Ted Cruz is Trying and Failing to Weasel Out of His Obamacare Duplicity

By March 26, 2015

For the last two days or so, Ted Cruz has repeatedly said that 1) as a member of the Senate, he’s required to have an Obamacare policy, 2) in spite of this requirement he was on his wife’s insurance policy until just recently, and 3) Congress is exempt from Obamacare because of an illegal move by the president.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Just Had a Twitter Exchange Guaranteed To Make X-Files Fans Cheer

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.44.38 PM

Cue the music. If you didn’t believe before, you definitely can now.

Aasif Mandvi’s Scathing Speech at the RTCA Dinner Shows He Can Take Over The Daily Show

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.48.10 PM

On Wednesday night, comic and regular Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi took the podium at the 2015 Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner and basically breathed fire over the room like he was a comedic Drogon. By the time he was done, 22 minutes later, very few had been spared.

Best Of Banter: Ted Cruz’s Biggest Obamacare Lies, Bone Broth Is Dumb, and Dick Cheney Is Back From the Undead


The week that was at The Daily Banter.

This ‘Pro-Hillary’ Twitter Account Has To Be Fake, Right?


The group “HRC Super Volunteers” has created copious media buzz by warning New York Times reporter Amy Chozick off of “coded sexist language,” but where is the evidence that this is a real group at all?

MEMBERS ONLY: The Middle East Is Going To Be Screwed For a Very Long Time


If it’s true that war is how Americans learn geography, then war in the Middle East is how Americans learn about that region’s rampant sectarianism, which is why the region is going to remain this way for the conceivable future.

I Don’t Find Your Millions of Pageviews Impressive


It happens once every few months. A business or media reporter writes a breathless profile of some previously unknown web native who has “cracked the viral code.” We’ve been treated for years to the adage that you can’t engineer viral, but this social scientist, through the clever use of headlines and listsicles and blatant Reddit theft, has finally reverse-engineered the process that delivers millions of pageviews to a single aggregated post.

We Streamed a White House Briefing Using Meerkat, But Next Time We’re Using Periscope


Banter White House correspondent Tommy Christopher took Meerkat out for a spin at Wednesday’s White House briefing and loved it, until he hated it. He explains why he’ll be using Twitter’s Periscope app next time.

Hack Smear-Merchant Chuck Johnson Alleges John Boehner Told a Racist Joke


Until it’s independently verified by actual journalists, take the following with a grain of salt the size of your head.

Is The White House Worried That Ted Cruz Might ‘Repeal’ Common Core?


The pundits keep calling Ted Cruz “brilliant,” so Banter White House correspondent Tommy Christopher double-checked with the White House to see if Cruz knows something about Common Core that the rest of us don’t.

White House Pressing Netanyahu For Peace, Preparing For None


Tommy Christopher, the Banter’s man at the White House, asks Press Secretary Josh Earnest if there’s any hope for peace with Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s Prime Minister.

“Jazz Hands” Aren’t Triggering, and Other Lunacy from the National Union of Students Conference

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.32.29 PM

I swear, sometimes it feels like there’s an entire generation of kids who are gonna be completely screwed once they get out into the real world.

Congresswoman Aces Worst Parking Job Ever Caught On Video


The gauntlet for bad parking has just been thrown down.

MEMBERS ONLY: Thanks To the Internet, You’re Now a Movie Producer

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.41.31 PM

If you’ve got a property that automatically taps into some sense of nostalgia, which is a seemingly endless commodity our culture never stops being willing to subsist on, it can be as simple as pitching a reboot. But what we’re seeing now is something much more complex and interesting: in some cases, the equivalent of going to ask mom for something, and if she tells you no, you just go ask dad. If a studio isn’t interested in a project you want to do, you can not only just avoid the system altogether and go ask the audience directly for funding, you can also stay both within the system and outside of it by starting your own hype machine.

Father Of Atheist Tells CNN His Son Is ‘a Dead Person’ Because That’s What the Bible Teaches


Jesus or die.

The Good, The Bad and The Infuriating Aspects of Ted Cruz Signing Up for Obamacare


On one hand, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) signing up for an Obamacare health insurance policy is fantastic news. On the other hand, it should also infuriate anyone who has an insurance policy due to or via Obamacare.

Deadline Wonders If “Ethnic Casting” Trend Is Such a Good Idea in Article That Was a Very Bad Idea

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.38.31 AM

Just — wow.

How Can a Faith-Crazy Ballot Measure To Kill Gay People Happen in California?

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.01.57 PM

California’s reputation as a coastal stronghold of liberal elitism is so firmly entrenched in the national consciousness that the reality is sometimes difficult to process, even among those who live here. Every once in a while, though, that reality makes itself known in the ugliest way possible. Enter the “Sodomite Suppression Act.”

Obamacare Opponent Ted Cruz is Signing Up for Obamacare (Yes, Really!)


This is the most astonishing Obamacare-related news story — or anything-related news story I’ve seen in a long, long time.