The NFL and Why We’re More Outraged Over a Team Name Than Criminal Behavior

By October 02, 2014

The degree of outrage and subsequent reaction to “Redskins” seems to far outweigh the reaction to clearly more criminal behavior by certain players and oversight by the National Football League.

The Futility Of Religion In One Chart


Every religious person thinks they’re following the right one, but this graphic reminds us this that the odds of that aren’t very good.

How a Kung Fu Legend’s HGH Use Reveals a Wider Problem in Professional Sports


News broke this week that Cung Le, a Kung Fu action star and perhaps the most famous Sanshou fighter of all time, tested positive for excessive levels Human Growth Hormone following his August UFC loss to Michael Bisping. If supposedly noble Martial Artists are cheating, what does this say about professional sports in general?

A Day At The White House 2: Behind-the-Scenes Boogaloo


Tommy Christopher takes Banter readers inside the White House without jumping the fence, plus gives them a front row seat for the great Secret Service Cookout of 2014, and a behind-the-scenes look at doing a cable news hit.

The Daily Banter Video Mail Bag: Religious Extremism, Sex Online, Social Media and Ebola!


MEMBERS ONLY: Ben Cohen, Chez Pazienza and Bob Cesca discuss religious extremism, political burnout, the next Twitter, inappropriate sexual behavior online, and the dreaded Ebola virus!

Fox News Doesn’t Trust the CDC About Ebola Because Obama or Something

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.05.23 PM

Dr. Thomas Frieden says he has complete confidence that the disease can be stopped in its tracks. But Steve Doocy, needless to say, isn’t so sure.

Secret Service Head Julia Pierson Resigns As President Obama Declines To Make Statement


With such a high-profile resignation, and such a long delay from the podium, you might have expected to see Obama take the stage to announce Pierson’s departure. You would be wrong.

Anne Hathaway Shows How We F*ck Up Our Idols

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.43.28 AM

Anne Hathaway says that fame “fucked me up.” Was it fame or was it the completely unnecessary media narrative that sprang up around her?

EXCLUSIVE: Media Uses Wrong Photo Of Activist Killed By ISIS, Raising Questions About Accuracy Of Reporting


Sloppy mistakes like these call into question the veracity of many other stories filtering out of Iraq and Syria into the Western media.

The ‘Morning Joe’ Crew Has a Really Sexist Explanation For the White House Security Breach


Despite many White House security breaches in the past, these didn’t stop the men on ‘Morning Joe’ from blaming the latest one on the gender of the current Secret Service director.

Bob Cesca: “Hawaii is a State,” Part Two: Renting in Hawaii With Dogs


MEMBERS ONLY: The following is Part Two in a multi-part series about real life in Hawaii. This week, Bob recounts how he and his wife struggled to find affordable housing in Honolulu with two large dogs.

And We Have Our First Conservative Pundit To Connect Barack Obama To the U.S. Ebola Case

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.46.35 PM

And the winner is…

White House Blasts John Boehner Hypocrisy On War Resolution


Over the weekend, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) continued to press the case that President Obama should introduce a resolution asking for authorization of his military action against ISIS, while agreeing that the President already has the authority to take military action against ISIS. I asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the administration’s claim of authority to strike ISIS, but he took the opportunity to strike Boehner, instead.

Men Want Women in Their Mid-20s, Say Researchers at the University of No F*cking Sh*t

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.38.38 PM

Men are, at their core, simple, stupid creatures.

Ebola Is Here

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.38.39 PM

The first case of Ebola ever diagnosed in the United States marks a dark milestone in the worst ever outbreak of the disease.

Stephen Colbert Is Really Pissing Off Bill O’Reilly, And It’s Awesome


It’s always entertaining to observe an egomaniac gasbag, who takes himself way too seriously, respond to jokes about his childish ideas.

Republicans’ New Black Friend Is Either A Stock Photo Or Is Having A Very Interesting Day

gop ad

Earlier, we told you about the enormous fail that is the #IAmARepublican hashtag campaign, and the equally enormous fail of an ad campaign to which it was pegged. As crummy as the “Republicans Are People Too” ad is, you would think that at a minimum, it would feature actual people who are actual Republicans. You… Read More

Did The Secret Service Lie To The White House About Intruder?


Tommy Christopher asks the hard questions at the White House press briefing today.

A Basic Lesson in Biology: Why Our Economic System is Decimating The Planet


MEMBERS ONLY: While we have green energy commitments, panels on climate change, and policies to prevent the decimation of wildlife, there is an elephant in the room that few leaders are willing to acknowledge.

It’s a truth so obvious that it cannot be mentioned given it undermines the entire basis of Western capitalism and the philosophical paradigm we’ve been living under for the past 500 years.