Donald Trump To Get Blown by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

By September 02, 2015

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Imagine if a ferocious, insightful comic interviewed Donald Trump. Now keep right on imagining.

Black Man Pulled Over for ‘Eye Contact’ Is Lucky to Be Alive


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If you doubt that John Felton is lucky to be alive following his encounter with a Dayton, Ohio police officer, just listen to what he had planned had he gotten a ticket.

Donald Trump’s Colonial Strategy

Trump colonial

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Colonial powers have used this strategy for centuries, and now Trump is using it with great effect.

Auschwitz ‘Shower’ Outrage is the Latest in Politically Correct Madness


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The Holocaust saw 6 million people die. The showers installed at the Auschwitz memorial are keeping people cool in sweltering heat.

Let’s have a bit of perspective please.

A New GOP Poll Proves Trump Supporters are Mostly Idiots and Racists

Courtest of Gage Skidmore:

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If you need any further proof of virulent racism, especially among Trump people, here it is.

From University of No F*cking Sh*t: Goth Teenagers Most Likely to Be Depressed


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Actual money was spent on this.

Wow: Republicans Trust Donald Trump More Than Megyn Kelly


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In the epic battle between Donald Trump and uppity debate moderator Megyn Kelly, Republicans have clearly chosen sides.

Dancing Car Chase Suspect Lucky To Be a White Woman


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Kelsey Wood, the 25 year-old woman who punctuated her car chase with the Los Angeles police with an impromptu dance routine, is alive today because police didn’t react the way they have to countless other people who were not a threat.

The Idiots at PETA are Accusing President Obama of being “Speciesist” — Yes, “Speciesist”

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.18.18 AM

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This kind of shit is why Donald Trump has a following.

Thomas Friedman’s Latest Piece is Amazingly Stupid


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The jet setting, ‘hyper-connectivity’ reporter’s latest column truly is a treasure trove of utter absurdity.

Miley Cyrus is Saving America, One Nipple at a Time


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We should pay attention to Miley Cyrus’s nipples and everything she says about them, because in the 21st century, it’s about time we got used to our own bodies.

Chris Christie Goes Full ‘Idiocracy’: Track Immigrants Like We Track FedEx Packages

Chris Christie

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It’s seriously an Idiocracy solution. Christie is this close to suggesting we solve the California drought by watering our crops with Brawndo.

Hope and Uncertainty Follow the Easing of the U.S. Embargo Against Cuba


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Obama hopes over the next three to five years there will have been so much American access, activity and business, the combative hardliners in the House and Senate will be more isolated, their arguments attenuated and their influence muzzled by a world and a US citizenry that has passed them by.

What Fox News Didn’t Tell You About Their Planned Parenthood Poll


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Fox News spent all this money on a Planned Parenthood poll, then forgot to tell its audience the most important part! Because we care, we’re here to help.

Black Man in Ohio Gets Pulled Over For Making Eye Contact With Policeman

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 7.54.36 PM

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A warning to all black men in Ohio – remember to drive with your eyes shut. Or even better, just stop being black and the police will leave you alone.

Conservative Economics in Britain Creates Social Cleansing and Death


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While prime minister David Cameron appears to be an emotionally attuned, relatively human politician, he is in fact embarking on one of the most vicious programs of social cleansing in modern British history. Not only this, but the conservative government’s radical welfare reform program appears to be literally killing people.

Banter M Issue 14: Life, Death and TV News, Cornel West’s Danger to Bernie Sanders and How Alex Jones Exploits His Audience

Members of the WDBJ-TV7 news staff prepare for the early morning newscast at the station, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015, in Roanoke, Va. Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were killed by a former colleague during a live broadcast Wednesday, while on assignment in Moneta. The balloons and flowers, at right, are addressed to Ward's fiancee, Melissa Ott, who was celebrating her last day at WDBJ on Wednesday, before moving to a station in North Carolina. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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Banter M Issue 14 is now out!!

News Should Treat On-Air Murders Equally: Show It All


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There has been a lot of humble–bragging by news organizations about not showing video of the shocking killing of journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward, but no such restraint was shown in the murders of Eric Garner, Walter Scott, or a host of others. Nor should it be.

Just in Case You Were Wondering What Gun Crime is Like Outside America

police britain

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Americans need to take a very long, hard look at this chart.


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