By Not Vaccinating, Wealthy SoCal Parents May Be Putting Kids in Danger (Including Mine)

By September 16, 2014

An investigation done by The Hollywood Reporter shows that some of the wealthiest areas of Los Angeles have some of the lowest vaccination rates. So low that they rival South Sudan. It’s helping lead to an epidemic of new whooping cough cases — and now that my daughter lives in Southern California, it’s exactly the kind of thing I worry about.

Fox News Channel’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Connects NFL Scandals to Benghazi


No, we didn’t make this up. She really did it.

Satanism Is Coming To Florida Schools Because Christian Zealots are Dumb

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.44.31 AM

With the door having been swung wide open by Christians intent on pushing their agenda within the neutral zone of public school, the professional provocateurs of the Satanic Temple in New York City have stepped in to take advantage of their comical short-sightedness.

Top General Says He’ll Recommend U.S. Combat Troops Against ISIS If Airstrikes Fail


Has mission creep begun already?

President Obama Blasts Ronald Reagan Over Beirut Barracks Bombing


That felt good, didn’t it?

So What is The Daily Banter’s Members Section? Your Questions Answered!


Yesterday, we launched a members section and a campaign to help ‘Un-f*ck the Internet’ on The Daily Banter. Lots of readers have written in with questions, and we haven’t had time to get back to all of you, so we figured it would be best to do a FAQ post.

This should helpfully clear everything up for you.

UPDATE: Code Pink Protest Prompts NOT-Creepy and NOT-Sexist Comment At Senate Hearing


On Tuesday morning, Secretary of State Chuck Hagel appeared before a Senate Armed Services committee hearing on the U.S. strategy against ISIS, but the real star of the show was anti-war activist group Code Pink.

MEMBERS ONLY: A Night At A Bitcoin Party and Inside the Secret World Of Bitcoin


We sent our reporter Tom McKay to sleuth around a Bitcoin party and uncover the mystery behind the enigmatic crypto currency. Is Bitcoin the next big thing, or one giant Ponzi scheme? Here’s a fascinating look at the utopian monetary system taking the internet by storm.

Charles Krauthammer Wins Asshole Quote of the Week


Real-life talking corpse Charles Krauthammer has seriously attacked President Obama for being narcissistic know it all.

Bill Maher Should Accept Glenn Beck’s Invitation To Talk About Islam on TheBlaze TV


Glenn Beck would like to have a word with Bill Maher.

Bernie Sanders Might Be Running, But He’ll Never Be President


Candidates like Sanders, or guys like Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich, always say they’re running to win, but it’s never actually true.

So What If I Laughed at the Bloody Urban Outfitters “Kent State” Sweatshirt?

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.53.23 PM

I admit it. I think the Kent State shirt is funny.

Rush Limbaugh: Saying “No” to Sex “Means ‘Yes’ If You Know How to Spot It”


This has to rank among the top two or three most vile things he’s said.

Fox News Reporter Already Suggests That Obama’s Anti-ISIS Coalition Is a “Failure”


That didn’t take very long.

Sorry, but the Police Did Nothing Wrong by Detaining Danièle Watts

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.20.26 PM

Not every incident deserves to be a flashpoint for our finely honed outrage. And this one absolutely doesn’t.

Urban Outfitters Apologizes For You Perceiving Its Blood-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt Negatively

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.17.35 PM

Urban Outfitters was selling a $129 “vintage” Kent State crew sweatshirt that just so happened to have fake blood splatters across it and holes the size of bullets, and they’re not sure why everyone is so upset.

Attention Politicians: Guns Shouldn’t Be Props For Your Campaign Ads


Using firearms for campaign ads is one of the worst forms of political pandering ever conceived.

Senator Tom Harkin Says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fingerprints Are All Over’ Obamacare


It is undeniably true that Hillary Clinton has spent decades working toward universal health care, and people often forget that in 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama ran against the individual mandate while Hillary supported it.

The 3 Most Politically Accomplished Former Miss America Winners

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.43.41 PM

Poise counts!