Al Gore: “That Made Me Smile”

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On his blog, vice-president Gore discusses his testimony yesterday and alludes to a special moment:

I am particularly grateful to Chairman Dingell and Gordon on the House side. And of course on the Senate side Chairwoman Boxer brought the hearing room to spontaneous applause when she held up the gavel and informed Senator Inhofe he’s not in charge anymore

That was a moment that made me smile.

It was for all of us, sir.


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  • fd10801

    It’s not a canard, spider, because it’s true. Mr. Bunch can spin the story until he, and apparently, you, are dizzy, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

  • Duros62

    In other words, rewd, treat yourself to nice, tall, cool glass of shut the hell up.

  • SpiderJ

    Will Bunch spoke to this canard better than I can:

    As Gore’s electric bill (and yes, it’s public record — strange but true) shows, he and Tipper voluntarily pay the higher cost for something called Green Power Switch, which uses more expensive energy from renewable sources like wind and solar power. He purchases offsets for carbon fuel use.

    Yes, he uses more electricity than you or me, but the house of this former Vice President and his wife has offices and staffers and security needs that we don’t have either. His car today is an SUV, but it’s also a hybrid.

    So at the end of the day, what does it all mean? When you peel away all the layers, it means that when it comes to greenhouse gases and climate change — one of the three great interlocking issues of our time, along with Peak Oil and war and peace in the oil-producing regions — that the conservative movement has absolutely zero to say.

    Because, think about it — if global warming isn’t really a problem, then they shouldn’t care how much electricity he uses, and if it is a problem, then there’s bigger fish to fry out there than one man in Tennessee and his mansion and SUV, right? Why can’t conservatives argue THE ISSUE of global warming, rather than this crap.

  • Rewd

    Was it also “for all of us” when he refused to take a pledge to reduce his energy consumption?
    Does it not bother you that Gore consumes 20X more energy than the average American, but has the gall to preach to me! I use the Metro in DC, Gore has probably never used public transportation in his life. Can’t you see the hypocrisy regardless of party affiliation?

  • Azgaard

    The thing I was most struck by is that Inhofe behaved like a man that wasn’t interested in having his questions answered. He said he had 15 minutes worth of questions to ask, even though he knew going in he would have much less time in which to ask them. I found his questions to be more like speeches. He knew his arguments were bogus and wasn’t about to give Gore a chance to give them the proper evisceration they deserved.

  • Duros62

    Oh, right, I forgot.

  • S

    As long as Frank thought Inhofe was behaving professionally and maturely, dissenting opinions don’t matter.

  • Duros62

    “Except for people unimpressed by Sen.Boxer’s childish taunting.”

    Yes, because Mr. Inhofe was being oh-so mature.

  • SpiderJ

    Republicans calling anybody “rude and childish” is absurd after the bizarre series of attempted hit jobs on Obama by making fun of his name.

    Some of these conservatives, I suspect, felt that the best years of their lives were when they were bullying other grade-schoolers at recess, and now it’s all they can do to try and reclaim that feeling.

  • Nimrod Gently

    Of course Frank’s not joking. Anything less from the Democrats than complete grovelling deference to the Republicans – even when they do control both houses – is inexcusably rude and childish.

  • midderpidge

    Either that or Henry Calvin. I thought you’d like to be the crusading beer guy more than the hapless soldier who always fails to capture Zorro.

  • Oliver

    See, I’ve always seen myself as a younger version of Maryland’s own Charles S. Dutton.

  • SaveFarris

    midderpidge, you’re WAY off. Oliver is Anthony Anderson’s stunt double.

    I loved you in The Shield!!

  • S

    fd10801 | Mar 22, 2007 9:30:11 PM
    “Except for people unimpressed by Sen.Boxer’s childish taunting.”

    You have got to be fucking joking, Frank.

  • vwcat

    When I saw what Boxer did I died with laughter.
    She’s great

  • Oliver

    Sit on it, Potsie.

  • fd10801

    Except for people unimpressed by Sen.Boxer’s childish taunting.

  • Oliver

    Are you saying all us fat black guys are in a club?

  • midderpidge

    I just gotta ask: is that you in the Miller Hi Life ads, Oliver?


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