South Carolina State Senator’s Anti-Gay Biblical Rant Makes You Wonder How the Hell Religion Is Still a Thing

By July 06, 2015

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A grown man spent more than three minutes in his capacity as an elected official in charge of making laws in the United States screaming at the top of his lungs about sin and devils and quoting lines from a book of stories written 2000 years ago. Lee Bright isn’t some escaped mental patient standing on a street corner shouting at a telephone pole. He’s one of 46 ostensibly very special people elected to help determine the course of an entire state in the year 2015.

Ted Cruz is a Self Hating Latino

Trump Cruz

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Senator Ted Cruz, a Cuban American, has such little respect for his own ethnicity and cultural identity that he will not criticize a man who publicly labeled Hispanics ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’ not only once, but twice.

Is Jeb Bush Really Going to Let Donald Trump Go Full Racist On His Mexican Wife?


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Donald Trump further exposed his racism Sunday with a now-deleted attack on Jeb Bush’s wife, which may or my not help Trump, but which could really hurt Bush if he doesn’t handle it right.

7 Reasons Why Greece’s Rejection of Austerity is Important For Humanity


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Here are 7 reasons why Greece’s rejection of austerity was so important for the world that has been living under the dictates of a vicious capitalistic system.

Who the Hell Thought It’d Be a Good Idea to Tie Up Hillary’s Press Pool in a Giant Rodeo Lasso?


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In and of itself, it’s ultimately not that big a deal, but it’s unforced errors like this that tend to accumulate, one on top of the other, forming big f*cking deals.

Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Does Not Understand What July 4th is About


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A Note to Chief Justice John Roberts on Affirmative Action and Courage

Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Smauel Alito Jr., Elena Kagan

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The Huffington Post and The New York Times reported this week that the Supreme Court will rehear the case, Fisher v. University of Texas, regarding affirmative action and the use of race as part of the decision making process in securing minority enrollment.

The Rich Have Now Made it Impossible to Live in New York City


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Want to live in New York City? Thanks to the rich, now you can’t.

The Bob & Chez Podcast: Crazy Cooter Defends Confederate Flag, New Sarah Palin Video, Crazy Christian Lady is Crazy


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Crazy Cooter: Dukes of Hazzard Cast Member Defends Confederate Flag on Fox News; All New and Totally Crazy Sarah Palin Audio; Jim Webb is Running for President; Rand Paul Meets with Cliven Bundy; Steve King Wants to Impeach Supreme Court Justices; Rush Limbaugh’s Butthurt Balm; Crazy Christian Facebook Lady is Crazy; and much more.

The Dukes of Hazzard Had More Black Characters Than Friends and Seinfeld

sheriff little

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The backlash against the Confederate flag has claimed a beloved television icon, but episode-for-episode, The Dukes of Hazzard was blacker than two of the biggest shows the North has ever produced.

Sarah Palin’s Monumental Stupidity on Display with Statement Over California Drought

Screenshot 2015-07-02 16.06.30

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Never one to let things like knowledge, intelligence, and science get in the way of her political views, Sarah Palin helpfully weighed in on California’s serious water shortage crisis with some advice you’d only expect to hear from someone who thought seeing Russian landmass from Alaska constituted foreign policy experience.

Banter M Issue 6: Welcome to Flavortown, LGBT Appropriation and a Tribute to a Rock Legend

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Welcome Event

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Issue 6 of our digital magazine ‘Banter M’ is now out!

Europe’s Crazy Modern-Day Dictator You Probably Never Heard Of

Viktor Orban

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If you thought the days of European dictatorships were gone, think again.

Anti-Vaxxers Have No One To Blame But Themselves for California’s Strict New Vaccination Law

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.16.28 PM

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It’s staggering to think that so many people failed in their basic responsibility as parents and citizens and were willing to put others at risk in the name of groundless paranoia that the government had to step in and say, “enough.” But that’s how it is: the anti-vaccine movement, in its infinite ignorance and laughable self-righteousness, finally forced the hand of California’s legislature and governor and now the state has made the decision its rabid devotees were never going to.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert’s Amazingly Hilarious Cable Access Show Featuring Eminem


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Stephen Colbert somehow took over a cable access TV show in the southeast Michigan town of Monroe, birthplace of George Armstrong Custer and situated next to Brest Bay where people drive down and “motorboat the Brest” (Colbert’s joke).

How Many GOP Presidential Candidates Will Court This Racist?

paul bundy

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Senator Rand Paul met with deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy on Monday, but if the slavery-nostalgic Bundy has his way, Paul won’t be the last Republican contender to court him.

This 2006 Video Shows Bill O’Reilly’s Disgusting Homeless Report Actually Represents Progress

bill oreilly liar

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In 2006 O’Reilly was so virulently anti homeless that he asserted they were merely people who “want to get drunk, or they want to get high, or they don’t want to work because they’re too lazy.”

The Bob & Chez Podcast: The Most Vile Fox News Segment Ever and Lindsey Graham’s “Girlfriends”


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Our Tuesday show. Blow Blow Blow: The Most Vile Fox News Channel Segment Ever; Chris Christie is Running; Donald Trump Fired by NBC; Lindsey Graham Talks About His Girlfriends; Ben Carson is Bored with His Own Campaign; Bobby Jindal Wants to Eliminate the Supreme Court; Farewell, Chris Squire; and much more.

Rand Paul Thinks Being a Libertarian is Like Being a Minority


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The poor persecuted son of a white millionaire, Rand Paul knows what it is like to be a minority in America. How so, you might ask? Well, Paul is a libertarian who believes the government shouldn’t redistribute wealth, and power should be in the hands of giant corporations who are inherently better than government because… Read More


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