Live From Ferguson: The Calm Before the Storm

By August 19, 2014

For most of the morning it’s been a handful of protesters marching up and down the street chanting, among other things, “What do we want? A murder charge! When do we want it? Now!” It’s that particular sentiment that hangs like ominous approaching clouds over this whole place.

  • Almost no one taking to the streets right now wants to see more violence; they're looking for a measure of satisfaction but most refuse to achieve it any way other than peacefully.
  • But day and night here are literal and figurative.

The Right’s Perverse Prime Directive


In the world of Star Trek, the major rule governing the federation is the prime directive, which forbids interference in developing planets. Here in the real world we have a governing rule which rules the right, but isn’t as nearly as altruistic. It reads: “annoy the left.” It isn’t “beat the left” or “out-debate the… Read More

Vengeance and the Beheading of Another American Journalist


Here we are, once again, engaged militarily in the Middle East and, once again, another American journalist has been captured and his head sawed off on video by Muslim extremists.

BREAKING: ISIS Releases YouTube Video Showing Execution of Missing American Journalist James Foley


Earlier today, a video was uploaded to YouTube called “A Message to #America (from the #IslamicState)” in which a man on his knees who is identified as “James Wright Foley” tells the camera that it is the United States’ fault that he will die and is then executed.

Ferguson Underscores the Inability of State and Local Governments to Handle Big Toys and Bigger Issues

Missouri Governor visits riot torn area of Ferguson, Missouri

Mayhem wins the day because mayors, police chiefs and governors are ill-equipped to handle much of anything beyond traffic tickets and lotteries. Dennis Miller, while he was still thoughtful, once observed about leaving education up to the states: “States can’t f*cking pave roads.”

Fox News Thinks Obama Is Both Ignoring and ‘Orchestrating’ the Chaos In Ferguson


Fox News continues its Jedi-level Obama Derangement by simultaneously insisting that the President is blithely ignoring the unrest in Ferguson, while also “orchestrating” it.

Can We Just Admit That the Little League World Series Sucks?


Frequent errors, mental mistakes, poor baseball fundamentals, and crying make this an unwatchable event.

Stop Calling Everything “Handcrafted”


What does corporate America do to satiate consumer demand for ‘the real thing’? Simple – put the word ‘handmade’, ‘handcrafted’ and ‘artisanal’ in front of their products.

Fox News Really Wants You To Know Three Black People Killed a White Person


With the eyes of the nation focused on the killing of unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teenager Mike Brown by police, and its aftermath, Fox News wants to know why no one cares about the white teenager who was murdered by three black men.

Salon’s Brittney Cooper Doubles Down, Says Darren Wilson’s Family Should’ve Faced Public “Reprisal”


A professor at a major university seems to suggest that what was needed in the aftermath of the shooting was some degree of public vigilantism

Liberals, Let’s Just Admit This Rick Perry Indictment Is BS


The real problem here is that Perry hasn’t been indicted for any of the things that actually should land him in prison.

Sorry, No, Obama is Definitely Not “The Greatest Enemy to Press Freedom in a Generation”


In her column this past week, Maureen Dowd talked with award-winning journalist James Risen who said that Obama is the “greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.” But reality paints a very different picture.

On the Ground in Ferguson, Missouri

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.44.58 AM

What we’re seeing here now in Ferguson, Missouri isn’t like those past insurgencies. This isn’t a full-on riot, although it has the potential to be. What’s happening here is like nothing we’ve seen before in that it’s felt like such a blatant abuse of authority on the part of the police responding to it.

Ezra Klein: Obama Afraid To Rip America Apart With Ferguson Speech

potus ferguson 2

Ezra Klein’s formerly useful explainer site now appears to be chiefly devoted to explaining how President Obama ruins everything.

THE WEEKLY MILLENNIAL: Explaining Ferguson, Gaza, and Ebola to Apathetic 20-Somethings

Demotivated students sitting in a lecture hall with one girl napping in college

A weekly round-up of the news catered to Millennial readers’ limited knowledge base and incalculably small attention spans.

Glenn Greenwald Links Police Militarism in Ferguson with Israeli “Police Tactics”


Over the weekend, NSA author and journalist for The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald posted a tweet in which he claimed the St. Louis County police chief visited Israel “to learn about police tactics from the Israelis.”

Call to Action: Help Support Chez Pazienza Report From Ferguson, Missouri


Chez Pazienza has gone to Ferguson. Please help us support him while he is there.

Supporters of Mike Brown’s Killer Selling White Badge T-Shirts


For the past eight days, America has watched the City of Ferguson, Missouri react to the killing of 18 year-old Mike Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, but on Sunday, supporters of officer Wilson gathered to raise their voices, and make some bank.

Why It’s Not Shocking To See This ‘Impeachment Now’ Billboard with Giant Black Testicles


America has collectively gone nuts. Garment-rending mobs are, among other things, blaming President Obama for almost literally everything, so given the context it’s really not too shocking to see a brutally racist billboard in Cleveland calling for Obama’s impeachment and featuring a gigantic pair of black, well, nuts.