Republicans Freak Out For the Gazillionth Time About Obama Golfing

By August 22, 2014

This is basically the unofficial Republican guide to when Obama shouldn’t go golfing.

  • The House Majority Whip once said Obama should stop golfing while debt ceiling negotiations are ongoing.
  • Pro tip: No golfing when Republicans are threatening to let the country default if they don't get what they want.

The White House Responds To Some Really Stupid Golf ‘Optics’ Questions


White House spokesman Eric Schultz gave the perfect answer to the ever-pressing golf question, then bobbled it a little on the follow-through.

If You’re Upset About Obama’s Golf Game, Here’s Reagan Goofing Off During Major Events


Here’s a series of harrowing events from the 1980s, along with the comparatively AWESOME optics from Ronald Reagan, the now-sainted chief executive.

ALS Association Responds to Pamela Anderson’s Accusations On Animal Testing


Pamela Anderson is trying to stop people donating to the ALS Association. The long time PETA supporter accused the organization of funding experiments that injected chemicals into monkey brains. It turns out that isn’t true.

LAPD Fear Rapper’s Finger-Gun Gesture, Will Now View Young Black Men As Threats


The LAPD killing of unarmed 25 year-old Ezell Ford has been overshadowed, nationally, by the events surrounding the Ferguson, MO killing of Mike Brown, but the police in Los Angeles are paying close attention to the real danger it poses: finger-gun gestures.

Former NFL Referee Takes An Ethical Stand Against The Redskins


It’s not often there’s a good enough excuse to write about the brighter side of the sports world here on the Banter, but on Wednesday, the Washington Post published an interview with Mike Carey, and he made a bold admission.

‘Liberal Media’ Joins Republicans In Teeing Off On Obama’s Golfing


We knew deranged conservatives would play 18 gaping holes over this, but the supposedly liberal media is also busily missing the point of George W. Bush’s cautionary golf tale, and its relevance to President Obama.

This Is the Real Ferguson


There are very serious problems here, injustices that must be confronted and should never be downplayed or dismissed. But there’s so much more here as well.

How The Right Wing Turned Me Into A Black Radical, I Guess


The modern right wing has a simple two step process they use to turn an average black person into a black radical like Stokely Carmichael or Malcolm X: 1.A black person 2.A black person voicing an opinion I know, because it has happened to me, time and time again. First, some personal background. I am… Read More

Chez Pazienza Talks To Us Live From Ferguson


Live From Ferguson: Chez Broadcasts Live from Ferguson; Ben Cohen Joins Us From Washington, DC; The Story on the Ground; Police Militarism; Chez Pepper-Sprayed by Cops; The Aftermath; The Reality of Ferguson Versus the Stereotypes; and much more.

Megyn Kelly Scolds Producers for Interrupting “Important” News with Live Video of Violence in Ferguson


Kelly interrupted her interview with a “Fox News contributor,” also the head of Concerned Veterans For America, and chastised her producers…

How Prejudiced Are You? Take This Quiz!


Oh, and I think people that engage in eating high-fat foods should be ashamed of themselves.

‘Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo Apologizes For Calling Ferguson Residents “Animals”


The former TV Hercules tries to backtrack on his earlier disgusting comments about the people of Ferguson.

Genius Pizza Guy Delivers Fake Murder Mystery To Avoid Getting Fired


It’s amazing he was delivering pizzas in the first place and not say, smashing atoms in a particle accelerator.

A**hole Kevin Sorbo’s Staggeringly Ignorant Facebook Rant Against the People of Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.39.36 PM

Seriously, fuck this guy.

Live from Ferguson: The Police Presence Is Still Making a Bad Situation Worse

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.45.50 AM

Could the cops just this once, as a show of good faith, bug out? Not all of them, of course. Just make a show of sending the SWAT teams home or removing the overwhelming police presence from the center of West Florissant Avenue?

Conservatives Shoot Down Don Lemon’s Understanding Of Guns, But Should Hold Their Fire


Conservatives are gleefully rimfiring in their jeans over a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon arguing with conservative pundit Ben Ferguson over the meaning of “automatic weapon,” but a surprising source says the gun nuts are the idiots here.

Richard Dawkins Enraged the Entire Internet, But Was He Actually Right?


Richard Dawkins upset a lot of people on twitter again. But that’s a good thing.

Atheist Candidate Has Perfect Response To Anti-Abortion Extremists


Anti-choicers get owned by a letter, and a little something extra.