The Revolution Continues: Ireland Becomes First Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage via Popular Vote

By May 23, 2015

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The world truly is turning a corner when it comes to accepting homosexuality as a completely normal and healthy facet of human existence. In a remarkable social shift, Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. The traditionally Catholic country  only decriminalized homosexuality 22 years ago, making the overwhelming support for it all… Read More

White House Correspondents’ Association Looks To the Future


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It’s election season for the White House Correspondents’ Association too, and Banter White House beat beat reporter Tommy Christopher has the scoop on what the candidates have in mind to expand access to the administration, and to improve the image of the association’s most visible event, Nerd Prom.

7 Quotes That Prove Jeb Bush is Not Fit to be President

Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush, like his brother, isn’t particularly bright and a number of his statements highlight this lack of mental rigor, proving that he should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

White House Rebukes John McCain, Stands By ‘Hair On Fire’ Comment


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That “hair on fire” comment caused several fits of apoplexy from John McCain

So You Probably Shouldn’t Have Signed Up For Adult Friend Finder


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And you definitely shouldn’t have used your .gov email address to do it.

The Most Insane Job Application Email Ever

head scratch

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While the headline of this piece might sound somewhat hyperbolic, please check out the email I received today that I believe is a job application. I’ve read this several times and cannot for the life of me understand what Mr Choi is proposing he do for the Banter. Citing “temporary hired status over the 45… Read More

Why HBO Now’s Launch Will be Great for Netflix


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The battle for streaming content is on with HBO taking it straight to Netflix with ‘HBO Now’. Should Netflix be afraid? Simon Owens investigates.

Environment Win: France Makes it Illegal For Supermarkets to Destroy Edible Food


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France has enacted a law that prevents large supermarkets from throwing away edible food – a good sign given industrialized nations waste nearly as much food as sub-Saharan Africa creates.

The Duggars Deliberately Covered Up Child Molestation in Their Ranks

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.04.10 PM

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These are calculating opportunists who knew exactly what they had to lose all along, at every stage of this travesty, and chose to ensure that they didn’t.

The Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby Effect: How Power and Gender Trump Justice


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The nauseating tale of two powerful male media figures, Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly, perfectly illustrates the ongoing problem our society has with its treatment of women, and shows how our society is set up to protect men because of their gender and power.

White House Takes Questions From Cuba National Television Reporter

photo by Jeff Goldman via

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Cuba National Television reporter Cristina Escobar made history on Thursday when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called on her at the daily briefing, and made the press corps proud by squeezing in extra questions.

Bill Kristol Really Needs To Shut the Hell Up On Foreign Policy


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Just go away already.

Chris Christie Wants To Know Why Nobody Is Covering Hillary Clinton’s Emails


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Apparently, the governor slept through 100% of the coverage of Hillary’s email “scandal.”

Crappiest Day Ever? Chinese Mogul Loses $15 Billion in 1 Hour


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China’s richest man, Li Hejun (pictured above) is not having a good week. The self made solar panel billionaire managed to lose $15 billion yesterday, astonishingly in a single hour.

Very Serious Candidate Jeb Bush Questions Man Made Climate Change

Jeb Bush

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Despite the overwhelming evidence and virtually unanimous scientific consensus that climate change is undoubtedly man made, Bush, who has a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas, wants to inform the public of his own scientific opinion.

Here Are the GOP Candidates Who Fox News Might Exclude from the First Debate


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One of the most tired lines in politics goes like this: “I’m not a member of an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” Given the disastrous couple of weeks for the presumptive GOP frontrunner, as well as the over-stuffed clown car, the punchline for Will Rogers’ zinger could easily be changed to “I’m a Republican.”

8 Disturbing Revelations About Policing in Baltimore Since the Freddie Gray Cops Were Arrested


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Here are eight troubling revelations that have come to light since the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death were arrested and charged.

German Aerospace Experts Debunk North Korean Submarine Missile Photos


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Retro fashion mogul and all round psychopath Kim Jong Un has yet again made his country the laughing stock of the world with another photoshopped photo of North Korea’s military prowess. In keeping with a long history of botched propaganda photos (more on that below), Kim claimed his country had successfully launched a ballistic missile… Read More

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Suggest She’d Reconsider a Presidential Run?

Elizabeth Warren

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The media is so invested in their Hillary Clinton narrative that they completely missed Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to bigfoot Clinton into opposing President Obama.

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