An Open Letter To Salon About the Plagiarist Writing For Their Website

By October 21, 2014

By now, Salon surely knows it’s giving a platform to a plagiarist, but why haven’t you done anything about it?

The Daily Banter Is Moving To a Metered Member System In November

begging cap

In two weeks time, The Daily Banter will be moving to a paid metered model to ensure our long term viability as an independent outlet. While our recent introduction of the paid membership section of the site has helped enormously, we still are far too reliant on advertising to be sustainable in the long term.

Marco Rubio Wants To Stop the Deadly Ebola Threat In Its Tracks… In A Few Weeks


Rubio thinks Ebola is such a dire threat, and that a travel ban is so necessary, that it must be put into place sometime in late November.

A Response To P.Z. Myers, Social Justice Warrior


P.Z. Myers didn’t like what I wrote about atheism and social justice, so he misrepresented what I said about them.

Sarah Palin Tried To Bully Us With Legal Action and Failed Miserably


On September 21, I logged into my YouTube account to find the following copyright notice…

Why Did The New York Times Only Tell Part Of Darren Wilson’s Story?


This is an obvious PR leak from a biased source.

John Oliver’s Hilarious Supreme Court Reenactment Using Dogs (And a Duck)


Perfect for the social media age, yes?

Interview With “Allen Montgomery,” Founder Of the Hoax Site, National Report


Stories from his website have fooled millions of people and major news organizations, but what’s his endgame?

Mitt Romney Has a Huge-Ass Lead In the 2016 Presidential Race


If at first and second you don’t succeed, try Romney again.

The Ebola Truthers Have Arrived and Their Conspiracy Theories Are Completely Insane


On Ebola, Alex Jones and the InfoWars crew make the Republican Party look like a paragon of integrity.

During Ebola Scare, Ted Cruz Rejects Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee for Being “Anti-Gun”


Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are relatively new to politics, so perhaps they don’t realize that the surgeon general can’t pass legislation, and therefore is incapable of implementing an assault weapons ban.

Rep. Barbara Lee’s Perfect Response To Two White Dudes Talking About Feminism


When Bill Maher and Joel Stein took to having a Manversation™ about feminism Friday night, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) popped their bloated dialogue like a big white male balloon.

37 Dicks x 20: Celebrating the Anniversary of “Clerks”

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.26.14 PM

20 years ago today, Kevin Smith’s Clerks was released in theaters.

Supreme Court Does More Violence To Voting Rights In Texas


The Supreme Court ruled, this weekend, that a Texas law which has been ruled “deliberately discriminatory” can be used to restrict voting rights in this year’s midterm elections, which is just the latest of the Roberts Court’s injuries to voting rights.

Bill Maher Gets Slapped Back For Bashing Islam Again


When Bill Maher tried to use a high court decision in Pakistan that upheld a death sentence for a Christian woman accused of blaspheming the Prophet as proof of his premise that Islam is a horrible, death-dealing religion, his guests pushed back hard.

Atheist Writer Accused Of Plagiarism Has a Meltdown


C.J. Werleman’s reaction to allegations of plagiarism is a continuation of his dishonest antics.

Bob Cesca: “Hawaii is a State,” Part Two: Renting in Hawaii With Dogs (Conclusion)


The following is the conclusion of Part Two in Bob’s multi-part series about real life in Hawaii.

Jon Stewart’s White Privilege Lecture To Bill O’Reilly Is Awesome and Privileged


The advantage that Bill O’Reilly derived from being white wasn’t superior values or culture. The advantage was in being able to realize them without impediment.

GOP Just Crushing Black Outreach With Bigger and Better Willie Horton Ad


If the 1988 Willie Horton ad campaign is the Holy Grail of racist dog-whistle campaigning, then the National Republican Congressional Committee’s new spot is the Holy Big Gulp.