that were missed:
    David Addington — Dick Cheney’s chief of staff and the ramrod for All That Is Evil from Total Dick. Should be prosecuted for war-crimes and tearing up the Constitution. Every time he’s appeared before Congress the contempt he shows is overpowering (which goes to show that you can indeed share something with the worst of the worst). He belongs in a box for being one of the truly malignant forces of the past 8 years. He’s been one of the nastiest but most effective people when it comes to the shit that’s happened in DC. If Cheney has been Bush’s Heinrich Himmler, Addington has been Cheney’s Reinhard Heydrich.
    Stephen Hadley — Bush’s National Security Advisor. During the runup to the Iraq war, he was another total enabler who should have called bullshit on the yellowcake tale (he now admits that letting that stand, gosh, that was a mistake). Should be in a cell for war crimes and duplicitous stupidity.
    Grover Norquist — The architect of Bush’s tax cuts. Starve government to kill the beast, make it small enough to drown it in the bathtub, the whole deal. Considered to be one of the top movers in the GOP, going back to the days when he co-authored the “Contract on America” with Newt. Oh, and he got rich by peddling influence with Jack Abramoff.
    Newt — Just because he’s still around. Again, I’d want to see a stake through this guy (literally or figuratively).
    Rush — What? This list doesn’t have The Fat One but has Dick Morris? That’s like saying you’d let Jeff Dahmer roam free because you want to devote all of your resources toward tracking down and killing Barney Rubble.
    Joe Lieberman — Call a spade a spade, the little shit is a Republican. The fact that he actively campaigned this year because he wanted to see John McCain’s vision for America happen (more war, inaction and slavish devotion to dysfunctional markets, the same administration we’ve had for eight years perpetuated for another eight) should definitely put him on the list, and lying in a shallow grave somewhere in a Jersey swamp.

  • Judith Burke

    What about citing the disservice of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party in pandering to the anti-intellectualism, hypocrisy, and medieval superstitions of the so-called “Values Voters” ? Or will that subject inspire another (very long) essay?

  • Troy

    None of these people will go away. They are far more successful than Mr.Koen. He is stuck writing for this worthless left wing rag making minimum wage. He fails to look at facts like the Democrats blocking any kind of regulation on Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac in 2003 and 2005 that would have prevented the worst economic crisis since the great depression. It was a former Clinton cabinet member Franklin Reigns that cooked the books at Fanny Mae so he could take tens of million in bonuses leaving us to pay for his crime. He fails to mention that the majority of Democrats voted to go to war in Iraq and argued for it on the floor of the house and Senate. This guy is a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

  • april c.

    There’s that condescending tone again. Well, though I might be a stupid middle American housewife, I can form an opinion without the help of Fox News. And you’d have to be an idiot or smoking some really good stuff to not see the bias in the mainstream media pieces and interviews of Sarah Palin. And how about the horde of lawyers and investigators that the libs sent to Alaska on a mission to destroy her? Yes, I’m sure that was all Fox News propaganda as well. Whatever.

  • VoR

    I will say this though, I WANT the Hannitys, Coulters, Limbaughs, Palins, etc. to have their right to free speech.
    When Palin says Africa is a country, cannot state which newspapers she reads and demonstrates her lack of knowledge of the position for which she is aiming for… it does the left-wing a favor. Even Fox ended up exposing that they knew how unsuitable she was.
    When Hannity and others of his ilk repeat the same distortions and lies for the hundredth time, it actually does the left-wing a favor too… America has grown to be more politically astute to the sleaze and smears of pundits and the talking points that form the basis of the opinions they spew… and the more baseless smears thrown around, the more it damages the side that is pitching those factually-devoid dungballs.
    When Limbaugh openly calls for chaos, for riots and expresses a desire to see Americans endure personal tragedy, it demonstrates the thinking behind the right wing these days.
    So… as much as these people have been cheerleaders for repulsive, archaic ideologies, their presence, their nonsense, their smears and attacks… actually helped the left-wing over the last month or two… and so I say not only do they deserve freedom of speech, I encourage them to continue abusing that right in their now-failed efforts to manipulate and deceive a people that has a healthy cynicism towards such putrid attacks veiled as patriotic opinion.
    So, let them speak all they want, they should just ‘go away’ for the sake of decency… but it’s actually to the left-wing’s benefit that they remain in place as a stark reminder of what the right-wing has devolved into.

  • Scott

    You just don’t get it! You don’t even have a clue that almost half of this country disagrees with your OPINION. Calling people names and berating them does nothing to support your positions either. It just gives conservatives more lags. Thanks.

  • VoR

    “the liberal media to destroy Sarah Palin”
    She did that herself by the answers she gave. But if it’s more comforting to you to believe the media were to blame for her demonstration of unsuitability for the role of VP, fine.
    After all, that’s what Fox News has told you to believe and they know your opinion better than you do!!

  • nuss

    I am neither a liberal nor a conservative; neither a democrat nor a republican. I know discontent or even “hate” comes from both sides, but this top tens list of people who should go aways is over the top. I notice it is mainly those on the left who want to silence free speach through the so-called “fairness doctrine”, and that tells me loads about the players.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Allow me to add to the list:
    – Karl Rove. No need to elaborate here.
    – Arnold Schwarzenegger. RINO.
    – Mel Martinez. That picture of him last year yucking it up with Ted Kennedy still makes me want to hurl.
    – Lindsey Graham. Graham was in the same picture. Yecchh.
    – Mike Huckabee. Bible-thumping socialist. George Bush on steroids.
    – John McCain. He probably already asked Obama if he could please, pretty please become a Democrat and get to sit with his buddy Ted, but the Telepromper Messiah told me “no, stay put. You’re a more useful idiot…oops, uh, err, you’re more helpful to me if you stay in the GOP.”

  • cartimandua

    hehehe…every single conservative listed scares the bejesus out of liberals.
    Keep dreamin’, or smokin’ whatever it is you have stuffed up your pipe….conservatives are going nowhere.

  • april c.

    Wow. I can’t even begin to say how offended I am by this article. As one of the “stupid middle American housewives” who saw beyond the not-so-subtle efforts of the liberal media to destroy Sarah Palin, your article makes me so mad I can’t even see straight. Let me just remind everyone that although in many circles it’s super cool and lots of fun to drag George Bush’s name through the mud, let’s remember that this man kept us safe for the last 7 years. Even though there are still many terrorists and Islamic extremists who hate us in this world, we have not had another attack on American soil under George Bush’s watch. I am incredibly grateful for that. I will also always respect him for bringing honor and dignity back to the White House. After the Clintons, who treated it like a frat house, that historic and special place needed to be shown some respect. And our President, whether or not you agree with all of his decisions, deserves respect as well.

  • Gary

    I can list the 10 most obvious publications and their editorial staffs that I find completely USELESS. All the spots would be held by the Huffington Post aka Arianna Huffington who is to journalism is about as open minded and useful as Michael Moore. Why ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would listen to her is absolutely incrediable. If you want to safe the planet just have her shut up. You would find an incredible reduction in the amount of methane entering the atmosphere almost immediately.

  • galileo2100

    Most of the people mentioned on this thread, except for Mark Levin, who wasn’t mentioned but should be, have jobs due to the killing of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. That is why they love Ronald Reagan more than anything else Reagan did. They invert truth on the air because it is legal to do so. They dump speakers of counterpoint in mid-sentence because it is legal to do so. They attack persons on the air without fear of retribution or answer because it is legal to do so. It was not formerly legal to do so, and it should not be legal in the future. I encourage Congress to codify Fairness quickly and restore this nation to sanity and balance in the public square. I encourage well-meaning detractors of Fairness, who make their own living in media, to support it as well. We regular citizens will benefit from a general cleaning of the media house.

  • zorko the magnificent tofurky

    The bile must be burning up your throat like a hot can of cheezwhiz, fresh from the gleaming slopes of Vesusivus. Best of luck with your peculiar little worldview, Ben. I’d be intrigued to hear where you derive your foundational thinking from. Does 2 plus 2 equal four in your universe? The truth is out there, but I don’t think you’ve found it. And, no, it won’t be found in the capacious pants of Sandy “Pants Burglar” Berger.

  • TheMadKing

    Quote: “aside from Ronald Reagan who had Alzheimers.”
    It always comes back to Reagan, the Emmanual Goldstein of the Far Left. Doesn’t it?
    I’m sure Mr. Cohen had his undies in a twist watching the televised Reagan funeral, with mile upon mile of admirers lining the road.
    I’m sure Mr. Cohen’s still pissed about the collapse of his heroic Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall, too, with all those East Germans denied the full benefits of a Utopian state of the sort Mr. Cohen no doubt wishes America would have become.
    So Sollie, Chollie.
    Not to worry, Mr. Cohen. I’m sure you’ll have a line of honorees at your gravesite too, with beers in one hand and full bladders ready to go.
    I’ll be at the head of THAT line ;)

  • brizzle

    Oh, I love this. Great list.
    Um…aren’t you judging me by saying I’m not of the christian faith?
    Aren’t you judging our government by saying it won’t be any better?
    So, lemme get this straight. You can’t spell “government” or “judgment”, but you’re certain you know the will of god, as well as the future of all humanity.
    Yes, thank you for playing…now we ALL know you’re an idiot.

  • Lefty48

    PT Barnum was right…there is a SUCKER born every minute! You liberals got smoked by the ONE…
    Hope and Change! Hope and Change!
    Hell! Obama is appointing all these old Washington vetrans… it looks like the Clinton Eras part III! Shoot! You should have just voted in Hillary. Ha HA!
    Hope and Change! Hope and Change!
    You guys got slammed! Nice going Fools….

  • MrReasonable

    Volt, this comment of yours proves you just don’t get it:
    “Let’s see, where is the article on Limbaughs website titled “10 Democrates who should go away”? Oh yeah, there isn’t one”
    That’s because partisan hacks of their magnitude think ALL of their opposition should “go away”.
    If you had ever actually listened to Rush, you would know he never says that the opposition should go away. Instead, he advocates defeating them in the arena of ideas, in other words, on those things your candidate so artfully avoided talking about – ISSUES.
    Remember that it was Obama who encouraged his volunteers to stay away from issues when talking to others, and if someone started to talk issues, to divert them away from them by talking about the first time Obama inspired you (or other such drivel).

  • http://profile.typekey.com/shsnj/ SteveJ

    More amazing projection from the left. The things you guy actually DO, you falsely accuse the right of doing. The well-worn “hate mongering” label you affix so readily, for instance. You say Michelle Malkin spouts hate. Sorry, she strongly attacks ideas and uses sarcasm to make her point. That’s not hate.
    On the other hand, the author of this blog post calls someone an “asshole” … something Malkin never does on her blog.
    This is one of the left’s most aggravating tendencies: a pathological, almost laughable lack of introspection. As a leftie, it would NEVER occur to the author to say, “Oops, wait a minute. I just called someone an asshole. I guess if I do that, I can’t justly refer to other people as hateful. That would be hypocritical.” No way, not ever.
    Birds fly. Fish swim. Leftists are hypocritical.

  • Cricket


  • Callie

    List of top 4 liberals who should go away:
    1) Obama (Barrack and Michelle)
    2) Pelosi
    3) Reid

  • MrReasonable

    Volt, I would love to debate the merits of this article, but it has no merit. I don’t say that to be flippant – the article just launches into personal opinions about people, these opinions mostly comprised of insults and name-calling. It is written on the level of a 5th grade paper.
    About the only thing I can counter with is this: he tries to list major accomplishments of Bush, and yet forgets the two most important duties of a president, both of which Bush performed admirably. The first is to protect the American people. No attacks in 7 years is better than anyone expected. The 2nd duty is to keep the economy strong – the success of bringing this economy back after 9/11 was spectacular. I wish he had pushed more strongly for reigning in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but as you know, all attempts to do this were blocked by Democrats, because they knew they were the ones who caused the mess, and they were getting huge contributions from these two entities. Obama was the number two recipient of donations from Fannie Mae in history, and the man never actually did anything in his time in the Senate (besides running for President). Why in the world would they give so much to a do-nothing senator unless that is exactly what they wanted, for him to do nothing?

  • Kat

    LOL at Paul Hammond. Look at the blithering bile that he just spewed. I have never heard Rush, Hannity or Coulter say the things you just did. Firing squads and prison?. Irony must escape your dimwitted clouded intolerant mind.

  • Bloke

    One of the advertisers on this bleak page is ButtBandit. Perfect!

  • VoR

    “Let’s see, where is the article on Limbaughs website titled “10 Democrates who should go away”? Oh yeah, there isn’t one”
    That’s because partisan hacks of their magnitude think ALL of their opposition should “go away”.

  • MrReasonable

    What irony: a hate-filled tirade about people who are supposedly full of hate. You should be happy, your media won this election for you. The complaints that Hannity and Rush had about the media not vetting Obama are true. Over 90% of Obama voters knew about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and her teenage daughter’s pregnancy, but less than 10% knew about Obama threatening to bankrupt all future coal-powered plants, or Biden’s warning that a major crisis is going to come if Obama is elected. The two items about Palin were trivial, but yet were covered extensively. The last two items are extremely important, and yet, were never covered.
    If you actually listened to Rush or Hannity, you would know there is no hate there. But it is quite obvious this post, and most of the comments, are full of hate. Wishing someone’s death? Are you serious? Wishing torture on someone? That is hate speech. And it is writings like this which make it impossible for me to vote Democrat. I will not support a party of hate.

  • peds1995

    I have a medical degree and I, along with my lawyer neighbor apparently are “stupid middle American housewives” that voted for McCain-Palin because of Palin. We also work outside the home, as a physician and lawyer respectively. So, Mr. Cohen, since you have justified name calling on this post, what is your highestlevel of education? A BS (Bachelor of Stupidity or a MBA (Moronic Bastard Anus), you misinformed twit!

  • VoR

    CH… praying has been scientifically proven to have zero effect.
    Please keep your religious delusions away from conversations about the real world as it serves no purpose other than to distract those of us who use logic and critical thinking as the basis of our dialog.
    Thank you.
    As for those of you bitching at the author, your inability to take his assertions to task show that, although emotionally contorted by his mere words, you have no argument, you only have bitterness at his justified attacks.
    If petty name-calling is the best you can do against this authors assertions… you’ve already lost the argument.
    Unfortunately, I fear you’ll continue to prove to me that you do not have the cognitive capabilities to perceive such a logical, simple concept.
    Attacking the messenger rather than message is why the GOP lost and why people like me just laugh and scorn your rather worthless insults and ranting.

  • pez

    Only 10????? There are at least 20 to send out to sea on a leaky raft: add Rove, Rice, Giuliani, LIMBAUGH, Coulter, Savage, Boertz, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Phil Gramm… this list just has to go on.

  • Roger

    Additional Dishonorable Mentions:
    John Ashcroft (ex-hill, AG wingnut; rel nut)
    Michael Mukasey (W AG Tool)
    Alberto Gonzalez (W AG Tool)
    Ted Olsen (W 2000 Recount Atty; AR Project)
    Ralph Reed (operative; religious wingnut)
    Grover Norquist (operative)
    Karen Hughes (Bush Communications Director)
    Benjamin Ginsberg (Bush election lawyer)
    James Baker (ex-Cabinet, Sr. Operative)
    David Duke (White Supremacist)
    John Birch (White Supremacist)
    John O’Neill (Swiftboat Veteran)
    Jerome Corsi (Swiftboat Veteran)
    Roy Hoffman (Swiftboat Veteran)
    Stephen Gardner (Swiftboat Veteran)
    Bud Day (Swiftboat Veteran)
    Bob Perry (Swiftboat Financier: $4.5M)
    Harold Simmons (Swiftboat Financier: 3M)
    T Boone Pickens (Swiftboat Financier: 2M)
    Carl Lindner (Swiftobat Financier: 300K)
    Robert Lindner (Swiftboat Financier: 260K)
    Aubrey McClendon (Swiftboat Financier: 250K)
    George Matthews Jr (Swiftboat Fin: 250K)
    Crow Holdings (Swiftboat Fin: 100K)
    Sam Fox (Swfitboat financier: 50K)
    Ken Starr (Special Invest Counsel: Clinton)
    William Schachte (Swiftboater, lobbyist)

  • Sean

    Wow, I haven’t read this much hate speech since I took a History Class on WWII and had to read some of Goebbels speeches.
    Let’s see, where is the article on Limbaughs website titled “10 Democrates who should go away”? Oh yeah, there isn’t one, because Rush and Hannity and Michelle and O’Reilly and the rest of us believe in FREE SPEECH, a concept you guys only believe in when people want to agree with you, or you want to disagree with Republicans. In your mind it doesn’t apply to Republicans and Conservatives who disagree with you, then it’s just HATE SPEECH.

  • http://joelmichaels.com Joel

    Some of the follow-up comments to this article are frighteningly stupid. Jail-terms, guillotines, firing squads? Why do liberals preach themselves to be the ideology of caring, loving tolerance – but this is what comes out of their mouths given some antagonization? Let this list serve as a reminder to all those that may be “on the fence” with their political persuasions: THIS is the kind of hate-filled vitriol (“banter”) that liberals dream up when they aren’t planning the next government program they plan to steal your paychecks with.

  • Janie09

    What a HORRIBLE Article. Name calling is ALWAYS so juvenile! This is a “HATE CRIME ARTICLE”. I like both Parties. I stand United. And you are the reason we (the country)are going in the wrong direction, UNunited. With ALL I know in my 52 yrs of History, The Clintons that have devivded this Country and it’s getting worse because of people like you. I LOVED the Clintons until I woke up and smelt the coffee in 1998, 2 yrs before the end of Bill’s 2nd term. By the way, I voted for Obama, yes a Dem. I Vote for he best man, not party.

  • Tom Butler

    Is this more of your socialist agenda to shed the true americans,get a life.

  • Roger Olson

    Though I am often conservative in viewpoint I voted for Obama hoping that intellect will trump lack of experience. The economic collapse of this country is mostly based on greed and individuals who spent well beyond their means as well as a re-emergence of a small ogliarchy of the rich controlling too much through merger and acquisition favored by both parties over the last two decades. I do believe Bush is one of the most inept and damaging leaders in history. Few people came away from this election, however doubting that the dominant media is not only biased but filled with liberal, divisive hate-mongers. I do not believe Obama is in that category. I pretty much agree with the list in the end though but would hope that on the liberal side Reid and Pelosi would also just go away and take their shrill acrimony with them.

  • john

    nothing but peace and love from the progressives, huh

  • davidbc

    There was one other thing…the “do not call” list, which ended all those awful evening meal telemarketing calls. But, that’s it!

  • mike

    Nothing but peace and love from the progressives, huh?

  • cuffy meigs

    How can we make you go away. Oh that’s right, we own guns. Want to go hunting with me you left wing vermin?

  • No More Kool-Aid

    Dear Mr. Cohen:
    I wish I had a cushy Blog to post whiny rhetoric that rivals a Romper Room Sandbox…Waaah- – – Waaah…somebody needs a nap and a diaper change…
    hey…here’s a thought…My list of people that should go away.
    Loves that free speech when it’s all about your twirpy pathetic whine and cheese sessions…but now you wanna cry and take your toys home….nd wish, wish, wish…dont you remember the last time you got 3 wishes? Still didn’t grow, did it?
    So please wipe the cherry kool-aid mustache off your lip….and get over yourself.
    Oh yeah!

  • Kevin

    Fuck. Why is it necessary to use so much fucking foul language in your useless one sided rantings? You are a worthless piece of shit begging for attention who clearly doesn’t have a fraction of character of any of the people in your liberal ass licking list. Go smoke another joint dickhead!

  • TheMadKing

    This guy has anger management issues bordering on the psychopathic. Talk about more heat than light!
    Notice the dehumanizing terminology? “Asshole.” “Emotional Retard.” “Pea brain.” “Prince of Darkness.” Sounds more like Ahmedinejad than Murrow.
    That’s supposed to pass for eloquent erudition?
    Mr. Cohen also severely underestimates the appeal of pundits like Hannity and O’Reilly, who if they really were peabrain emotional retards would not have the millions of listeners they have (whom Mr. Cohen has also conveniently categorized as vacuous morons).
    Air America, on the other hand, which no doubt espouses every radical cause Mr. Cohen holds dear, is in bigger financial straits than CitiBank and the Big Three.
    Mr. Cohen’s rant here is liberal political elitism at its absolute worst, full of hate and contempt for anyone who doesn’t share his constricted worldview.
    In other words, it’s a classic example of liberal left-wing ‘tolerance’ in action.
    This guy would have made a great Kommisar under Stalin. From the sound of his diatribe, I don’t think he’d have any problem lining the Top Ten up against the wall and pulling the trigger himself.
    Lastly, I cannot wait for the real world to sink in on Mr. Cohen et al when Obama and the Dems face their first real challenges on a global front against the very real megalomaniac emotionally retarded pea brains in Al Qaeda, Iran, China, North Korea and Venezuela, who now wait in the wings to test the new Obama administration to find out whether he’s the next Harry Truman or Jimmy Carter.
    I can’t wait.

  • JG

    This “article” hilarious! You must be pretty worried about these people’s points of view if you want them to “go away.” Your quote of Bill Kristol is the funniest part. Everything he said was true or came true! You are an idiot, Mr. Cohen. Ever heard of the 500 metric tons of Yellowcake Uranium that was removed from Iraq to Canada last year? No? You must get your news from Huffpo.

  • Traffic Cop Timmy

    BTW, Ben. Don’t forget that bipartisanship is the name of the game for the next four years and you’re included in that mandate from our new President. So trashing the opposition is a no no. You must reach across the aisle to these 10 people in your list. I look forward to seeing you do that.

  • Roger Wilcox

    Other Considerations/Honorable Mentions (not on list or in comments thus far):
    Hank Paulson (Meltdown Czar)
    Ben Bernanke (Meltdown Co-Czar)
    Robert Novak (Wingnut Journalist)
    Matt Drudge (Wingnut Blogger)
    Kenneth Blackwell (Republican Operative)
    Richard Mellon Scaife
    Steve Schmidt (Republican Operative)
    Roger Stone (Republican Operative)
    Ahmed Chalabi (PNAC)
    Randy Schuenemann (PNAC)
    Elliot Abrams (PNAC)
    Norm Podhoretz (PNAC)
    Dr. Laura Schlesinger (Talk Show)
    Laura Ingraham (Talk Show)
    William Bennett (Phony Morality Czar, PNAC)
    Clarence Thomas (Wingnut SCOTUS Justice)
    Anthony Scalia (Wingnut SCOTUS Justice)
    Samuel Alito (Wingnut SCOTUS Justice)
    Newt Gingrich (Ex-Hill Wingnut)
    Douglas Feith (Neocon Operative)
    Scooter Libby (PNAC)
    Richard Armitage (PNAC)
    Tim Griffin (Republican Operative)
    Charles Krauthammer (Fox)
    Mort Kondracke (Fox)
    Fred Barnes (Fox)
    Greta Van Susteren (Fox)
    Brit Hume (Fox)
    Tom Tancredo (Hill Wingnut)
    Sam Brownback (Hill Wingnut)
    Saxby Chambliss (Hill Wingnut)
    Mitch McConnell (Hill Wingnut)
    Ben Stein (Wingnut Pundit)
    Trent Lott (Hill Wingnut)
    Colin Powell (say it ain’t so)
    Harriet Meyers (Crony)
    David Brooks (Wingnut Journalist)
    David Broder (Wingnut Journalist)
    George Will (Wingnut Journalist)
    Peggy Noonan (Wingnut Journalist)
    Ari Fleischer (W Press Sec; Wingnut Pundit)
    Dana Perino (W Press Sec)
    Vince Caputo (Fox)
    Daniel Pipes (PNAC; Anti-Muslim Zionist)
    Jeb Bush (Ex-Gov Wingnut; Wingnut Dynasty)
    Fred Thompson (Actor Pres. Wannabe Wingnut)
    Zalmay Khalilzad (PNAC)
    Rich Lowry (Wingnut Journalist)
    Elizabeth Hasselbeck (The View Wingnut)
    James Woolsey (PNAC)
    Francis Fukuyama (PNAC)
    Linda Chavez (Minority Wingnut; Ex-Cabinet)
    Alan Keyes (Minority Wingnut)
    Robert Kagan (PNAC)
    Bruce Jackson (PNAC)
    Mark Gerson (PNAC)
    Megan Kelly (Fox)
    Steve Doocy (Fox & Friends)
    Brian Kilmeade (Fox & Friends)
    Gretchen Carlson (Fox & Friends)
    Aliysn Camerota (Fox & Friends)
    Charles Gibson (Fox)
    Bill Hemmer (Fox)
    Sam Shepard (Fox)
    John Gibson (Fox)
    Rebecca Gomez (Fox)
    Andy Martin (Anti-Semite)
    Benjamin Netanyahu (Wingnut Pundit; Zionist)
    Tucker Carlson (Wingnut Pundit)
    Dennis Miller (Wingnut Pundit)
    Jon Arthur (Talk Show)
    Mark Levin (Talk Show)
    Neal Boortz (Talk Show)
    Hugh Hewitt (Talk Show)
    Dennis Prager (Talk Show)
    Michael Medved (Talk Show)
    Mark Halperin (Wingnut Journalist)
    John Hagee (Religious Bigot)
    Phil Hendrie (Talk Show)
    Bill Wattenberg (Talk Show)
    Bob Brinker (Talk Show)
    Rick Roberts (Talk Show)
    Jay Mundy (Talk Show)
    Jim Quinn (Talk Show)
    G. Gordon Liddy (Watergate, Talk Show)
    Bill Cunningham (Talk Show)
    Melanie Morgan (Talk Show)
    Mike Gallgher (Talk Show)
    Michael “Brownie” Brown (Crony)
    Michael Chertoff (Political Functionary)
    Michael Powell (FCC Hatchet Man)

  • malkinfan1

    Actually, Obama will go down as the worst president in our history. At least President Bush has kept us safe from terrorists all these years. Can’t say Obama will do the same. And for the Palin turkey incident, are all you guys vegetarians? If not, then shut up, you are eating turkeys killed the same way! I guess liberals are hoping Palin and all conservatives will go away, but no we won’t!

  • cad

    mr.cohen, i have never read a better assessment.as for cheney i can easily vizualize him in nazi germany as head of labs experimenting on human beings.i can see sean hannity as the leading candidate to play one of the locals if they do a remake of the movie deliverance. as for george w. bush no one said it better than a miami newspaper who said (george bush really doesn’t know how much he doenn’t know.) thanks for the great article..

  • Traffic Cop Timmy

    Ben, as a liberals yourself, if you had named 10 liberals who should go away, I would give you some credit. You get no credit for naming members of the opposition.

  • jake Lacey

    Ben Cohen, you are an utter fool. I bet you have never been in a fistfight. Scared little boy in grade school, whiny brat in junior high & high school. Then you grow a wispy beard and pontificate your college years away with the same self-loathing democrats who have no idea how freedom is gained and protected. You are an absolute coward.

  • Jacques

    There is one more name that chill me to the bone. That of Karl Rove. His campaign for a Republican America is even below “W”.

  • ken arthur

    Melissa; You just can’t get over that you voted twice for the worst president ever to rob the office. You’re correct – Bush shouldn’t get all of the blame. Actually, the criminal who holds the office of Vice President should be ostracized (look that one up)and evicted from this country. He is, without a doubt, the most evil person to hold office in the history of this country> He made no bones about his disdain for the average American, although most of them are better hunters than he is. Do you remember his response when offered the fact that his administration’s rating was at an all time low? Do you???? His answer was -“So”. He should have been run out of office. I’m sure that when an enlightened administration assumes the reins in January, Cheney will have a job for George as his chauffeur. Get over it. Admit your error in voting for this gang of thieves and misfits and move on. You might even find an image of Obama in a moldy piece of bread.

  • Eric

    Wow – and you guys say that conservatives are hateful??? You liberals are worse than spoiled children – seriously, my 10-year-old is more mature than most of you idiots put together. Your guy won, where’s the unity? Where’s the hope? Where’s the change? Exactly. Just more of the same idiocy from the left…

  • Informed Voter

    Ben, and you other democrat hacks,
    What’s with all the hatred and vitriol???
    Didn’t you idiots just WIN a major election?!?
    Does NOTHING make you happy?
    You SHOULD be celebrating, but instead you’re STILL grousing like a bunch of crybabies! Unbelievable! Apparently all these Republicans you name haven’t made an effective difference in the recent election, so what threat are they to you?
    Get over it! You look like the bunch of babies you are! That’s why it’s only a matter of time, and we Republicans WILL overcome you again! Hehehe! =)

  • ken arthur

    Hey, CH. Did you rejoin the flock of sheep you came from after offering your pathetic opinion? You should have been at Jonestown where you could have had a hand in fulfilling your destiny. Most of us, however, believe that God gave us a brain for a reason – to have some input into our future. Were the laws of selection allowed their natural application you would have been in the belly of a survivor long ago. Your willingness to follow the mis-interpreted babbling of others like you makes me sick. The world is not coming to an end, you idiot. What is coming to an end is the hugely embarrassing reign of “W” and the “Prince of Darkness”. (And I have to believe that you voted for the village idiot). Sanity reared its beautiful head again this past election. You and those who think as you do need to rent a very leaky ship and sail off to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and offer up your prayers as the ship goes down. You won’t even have rats for company as they have an instinctive aversion to leaky ships.

  • DG

    Add Aaarnuld Swartzenegger to the list.
    He wunts to beee Prezidunt,amend for Aaarnuld!
    Typical brainless Republican,and Caleefornia
    is in worse shape with him than it was with Davis.
    A great example of how family values and
    anti Hollywood suddenly disappear when a
    big name runs for office via the back door.
    Could we stand even 4 years of “I’ll be back!” ?

  • Gina

    How’s about Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

  • Woody

    Feel free to disagree. That is, unless you disagree with me.
    Weak, very weak.

  • adventure_photo

    Dear BJ & CH,
    Fools you are! Both of your posts are beyond idiotic. Get a clue!

  • Denjudge

    I agree with most of these, but Rush Limbaugh has got to be in this list as well.
    I’d also add Michelle Bachmann, that horrible, horrible person. Cannot stand her.
    As for bsengel1, I don’t know what to say. Hate just oozes from his/her email. bsengel1 obviously is deranged and is a very, very angry and hateful person. The phrase “African-born tool” very clearly illustrate his/her hatred.
    And he talks about Hannity questioning the media’s lack of scrutinizing Obama?????? Seems to me that earlier this year, you couldn’t turn on any station, cable or broadcast, and hear other than “Reverend Wright”. How much did Fox (and Hannity in particular) go on and on and on about Ayers?
    It’s fine that Limbaugh questioned Obama’s apparent lack of experience; this isn’t hate; what is hate, however, is the fact that Limpballs makes fun of blacks (big ears, etc.); he constantly calls liberals “mindless”; he was constantly calling Obama names like “The Messiah”; People like Limpballs and Coultergeist are not satirists; they are haters, pure and simple.

  • L.D. Freitas

    If I can borrow a term used by Gore Vidal on William Buckley, This list of ten is also a list of crypto-fascists who hate the Constitution and love the police-corporatist state. Democracy, freedom of speech, things like that: it only applies to themselves, and screw and jail anyone else who doesn’t agree with their truly anti-American views, for anyone who backed the Bushista regime should consider themselves anti-American, for Bush called the Constitution “just a god-damned piece of paper.”

  • Melissa

    Gee, how about the top 10 democrats that should go away. Number 1 being Obama. Oh wait, you want to keep him because you think he’s going to pay all of your bills. Boy are you in for a rude awakening. His campaign focused on change, yet he has now come out and said he’s not changing anything for awhile. And everything is always Bush’s fault. Wow, he can even cause a hurricane to strike according to the liberals. The man must have super powers.

  • mojo

    wow, that is a lot of hatred from one person, Ben. Tough times can be so revealing. I believe Obama will be a great president. He has given the country a lot of hope so far. Unfortunately, there are some finger pointing full of hatred people out there that will raise the fences once again and make it more difficult than it needs to be to fix this whole mess. We know the problem, can we spend some more time on finding the solution?

  • me

    How in the world did you manage to cut it down to only ten? So many worthies were unfortunately left out.

  • Jack Kinnov

    You forgot to mention Joe Lieberman (I-Israel)

  • Mongo

    Ariana Huffington should go away, again.

  • Doug

    I think Ben Cohen is wrong about Mitt. He should not be on the list. Mitt is an imposter who got exposed.
    Rush Limbaugh deserves to be on the list. Rush has damaged the Republican brand almost as much as Bush. The 25% of the country that listens to Rush are essentially brain dead. They are like a drunk sleeping in an ally after getting evicted from a bar. They don’t know where they are and don’t know how they got there.

  • jim Parker

    I have no love for most you have mentioned, but you are as bad as the worst of them. Foul mouthed, vulgar, and toilet tongued as you are, you have made a few valid points about those that are in your catagory of people!

  • http://www.pmpoetry.com Patrick

    I think Rush Limbaugh already HAS gone away. He’s way down from his peak, ever since his involvement with “hillbilly heroin” a few years ago.

  • mkk

    Where’s the democrats top “10” list that should be commented about. I’m sure you think all dem’s are perfect…you one sided piece of #@#$#.

  • Annie

    OKLAHOMA If you want to know what a bright red state is like go to http://www.newsok.com. I have not read my hometown paper since the Clinton administration but went to the website before the election to see what it was like. It is really sad. Our paper was voted “worst in America” by Columbia School of Journalism. You will quickly see why. They recently laid off the more senior staff and it seems to be written by angry college republicans. They just had an editorial about Pres. Elect Obama s football comments. Additionally, the readers who write editorial are pathetic. It seems that these people have extremely narrow views. They only reference sources that they agree with, Hannity, Limbough, worldnetdaily, etc. Combine this with a poor school system, high divorce, violence, smoking, obesity, etc and you get OKLAHOMA. I wish this blog would get popular and other viewpoints would chime in and stir things up a bit.

  • gjdagis

    If it weren’t for a few of the people on this list we would still be getting all our information from a one sided media. Funny how a site which claims to be “liberal” would want to shut down (or smear) anyone who might disagree with them. Total disgrace !
    A “liberal”

  • BJ

    What “hate?” I love how stupid liberals of your ilk categorize anything with which you disagree as “hate.” Hannity is angry that the media won’t ask questions of or scrutinize Obambi–HATESPEECH. Limbaugh points out how Obambi has a record of zero accomplishment–must be more HATE. Coulter, I admit, can be a bit aggressive; but even her satire doesn’t compare with the likes of the pure hatred emanating from the likes of Franken or Moore (both of whom have said they “HATE”–there’s that word again–Bush).
    Enjoy it while you can, libs, your African-born tool will be gone in four years.

  • bsengel1

    sorry to nitpick – in #5 epitome is misspelled.

  • Dan

    The first thing that President Obama should do after getting sworn in as President on January 20 is to have the FBI arrest George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice for lying to the American people about the reasons for the War in Iraq, crimes against the people, and treason. Don Rumsfeld and anyone else in this orbit should also be arrested. All these media Republican personalities should be explained to the American people as Goebell-type, Nazi brainwashing fanatics. There has to be a complete cleansing of the lies, exaggerations, and misrepresentations of these self-serving, greedy, egotistic, selfish, Republicans mentioned in this article.

  • Michael Schauer

    Didn’t Bush give us a longer daylight savings time. I knew there was something he did for America.As for aiding Aids in Africa,the abstinence only program not only hasn’t worked there,it apparenty didn’t work in the Sarah Palin household either. But she does look good in a pair of tight fitting jeans. For additions to the list i would name Dr. James Dobson,Pat Robertson,and Glen Beck and the entire news team on Fox news.

  • BenDover

    This is a good list for starters. However I’m shocked that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter aren’t on it. Where is Senator Inhofe and what about Joe Lieberman the Senator from Israel? What about Condi Rice and Richard Perle? Paul Wolfowitz? Kkkarl von Rove? The more I write the more obvious it is that there is no end to the possibilities. Ten was a good start, but should be considered only a guiding light for pointing out the rest of them.

  • Ron

    wow sounds like all the sleeze bags are coming out of the woodwork on this one.Sounds like the typical demodunbies.

  • millie lencioni

    Excellent list, although I too would put Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter at the top of the list. I think the reason the GOP has taken such a drastic fall is because of the intense hatred being spewed. In politics, you can expect a certain amount of negativity, but these Republican faithful have shown Americans that they will stop at nothing. The truth doesn’t seem to matter, if they can inflame a story, they run with it.

  • millie lencioni

    Excellent list, although I too would put Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter at the top of the list. I think the reason the GOP has taken such a drastic fall is because of the intense hatred being spewed. In politics, you can expect a certain amount of negativity, but these Republican faithful have shown Americans that they will stop at nothing. The truth doesn’t seem to matter, if they can inflame a story, they run with it.

  • jw

    Actually bush accomplished one other beneficial program…the national do not call list…it has been nice the past few years not to have to be interupted by telemarketers….not much of a legacy to be sure.

  • 1970cs

    You are giving Bush too much credit. The AIDS package to Africa came with strings attached. A percentage of the money had to be use for bullshit right wing abstinence training classes(which don’t help), and the money could not be used for the most effective method of preventing AIDS, condoms.
    The only thing Bush accomplished was raising the bar for fucking up so high, it will never be challenged.

  • C H


  • Paul Hammond

    Hey, Ben, enjoyed your article but you’re more forgiving than me. I don’t think I’m overly vindictive but I definitely want some REVENGE! Firing squads will do nicely for the ‘hate jocks’; long jail terms for everyone else that even participated in the current criminal regime…except for ‘dubya’ & ‘dead-eye’. I’d rather see them force-fed on daily portions of the various pollutions they’ve inflicted on our world and then ‘water boarded’ each night to help them sleep—then bring back the guillotine (sp?) to finish off their pathetic existence! And please, somebody over there, seize the ill-gotten assets of their families, friends, business partners, etc. that unjustly benefited from their crooked deeds!

  • dan layman

    I think Joe Lieberman and Rudy Giuliani should be added for the prostituting their previously stated moderate “principles” to win an election for a party that, under current radical-religious dominance, will not grant them full membersip anyway.
    Room could be made for these by combining all FOX-employed commentators into one ugly, nasty slot. Other deserving list-makers will likely vanish through a hole in the ozone – largely on the thrust of their own pitard – include the master “whiff-of-elitism” sniff-hound, the “Lady” Forrester de Rothschild – aka “Jersey Girl”.

  • RuthAlice

    And on the one thing you credit him with, he did not truly increase funds to Africa. He merely shifted funds taking money from malaria and river blindness eradication programs to make it look as though he gave a damn.

  • Adventure_photo

    Yes, most definitely Rush Limbaugh – the most dangerous man in America. Spewing hate and extreme ideology daily, this man must be on the list. I’d also add: Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, Michael Steele, Mike Huckabee, and, oh yeah, Chuck Norris.
    And the entire religious right. That outta do it then. That would be a good start.

  • Al

    Damn Troy, you sure are an angry, hypocritical SOB… you “conservatives” make a living spewing hate. Instead of insulting the writer of this article, why don’t you make a valid argument against his views… can’t do it, huh? Didn’t think so.

  • Troy

    Liberals keep eating that crap sandwich this hater is feeding you. This guy hasn’t gotten laid in twenty years and has to take it out on Republicans….Get a life loser!!!!

  • Don Devaney

    My first dailybanter and I love the top 10 list; but Limbaugh needs to be there; you can combine him with Hannity and throw in Coulter for good measure.

  • shuberenski

    I know people that spend a great deal of time contributing to their communities, donating sizeable percentages of their incomes to organizations here and abroad that help those in need, and giving more at their jobs than required, all with little, and many with no, acknowledgement or thanks. And many of those people vote Republican. Don’t lose sight of the fact that some of the people you don’t agree with are still decent human beings who truly care about our country, its people, and the future of our planet.

  • ATLPanther

    Here’s a challenge for you, find 10 republicans SHOULDN’T go away. Good luck.

  • Jon Hogan

    Just 10? I could think of several million more-

  • http://www.osborneink.com Matt Osborne

    From now on, all photo/video events involving Sarah Palin should be referred to as “turkey shoots.”

  • http://www.watchusexplode.com WATCH US EXPLODE!

    I’d replace Greenspan with Rush Limbaugh! O’Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh are hate mongers, doing a lot more harm than good.
    Oh, and Joe The Plummer. He may not even be worth mentioning, so never mind…
    Nice post!

  • Kim

    What about that crapsplatter named Ann Coulter?
    C U Next Tuesday, Annie.

  • Moderate Vermonter

    You are such a hypocrite. Morris was your hero when he worked for Clinton. You are a typical LW flip-flopper


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