If Only the Bundy Ranch Mob Had Been Black and Playing in a Treehouse

Over the weekend, a quick glance at Twitter might have led you to believe that the feds were trying to jack up the Brady Bunch, or that conservatives were fighting hard to defend the Bunny Ranch, but now that everyone has caught up to the story of the Bundy Ranch, the dueling narratives have become “something, something, LIBERTY” and “conservatives defend freeloader.” The buried lede here is that the peaceful end of this standoff would have been very different had the cops been responding to a mob that was smaller, less white, and unarmed.

  • The right wing media was beside itself with joy this weekend at the news that federal authorities had backed down in the face of armed protesters.
  • Conservative hypocrisy aside, how exactly is it that the Bureau of Land Management managed its way into an unsafe cattle-removal situation that they had twenty years to plan for? Again?

Pulitzer Co-Winner Glenn Greenwald Tweets Link to Hate-Site and Faked Graphic

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro

Greenwald tweeted a link to an extremist right-wing hate-site that’s almost entirely dedicated to trolling and smearing Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs. The post itself, titled “It’s Only Shari’ah: Will Johnson Apologise to Geller & Spencer? Nah.,” is directly aimed at Johnson while also supporting Islamophobic wackaloon Pamela Gellar. But that’s not the worst part…

‘World’s Toughest Job’ Interview is a Cynical Viral Marketing Trick

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.10.51 PM

You’ve probably seen the video of the ‘World’s Toughest Job’ interview by now. The message is nice enough, but what about the messenger?

How Wrong is Jenny McCarthy? Fox News and Dana Loesch Are Now Schooling Her

photo via screengrab

Recent pro-vaccine convert and co-host of ABC’s The View Jenny McCarthy has taken a long, well-deserved beating in these pages for her dangerous campaign of misinformation about vaccines, but if you needed further proof of just how disconnected McCarthy is from reality, check out lat night’s The Kelly File. Host Megyn Kelly, who believes in Santa Claus and is certain he’s white, and conservative media icon Dana Loesch, who believes that the Second Amendment allows for private ownership of chemical and nuclear weapons, took turns scolding McCarthy for, of all things, ignoring science.

HERO: Train Engineer Kicks Selfie-Taking A**hole, Strikes Blow for All of Humanity

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.04.47 AM

Fake or not, what you’re about to see is a 10-second revenge fantasy for anybody over the age of maybe 35.

It Turns Out U.S. Airways Won’t Be Firing Anyone Over That Vagina Tweet

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.39.47 AM

U.S. Airways is doing the right thing by doing nothing.

Louisiana Bill Looks To Make The Bible The Official State Book


The Advocate reports that Louisiana, the state where just 79% of students graduate from high school and the one which the National Center for Education Studies ranked as the second-worst in the country for public education, has decided to be proactive in changing its image as an illiterate, backwards place and recently voted for the state to have an official state book.

There Is a Military Solution to Ukraine Crisis: P90X


On Tuesday, White house Press Secretary Jay Carney reiterated President Obama’s contention that there is no military solution to the Ukraine crisis, but did, on several occasions, leave the door open to providing Ukraine’s military with nonlethal aid.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Praises the Tea Party, FreedomWorks and Birther Larry Klayman

teabagger- Impeach Muslim Marxist

Yesterday, tax day, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) posted an article titled “Tea Party, Taxes and Why the Original Patriots Would’ve Revolted Against the Surveillance State,” and it wouldn’t surprise me if the authors were wearing tri-corner hats with hand-written “Rand Paul 4 Prez” placards stacked up on their desks while they hammered out the post.

THE MORNING BANTER: Controversial Muslim Surveillance, US Airways Reasonability, Apocalyptic Pastors, and Aaron Sorkin Supercuts


Happy Wednesday! Your taxes are all wrong! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

The Jewish Center Shooter Failed at the One Thing He Set Out To Do

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.09.24 PM

Here’s the tragic irony of Miller’s act of vengeance for the perceived sins committed against his people: He didn’t kill any Jews. Every person Frazier Glenn Miller shot down in cold blood was a Christian.

Matt Taibbi: Bush Was Tougher on Corporate America Than Obama


What the hell is Taibbi smoking? In an interview with Democracy Now!, the newly minted First Look Media editor and former Rolling Stone polemicist was asked a preposterous question, and naturally responded with a preposterous answer. The question: “Who was tougher on corporate America, President Obama or President Bush?”

Ron Paul Warns That the Feds May Bring “Waco” To the Bundy Ranch

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.16.01 PM

As soon as Cliven Bundy squared off against the big, bad Bureau of Land Management — instantly becoming a folk hero to idiots who romanticize the notion of armed insurrection against the federal government, seeing it, ironically, as an act of patriotism — you knew it was only a matter of time before either Fox News or RT consulted the legislative Patient Zero of this whole movement. And so it is that Ron Paul’s recent appearance on Neil Cavuto has begun making the rounds, with Paul issuing dire warnings of another showdown between Bundy and the feds that’s surely on the horizon.

Slate Helps Grieving ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans with Interactive Virtual Graveyard


At least the dead characters in Game of Thrones are staying put (for the most part), and thanks to Chris Kirk and Kate Blair over at Slate, you can now properly take the time to grieve them/remember that they did that thing in the castle that one time.

Bill O’Reilly’s Subconscious Racism in his Interview with John Calipari

bill o'reilly

In an interview segment with Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari on his show last night, Bill O’Reilly laid bare his unconscious racism, reinforcing gross stereotypes about black people without batting an eyelid.

Nancy Grace and the Death of Decency


Tonight it what can only be described as a window to her soul empty place where her soul should be, her official Twitter Account tweeted this…

Same Sex Couples Are Getting Royally Screwed When It Comes To Filing Taxes


“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Blood Moon Lunacy: How Televangelist John Hagee is Trying to Bring on Armageddon


Not only does Hagee preach that the end of the world is nigh, he is actively working to make it so.

THE MORNING BANTER: Ukraine Civil Wars, Attorney General Youthful Experimentation, Michelle Malkin’s History of Hatred, and Robert Downey Jr.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.43.07 AM

Happy Tuesday! We’re halfway done with April! Whoa! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb: